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Andrew Jackson timeline

Andrew Jackson timeline

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Published by: Blain Fox on Mar 10, 2011
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Blain Fox & Alex Spangler 3/4/11 AB#2

Andrew Jackson is born March 15,

Jackson is elected into the 4th and 5th Congresses December 5,

Jackson leads his army to victory in the Battle of New Orleans January 1815

Jackson is inaugurated March 4, 1829

Jackson and his family move to the heritage where he grew up in April 1834

Jackson dies and is buried next to his wife in the hermitage June 8, 1845

January 17, 1794 Jackson marries Rachel

September 1797 Jackson resigns from congress

December 22, 1828 Jackson is elected president by

March 4, 1833 Jackson’s second inauguration takes place

March 4, 1837 Jackson’s presidential term came to an end

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