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Creativity is the application of a person’s mental ability and curiosity to discover

something new. It is also known as the generation of ideas that result in the improvement

of the efficiency or effectiveness of a system. There are mainly four factors that affect

creativity i.e. problem sensitivity, idea fluency, originality and flexibility. While a variety

of methods have been used to stimulate group creativity, several methods are more useful

in a business environment. The methods are: brainstorming, circular approach, value

analysis and checklist techniques. The creative process begins with perceptual aspects

instead of analytical. In the human aspects, creativity and present growth are interrelated

and employee’s creativity is the result of planned management action. But creativity

alone is not the kind of miraculous that leads to business growth.

Innovation can be defined as using creativity to add value. It refers to the process

of bringing any new, problem solving or opportunity addressing idea into use. Following

are the ways to inspire innovation. Make it the norm, put aside ego, mix people up, don’t

fear above the future, hire the outsiders, abandon the crowd, let go of your ideas, don’t

underestimate science, and fight negativity etc. There are certain obstacles to corporate

innovation like large organisations foster resistance to change, innovation may threaten

current successes, the corporate hierarchy breaks conservative subordinates, and


product/market boundary charters sometimes preclude innovation. But these obstacles

can be removed if following things are taken core of. Goals are set for innovative

achievement, managers are encouraged to take a long-term perspective, successful

innovation is recorded, failures are accepted as part of the game, engineers and research

scientists are encouraged to meet the customer and special unrestricted funds are made

available to explore innovative ideas without upper-level approval.

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