Background of Company The Internet has opened a new dimension and medium business in Malaysia and around the world. In the past, Air Asia has been monopolizing the sale of airline tickets through the internet and now, much more companies and other businesses have been using the internet as a medium of trade, and this phenomenon has been growing very rapidly. According to statistics from Internet World Stats, until 31 December 2007 there were 1,319,872,109 Internet users worldwide. In the meantime, Internet users in Malaysia amounted to 14,904,000. This amount is equivalent to 40.2% of the total population of Malaysia and the number is increasing since 2000 at a very rapid rate. From this statistic we know how widely the market is available for business which use internet medium. Passion8 Accessories is a Malaysia internet based online fashion accessories wholesales supplier. We act as a gateway for our clients/customers to source for fashion accessories & costume jewellery, and women's accessories supplies online. We offer wide range ladies accessories such as necklaces, rings, scarf, bracelets, watch, handbags, sunglasses and earrings. Besides that, we will be adding more varieties in the near future and our customer will be inform by subscribe to our mailing list for the latest information, products and promotion. Customer also can email us if they cannot find something that they want and we will try to source it for them. This is because, at Passion8 Accessories, customer¶s satisfaction is our top priority. We will always try to make sure that our clients/customers are satisfied with our products and services. We always ensure the quality of each product before we send out the shipment to make certain that the items are at tiptop conditions. In term of secure in online shopping, we use Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) to encrypt the personal and credit card information provided to us by our customers. This system will secure your online shopping. Additionally your credit card information will not be fraudulently used by any third party. Our website address is


Michelle & Scotts Wholesale Imports). 2) Limited close acquaintance between service provider and their customer. Palomar Fashion Accessories. (Xuxing Fashion Co. 2) Provide high-level customer service. 3) Lesser start-up cost as opposed to other types of business which is have to rent a space and buy different equipment and materials before begin selling. 3) To establish a cooperative relationship between local and foreign companies and learned what is needed in online business. 4) Save from having to hire a number of employees since only requires maintenance and enhancement of the site and the site and the product that being offered. Opportunities: 1) Opportunity to penetrate the international market. Ltd. 2) Attract foreign investors. 5) Can increase profit in no time because the advantages of offering products twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Pies Global Trade Co. CeriWholesale. Weaknesses: 1) Hard to build a good and trusting relationship when not see the people that we deal with. 2 .SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: 1) Ability to create unique products. Threats: 1) Competition. 2) Rapidly changing business scenario. 3) Requires high skills and expertise.

Philippine. Targeting We are targeting our market based in demographic and psychographics. activities and interested. we are targeting those female between 16 to 19 years old as our customer. Our company name is PASSION8 ACCESSORIES which the ³8´ bringing our type of product where we are produced 8 types of product which are bracelet. For women. opinion. necklace. For Passion8 Accessories. For teenagers. and attitudes which are called psychographics segmentation. ring. We focus to sell our product to these countries because these countries are aware about accessories and easy for us to deliver our product to them. Korea and Japan.STEP II: E-MARKETING STRATEGIC PLANNING Segmentation We are segmenting our market to 5 countries which are Malaysia. Our pricing strategies for our accessories are suitable for all social class. Differentiation We are differentiating our product by our company name. Demographic We are dividing our market in the basis of demographic variables such as age and sex which is called demographic segmentation. We also target every women and teenagers even they are rich or low income family to become our customer. Passion8 Accessories is currently targeting female which are divided into 2 group of age. earring. We also target those who have career and like to do outdoor activities such as shopping. Psychographic We are dividing the market in the basis of psychographics variables such as lifestyle. ring. we focus those that love fashion and like to wear accessories such as bracelet. social class. 3 . Indonesia. go out with friends for fun and those who like to buy accessories for their collection. teenagers and women. necklace and more that Passiona8 Accessories offered. we are targeting those between 20 to 45 years old. uniquely design. and pricing.

³Passion´ is describing our color of products th are at using passion color such as red and bright color.sunglass. our pricing strategy are concern for all types of social class whether high income or low income level. Positioning We are position our products in our future customer by our uniquely. cheaply and fashionable accessories that will create a new of themselves. scarf. Our pricing are compatible and suitable for all. handbag and watch. Meanwhile. 4 .

