Megan Courtney Name: CNN Student news review Class/Subject: American History Date: 3-15-2011 Objective: y To have

students analyze the CNN weekly student news segment to understand national and global issues y For students to recognize that compromise is essential to government Content Standards: y 18.B.2a: Analyze how individuals and groups interact with and within institutions y 18.C.3a: Describe ways in which a diverse U.S. population has developed and maintained common beliefs. Material/Resources/Technology y Computer/Projector y CNN student news clip o March 9, 2011 y CNN Student News Blog section o y Ticket out the Door Teacher s Goals: y For students to begin building good citizenship skills y For students to understand the importance of compromise Time: 30-35 min 5 min Start of class: Teacher asks students to define compromise. Teacher then explains that compromise is important for national and international news 15 min Introduction to the lesson: Teacher plays CNN student news to class while taking notes on which stories teacher wishes to discuss with students. 10 min Lesson Instruction: 1. Teacher asks students to recall one of the news stories presented in the CNN student news report. 2. Students comment on the different questions with

5 min

compromise. How does that compromise incorporate both sides? Ask the students to think if both sides are happy? 3. Students look for a lack of compromise in stories, is that lack of compromise due to religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity 4. Teacher asks students for suggestions on another possible compromise for the major news stories. Students take into account the difference on both sides. 5. Students will log onto the CNN blog to discuss the story of corporal punishment in a New Orleans school and suggest a compromise that will make both sides happy. 6. Teacher hands out the Ticket out the Door for students to respond to. Checks for understanding: Teacher will listen to the responses students give about the different stories from the CNN student new section and reads responses to the Ticket out the Door Closure: Teacher will summarize the important stories and encourages students to continue watching the news and becoming informed citizens Self-Assessment: Teacher will reflect on how the lesson went

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