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I Ankit Omar student of New Delhi Institution Of Management Batch 2009 ± 2011 declare that every part of the Project Report ³ STUDY OF MARKETING STRATEGIES AND SELLING PROCESS OF CLUB MEMBERSHIP ´ that I have submitted is original. Date of Project submission: _____________

Ankit Omar Roll No. A04

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Any assignment puts to a litmus test an individual knowledge¶ credibility or experience and thus sole efforts of an individual are not sufficient to accomplish the desired results. Successful completion of a research involved interest and effort of many people and so this becomes obligatory on my part, to record my thanks to those who helped me out in the successful completion of my Summer Project. It is my heartfelt honor to thank Mr. Kapil Narwani (AGM, CCIL) and also other employees for their valuable guidance in completion of this project. I would like to thank Prof. Chand Tondon under whose esteemed guidance the synopsis of this research came in to existence and research got an appropriate direction of precedence. My special thanks to my parents and all my friends specially Abhinav Nigam and Nitin Singh for their unremitting help in numerous ways, which deserve adequate expression on this page. I cannot fail to mention the help and support I got from all the shopkeeper¶s the for their support and for helping me in conducting the research work and shaping the project report In the end, I would like to say that it was a great experience working on this project.

Thank you all. Ankit Omar


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Content Executive Summary The Birth and Growth of Facility Like Club
History of Club membership Lifestyle Club

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Factors Driving the Club Membership Country Club India Limited
Introduction Aim & Establishment of the Company About the CMD

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Services and Facilities
List of Affiliated Clubs International Clubs Hotels Resorts Country Condos Wildlife & Adventure Holidays Relax Your Soul (Country Spa) CK 27

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Other Facilities


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Different Marketing Strategies Adopted for Club Membership
Telemarketing Understanding the Market Internet Marketing Taking Reference from Club Member Functional Benefits Advertisement in News Papers

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Buying & Selling Process of Club Membership
Personnel of the Company Buying Process Selling Cycle Steps of Closing Limitation Sought in Selling Membership

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Content Research Methodology Data Aanlysis
Major Findings

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Learning in the Summer Training Suggestion for Future Growth Conclusion Bibliography

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Today¶s market scenario is totally different from what it has been a few years ago. Consumer have a lot of choice for every product because day by day companies are coming up with their new and innovative products. Later there was limited choice for most of the products and companies didn¶t have to put much of the efforts to sell their products. But today¶s scenario is totally different. Consumers have choice because of availability of varieties and options. We can say toady¶s consumer is the market ruler. So it is important to know his buying behavior and try to fulfill his demand. Company¶s aim should be customer delight not customer¶s satisfaction. The purpose of this dissertation is to know the consumers performance, needs, test, his buying behavior and inspiration factors behind it. Country Club India Ltd how much is fulfilling the customer¶s needs and try to maximize the sales of club membership. The main aim of this project is to understand the marketing strategies and selling process of the club membership specially is this competitive world. To study in brief about the membership club this has been the most upcoming industry in recent times. This study has helped me identify the different means of selling the club membership and various facilities and the activities performed in the club. This report contains the birth and growth of clubbing industry, company profile, facilities and services provided by the company, different types of membership, marketing strategies and selling process of club membership and analysis of activities performed during the course of this report by me, findings, recommendation and suggestion, conclusion and bears bibliography given in the last to give the readers a good knowledge of the content. I hope this report will serve the purpose.


The Birth and Growth of Facilities Like Club
History of the club membership The origin of North America can be traced to the year 1786 with the founding golf clubs in of a club in Charleston, S.C., and the charter of the Royal Montreal Golf Club in 1873. Golf was played at Oakhurst, W. Va., in 1884, the Dorset Field Club, Vt., in 1886, and in Fox burg, Pa., in 1887. The St. Andrews Club in Hastings-on-the-Hudson, N.Y., has been documented as the longest continually running clubs in cities founding in1888. As much as historians focus on golf history in the Northeast, USGA club members have told us that the game was introduced to other areas, some not often referenced in history books, including Brookline, Mass., in 1882; Princeton, Ind., 1883; Tacoma, Wash., 1884; Kingman, Kan., 1887; Fullerton, Neb., 1887; St. Paul, Minn., 1888; Rockwood, Maine, 1889; Indianapolis, Ind., 1891; Chicago, Ill., 1892; Gear heart, Ore., 1892; Southampton, N.Y., 1892; Burlingame, Calif., 1893; Newport, R.I., 1893, and many more cities prior to 1900. In 1894 both St. Andrews and Newport, R.I., golf clubs declared that the winner of their respective invitational tournament was the Amateur Champion of the United States. This dilemma, as well as the need to codify, interpret and modify the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Amateur Status, reinforced the need to create one authoritative body governing golf in the United States. Delegates from five clubs: St. Andrews, N.Y.; Newport, R.I.; Shinnecock Hills, N.Y.; Chicago Golf Club, Ill.; and the Country Club in Brookline, Mass., met in New York City in the fall of 1894. The Amateur Golf Association of the United States, later to be known as United States Golf Association, was formed on Dec. 22, 1894. Championship play began at Newport Golf Club where both the U.S. Amateur and the U.S. Open were played in October 1895.


The United States Golf Association, founded in 1894, evolved to be a golf service organization of member clubs, courses, and qualified training facilities, incorporated as a non-profit organization. The USGA is guided by 30 committees, comprised of 1,400 volunteers, under the direction of a 15 member Executive Committee. The USGA is governed by nine articles that comprise its formal organizational by-laws. While being the authoritative body concerning the Rules of Golf and amateur status in the United States, the USGA would ultimately grow to conduct 13 national championships, including the U.S. Open and the U.S. Amateur. The members who started developing the club The five founding members began to invite other club representatives to their annual meeting and slowly added members to the USGA. Member dues started at $25 for clubs waiting to be declared full members. In 1939 all clubs paid $30 to maintain their membership. Club membership increased from 267 members in 1910 to 1,138 members in 1932, then fell to 816 clubs primarily because of the Great Depression and the start of World War II. By 1947 the USGA gained enough members to pass the 1932 membership level, and start a slow ascent. In 1980 the USGA roster exceeded 5,000 member clubs. Aided by an unprecedented course building boom in the golf industry and a campaign to recruit new members, the USGA added 3,300 club members between 1987 and 1997, then added another 700 members by the end of the Millennium. Today the USGA club membership includes more than 9,700 golf clubs, golf courses and qualified training facilities. In the late 1980s the USGA actively encouraged the formation of clubs without real estate. Today clubs without real estate have grown to a 5 percent representation of the total membership.


As recently as 1985 the USGA club membership was comprised of 75 percent private clubs. In the past 20 years the organization¶s profile changed to having 64 percent of its members organized as public or semi-private golf courses, public non-real-estate clubs and practice facilities. In the past five years, three out of every four new members had a public golf orientation. Today, USGA member club representatives control or own 10,600 golf courses with 171,000 holes, providing employment for thousands of people and places of play for millions of golfers. More than 680 clubs hold qualifying rounds for USGA or state golf championships. More than 400 member clubs have hosted a USGA championship. Above all, USGA member clubs proudly uphold the traditions of golf and the USGA, established more than 111 years ago.

Lifestyle Clubs
Meaning of lifestyle club The concept of integrated environment living where your condo is interlinked with Club Ultima & Crown Regency Hotel enhances your property investment and appreciates its value faster. Club Ultima offers a well-appointed community with unrivaled amenities for the residents with more facilities than regular Condominiums. Offering a totally new concept in leisure living where you'll find an irresistible combination of lifestyle, value, convenience, and comfort all under one roof. Click Here to learn more about the wonderful fun filled lifestyle awaits you here at Ultima Residences Tower Condominiums, and Club Ultima Membership.