Beauty is a combination of factors. we have to achieve this goal. We want to penetrate satisfy and happy when customer wear our product and we hope other people around them will attract with our accessories. especially when each company is using technology only create internal efficiencies such as target market communication. We are targeting to gain sales revenue about $700 which is about RM21000. most emarketing plans aim to accomplish multiple objectives such as the following: Build awareness in market We want to build awareness in market so that our customers will know about our product. It is important to achieve others goal. to name a few.STEP III: OBJECTIVES The objective for our accessories is to make a women look beautiful. Women are the most will have a feeling to look beautiful when wearing it. To achieve this goal we must build a marketing plan to promote our product for customer and potential customers. Our businesses can start to increase their market share by first focusing on the primary city or suburb. attitude and stance. style. looks. Other objectives are also worthwhile. 5 . elegant. We will establish several branches in each state to expand our sales and indirectly our company will have market share more quickly. We want about 75% of our target market will aware to our products. and stylish. Increase sales revenue Next objective is to increase sales revenue. We will sell these products at affordable prices to suit every accessory. Our company will sell a variety of products accessories women within 6 months of probation and to achieve profit of RM10000. We will sell accessories women to attract customers to purchase any products that we sell. In fact. we cannot sales our product and we cannot gain profit. Increase market share To increase our market share will make some of the success of our business strategy for companies to expand into any country from inside or outside. Every product we will sell the prices is less than $20. If no one aware about our product. especially through our website is Passion8 Accessories.

Increase the number of website¶s viewers.Achieve branding goals We want to build a strong branding name which our customers will aware and loyal to our We also provide customer service slots to facilitate users to state their problems that they are not sati fied with our s products. To achieve this goal. We want to increase the number of website¶s viewers from 200 to 10000 viewers. This can achieve customer relationship management. We will also receive a customer order form accessories want as a more attractive and charming as them. Achieve customer relationship management goals (CRM) Another objective is customer relationship management company goals. Yahoo!. we will promote our website in Google. and we will collaborate with others blog that have high numbers of viewers in every country that we targeting. We will be on solving problems faced by the customer to keep them satisfied with our management and indirectly they will like to buy our products. 6 .

sizes.STEP 1V: E-MARKETING STRATEGY E-marketing strategy consists of the steps taken and procedures followed for marketing a brand through the web. Our company's products are also cheap and suitable to the needs of customers today. or using the mail order. Our company also will lower prices during low demand periods. watches. There are several accessories that we offer to our clients that is handbag. marketers design customer and partner relationship management 7 . and a variety of options that enable customers to make purchasing choices. price. Marketer¶s craft strategies regarding the 4 Ps and relationship management to achieve plan objectives regarding the offer strategies (CRM/PRM). and customers only need to click the sample of product to get more information about quality. In terms of dynamic pricing. (product). thereby making purchases or orders. The Offer: Product Strategies Our company is Passion8 Accessories Company offers accessories to our customers through our website which has been established. conditions. bracelet. Further. and situations. Buyers also can book our product through online and we will send it to our customer via post. The Value: Pricing Strategies Dynamic pricing is a key characteristic of e-marketing pricing. value (price). We design our website with colorful design to makes the internet buyers interested to visit and then make purchases of products from our company. scarves. distribution (place). so buyers will still be interested in purchasing our products at the time. our company will give discounts to buyers who purchase our products for more than RM200. ring. earrings. and communication (promotion). Buyers can easily view the product prices when they log in to our website. we will show pictures along with prices of products that we sell to customers. These items consist by various shapes. Buyer may purchase the product by using banking transfer. Through our company website. and glasses. allowing for prices that change or fluctuate due to different variables. colors. The centre of attraction in any e-marketing strategy is the website of the company to which internet users are to be attracted for increasing sales.

blogs. We also will put our products in places or stores that sell the same products with the products of our company.Distribution Strategies Our company will post a product that has been purchased or ordered by the customer through online. servicing. they will keep updated about our new product and able to make purchased whenever they want. We are also. of individual customers so company can send relevant and personalized information and persuasive communication at strategic times. and email to communicate with our target markets and business partner. for our loyal customer. and behaviour. We expect our products to every customer will be heading up as soon as possible according to the customer's distance position at the time of ordering the product. and position products using online content. acquiring. This will help our customers that do not like to wait or makes online order to purchases at the store. CRM also can decrease costs. customers may return the product and we will promptly replace the new product to the same customer without the customer should pay more. In this term. we will give their special price that lower for each product they buy or purchased from us. We also create database marketing so that we can maintain records about the needs. Our target market is for those that always use the internet to find material that they want. Marketing Communication Strategies The marketing communications strategy is geared in one of two directions that are toward products or toward services. will keep each information about our customer safely. So that. preferences. We use web pages. Through this will help company to understand the customer better and use this knowledge to build loyalty and optimize lifetime value. especially through their email. retaining. 8 . our company also guarantees that customers will received that product just like what they has been ordered or purchased through online. Relationship Management Strategies Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process of targeting. and building long-term relationships with customers. We also build brand images. create awareness of new products. transacting. If there is damage or a customer is not satisfied to our products. It includes all the tenets of relationship marketing. this also related to those that interested in things such our company sells. resulting in greater profitability. Besides reducing the cost to our company. and is grounded in customer data and facilitated by technology. and we will give their updated about our product.

