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oracle forms developer_volume2

oracle forms developer_volume2

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Published by: kiranmaraka on Mar 09, 2011
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Specifies the name of the .MMX runtime menu file that Form Builder should look for at form startup.
This property is applicable only when you want Form Builder to locate the menu runfile through
database lookup, rather than direct reference.

To use database lookup, the menu module must be stored in the database. At runtime, Form Builder
queries the menu module definition stored in the database to find out the directory and filename of the
menu .MMX runfile. The Menu Directory and Menu Filename menu module properties specify the
path where Form Builder should look for the .MMX menu file.

Applies to menu module

Set Form Builder


Module Name property

Required/Optional required

Usage Notes

If you leave the directory unspecified, Form Builder first searches the default directory for the file, then
searches any predefined search paths. For more information on search paths, refer to the Form Builder
documentation for your platform.

Menu Filename restrictions

• The .MMX file extension is not required.


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