Factors Driving the Clubbing Industry
y Growth in the numbers of the urban middle class and strong growth in Greater income levels augurs well for the growth of leisure industry y Average remuneration increase of the Indian in 2006 grew by 14%, the highest in SE Asia and in 2007 the p.c. increase is estimated to be 14.5% by Hewitt Associates. y The middle class population in the country is also growing at 20 million annually. y It is estimated that by 2020 India¶s urban population as a percentage of total population will rise to 40%, with 400 million people living in 60-70 large cities, each with a population of one million or more. y Over the last decade the average Indian spending has rocketed from Rs 5745 in 1992-93 to Rs 16,457 in 2003-2004 and is expected to grow at 12% hereafter. y Under the major heads of consumption the fastest growth came from leisure and entertainment with a growth of 28.3% in 2006. y Around 15% of the total hotels/resorts booking in India was done electronically, expected to touch 35% in 2011. In such an e-environment club strengthens family bonding and reunion. y To get rid of today¶s silent killer stress-related disorder. y Clubbing industry has a dedicated set of branded infrastructure; to meet all lifestyle need of fitness, fun and frolic with family and friends is ready to use. y The clubbing industry is the facility of transferability of membership from one city to another, paying the differential membership fee, in case the membership fee at the city to which transfer is sought is higher


Country Club India Limited
Introduction CCIL - Country Club India Ltd is one of the fastest growing entertainment and leisure conglomerate in India. A Multi-Million dollar entity and a listed company on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), CCIL is a pioneer in the concept of family clubbing in the country. CCIL has established 186 properties of which 35 are owned and 158 are franchised properties. Presently it has 220 plus affiliations plus a global gateway via Country Vacations and RCI affiliation of 3900 resorts for its esteemed members. CCIL's very first leisure infrastructure project is Country Club Coconut Grove which is over much 100 acre and completely eco friendly project near Tumkur Bangalore. The Project a resultant of a synergy between the core expertise of the founding organization Amrutha Estates and the innovative vision of participatory clubbing; that hinges on community living and holiday homes with clubbing pleasures. CCIL also forays into the global world with a futuristic project - The proposed Country Club Golf Village is all set to revolutionize the face of the industry, Golf Village is a premium membership concept for the niche lifestyle segment that aspires for the cut above the rest. The concept well accepted by the Non Resident Indians is on a consistent upward swing. Under this project CCIL proposes to build 5 golf courses across the country making golfing a popular phenomenon. CCIL is Country's biggest chain of Family Clubs recognized by the Limca Book of World Records. Besides prominent citizens from all walks of life, we have around 600 Corporate Members, including Microsoft, Satyam Computers, Brooke bond Lipton (India) Ltd, CMC Ltd and Dr. Reddy's Labs. CCIL provides a state-of-the-art Health Club, multi-cuisine restaurants, business centre, swimming pool and other facilities. A unique benefit to members joining The Country Club is the facility of transferability of membership from one city to another, paying the differential membership fee, in case the membership fee at the city to which transfer is sought is higher.

CCIL a powerhouse of entertainment organizes shows including beauty pageants, Holi, Navarathri, Dasara, Diwali, Christmas, Lodi and New Year regularly and invite celebrities. Performing artists and entertainers who have participated in the shows include Salman Khan, Bipasha Basu, Mahima Chaudary, Yana Gupta Koena Mitra, Sangeetha, Usha Uthup, Remo Fernandez, Daler Mehndi, Raageshwari, Shan & Sagarika, Bali Brahmbhatt, Sukhvinder Singh, Sushmitha Sen And Mamta Kulkarni to name a few. Country Club (India) Ltd has entered into Strategic Alliances with ICICI Bank, ABN AMRO, HDFC, ICICI Lombard General Insurance etc., wherein all these banks Credit Cardholders will be entitled to the 0% interest free installments starting from 6 months to 36 months to avail Country Club membership. State of the art health clubs including a 24 hour health club is on offer. Niche wellness spa¶s offering the latest and worldwide variety like chocolate and wine massages apart from the wholesome and holistic ayurvedic, homeopathy and naturopathy healing and rejuvenation centers are a part of CCIL¶s offerings.

(Amrutha Castle, Hyderabad)



Establishment of the company In 1989, Mr. Rajeev Reddy known for his entrepreneurial capabilities and foresight acquired the imposing Vilayat Manzil, the place of Nawab Wali-Ud-Daula in Hyderabad and converted it into what is now known as The Country Club, in Hyderabad, and thus the legend of the Country Club was born. Now it is one of the fastest growing entertainment and leisure conglomerate in India. A multi-million dollar entity and a listed company on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). Keeping in tune with changing times, hectic schedules and the need to unwind after a hard day¶s work The Country Club provides the ideal mix of relaxation and fun. One can take part in any number of indoor and outdoor games, chill with a drink, dine on sumptuous food or just hang out in the cool environs of nature. In addition, The Country Club continuously organizes novel events that keep you grooving. Events like Miss Country Club, Mr. Country Club, Theme Nights, Carnivals, Concerts, etc., are than just an excuse to let your hair down. They serve as a fantastic meeting ground for people and are a melting pot of a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Adding fizz to occasions are celebrities like Remo, Raageshwari, Saagarika, Anoida, Yana Gupta, Kashmira Shah & Salman Khan, Malaika Arora Khan, Bipasha Basu, Mahima Choudary, Koena Mitra, Usha Uthup, Bali Brahmbhat, Sukhvinder Singh, Sushmitha Sen, Mamta Kulkarni, Urmila among other high profile entertainers. And these events come at no extra cost for the Country Club members. This refers to the introduction of our leisure and life style family club. ³The Country Club´ is the largest chain of clubs all across the country. We have 28 operational clubs in India; apart from this we have 220 affiliations in India and Abroad and 153 Franchise and RCI Affiliation of 3900 resorts in 97 Countries. We have a strong membership base of 1, 70,000 Members and 600 Corporate including Microsoft, Satyam Computers, , Brooke bond Lipton (India) Ltd, CMC Ltd. , Dr. Reddy¶s Labs , Aditya Birla Group, Birla- Sunlife, Cadbury Ltd. Great eastern Shipping Co. Ltd. and Blue Star Ltd.


About the CMD of the company: Mr. Rajeev Reddy, an entrepreneur in spirit is the Founding Chairman & Managing Director of Country Club (I) Ltd (CCIL) - a multicrore Entertainment and leisure Infrastructure conglomerate. His is the story of vision and hard work, a story typical of an entrepreneur, a graduate in commerce he decided to endeavor into Real Estate and Construction when he was 21 years old. With minimum capital, Mr. Reddy started a real estate company with name of Amrutha Estates named after his mother in the year 1981. The first ambitious project he undertook was Ashiana, a residential complex consisting of 20 deluxe flats, in the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Since then he has completed 38 prestigious projects in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Eventually, with the idea of establishing an executive club and spreading the club culture to various sections of society; Mr. Reddy made his move when he was on the heels of construction of residential and commercial complexes. Indeed, there was an experience that made the genesis of the idea of establishing a club that could reach the laymen. Realizing that many clubs make it difficult for common people to obtain membership, Mr. Reddy started the club in 1989 which now stands as a landmark in the city of Hyderabad. Mr. Reddy's motive to create the club is to be accessible and affordable for all sections of society. A staunch believer in validating his products, he has been the face of the company since its inception. Mr. Reddy is a fitness enthusiast who loves to swim. A tennis champ who represented his state then, He now enjoys Adventure sports like Para gliding, River Rafting & Scuba Diving. Mr. Reddy has two sons and a daughter who are also the board members of the Country Club (India) Ltd.


Keeping in touch with changing times, hectic schedules and the need to unwind after a hard day¶s work. The Country Club provides the ideal mix of relaxtion and fun. One can take part in any number of indoor and outdoor games, chill with a drink, dine on sumptuous food or just hang out in the cool environs of nature. In addition, the Country Club continuously organizes novel events that keep you grooving. Events like Miss Country Club, Mr. Country Club, Theme Nights, Carnivals , Concerts etc., are than just an excuses to lat your hair down. They serve as a fantastic meeting ground for people and are a melting pot of a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Adding Fizz to occasions are celebrities like Remo, Raageshwari, Saagarika, Anoida Yana Gupta, Kashmira Shah & Salman Khan among other high profile entertainers, and these events come at no extra cost for the Country Club members. The Country Club is the largest chain of clubs all across the country. We have 21 operational club in India, apart from this we have 220 affiliation in India & abroad. We have a strong membership base of 1,50,000 familiars across the country. We have club in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai, Srilanka (Kandy), Kovalam, Mumbai, Vizag, Rajamundry. Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Squash Court, Billiard-Snooker, Table Tennis, Xaxis- The Resto Bar, Different Types of Restaurant & Bar, Card Room and Banquet Hall, Last bust not least there is landscape garden etc, Apart from company regularly organize events and shows with celebrities for complete family entertainment of our member. Travel Desk A melting pot of culture; vibrant and varied, a bountiful of landscape heralded by the topographical advantage and a heritage driven hospitality India is an all season destination. Bounded by the grand snow-capped Himalayan ranges in the North and edged by a spectacular coastline offered by the Arabian Sea in the West, the Indian Ocean in the South and the Bay of Bengal in the East, Peninsular India offers a panoramic view of magnificent landscapes with its mist-clad mountain ranges, golden beaches, emerald green valleys, coconut fringed backwaters and deep blue seas; the historical cities & monuments, royal palaces & forts and

pilgrimage centers; the fascinating art, culture, festivities and heritage, all very uniquely Indian! A kaleidoscope for heightened pleasure across the five senses touch, sight, sound, taste and smell it¶s magical land of myriad offerings for a soul¶s delight. CCIL across its network of 155 properties and 220 affiliates guides you to the niche and unexplored and exposes to you the very obvious and highly famous destinations. Trust our Travel desk to sew in a tailor made destination drive to appeal to your senses. Call us now and discover this wondrous land that offers expressions and experiences uniquely its own. Mission To deliver experience that nurture relationship and contribute to a wholesome wellness lifestyles in a stress free, eco friendly environment to member community with a win-win situation for all involved in furthering the cause of such eco system. Vision To be world leaders in family clubbing in today¶s disintegrating society and create a cohesive force in relationship between man and men; man and nature and man and his environs embedded in current realities and inherit by legacy to the generation next. Our Clubs CCIL is India's biggest chain of Family Clubs recognized by the Limca Book of World Records. With 46 of its own clubs, it's truly a pioneer in family clubbing. It offers state of the art facilities in all the clubs for a heightened pleasure. Set to sprawling green environments, it offers swimming pools, indoor games, health clubs, well serviced rooms and professionally trained manpower to meet every need of yours. The clubs are equipped to deal with your banquets and business needs. Also, weekend activities, competitions and contest help engage and build a clubbing community.

