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Creative Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Prompts

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Published by: lcbell92 on Mar 09, 2011
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Creative Writing Prompts 1. Write your own ending to the story of Cinderella. 2.

Write a poem about an object that describes you 3. Where do you go when you want to get away from the pressures of life? Describe this place. 4. Create your ideal place. 5. Write about one of the most difficult decisions in your life. 6. Write about one of your biggest fears. 7. What’s your idea of a perfect vacation? 8. Write about something that really annoys you. 9. Write about Valentine’s Day without using the words: Valentine’s Day, cupid, love, roses, flowers, hearts, February 10. What was the worst meal you’ve ever had? 11. Begin with “I thought I saw…” 12. Write the story of a disastrous family picnic. 13. Take two people who dislike each other, stick them in the back of a cab, what happens? 14. Write a letter to the teacher who gave you a hard time in grade school. 15. What would you do with three wishes? 16. What is your greatest fear? 17. Write 10 things you do when you are procrastinating. 18. Write a letter to someone you feel you need to spend more time with. 19. Write about someone you would love to see in jail. 20. What happens when a computer malfunction traps 400 people in a department store, there is only one food store inside. 21. Start a story with this, “She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled” 22. Make a list of things you can do in three minutes. 23. Write a short manual on how to get along with an enemy. 24. Write about a keepsake. 25. Begin with, “I wish someone had told me…” 26. Write a pure dialogue story; make the story move along with dialogue ONLY, no description, no narration, just dialogue. 27. Create a story around a 60 year old photograph 28. Weave a story around this mixed proverb, “Bad news cures all things” 29. Cook your own version of a “get rich quick” scheme. 30. Think of a memorable character (from a movie, book, tv show) and write a story about that character losing their most prized possession. 31. Free write on the cliché “Back to square one”. 32. Write a mini story beginning with “They had nothing to say to each other”.

Write from the point of view of an old car that has gotten a paint job. new List 30 uses for a hanger.com . 35.33.creativewritingprompts. Left off at . Write in the voice of a rope about to snap.www.#179----. 34.

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