Research-related Softwares

Hua Ye Divison of Social Science The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

• Citation and Reference: EndNote • Notes: Evernote • Online file synchronizer: Dropbox

• Why? Dealing with citations and references are tedious and time-consuming. • Functions of EndNote:  Match citations and references;  Format references;  Maintain a database for the papers you have downloaded.

• Demonstrations:  Choose a style;  Insert and delete citations;  Edit the citation and style;  Export citations from JSTOR and Cambridge;  Use it with RefWorks. • Limitations: cannot synchronize (may use Dropbox as a short-cut) • Alternatives: RefWorks, Zetero.

• Why? Can you find notes which were taken one month earlier? • My suggestion: Don’t use Word (or Notepad) to take notes, use Evernote.

• Demonstrations:  Tags;  Copy from Word, from webpages (Web Clipper);  Synchronize;  Web-based editor. • Limitation: 60m per month (enough for an ordinary user) • Alternative: myBase.

• Functions:  Synchronize files among several computers, keep file updated;  Share files with others, useful for collaborative projects. • Limitation: 2G • Alternative: Everbox.

One last suggestion
• Master it, or lose it.