A unique benefit to members joining The Country Club is the facility of transferability of membership from one city to another, paying the differential membership fee, in case the membership fee at the city to which transfer is sought is higher. LIST OF AFFILIATED CLUB  Ahmedabad o The Country Club Sanand Road o CK27  Bangalore o Bannerghatta Road o Sarjapur Road o Yelahanka Road o Mysore Road o Magadi Road o Country Club Lakeside o Coconut Grove o Country Club Kool Doddaballapur o CK 27 JP Nagar o CK 27 Kormanagala o CK 27 Indiranagar  Bandipur  Country Condos  Country Spa o Hyderabad o Kovalam o Tumkur  CK 27 o o o o o CK 27 Bangalore CK 27 Koramangala CK 27 Indiranagar CK 27 Koregaon Park CK 27 Surat

o CK 27 Ahmedabad o CK 27 Kolkata o CK 27 Noida o CK27 Navi Mumbai  Chennai o RA Puram o Guindy o Mango Grove  Cochin  Delhi o The Country Club Eros Regency o CK27 Noida  Golf Village  Goa  Hyderabad o Begumpet o Medchal o Country Kuteeram o Country Kuteeram (Lepakshi) o Amrutha Castle o Country Spa  Hubli  Indore  Jaipur o Country club Golden days  Kovalam o Country Club Treasure Cove o Country Spa  Kolkata o The Country Club Chanakyapuri o CK27  Kodaikanal

Lucknow  Mysore  Mumbai o o o o  Pune Andheri West Bamboo Grove Country Club Spring CK27 Navi Mumbai

o The Country Club Wildlife Resort o CK27 Koregoan Park  Surat o The Country Club Aqua City o CK27  Vizag International Clubs Club Name The Onterio Club Indian Social Center City University Club Royal sanjay Unjong Club The china Club The Royal Automobile Club Of Victoria (RACV) Ltd. The Royal Automobile club Of Australia Combo Swimming Club Casino De Madrid Tokyo American Club The Hanoi Club Place Canada U.A.E London West Malasiya Singapore Australia Australia Sri Lanka Spain Japan Vietnam 



Hotels Country Club India Limited launched its operations under this category way back with Amrutha Castle which is now Best Western Amrutha Castle. The hotels category is a non exclusive property and offers the services to general public with special privileges to the members. Three such hotels exist in the network. They are Amrutha castle Hyderabad, Zen garden hotel Chennai and The Country Club Hotels Dubai, All of which are located close to airports (Hyd an exception with old airport moved out)  Dubai o The Country Club Hotel  Amrutha Castle o Best Western Amrutha Castle  Zen Garden o Zen Garden Hotel

The Country Club Hotel (Dubai) Resorts The destination vacation for all is made available to member guest and potential members for vacations and niche holiday experiences. They include prime and popular haunts like Srilanka, Goa, Kerala, and Bandipur. The experiential holidaying destinations famously promote, wildlife, adventure and backwaters amidst member fraternity


o The Country Club Treasure Cove 

o The Country Club Rock Springs 

o The Country Club Wildlife 

o The Country Club Goa 
Sri Lanka

o The Country Club Kandy 
Country Spa

o Hyderabad o Kovalam o Tumkur

Country Condos Country Condos is a 100% eco friendly, signature project of Country Club India Ltd that is designed to meet international benchmarks of RCI Gold Crown specification. Fully loaded on entertainment facilities at the leisure infrastructure projects that would house the condos, it include a 5500 sq ft of swimming pool with in built Jacuzzi for added luxury; leisure here is re defined with floating bar and a multi cuisine restaurant that overlooks the pool. Defined children area and deluxe rooms and individual cottages add ample to make it a family weekend getaway.


The project is to house state of the art facilities like Health and Wellness Spa, a Convention Center, a Helipad, Wedding Pavilion and Sports Stadiums in its future course of development at its first leisure infrastructure project.

Wildlife and Adventure Holidays Country Club unfolds a streak of adventure in all its facilities offerings. The 155 clubs combine together to create a spirited entanglement of adventure. The high end adrenalin rush is embedded in its present geographic locations. Right from the best rapids in India for white water Rafting in Sri Lanka to Paragliding, Scuba Diving and Snorkelling in Goa. Opt for mountaineering or light aircraft gliding with a visit to Nepal. Visit Uttarakand properties and feel the dense jungle come alive with its habitants on an elephant safari be it on Corbett, Bandavgarh, Ranathambore or Bandipur. Let the dare devil in you venture out for an experience like never before.  Bandipur o The Country Club Wildlife  Goa o The Country Club Goa  Sri Lanka o The Country Club Kandy


Relax Your Soul (Country Spa) Country Spa is the only Ayurvedic wellness centre where the ideally recommended procedure of a true traditional format is followed for Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies ( the only Wellness centre were sealed bottles of oils and medicines are opened exclusively for your treatment and after your treatment session it will be disposed in front of you.) The country spa has a fully equipped ayurvedic treatment centre, pharmacy, ayurvedic restaurant, yoga hall; curio, library, herbal gardens apart from the fully furnished and air-conditioned cottages for revitalizing stay. it is one among the few treatment centers where a patient can avail the service of Ayurvedic cooks and dietician. The Treatment center is equipped with modern diagnostic tests and equipments for assuring the patients with the convincing evidence for the effectiveness of the therapies amidst highest quality of hygiene and health. Country Spa has strategic tie up with Kairali of Kerala which has established its brand name and reputation with unerring Ayurvedic treatments and quality medicines. Medicines are procured directly from Kairali to ensure that the quality standards of Ayurvedic medicines are adhered with, without compromise. All the treatment related staffs are recruited directly from Kerala and after thorough and careful guidance and training from Kairali. The most advanced and exclusive Ayurvedic medical software (by the Central Govt Institution which has developed the Indian Super Computer Param) is utilized by the doctors to ensure that the strict classical recommendations are followed with pin point precision. Some of the main treatments available with us include varied oil massage that are used in wide variety of diseases and the Oils are selected according to the disease, its condition, body constitution of patient, climatic and seasonal consideration.

Abhyangam It is the Ayurvedic therapeutic oil massage in which strokes are given according to the circulatory channels.. This treatment is very useful for obesity, loss of skin texture, sleeplessness, fatigue, other vata predominant diseases etc.


Takradhara It is performed by pouring a continuous stream of medicated butter milk in the forehead from a special container. The butter milk used for the therapy is prepared with curd from medicated milk which is churned to remove butter. This butter milk is again mixed with herbal decoction. This helps in treatment of Insomnia, Stress, Hypertension, hair fall and premature graying of hair, skin diseases. Sirodhara Sirodhara is performed by pouring a continuous stream of medicated oil or herbal extract in the forehead from a special container. It is quite effective for psychosomatic diseases and for alleviating the diseases of head and neck. The procedure is an integral therapeutic measure in stress relief package and used for insomnia, disease of head. Pizhichil This is a process I which the body is made to perspire by continuously pouring Luke warm herbal oil followed by gentle massage. The treatment is given for general weakness, arthritis, paralysis etc. It is an effective rejuvenative therapeutic procedure when done on healthy individuals. Kadikizhi It is the massage done with herbal packs fomented in fermented decoction of herbs. Kadikizhi is effective in water reention, seallings and obesity. Udwarthanam: Herbal powder massage is used for reducing the excess fat from the body. The herbal powder is massaged opposite the direction of the body hair. Indicated in: Obesity and obesity related disorders, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, enhances complexion of body. Navarakizhi: It is a specific massage done with packs of medicated rice called njavara. The rice is prepared by cooking in herbal decoction and milk. Njavarakizhi-is effective in the treatment of muscle wasting, nervous weakness etc. It also enhances the complexion of skin.


