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Officials have come up with a plan to construct
a bypass tunnel, 600 t0 800 feet deep, from New-
burgh, in Orange County, under the Hudson to
Wappinger, in Dutchess County. When the comple-
tion of the bypass tunnel is completed, estimated
to be in 2018, the Delaware aqueduct will be shut
down for 8 months in order to allow workers to
connect the tunnel in the last phase of the project.
The leaking portion of the aqueduct would be
sealed and its use discontinued as stated by the
officials. The shutdown will require the New
Croton Aqueduct in Westchester Counties to take
290 million gallons of water along with other
sources in order to disperse the water supply into
the city.
The city plans on approaching other water
supply projects in order to make up for the loss of
the aqueduct during construction by spending
$900 million on projects and so on. The city has al-
ready spent over $300 million preparing for the
long-term repairs of the aqueduct, as well as better
monitoring of tunnel conditions and repair meth-
ods. As stated by Paul Gallay, executive director of
Riverkeeper, the primary watchdog over the leaks
in the Delaware Aqueduct, “It is a big investment
in solving a big problem,” adding how the city
should also move to compensate homeowners af-
fected by the leaks for damages suffered. To know
more about the Riverkeeper organization, please