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We are a business technology site providing extensive info rmation and services to the technologists, designers and business consultants se rving the small business community. We use a simple top down approach to help accelerate the design, development and implementation of your intranet, internet and web presence. This top down appro ach is driven by focusing on the outcomes desired where form follows function. A s such the emphasis is on providing collaborative tools and templates to expedit e the planning and implementation of; 1. business requirements and processes, 2. technology platforms and solutions, 3. design parameters and user experience. The complexities in today's market require a better type of collaboration if th e stakeholders are to achieve their goals in a timely and cost effective way. Th is is why RadSphere exists to provide a member based learning center where desig ners, developers, business consultants, security analyst and digital marketers t o name a few converge to share, learn and offer their expertise to stakeholders. Whether you are a small business owner, start up entrepreneur, or department h ead these ost effective, rapid solutions to their issues. We take the approach technology, business process, security, marketing, legal, ethics Each consultant can have his own knowledge silo to augment the main KB so as to provide unique value add for their customers. Also consultants the contribute to the general KB will be given credits for use to gain larger/greater exposure on the web site. In essence this is a knowledge repository along project productivity tools and s tandardized business forms and practices for the community of technologists, designers, business consultants and most importantly the small business owners. These service providers agree to certain standards in conduct and business pract ices to better serve their clients. The use of standardize project forms and con tracts along with certain technology platforms provides a superior total solutio n by offering greater clarity in communications as well as lowering development costs and speeding up time to implementation. We provide a knowledge Base to our customers, the business owner, explaining the necessary technologies and processes required for a successful project. We also offer a ala cart approach to building your solution by best using the sequence of 1. Business goals and objectives, this drives the business process design doc ument. 2. Technology assessment and development, this is to match up with the re quirements of the business process document, showing what technology solutions a re available with recommendations as to best practices, total cost of ownership . 3. Visual design, content development and management, IP issues, digital asset management, branding, What will the web presence look like and why? How dynamic is the content and where is it coming from? 4. Security and privacy issues. Wha t is my liability, where are my responsibilities? What is the scope of the poten tial problems and how do we address them. What are industry accepted best practi ces. How much is enough? 5. Legal issues known and potential. What is our plan t o minimize legal exposure? 6. Implementation management, this provides the details on the how, where, and when of the roll out. Define the hierarchy of the BP and technology as part of the intro to that area of practice. Technology: client server network environment; internet, web. Domain names; URL and URIs registered at xxxx with record data Server side; remote hosting on LAMP platform with shared servers. Client side: device type; MS-PC running: IE ver. x.x > with extensions;1,2,3,4. Firefox ver.x.x> with extensions; 1,2,3,4. Chrome verx.x> with extensions; 1,2,3 ,4.

Type of web apps with mash ups and mods or web services, where hosted under who' s control, data shared, real estate lost, cookies created, path taken. Content distribution, creation and management apps Wiki, blog, Forum, crm, Social apps: FB, linkdin, Entity and Identity apps: Single sign on, open id, quest book, member registry, credit card validation, Security apps; Captcha, Marketing apps; tracking, ad placement, email, etc.... prepackaged open sourced software solutions and mods or mashes Wiki, blog,forum If the SBO (small biz owner) likes what the web site offers but it doesn't have the consultant he wants then the owner can request that this consultant sign up and use these documents and resources and the consultant can have a free 30 day account after that he would then pay $ per month. Even though this site is SBO driven as they are the customer, should this be a s ocial site where the consultants have there own group, which of course could be there on employees or existing vendors, partners. The concern is this may make t he customer sbo feel outnumbered. Also have a place for the physical implementation process such as installers, ca ble guys etc.. Radsphere or something else to complement RadSphere : A resource for the sbo to understand, develop, optimize and manage your web presence. Ask the sbo what are the primary benefits you want to receive from your web pres ence/ give some suggestions. IE lead generation, ad revenue, direct sales, marke t presence, PR? What defined performance by number range and time line can you estimate for each of these benefit categories. IE lead generation: 25 qualified leads per the ne xt 6 months. Ad revenue of $500 per month starting in 3 months and increasing 5% per month for the following 24 months. Direct sales of $3500 per month starting in 2 months and increasing by 10% per month over the next 12 months. Market pre sence increase my current presence of estimated 5% local market area to 35% with in the next 6 months. Public relations improve content and increase releases by 200% for the next 10 months. Branding roll out new brand starting in 2 months to 25% local market recognition within 12 months. Site visits generate 2500 new site visits Part of the reason for providing this information is to solidify your objectives and expectations for what you are asking to be delivered. This is critical in b uilding the solutions that work best for you. It also allows us to quickly gaug e the scope of resources required to meet your objectives. Many of these benefit category numbers are not driven by design and development cost but marketing co st and as such need to be addressed separately. The customer EDDI loop; Education, Design, Development and Implementation. This is the typical process the SBO will incur in bring their digital presence to fr uition. Or another acronym with a little more detail, ECDDIF loop; Education, Co nsultation, Design, Development, Implementation and Feedback explain the transaction mgt sys to the users; scope and schedule, escrow, arbitr ation, project mgt, milestones, deliverables, contract review, explain how wordi ng can be misconstrued as to performance. How this works to minimize that RadSphere

Work flow and DMP; work flow activity is the process, ( steps, tasks, sequence, time line) sync with the necessary resources to drive an outcome. The WFP work flow process can often be dependent on a DMP that if not properly thought out wi ll adversely effect productivity. Additionally improper planning for unexpected events leads to unforeseen events also effecting productivity and the outcome. A properly designed BP system will account for all of these factors to the degree that the possible is noted and the plausible is planned for. These document templates are designed to be used by those not practiced in the a rea of Business Analysis allowing for the novice user to quickly derive much of the benefit without the step learning curve. The beginning of knowledge is when one recognizes they don't know what they don' t know. Overcoming that hurdle in order to take constructive action is the goal of this company. From concept, to search and discovery, to evaluation, to memory, to quantifying, to decision making to commitment to planning to action all for the sake of driv ing an original outcome is what we assist in. If knowledge is power then information is the bits of data colliding, merging an d synchronizing on the communication conduit it resides on. (rework).