Sirovasthi: A special leather cap is fitted on the head and medicated oil is retained inside for 20-30 minutes. It is effective in the treatment of visual problems, memory ailments, sleep disorders etc. CK27 The revolution in family clubbing has now reached your doorstep. CK27 a new brand of clubbing atmosphere comes right into the neighborhood with accessibility as its prime focus. A platform designed to offer the best of clubbing closer to you. CK27 custom built for everyday club users, with state of art clubbing brands that CCIL has created over years. The most sought after brands are bunched together to enhance the experience. Moksh, the 24 hour gym and spa facilities; Gabbar Singh da Adda, the informal dine outs for entertainment and chilled out atmospheres, varied indoor games, lounge and resto bar ± Pulse; a coffee shop to hang out and basic added infrastructure based on space availability like conference hall and a swimming pool would be a part of this satellite clubbing concept. Catching like wild fire since its inception beginning in Ahmedabad, CCIL network has now announced more of them with a presence in Ahmedabad, Pune, Noida, Surat, Kolkata and Bangalore. The main attraction of CK27 are following :       Gabbar Singh Da Adda CK27 Indoor Games Moksh (Gym) Spice Players Lounge Theater Room


Type of Membership







Proposal for the Membership
MILLIONAIR CLUB y y y y y y y y Member with spouse & children up to 25. Lifetime membership & will be transferable. Accessibility to all local & affiliated clubs. Free Entry to Moksh-Gym, Health Club, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, and CCIL Clubs. (Unlimited FREE facilities for first 5 years) Holiday pkg. 7D/6N FREE - Once in every year for first 5 yrs- All over India- 40 Resorts. (Utility charges-350 per day). Membership fee- Rs. 35,000/-. Administration Charges- Rs. 1800/-Annually. Instant 0% INTEREST EMI facility for the credit card holder of SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & ABN AMRO.

MILLIONAIR PREMIUM y y y y y y y y Member with spouse, children up to 25 & Parents. Lifetime membership & will be transferable. Accessibility to all over India country clubs & affiliated clubs. Free Entry to Moksh-Gym, Health Club, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, and CCIL Clubs. (Unlimited FREE facilities for first 5 years) Holiday pkg. 7D/6N FREE - Once in every year for first 5 yrs- All over India- 40 Resorts. (Utility charges-350 per day). Membership fee- Rs.60,000/-. Administration Charges- Rs. 3,000/- Annually. Instant 0% INTEREST EMI facility for the credit card holder of SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & ABN AMRO.

KOOL y Member with spouse, children up to 25 & Parents. y Lifetime membership & will be transferable. y Accessibility to all over India country clubs, affiliated clubs & CK27s. (Unlimited FREE facilities for first 5 years) y Free Entry to Moksh-Gym, Health Club, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, and CCIL Clubs. (Unlimited FREE facilities for first 5 years) y Holiday pkg. 7D/6N FREE - Once in every year for first 5 yrs- All over India- 150 resorts. (Utility charges-350 per day). y 1 Way domestic airfare for couple. (Taxes charge Extra) y 1089 sq.ft. Plot as FREE GIFT at VEDIC SPA- AP, Nearer to proposed International Airport, B¶LORE .( Regd. Fee, Govt. Tax- Rs.20,000/- Extra) y Membership fee- Rs.1,25,000/-. y Administration Charges- Rs. 3,000/- Annually. y Instant 0% INTEREST EMI facility for the credit card holder of SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & ABN AMRO. KOOL KODAI y Member with spouse, children up to 25 & Parents. y Lifetime membership & will be transferable. y Accessibility to all over India country clubs, affiliated clubs & CK27s. (Unlimited FREE facilities for first 5 years) y Free Entry to Moksh-Gym, Health Club, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, and CCIL Clubs. (Unlimited FREE facilities for first 5 years) y Holiday pkg. 7D/6N FREE - Once in every year for first 5 yrs- All over India- 150 resorts.(Utility charges-350 per day). y 1 Way airfare for couple to BUSHBETTA, KARNTAKA. (Taxes charge Extra) y 1500 sq.ft. Plot as FREE GIFT at KODAI. y Membership fee- Rs.1, 40,000/-. (Regd. Fee, Govt. Tax INCLUDED) y Administration Charges- Rs. 3,000/- Annually. y Instant 0% INTEREST EMI facility for the credit card holder of SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & ABN AMRO.


KOOL GLOBAL PARIWAAR y Member with spouse, children up to 25 & Parents. y Lifetime membership & will be transferable. y Accessibility to all over India country clubs, affiliated clubs & CK27s. (Unlimited FREE facilities for first 5 years) y CK27 is the City Centric Club. It¶s the composition of PULSE, SPICE, MOKSH & PLAYERS LOUNGE. y Free Entry to Moksh-Gym, Health Club, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, and CCIL Clubs. (Unlimited FREE facilities for 5 years) y Holiday pkg. 7D/6N FREE (Transferable) - Once in every year for 30 yrsAll over India-150 resorts. (Utility charges-350 per day). y 1 Way Airfare for couple to GOA/KOVALAM. (Taxes charge Extra) y LCD TV as Free Gift y Membership fee- Rs.1, 75,000/-. (Regd. Fee, Govt. Tax INCLUDED) y Administration Charges- Rs. 3,000/- Annually. y Instant 0% INTEREST EMI facility for the credit card holder of SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & ABN AMRO. KOOL GLOBAL PARIWAAR with RCI y Member with spouse, children up to 25 & Parents. y Lifetime membership & will be transferable. y Accessibility to all over India country clubs, affiliated clubs & CK27s. (Unlimited FREE facilities for first 5 years) y Free Entry to Moksh-Gym, Health Club, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, and CCIL Clubs. (Unlimited FREE facilities for 5 years) y Holiday pkg. 7D/6N FREE (Transferable) - Once in every year for 5 yrsAll over India- 150 resorts. (Utility charges-350 per day) & RCI 7D/6N free (Transferable) once in every year for 30 years- All over world-4000 Resorts. (RCI Renewal fees in every 5 years 10,000/-) y 1 Way Airfare for couple to GOA/KOVALAM. (Taxes charge Extra) y Membership fee- Rs.2,25,000/-. (Regd. Fee, Govt. Tax INCLUDED) y Administration Charges- Rs. 4,000/- Annually. y Instant 0% INTEREST EMI facility for the credit card holder of SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & ABN AMRO.

KOOL GLOBAL DUBAI y Member with spouse, children up to 25 & Parents. y Lifetime membership & will be transferable. y Accessibility to all over India country clubs, affiliated clubs & CK27s. (Unlimited FREE facilities for first 5 years) y CK27 is the City Centric Club. It¶s the composition of PULSE, SPICE, MOKSH & PLAYERS LOUNGE. y Free Entry to Moksh-Gym, Health Club, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, and CCIL Clubs. (Unlimited FREE facilities for 5 years) y Holiday pkg. 7D/6N FREE (Transferable) - Once in every year for 5 yrsAll over India- 150 resorts. (Utility charges-350 per day) & RCI 7D/6N FREE (Transferable) once in every year for 30 years- All over world-4000 Resorts.(RCI Renewal fees in every 5 years 10,000/-) y 1 Way Airfare for couple to DUBAI. (Taxes charge Extra) y 1500 sq.ft.-2 Plot and a Leaptop as FREE GIFT at KODAI KANAL. y Membership fee- Rs.3,50,000/-. (Regd. Fee, Govt. Tax INCLUDED) y Administration Charges- Rs. 6,000/- Annually. y Instant 0% INTEREST EMI facility for the credit card holder of SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & ABN AMRO.

Other Facilities
MEMBER GET MEMBER SCHEME (MGM) y If Any MC Member gives 3 MC Members Member upgraded to MCP. y If Any Member gives 2 KOOL Members FREE 1089 sq.ft plot at VEDIC SPA. ( REGD. Charges Extra) y If Any Member gives 2 KOOL Global Pariwaar Members FREE 2000 sq.ft plot at KODAI. ( REGD. Charges Extra) y If Any Member gives 1 KOOL Global DUBAI Member 1 Way Airfare for DUBAI to Couple. (Service-Tax Charges EXTRA) y If Any Member Gives 2 KGD members 2 Way Airfare for DUBAI to Couple or 1500 sq.ft Plot FREE.(Service-Tax & REGD. Charges EXTRA) y If Any Member Gives 4 KGD members Couple Airfare (2 ways) to DUBAI & FREE 1500 sq.ft plot at KODAI. (Tax Extra)

EK KA PAANCH Offer y If any member gives 5 members of its own class Reimbursement of member¶s membership cost after deducting 25%. (Govt. Tax- 12.5% & Service Tax- 12.5%) Across The India

