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36 million gal-

lons of water
are daily being
waisted due to
throughout the
By 1944, two stanching cracks caused ir-
redeemable damage towards the
Warwarsing civilians including countless
amounts of flooding. Throughout the
Roundout-West-Branch section of the aq-
ueduct, only after a few sections of its
completion, 5,000 feet long cracks were
discovered. According to Caswell F. Hollo-
way, the city’s environmental commis-
sioner, the leaks had penetrated the
tunnel’s concrete lining but were also
found in areas where the branch passed
through limestone, which is softer and
more vulnerable to water corrosion than
the harder tock of sandstone and shale
found elsewhere in the tunnel’s path.
Since the amount of water leaking had not
increased since 2002, and did not pose
the risk of an emergency as mentioned by
Caswell, he proposed his opinion on how
he “[didn’t] see a substantial risk of this
[the tunnel situation] getting worse.” As
time continues to go on by, the tunnels
can only continue to deteriorate and
worsen, opinions greatly shared by
Warwarsing residents.