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Nuclear Medicine Artifacts: Cause - Electronic artifact from circuit


Correction - Service engineers replaced a

faulty circuit board which was causing
false electronic pulses to appear on a 45
degree angle on the images.

Cause: Bubbles in fillable flood tank

Correction: Tilt tank so bubble move to

Cause - Nonuniformity -> Hot and cold

circular ring artifacts on transverse slices
of SPECT bone images

Correction - Store new flood uniformity

correction and either reapply correction
or reimage the patient with new
correction tables. (Co 57 or Tc99m planar
Cause - Failure of signal cable from the

Correction - Service engineer located a

faulty connection. It was identified that
this was likely an electronic cable failure
and not a PMT failure since it would be
extremely rare for 3 PMTs to fail at one

Cause: Preamplifier gain failure causing

single cold region with diminished

Correction: Replace preamplifier. Preamp

failure can be distinguished from signal
loss or PMT failure in that counts are still
processed and reduced counts are
present (vs complete absence of counts
when PMT out.)
Normal Resolution Bar Pattern Study

Cracked NaI crystal

Edge packing is an accumulation of

counts at the edge of the field of view
and may be a result of a defective
collimator or improper adjustment of the
x and y deflector plates in the
CRT(cathode ray tube).

Measles is caused by the loss of the

hermetic seal on the crystal. Moisture
enters and migrates across the crystal
until it is trapped by some imperfection
in the crystal surface. As more moisture
enters, the imperfection increases in size
because the moisture dissolves the
Skin/surface contamination

A) Transaxial images from brain SPECT

study show photon-deficient area in the
Photopeak drift (pulse ht analyzer outside right occipital region with prominent
photopeak): leads to excessively noisy increased tracer activity extending into
impages scalp area at periphery. (B) CT shows
significant streak artifact caused by the
metallic plate.