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A questionnaire to study consumer behavior of cigarette purchase

A questionnaire to study consumer behavior of cigarette purchase

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Published by Pulkit Kumar

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Published by: Pulkit Kumar on Mar 09, 2011
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A questionnaire to study consumer behavior of cigarette purchase 1) a) b) c) d) e) f) 2) What brand of cigarette do you prefer?

Gold flake Marlboro Davidoff Benson and hedges Wills Any other ____ ( please specify) In what quantity do you buy them? a) 1- 3 b) 3-5 c) More than 5 d) Whole packs How often do you purchase cigarettes? a) Once a day b) More than once in a day c) Once a week Since how long have you been smoking? a) Last one month b) 1-6 months c) 1year d) More than one year What are the things that you like about smoking?( you can tick more than one) a) It helps in coping with stress b) It helps to break up my working time c) It is something I do with my friends and colleagues d) It helps me to curb hunger e) I enjoy it f) It stops me from getting withdrawal symptoms What are the things that you dislike about smoking?(you can tick more than one option) a) It is bad for my health b) It is expensive c) It is addictive. d) It makes my clothes and breath smell e) People around me disapprove of my smoking What initiated you to purchase cigarettes for the first time a) Word of mouth b) Friends c) Peers d) Celebrities/ movies






would you choose an alternate brand or not? a) Yes b) No 10) What are the possible substitutes for cigarettes? a) Beedi b) Hookah c) Cigars d) Others 11) What may lead you to switch brands or look for alternatives a) Unavailability of preferred brand b) Quality lapse c) Increase in price.8) Where do you buy cigarettes from?(you can tick more than one option) a) Local shops (panvaadi) b) Kirana stores c) Departmental stores d) Pubs/ bar e) Malls 9) If your favorite brand is not available. 12) What terms best describe your relationship with cigarettes? a) Love hate b) Dependency c) Partners d) Exploitative e) Casual .

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