Research Methodology ± Prof.

KwanMyung Kim


Research is not mere transportation of facts from one location to another. 2. Research is not merely rummaging for information.What Research is Not 1. Research is not a catchword used to get attention Research Methodology 2 . Research is not mere information gathering. 4. 3.

5. Research usually divides the principal problem into more manageable subproblems. 8. 7. Research is guided by the specific research problem. Research originates with a question or problem. Research requires a specific plan for proceeding. Research is. 6. question. by its nature. Research accepts certain critical assumptions. Research requires clear articulation of a goal. helical Research Methodology 3 . or hypothesis. cyclical or. 3.What Research is 1. more exactly. Research requires the collection and interpretation of data in an attempt to resolve the problem that initiated the research. 4. 2.

The Research circle Research Methodology 4 .

Browsing the Periodicals Section of the Library 2.Exploring Research in Your Field  Take some time to read articles in research journals in your own academic discipline  Two ways of finding relevant journals 1. Find Journals on the Internet Research Methodology 5 .

you get a better sense of how to improve own research efforts Research Methodology 6 .PRACTICAL APPLICATION Evaluating the Research of Others  An important skill for any research  In some case. it is more difficult  By developing ability to evaluate other researchers¶ work. it is quite easily accomplished. in the other cases.

Whenever you review someone else¶s work. Keep a running record of helpful articles in a notebook or computer document. 3.GUILDLINE Benefitting From Others¶ Research 1. don¶t read only one or two articles and think that you are done. Finally. take time to consider how you can improve your own work because of it. Research Methodology 7 . 2.

Pearson. ³Practical Research: Planning and Design.References [1] Paul D. Ninth Edition´. 2010 Research Methodology 8 .Leedy and Jeanne E. Ormrod.

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