About the Author

As a student, San KoKo Htet tries to succeed in everything that he does. He has attended Public School 1K and is now attending William Alexander Middle School 51, both top-notch schools, and studies very hard. However, due to hard work and persistence, he emerged as valedictorian in 2006, along with several medals hanging from his neck, when he graduated elementary school. Mr. Htet has always dreamed of being a writer, so in 2008, with the help of his English Language Arts teacher- Ms. Cunningham- and his peers, he decided to write a book on an issue he cared about; sexism. He had gotten the inspiration for writing his first book, ³The Car Who Didn¶t Fit In,´ from the children he intended to write for and his own personal experience at their age. Furthermore, the young writer is a member of the O Ambassadors organization which helps improve the lives of less-fortunate people in third-world countries, such as Africa and South Asia, where the children cannot attend school because there is no money to build it with, and the adults work a number of jobs just to make a living. The O Ambassadors send money to those countries and make the public realize what is happening to those people, so they can have opportunities like here in America. Mr. Htet, the eldest of two children, lives with his family in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York. He is currently in his last year of middle school and is looking to attend a prestigious high school and college later on.