Across The World


Different Marketing Strategies Adopted for Club Membership
Generally there are various means of selling the club membership. They adopt various marketing strategies to sell their club membership. Some of them are following : Telemarketing In today¶s direct marketing world it has become common knowledge that retaining a customer is simply more cost effective than acquiring a brand new customer. The outbound telemarketing services world can be an extremely effective tool for customer retention; in fact, it is one of the best, if not the best way to retain customers. Outbound telemarketing services offer marketers the chance to retain customers with a service oriented approach as well as an extremely customized renewal offer. Retention telemarketing has become one of the most common uses for outbound telemarketing services because of the cost effective nature of the effort as well as the high response rate. However, even with all of the success of retention telemarketing, some programs have been unsuccessful for a variety of reasons. There are ways to ensure that your retention program will be both effective and profitable. Understanding Data The first way to really make sure that retention is possible is to know your customers and their buying habits. Analyze the data to find out where they are dropping out in the customer life cycle and what attributes some of these customers share. Working with much of this data can significantly impact the results of a retention program and change the focus of the provided offer. Some of the similarities in data can result in a more customer focused offer or a solution that can retain more prospects then simply providing a lower price. The ultimate concern here is to understand the customer information as well as the most effect offer or offer combination in order to retain the customer. Avoid Mix Offerings Any experienced marketer is most likely testing several offers as well as attempting to retain customers through several channels. This is certainly a great way to ensure customer contact; however, it can be problem if customers start receiving mixed offerings. When running the telemarketing program a best

practice is to allow the telemarketing agent to offer a lower priced selection or to allow the agent several price options. The rule of thumb in direct marketing is to close the sale now because closing it later rarely happens. Telemarketing services can successes in the retention process if they are given the right tool and offer to work with. Also, if running a telemarketing program along a direct mail or any other retention effort coordinating the offer to the list is always the best way to ensure success. Understanding the markets B2B When running B2B retention programs one thing that can often be a factor is the multiple decision makers involved in the retaining the product or service. Outbound telemarketing calls can be used to identify these issues through predefined questions that can capture the data needed to offer them a more targeted solution. More often than one might expect, price is not the only factor. In fact many customers may even use pricing as a deterrent to addressing the really issue they dropped out of the account. B2C The B2C market can be completely different. In reality, these are the easiest to really work in a good retention program for. The customer centered focus that has emerged in the marketing industry coupled with the strong presence of the internet has really allowed for customers to become more fickle about who they deal with. This fact alone makes the need for a good retention program even more convincing. These retention programs should revolve around customers that have recently dropped out or are in danger of leaving. Segmenting this list then further to try and reach customers with an offer catered to their buying habits can help convert them. Additionally, using your telemarketing program to learn more about why they are dropping out is vital to understanding your customer database. Telemarketing can be one of the most effective programs to improve a database.


Understanding the loyalty It is easy to get lost in trying to retain fallout or at risk customers; however, retention can be equally effective as a loyalty campaign as well. These campaigns can not only provide some insight into what the customer is thinking but it provides companies with the opportunity to cross sell or introduce new products and services. Telemarketing services campaigns that involve loyalty programs are great ways to keep customer data refreshed, pull opinions from existing customers, correct any misgivings that a customer may have perceived to have happened since the company¶s last connection with them, and ultimately offer a new product or service to meet needs. These Loyalty program reward customers for simply being customers and really offers a chance to ingrain them further in a company¶s product line. Using outbound telemarketing services to reach out to these customers can be exceptionally valuable to the customer lifecycle longevity. Continuity Continuity outbound telemarketing services, have become a goldmine for clients who have multiple products and a pool of current customers that are part of a continuity program already with the company. Using a telemarketing service provider to call these customers back and cross sell them with another continuity program another similar product is a huge sales converter. In addition, it offers the chance to express general interest in the continuity offer that they are already using and their satisfaction, combined with an up sell or a cross sale. Membership Using outbound telemarketing services to retain members is one of the most highly successful ways to retain a customer. More often than not recently lost customers can be retained for less than $20 through outbound telemarketing services, and telemarketing services have the highest response rate for any form of direct marketing communication. Savvy direct marketing experts will often use their telemarketing services campaign to offer membership club programs that have recently expired an up sell to gain an even higher profit out of the same call.


Using a telemarketing services agent that has been properly trained, telemarketing services uses can often get these agents to successfully sell customers on an up sell, or convince customers that are canceling their membership to stay onboard even it if means offering a down sell. No other form of direct marketing can offer this flexibility, which is why membership groups heavily utilize telemarketing services for their membership retention campaigns. Ultimately, using telemarketing services to reach out to customers who are current members or past customer to retain them is one of the most effective uses for not only the telemarketing services channel but for any form of direct marketing. Visit for more information on telemarketing. Internet marketing Choose from over 1000 properties in addition to our CCIL properties across India online. You can get e-Books / Software¶s every month this is the ideal package for website owners, and internet marketers who can access all the latest website marketing strategies, tips, and popular e-Books. Now, you can know exactly how much you will spend online each month. The membership price is normal but since we have just started this membership package, we are giving you more than 50% discount on the regular price. Do you want to make money online? Now, you can learn the insider secrets and apply the proven internet marketing tips, to start generating your Income on the Internet. E-Books, website software¶s, all of these are very popular, and savvy Internet users, could probably buy at least 1 e-book per month. There seems to be so many websites selling good e-books, but each time you make a purchase, this becomes an expense. How many e-books have you bought this year? For real time updates, events videos, facts files on all our club locations, bookings or any other after sales services we invite you to visit our user friendly website or our International/Kool Dubai members can access our international website at

We guarantee that each month, we will provide you the link to download e-book / softwares. Book your holidays in just three simple steps-: 1. Log on to (All rooms shown are realtime. 100% instant booking) 2. Select your holidays destination from over 1000 hotels (Maximum 2 nights for non CCIL properties) 3. Check availability and call 4406 7866 to confirm (Remember membership number, utility charges to be paid at the time of booking) The selection of e-books and software¶s that we will bring to you as our members, will be reviewed carefully by our team of Internet marketing consultants, so that you will be getting the best internet marketing tips for your website. International popular internet marketing gurus and e-book authors. Country Club Magazine µUPDATE¶ Our quarterly magazine ³UPDATE´ b rings you the happening events and occasion across the country. Interview with all your favorite bollywood artists. Expert advice on programs including summer camps, health tips, chef specials and member feedback. Promoting the club membership through Banquet halls A function hall or banquet hall is a room for the purpose of hosting a party, banquet, reception, or other social event. These are often found within the buildings of clubs and fraternal organizations (rented out as a fundraiser for the organization) or within a restaurant. Some condo associations and apartment buildings have these to keep the noise of parties out of the residential units.


Taking reference from club member There are many benefits to having a website for a private club but most can be summed up as improving club membership communications. Through the resources of the website, members have instant access to unlimited information about the club and the club community. Generally speaking, a club website provides benefits like these:


y y y



Updates members immediately through web pages and built-in member email messaging Embraces new computer users especially older members with simple and conservative look and feel Increases event participation through a better-informed membership Improves membership camaraderie and improved sense of community Saves time answering questions and allows staff more time to spend directly with members Saves money on printing and mailing of promotional materials, directories, newsletters Enables achievement of the website as a "critical mass" communications vehicle

Functional Benefits By providing this modern method of club membership communications, the club delivers information in a much more timely fashion, and communications do not just flow from the club to the members but also from the members to the club through surveys, polls, email, and response forms. Here are some examples of benefits derived from specific website features:


A membership directory that not only provides a handy reference for members but also keeps itself up to date by prompting members to regularly update their own contact information. Member announcements keep members abreast of what is happening today at the club, events, changes, achievements.







The club's calendar of events can cover everything from wine tasting events to re-paving the tennis courts, all in a place where members can find answers in a few mouse clicks. Everybody likes photos, especially of themselves, so photo galleries are great, especially now with the availability of inexpensive digital cameras. Reference documents ranging from club by-laws to back issues of the newsletters, contact lists, tournament details and tournament results and just about any other kind of document is readily available for quick member reference and reduced phone calls for information. A survey system to find out what members like and dislike is a superb twoway vehicle for club membership communications with incredible benefit to both members and management. First, it communicates the club's desire to know what members want and secondly, it gives members a voice in club activities and policies, and gives them the true sense of belonging. A website with email capabilities built into it enables sending of email messages to all members, to groups of members by special interest and to special distribution lists. Information gets out faster, increasing participation or notifying of changes and specials.

Some of the functions arranged by the Country Club India Ltd are following : Asia¶s Biggest New Year Bash Synonymous to Country Club events bandwagon its the talk of each city. The entire network is steeped in larger than life celebration celluloid stars of that big feel. Its welcoming the new year in aplomb. Darlings Day Out A signature campaign to turn the valentine into a special family affairs. Marked by the celebrity musical nights and dance floor sessions from toddlers to grandparents its truly one of kind. Rang Barse Its raining fun here. This Holi special engulf the spirit of peace and brotherhood as vibrant hues color all with happiness many aceleb join into up the glam quotient too.

