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The Deleware Aqueduct
The Delaware aqueduct carries about half of the
city’s drinking water, making it an essential part of
our daily lives. The leaks are not only affecting the
portion of water that is being transferred, but the
cleanliness of the water and most importantly the
overall structure supporting the availability of trans-
ference throughout the many reservoirs. As the water
continue to leak, pressure is being acted upon the
ground surrounding the tunnel making both unstable
environment and an unstable situation. Something
must be done.
“The 85 mile long aqueduct, among the
world’s largest, is one of the two systems bringing
water from upstate reservoirs to eight million resi-
dents in New York City an another one million people
in Orange, Putnam, Ulster and Westchester Counties.
The other is the Catskill system.”1 According to the
MAYO clinic, a person requires eight-ounce glasses
(about 1.9 liters) of water daily. 1.9 liters is equal to
about half a gallon. With the never-ending growth