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drug study

drug study

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Published by: Ruel Loria on Mar 09, 2011
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Generic Name Paracetamol Brand name: Biogesic Classification: Analgesic / Antipyretic

Indication Mild fever and pain

Adverse Effect Hemolytic anemia, neurotropenia, leucopenia, pancytopenia, liver damage, jaundice, hypoglycemia, rash, and ulticaria

Contraindication Contraindicated to patients with hypersensitivity to the drug

Nursing Consideration Use liquid form for children and patients who have difficulty swallowing. In children, don’t exceed five doses in 24 hours.

diplopia. and diarrhea Contraindication Contraindicated to patients hypersensitive to drug and in those with digitalis-induced toxicity Nursing Consideration Drug –induced arrhythmias may increase the severity of heart failure and hypotension. agitation. anorexia. malaise. hallucinations. headache. paresthesia. vomiting. . photophobia. Before giving loading dose. obtain baseline data and ask patient about use of cardiac glycosides within the previous 2 to 3 weeks. are usually early signs of toxicity. generalized muschle weakness. In children. vertigo. cardiac arrhythmias. nausea. arrhythmias. including sinus bradycardia. blurred vision. stupor. Monitor potassium level carefully.Generic Name Digoxin Brand name: Lanoxin Classification: Cardiac drugs Indication Heart failure. dizziness. Toxic effects on the heart may be life threatening and require immediate attention. paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia. atirial fibrillation and flutter Adverse Effect Fatigue.

muscle spasm. leucopenia. Monitor fluid intake and output and electrolyte. anemia. bp. thrombocytopenia. edema. such as muscle weakness and cramps. Watch for signs of hypokalemia. polyuria. dizziness. nocturia.Generic Name Furosemide Brand name: Lasix Classification: Diuretics Indication Acute pulmonary edema. blurred vision. purpura Contraindication Contraindicated to patients with hypersensitivity to the drug and in those with anuria Nursing Consideration Monitor weight. hypertension Adverse Effect Vertigo. agranulocytosis. pancreatitis. and CO2 levels frequently. hyperuricemia. orthostatic hypotension. abdominal discomfort. and pulse rate routinely with long term use and during rapid dieresis. thrombophlebitis. Generic Name Indication Adverse Effect Contraindication Nursing Consideration . dermatitis. BUN. transient deafness. hepatic dysfunction. headache.

partial pressure of arterial oxygen. hypernatremia. seizures. obtain blood pH. Keep prescriber informed of laboratory results.pain and irritation at injection site Contraindicated in patients with metabolic or respiratory alkalosis and in those with hypocalcemia in which alkalosis may produce tetany.Sodium Bicarbonate Brand name: Soda mint Classification: Acidifiers and alkalinezers Cardiac arrest. hypertension. metabolic alkalosis. edema. . hypokalemia. metabolic acidosis. antacid Tetany. or heart failure To avoid alkalosis. partial pressure of arterial CO2 and electrolyte levels. systemic or urinary alkalinization.

cardiac arrest. hypercalcemia. renal calculi. .Generic Name Calcium gluconate Brand name: Calcium gluconate Classification: Electrolytes and replacement solutions Indication Hypocalcemic emergency. Monitor calcium levels frequently. adjunctive treatment of cardiac arrest. irritation. mild drop in bp. syncope. hemorrhage. To avoid constipation and bloating and to improve absorption. hypercalcemia. hypoclacemic tetany. bradycardia. Adverse Effect Tingling sensation. pain Contraindication Contraindicated in cancer patients with bone metastases and in patients with ventricular fibrillation. give calcium gluconate in divided doses. or renal calculi Nursing Consideration Use all calcium products with extreme caution. abdominal pain. hypophosphatemia. constipation. adjunctive treatment of magnesium intoxication. arrhythmias. polyuria. hyperphosphatemia.

dizziness. Severe hypotension during cardiac arrest Adverse Effect Headache. profound hypoxia. insomnia. respiratory difficulties. Notify prescriber immediately of decreased urine output. Nursing Consideration During infusion. arrhythmias. weakness. pulmonary artery wedge pressure. urine output. pulse rate. frequently monitor ECG. .Generic Name Norepinephrine bitartrate Brand name: Levophed Classification: Andrenergics Indication To restore blood pressure in acute hypotensive state. cardiac output. anxiety. and color and temperature of limbs. CVP. tremor. asthma attacks Contraindication Contraindicated in patients with mesenteric or peripheral vascular thrombosis. bradycardia. severe hypotension. Contraindicated during cyclopropane and halothane anesthesia.

sleepiness. stenosing peptic ulcer. hemolytic anemia. dizziness. sedation. sedation. palpitations. dysuria. nausea. confusion. urticaria Contraindication Contraindication in patients hypersensitive to drug. Nursing Consideration Stop drugs 4 days before patient under diagnostic skin tests because antihistamines can prevent. vertigo.Generic Name Diphenhydramine hydrochloride Brand name: Benadryl Classification: Antihistamines Indication Rhinitis. nonproductive cough Adverse Effect Drowsiness. reduce. urine retention. epigastric distress. Also contraindicated during acute asthmatic attacks. constipation. in breast-feeding women. headache. incoordination. dry mouth. in newborns. in premature neonates. . blurred vision. bladder neck obstruction. diarrhea. and in patients with angleclosure glaucoma. allergy symptoms. fatigue. or mask positive skin test response. insomnia. vomiting.

hypertonic solution Indication Hypoglycemia Altered level of consciousness Coma of unknown etiology Seizure of unknown etiology Refractory cardiac arrest (controversial) Adverse Effect Warmth. rhabdomyositis Contraindication There are no significant contraindications for IV administration of 50% dextrose in emergency care. Use blood-glucose reagent strips (Dextrostix) or glucometer before administration if possible. burning from medication infusion. pain. thrombophlebitis. use a large vein and aspirate occasionally to ensure route patency. D50 sometimes precipitates severe neurological symptoms .Generic Name Dextrose 50% Brand name: D 50/50 Classification: Carbohydrate. Extravasation may cause tissue necrosis. Nursing Consideration Draw blood sample before administration if possible.

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