Summer Camp The summer camp bonanza of sporting events under one umbrella raining and competition go hand in hand and clock the year around beginning with summer camp the range is inclusive of cricket, tennis, squash, table tennis, badminton, volley ball, basket ball and not to forget the raging favorite swimming. Camp depends on the facilities available at each club. Mr. And Ms. Moksh Fit Check Fitness at a serious level. This event hones and promotes the fitness related sports like body building and endorses fit bodies. The nation wide hunt for the best body is on and crowned Mr. and Ms. Moksh with an entertaining evening format. Championship League The pan India sporting for amateurs is a relatively new calender event. The championship and crown an over all sporting champ at the end of the year. Games in the league include volleyball, tennis, squash swimming and team events like cricket too. The Great Indian Navratri Utsav The vibrance of nine days festivities are something to be watched at. Colorful costumes and the sheer energy to outlast the last of them«. This dandiya mania is a pan Indian event intact with the traditional touch, combine well to include its many variants like disco dandiya as per the region to be a blockbuster. Festivities aside it¶s an out and out family entertainer. Diwali Mela This season favourite provides for the bang for the buck. Special diya sales sweets menu and unmistakable fireworks sets this apart from all celebrations.


Country Club Halloween Night One more in the long list of celebrations events introducedby CCIL« the popular halloween nights fron the west now make an entry here, with regular trick or treat celebrations complete with costume rangin g across ghost, witches, skeletons and jak o lantern pumpkins. Children¶s Carnival Set aside for childlike fun the carnival ambience adds to the children¶s day celebrations magic shows dance competition drawing sketching and much more adds a riot of happiness for all. Dance Boogie A dance competition across age groups for all CCIL members pans India. The competition stems out of its TV show peer and its popular hit with many performers actively awaiting the next season to participate. The show is a complete entertainer with costumes, props and other paraphernalia ruling the roost to make it a class event. Christmas Carnival Santa comes to town with an extravagant musical celeb performance fun filled atmosphere cake and wine with Christmas special lunch and buffet complete the offer. Country Club Laughter Challenge The humor hungama for a laugh riot; the laughter challenge is a platform for stand up comedians to jog their expertise and deliver an entertainment package for the members. A series of shows with local talent the laughter challenge lends itself to amateur competition in future.


One2ka Four The classic number game with loads of fun. Tambola or the number grid game is a staunch favorite with gifts galore amongst the CCIL members. Club Food Festival Finger licking good«. These thermatic spread of buffets and festive dinners across India is a regular event unfailing in its attraction at all times. From biriyani festivals to kebabs, short eats, coastal, Andhra, Chinese, continental and even globe on a platter themes the variations are huge and the lip smacking success a satiating experience each time. Advertisement in newspapers Most newspapers make nearly all their money from advertising. The income from the customer's payment at the news-stand is small in comparison. For that reason newspapers are not expensive to buy, and some are free. The portion of the newspaper that is not advertising is called editorial content, or simply editorial, although the last term is also used to refer specifically to those articles in which the newspaper expresses its opinions. Publishers of commercial newspapers strive for higher circulation so that advertising in their newspaper becomes more effective, allowing the newspaper to attract more advertisers and charge more for the service. But some advertising sales also market demographics: some newspapers might sacrifice higher circulation numbers in favor of an audience with a higher income. Many paid-for newspapers offer a variety of subscription plans. For example, someone might only want a Sunday paper, or perhaps only Sunday and Saturday, or maybe only a workweek subscription, or perhaps a daily subscription. Some newspapers provide some or all of their content on the Internet, either at no cost or for a fee. In some cases free access is only available for a matter of days or weeks, after which readers must register and provide personal data. In other cases, free archives are provided. The good, old Newspaper is certainly the oldest -- and is still the largest -- of the major advertising mediums, and it still plays and integral role in the media buyer's ad planning. Newspapers were an important and respected advertising medium long before their competitors were even thought of.

While Newspapers have been replaced as the primary medium for "national" advertising by Television -- it's local orientation has made it well suited to retailers. Newspapers enable merchants to reach a wide cross- section of people, by concentrating their coverage in the local market. It's this wide coverage of local markets that is the Newspaper's greatest strength. Since many communities have only one Newspaper, a very large number of people can be reached with two or three ads. A Newspaper's selectivity is limited to a great degree by its wide coverage. A good number of merchants discover that they are paying for a lot of excess circulation when advertising in Newspapers. The small to medium sized retailer in a larger metropolitan area, frequently discover the distribution area of their local paper is to broad for their needs. For example: "The record shop aiming at a teen and young adult market may discover they are missing their primary market with Newspaper, because these groups traditionally do not read the paper near as much the older demo groups. Or consider that the women's swimwear shop must pay for the excess circulation of male readers." Newspapers have been able to circumvent this problem to a certain degree. They have specific sections of the paper slanted to specific target/readership groups. Now more selectivity can be achieved through your Newspaper advertising. However, this is achieved at the sacrifice of the readers who are not normally exposed to these sections. It's because of this that many local advertisers are continuing to re-evaluate their Newspaper advertising. Other media are being evaluated as an alternative -- or more sensibly -- an augmentation to their newspaper buys. This creates a good "media mix" and delivers more new customers to their place of business. By evaluating the strengths of the other mediums in conjunction with the strengths of the Newspaper, your media dollars are use more effectively and efficiently. Most markets - regardless of size - have some kind of local newspaper coverage. They range from Dailies and Weeklies, Sunday or Weekend Newspapers, to Shoppers and Special Interest publications. In fact most Newspapers today offer advertising supplements. These inserts can range in size from 4 pages to 20 pages in size.

While Newspapers lack the intrusiveness of radio and television, Newspapers are still an effective advertising medium. They do an excellent job of reaching established customers, and therefore, are an excellent base for retail advertising. Your business's success depends on its ability to bring in "New Customers". Therefore, Newspapers should not be considered as your only source for advertising in this modern, competitive business environment. But...Newspaper is going to be a part of your advertising media plans! Advertising as a mean to sell the membership Advertising hoardings are a cost-effective means of advertising outdoors. These can draw great attention and make a huge-impact on potential customers. This is exactly why more and more businesses are now using attractive advertising hoardings to promote their products and services. A creative and powerful option to keep your products and services highlighted, billboards never fail as attention grabbers. These are intended to attract the people who are on the move. The advertisements are conveyed mostly with the aid of pictures or diagrams, using minimum number of words so that passers-by quickly grasp the intended message. The messages themselves are kept short and simple. As the advertisements should be visible from a distance, the size of the board is taken care of beforehand. Usually, the text is included in highly visible, attractive font to enhance the effectiveness. The location is of great significance when raising a billboard; otherwise the advertisement may go in vain. The billboard should be made of sturdy material, which is weather-resistant in order to put up a strong fight against adverse weather conditions. More importantly, these hoardings must be able to withstand heavy winds. Nowadays, the required graphics are made using a computer and then printed on big poster boards or vinyl, which is glued to the billboard. The availability of better and advanced tools such as long-lasting billboard substrate, state-of-the-art digital technology, development of fiber optics and 3D graphics have substantially increased the scope of advertising hoardings. These boards can be used for short term and long term purposes and are cost-effective. They can be placed on roadsides, construction sites, station platforms, malls, airports and other strategic locations.


The benefits of using advertising hoardings are limitless and they include: y Establishing brand awareness y Frequent and continuous highlighting of message y Effective product exposure y Eye-catchy ads on billboards reach out to millions of audiences on a day-today base. The use of advertising hoardings is not restricted to businesses alone, looking to create a brand image. These are ideal also for promoting awareness programs such as AIDS awareness, poverty eradication, environment protection and more. Numerous establishments such as banks, car manufacturers, charities, and telecommunication companies make innovative use of these billboards.


Buying and Selling Process of Club Membership
Personnel Of The Company Age groups y Mostly the employees working in the country club are from the age group of 20-40, the idea behind that is, the people of this age group are energetic and can do more work so as to achieve the company objective. Education level y Almost all the employees hold a good educational qualification because they deal with the high class of the society where, they represent the company and the lack of knowledge may cause the harm to the image of the company, so the company recruits the personnel on the basis of good educational qualification. Grooming y Imagine a scenario where an Executive reaches the customer¶s premises in a crumpled dirty shit, jeans, and unpolished shoes. He has not shaved for several days and looks as if he is dishevelled and the top two buttons of his shirt are open. The shirt is not tucked in.The customer¶s impression of such person is likely to be negative. y If the first impression is negative, then do you think customer will show an interest in the Country club¶s products? The customers overall impression of country club as a professionally managed company is also likely to go down. As a representative of Country club (India) ltd, you must always present a positive image of the company to the customer. Advantages of being well groomed:     You will take a along with you the right image of Country club (India) Ltd. You would seem more approachable. Customers would like to talk to you. Once the customer relates to you, he accepts you, he accepts your solutions.


