SRS is a document that completely describes what the proposed software should do without describing how the software will do it. The basic purpose of SRS is to bridge the communication gap between the parties involved in the development of the software SRS is the medium through which the client and the user needs are accurately specified. A good SRS should satisfy all the parties some thing very hard to achieve and involves trade offs and persuasion. Another important purpose of developing an SRS is helping the users to understand their own needs.

The basic purpose of this document is to describe all the requirement for the Dental Master System for Dental Clinic (DMSDC). These requirements will help the port to keep the track of Cargo and Ship details. DMSDC provides the easier way to automate all the functionalities of a Doctor, patients, prescription, medical etc«

This document describes the information of DMSDC. It helps in generating reports known as bill report, personal report, statistic report etc«

Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations
RDBMS: Relational Data Base Management System SRS: Software Requirement Specification DMSDC: Dental Master System for Dental Clinic GUI: Graphic User Interface


This DMSDC is a self contained system that manages activities of the doctors and patients such as generating reports like statistics reports. It maintains the basic records pertaining to Treatment details. systemic alerts. 2. 2.3 User Characteristics. The objective of this document therefore is to formally describe systems high level requirements including functional requirements.2 Product Functions Masters: This modules creates the initial data required so that the other functional modules can work open them. report. . The software is intended to keep the track of ship details and cargo details. 2 Overall Description 2.The software requirement specification is the requirements work product that formally specifies Dental Master System for Dental Clinic. while the authorized operator will be responsible for data entry.1 Product Perspective . Treatment details etc«. doctor detail . The main user of this software is administrator and also doctor and receptionist. The benefit of using this software is its easy implementation and user friendly. The developer will be responsible for developing the software. non-functional requirements and constraints.4 General Constraints y This software should run on windows operating System(Windows 98 or Higher). schedules. prescription details consulting details. This software collects all the data and stores in the respective databases. bill report. The user must have the basic knowledge of computer or must be trained to use the software.

1 User Interfaces The Dental Master System for Dental Clinic (DMSDC) will provide a set of windows standard menus at the top of the screen and also displays message boxes and input boxes thus improving the GUI of the system. Therefore the system serves to be much user friendly to the Administrators and End Users. add.NET to be the language of implementation y The system should be user friendly 2.y Knowledge should be important to user about the right way of using the software y VB. . There are all possible interaction of the software with the user and hardware 3. Some of the details are required to be entered by the user and may be generated automatically.1. edit and update in it. 3 Specific Requirements 3. It will also provide dialog boxes to help the user to easily interact with the software.1 External Interfaces The user has to fill the appropriate form from the menu which will be displayed on the screen based on the user type login.5 Assumptions and Dependencies The user should have basic knowledge of the computer. The input data is stored in the respective databases. It shall be assumed that operating system installed shall be of windows platform. The user using it can perform different commands like view. They should be trained to handle the features provided by the system. External users are not entertained to use the system.

3.2Functional Requirements y Patient Personal Details : y This is the patient Details page.3. the communication to any other system is not made here.1. y Appointment: y This module is used to handle Daily Patient Appointment for the consultancy for a particular Time Treatment: .2 Hardware Interfaces Hardware Requirements Hard disk 40 GB + (According to current market 512 MB RAM + availability) Pentium III Software Requirements Operating System-Microsoft Windows xp onwards 2008 Microsoft Sql Server 2008 3. All the details of the patient are recorded from the options given here.1.1.3 Software Interfaces Front End Back End Microsoft Visual Basic.4 Communication Interface Dental Master System for Dental Clinic is a Stand Alone System so that there is no need of any communication interface.

y This module is used to store each Patient Treatment details along with Date.tooth number etc Prescription: y This module deals with the activities related to storing the Prescription for a patient like Dosage.Priscription along with their dates.1 Software constraints This application is designed to run on Windows XP and above. The performance expected is 100%. days etc Case Reports: y This module is to see the full Patient History of Treament. using Vb.2 Hardware Constraints 1) 40 GB hard disk 2) 256 MB RAM 3) Peripheral devices . and also some special Rights 3. as Front End and Microsoft Sql Server 2008 as Back End.3 Performance Requirements The software can take any number of input quantities provided the database size is large enough. This application is designed to run on Windows XP and above.4 Design Constraints Developer is responsible for the development of the system and installing it.4.4. 3. This would depend on the user¶s system memory availability. as Front End and Microsoft Sql Server as Back End. using Vb. Admin: y Includes the authorization right on the Master tables data¶s.

6 Other requirements Not applicable . 3.5 System Attributes 3. if the respective users share the authentication information then the system is open to outsiders. It is tested for all the constraints at development stage. 3.2 Availability This system will only available till the system on which it is installed is running.5.3. So only the respective users are allowed to use the application .3 Security This system is provided with the authentication without which no user can pass.4 Maintainability There will be no maintenance required for the software.5.5.5 Portability The system is not portable as it is a standalone application running on single system with no shared database.1 Reliability The system is designed to have very simple database just to serve the exact need of the port. 3. 3.5. 3.5. The database is provided by the end-user and therefore is maintained by the user.