and schedules that are required to achieve the objectives of the strategic plans. ONLINE GOALS Online Increase blog comments Increase blog comments Gather information Improve customer service Increase awareness Sell goods or services Enhance company image Engage selling Generate sales leads in suggestive Possibly No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes brand name Yes Yes Possibly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes customer No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Advertising Yes ONLINE STRATEGIES Database Marketing No Direct Email Yes Online Sales No Viral Marketing Yes 9 .STEP V: IMPLEMENTATION PLAN The definition of implementation plan is about detailed listing of activities. costs. expected difficulties.

Comments in website We are using customer¶s comments in our website trough Forum site. efficiency. Company¶s account statement We use our account statement to measure our income. risk. internal processes. Generally. We also measure customers that join our member club in our website. and appropriate levels of internal controls. The Balanced Scorecard The Balanced Scorecard is a management system that maps an organization's strategic objectives into performance metrics in four perspectives: financial.STEP VI: EVALUATION PLAN Performance Metrics Performance metrics should be constructed to encourage performance improvement. customers. The Balance Scorecard framework can be depicted as follows: Customer perspective The customer perspective addresses the question of how the firm is viewed by its customers and how well the firm is serving its targeted customers in order to meet the financial objectives. and learning and growth. revenue and sales whether our goal achieved or not. Viewers of website We will measure our number of viewers to see if we achieved our goal or not. The following table outlines of specific customer objectives and measures: 10 . performance. quality. and cost. We can use these comments to improve our products quality and our services for them. benefit analysis or where appropriate. effectiveness. customers view the firm in terms of time. They should incorporate "best practices" related to the performance being measured and cost. These perspectives provide relevant feedback as to how well the strategic plan is executing so that adjustments can be made as necessary.

Objective Build awareness of our products and website High customer satisfaction with website High customer satisfaction with value of online purchasing Specific measure Survey of target awareness of website Sales of online versus offline for same products Number of complaints by e-mail or phone Number of purchase per customer over time. The following table outline of process objectives and measures: Objective Improve the quality online service Specific measure Target market survey Number of customer who use the service Quality online technical help Amount of time to answer customer e-mail Number of contacts to solve a problem Optimized number of customer service reps Number of inquiries to customer service rep responding to online help Superior Website content management ratio Number of updates per week Web site log traffic pattern statistics Optimized inventory levels Average number of items in warehouse Inventory turnover 11 . These are the processes in which the firm must concentrate its efforts to excel.(we measure it using cookies data) Customer retention percentage Build customer relationship Internal perspective Internal business process objectives address the question of which processes are most critical for satisfying customers and shareholders.

The following table outline of innovation and learning perspective measures: Objective Online service innovation Specific measure Number of new service products to market in 6 month Percent of sales from new services Continuous improvement in CRM system High internet lead-to-sales conversion Number/type of improvements over time Revenue per sales employee from internet leads Number of conversions from online leads 12 . The specific goals depend on the company's stage in the business life cycle. Objective Increase market share for online products Specific measure Market share percentage(firm¶s sales as percentage of industry sales) Increase conversion rates at website Number of orders divided by of visitors to site Achieved RM15000 of net profit in 6 month Net profit as percentage of sales. Much of this perspective is employee-centered. improve. early of new product Innovation and learning perspective Innovation and learning metrics address the question of how the firm must learn. and innovate in order to meet its objectives.Financial perspective The financial perspective addresses the question of how shareholders view the firm and which financial goals are desired from the shareholder's perspective.

00 13 .00) (270.00 15000.00) (350.STEP VII: BUDGETING The Approximate of Financial Statement Performance for Passion8 Accessories Sdn.00 The cost of expenses Total cost of material Salaries Marketing Internet connection cost Technology cost Technician cost The total cost of the project Total Revenue (1000.00) (1200.00) (5000. (RM) Sales (RM) Estimated sales of product Total 15000.00) (680. Bhd The forecast of profit and loss statement for 6 month.00) 10000.00) (1500.