Buying and Selling Process Buying process

Selling process
Opening the sale

Recognize need

Developing the sale

Evaluate Options

Propose a solution

Eliminate Doubts

Eliminate Doubts


Closing the sale

Buying Cycle Irrespective of whom you are persuading. You have to stay focused on the need of the person whom you are persuading because the basic ingredient behind any want of desire is NEED. y Recognize need Understand requirements and problems. Respond to impulse/novelty. May want to act now or later. y Evaluate options Selection/choice. Discuss with people. Wants maximum information. y Eliminate doubts Check products. Check credibility. Looks for reassurance. y Decide Buys the product. Pay Receive goods.

Selling cycle Just as a customer goes through the buying cycle, the sales person also has to follow a selling cycle that promises the salesperson a high rate of success. The selling cycle of the membership is following: y Open This is the stage when the sales person is meeting the customer for the first time. Opening serves the purpose of opening a channel of communication between the seller and the buyer. y Develop This is the stage where the seller is trying to find out the details about the customers in order to find out his needs. y Propose a solution This is the stage where a salesperson after developing the needs of the customer proposes a solution to satisfy the needs of the customer. y Eliminate doubts This is the stage where the salesperson eliminates the doubts that normally arise in the buyer¶s mind regarding his choice before making his purchase decision. y Close This is the stage where the sales person tries to close the call by making the customer take purchase.


Opening a call Opening plays very crucial part in the conversation process because it is the first step where you, as an executive, meet the customer face to face and the impression you leave is a lasting impression which would play a crucial part in the persuasion process. Flexibility is the keynote for success in opening. After all each of your customers is different and opening needs to recognize this. Take, for example, a person whom you have never met before. Would you open the conversation in the same way as you would for a person you have known? Of course, not. And how about the person who has asked you to come for a meeting? Isn¶t that different from those meetings where you take the initiative? Therefore, you need to remember one rule about the opening that the sign you have opened a conversation correctly is that the other person knows who you are, knows why you are there and agrees that you should ask questions or make inquiries. Opening a sales call is the first step when the salesperson meets the customer. A good opening creates a favorable impression on the customer an helps by making the sales call flow smoothly. Create a good impression First impression on the customer has a lasting impact. Your grooming posture, facial expressions, and body gestures play a major role in creating favourable impression. To create an impression, you should:  Be formally dressed as your appearance displays the regard you have for your customer. While talking to a customer, you should have a pleasant smile on your face. It makes the customer more comfortable as you appear at ease and confident.  Look confident as confidence gives an impression of capability and customers prefer to interact with capable salespersons.  Make the customer feel comfortable while interacting. This helps in building trust, which is very necessary for the success.


Introduce yourself While opening a sales call, you should:  Identify yourself, your company. Good morning sir, I am Ankit from Country Club (India) Ltd.  Give a positive statement about your company/Products. We have India¶s largest chain of clubs and resorts, and have got our name entered into Limca book of world¶s record.  Establish the purpose of the visit. In order to identify how our services can be useful to you, can I ask you some questions to understand your requirements better. Remember that the customer is buying in order to satisfy his requirements. He is not buying a product because it is a great product. This is where several salespeople tend to make mistake. Therefore if you have a great product, it is not necessary that it will sell very well. You need to have great as well as greater salespeople in order to sell well. A customer buys the following: First: You the salesperson. If you are not acceptable to the customer, then the customer will not buy the product which you are selling. Second: Once the customer is comfortable with you, he goes for the solution that you have to offer. Last: When you and the solution is acceptable to the customer, then the customer looks for the security that your company has to offer. Thus the customer buys these three things in the hierarchy.





If the customer says ³No´« Selling starts when the customer says, ³No´. Whenever you are faced with this situation then step back a little and ask yourself the question µWhy is the customer losing interest?¶ µWhere I am going wrong?¶ While opening a sales call, you should:  Smile.  Handshake.  Visiting card.  Well groomed. Developing a sale

Have problem Want solution
Making customer want solutions:  Understand the current scenario.  Build criticality for the solution.  Make cost of solution lower than costs of letting problem continue. By using probes What is probing?  Probing is the skill of questioning to obtain information.  Probing is to uncover details, needs and facts.  Change tracks in discussion.  Make the other person think. Importance of probing Probing helps you to:  Uncover and develop customers need.  Focus your customer on issues that you want them to consider.  Change tracks in the discussion.  Makes the other person think.  Keeps the other person¶s attention.  Prove to your customer that you really care for him.

Types of probes Open probes A question that encourages the customer to speak freely about a topic of his choice or stimulates the customers to expand on something already stated. Opening a probing is necessary In the initial stages of the sale, as they help you get information, build a rapport and identify the needs (By allowing customers to talk.) Example: Can you tell me about your experience of booking a room in a resort while going for a holiday? Closed probes A question that steers the conversation to a specific topic of your choice and limits customer¶s response. (Sometimes to short one or two words answers.) Closed probe necessary when:  A customer is abrupt and open probes are not working.  You want to take the conversation in a particular direction with a customer who talks a lot and generally off the point.  A customer is unresponsive.  Closing the sale, as they help you get agreement o key points. Example: 1. Which places do you visit on your tour? 2. Do you like to enjoy the weekend parties? Power probes  Structure your probes to be a mix of open and close.  Probe to understand the customer¶s current situation, problems they are facing.  Use probes to understand the problems better.  Get agreement on need for the solutions.


Proposing a solution Features The key attributes of a product. In other words, characteristics of product or service. Examples: y All the memberships are lifetime. y We have the largest chain of clubs and resorts. y Most of the properties are 3 star and 5 star, also we have 7 star properties. y The country club have affiliation with 150 clubs. Benefits What features can do for the customers. How a product/ service meets a need expressed by the customer. Examples: y You can access all our clubs through out by purchasing membership at any of our club. y We allow you to access our local club on daily basis without any charges. y We run an offer named ³Ek ka Paanch´, in which your membership becomes free if you introduces five more members. y RCI membership is also included in some of the membership which helps you to stay abroad in RCI properties at discounted rates. y Free plots are also provided to the members in the township being developed at Kodai Kanal, Tamil Nadu. Steps in presenting the solution y Summarizing the needs of the customer. y Associate or link the benefits of the product to the specific needs of the customer. In other words, state benefits for a solution. y Summarize the benefits before asking for commitment.


Elimination of doubts What is a doubt? A reservation in the mind of the customer with regard to your proposition, expressed in the form of  Hesitation.  Uncertainty. Doubts may be voiced or un-voiced.  When voiced they can appear as questions on issues like capacity, capability, after sales service, comparison with competition. If the doubts are not resolved:  The µuncertainty¶ becomes µcertain¶. The customer start believing that there is this perceived drawback.  He may voice his doubts to someone else, who may influence him negatively.  Your competitor may work on the doubt and magnify it.  The result these doubts become feelings of opposition, disapproval or resistance to the purchase which leads to objections.  Remember, doubts are easier to handle than objections, so welcome them and probe for them. Handling Doubts and Objections Handling Doubts Listen to the customer and take notes.

Get clarifications to understand the basis.

And check for the satisfaction.


Handling Objections Acknowledge


Answer and take feedback

Objections y Objections are feelings of opposition, disapproval or resistance to the purchase raised by the customer on the product/service being offered. y Objections can occur during any phase of the sales. y Objections are much stronger than doubts. y Source of objections are:  Improper handling of the sales.  Less value building.  Competitor providing incorrect information.  Influencer based. Remember  Doubts indicate that the sale has progressed further, where as an objection is a show stopper.  So always deal with doubts effectively, in order to avoid objections. Handling price objections

Two strategies are possible:
Price Value

y Push up the perceived value:

In which case will the customer buy? y Bring down the perceived price
Value Price

Push up the perceived value y y y y Highlight your strengths over the competition Emphasize on benefits. Highlight those which meet buying criteria. Do a cost benefit analysis.

Example You can access any property of country club wherever you want to go throughout the country whether in north or in south, it has got 49 clubs of its own, 220 affiliations and 150 franchised clubs, and 4000+ RCI properties which are accessible by the members of country club. In addition to that you get special discounts on food and beverages. Also you can stay in the clubs and resorts at very nominal charges. Which costs much higher at other clubs? Bring down perceived price: y Life time value v/s one time cost. y Indirect cost saving. Example Sir, with one time investment, you get lifetime membership, it is beneficial for you as well your family members they can use the club facilities anytime. The club facilities include swimming pool, Jacuzzi, billiards, table tennis, lawn tennis, sauna bath, steam bath, etc. We also offer vacations where you can enjoy the free stay at any of our three star, five star and seven star properties without paying any charges.


Closing a sale Techniques in closing the sale: Non verbal cues:  Customer is relaxed.  Keeps asking about the same product.  Smile/jokes with you.  Husband and wife/person in a group look to each other and smile. Types of closing  Assumptive close (be sure): - On whose name would you like to have the membership?  Suggestive close: - Let us fill the form.  Alternative close: - Would you like to purchase membership of 35,000/- or 60,000/-?  Eliminative close: - Let us eliminate those that you don¶t like.  Part by part close: - Now let us see, you like to enjoy health facilities or the vacations?  Urgency close: - Sir, price of this membership is going to increase next week, this is the best time to buy this membership at this time, and later the same membership will become expensive.  Narrative/referral close: - This is the latest offering. Lots of people have got the membership of country club it is the matter of proud for lots of people. Would you like to have it?


Steps of closing

Summarizing the needs

Check if concerns are addressed

Ask closing questions


Give your contact No.

Take references

Thank the customer


Documentation For documentation for the selling the club membership the sales person collect the following from the customer:  Photos of all the members who are in the family. (Latest color or black & white.)  Photo identity (should match with the photo given.)  Address proof (of Address mentioned in the form.)  References. Other documents: Photo  Self attested passport size color photo (if not available then black and white would be accepted.)  No cut out photo is acceptable (Photo cut from family members from family group photo)  Photo should be clear and match with the photo ID given.  Xerox copy of photo is not accepted.  Paste photo and do not staple because if photo gets lost, customer will get barred for incomplete documents. Proof of address Document supporting the fact that the address entered in the application form is that of the person in whose name membership is being issued. Example:- Driving license - Electricity bill Valid documents: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Election commission ID card. Water bill. Telephone/Electricity bill. Spouse passport copy. Passport (Generally issued on 5/10 year basis) Arms license. Credit card statement, etc.

Sales kit Can you go on sales call empty handed? You must carry the following documents with you when you go for a call to sell a membership of country club. y y y y Product literature. Corporate brochure. Presentation folder. Copies of the latest offers.

In addition to all this also ensure that you are carrying the following:     Quotations and price lists for standard offers. Note pad. Visiting cards. Pen.

The objective is that all of the most frequently needed documents must be readily available with you. This will help you convince the customer better, as you will be able to show them documents to back whatever you are saying. Thus carrying a proper sales kit will make you more effective as a professional sales person. Now that we have seen the components of pre sales preparation the next step of course will be to go and meet the customer. Let¶s see how we will take appointments from the customer. LIMITATIONS SOUGHT IN SELLING MEMBERSHIPS  Company did not give the legal possession of plot, Because of Eco-friendly projects.  There is not its own properties and club in all Rajasthan.  Affiliations are only for attraction.  Rapidly changes in various schemes of company.  People of Rajasthan are not familiar about this market.  Contacting potential customer and wait for them is very time consuming.  In this competition it¶s very difficult to convince a customer. So it¶s very mind boggling task to create awareness in each and every candidate.


In application of market research the research has to go through several steps or stages and these steps are following : Defining the Problem Defining the problem is the most important part of the market research process, because wrong definition misdirects research. The type of the research to be carried out, the question to be raised and the sampling procedure to be followed and the data to be collected all depend on the current understanding of the problem. Country Club India Ltd is having tough competition in the market with the other players. There are many factors which influence the buyer for purchasing the club memberships. One of these factors is the marketing strategies adopted for club membership as well. Research Design The selection of particular design depends on the causality of the variables involved. For the purpose of my study I intend to take up Descriptive Design. This covers research design that are intended to produce accurate description of variables relevant to the decision being faced without demonstrating that some relationship exists between variables. Decision makers very often choose or are willing to accept descriptive data which would permit only inferences to be drawn about causation. Research Process Sampling and Determination of Sample Size Sampling Plan: After deciding on the research approach and instruments the marketing researcher must design a sampling plan. This plan calls for three decisions. 1. Sampling Unit: The first question that arises when you decide to survey is whom to survey? The marketing researcher must define the target population that will be sampled.

The target population for my survey was The Common Man and my Sampling Frame was Delhi. 2. Sample Size: Next important question arises: what is the size of population to be surveyed? Large samples give more reliable results than small samples. However it is not necessary to sample the entire target population or even a substantial portion to achieve reliable results. A total 50 calls were done in Delhi region at different location. 3. Sampling Procedure: The other most important question in research is how to choose the respondents? To obtain a representative sample of the population a probability sample of the population should be drawn. Probability Sampling allows the calculation of confidence limits for sampling error. Non Probability Sampling some marketing researchers feel that non-probability samples are very useful in many circumstances even though they do not allow sampling error to be measured.

Collection of Data The data collection phase of marketing research is generally the most expensive and most prone to error. The information collected should be both accurate and relevant as per as the requirements of research project. Depending on the requirement the researcher has to work out a suitable data collection method. y Primary Method: When a researcher directly collects data then this method is known as primary method. Data Source: The telephone numbers/mobile numbers were provided by the company for calling.


1. Club membership of different clubs adopted by the persons.



16% Country Club India Ltd 9% Country Club Airforce Club Delhi Golf Club 17% Not Interested Call Back Later



. 2. Ratio of male and female in club members.





3. Annual income of club members.

11% 34% 25% 3L - 4L 4L - 5L 5L - 6L 30% Above 6L

4. Ratio of businessmen and employed persons in club members.



Businessman Em loye






5. Percentage of membership of CCIL adopted by club member.

13% 40% Kool 26% Kool Kodai Kool Global Parivar

Major Findings According to the above data analysis we can understand that the most persons are not aware about the club and holidays facilities provided by the clubbing industries. The persons who are adopted the club membership are mostly businessman having annual income salary more than 6 lacs and the ratio of men are more than the ratio of women. Our first step is to aware the public about the facilities and services provided by the clubbing industries through advertisement, internet, monthly magazines, telemarketing and celebrating cultural events/festivals. Our target market should be an elite class person and the marketing strategies are according to them.






This summer internship project was really good learning experience for me. I got opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical aspects of selling. Following are some learning experience during summer project : y SIP sessions are very powerful exercise to increase knowledge about recent environment, various companies¶ schemes. It helps to develop team spirit. Sales tips are very helpful to tackle customers. y To know about the recent market environment by experienced & learnt people through guest lectures. y How to apply theoretical knowledge in practical. y How to work in professional environment. y To work with team spirit. y How to work with co-operation & co-ordination according to company's objective. y How to manage the work stress. y How to make the relationship with customers. y How to take right decision at right time.


Suggestion for Future Growth
1. To start the affiliations: Affiliations means to have the tie up the other clubs . Acres club have affiliation with the other clubs in India and in international level also they have the affiliated clubs but they don¶t have the affiliation in Mumbai itself so they want to develop there affiliation in Mumbai. 2. To improve the technology of the services: They want to provide more better services to their members so that no complaint will arrive from the client¶s who are using the facilities of the club. They wants to add more advance facilities in the services .They want golf, skating ,yoga, salsa dancing classes, aerobics all such facilities should be there in the club .All such facilities they want to improve in their club. 3. To improve the maintenance of the club services: The maintenance of the needs the improvement according to the needs of the members and the clients who visits .The ambience of the club environment should be good .The services provided should be fair and should give pleasure to the members of the club. 4. Planning to get more guest rooms: The club is planning to build more guest rooms as there are not sufficient rooms available for the members of the club. They want there rooms should be more in numbers should be more attractive. 5. Special discounts for existing members: they are giving special discount to the existing member so that they will able to get better services at lower price. And they conduct any wedding, birthday parties, get together parties and they can arrange many functions at discounted rate.
6. Planning to add the extra events, sports activities and many more: They want

to arrange and come out with new events in the organization they want to include new sports activities in the organization so that they will actively participate in the activities.


The concept of integrated environment living where your condo is interlinked with other Clubs RMC (Resort Management Company) enhances your property investment and appreciates its value faster. Offering a totally new concept in leisure living where you'll find an irresistible combination of lifestyle, value, convenience, and comfort all under one roof. Its lush, verdant environs soothe the senses. besides the invigorating expanse, the place has innumerable, exciting results to indulge in . There is a fantastic range of amazing facilities and amenities here .And the hospitality is really something to reckon with Everybody is so warm and welcoming .The royal treatment .The attention to details .Its something you could only dream of Truly, this place really feels like a paradise on earth. So for such types of facilities various marketing strategies make available to the consumer so that the consumer get aware of the facilities like club and will able to get membership in the club . The main objective of the executive training is to get direct exposure to the execution of the day to day functioning of the department within the organization. It helps to understand the importance of teamwork, organizational culture, Team dynamics, result orientation, organizational pressures, complexities in achieving the desired results etc


Book j Kotler, Philip, ³Marketing Management´, Pearson Edition j C. R. Kothari, ³Research Methodology´

News paper and Magazines j Business today j Update (CCIL¶s Magazine)

Websites j j j j j


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