Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers?

Long years ago stress was never a part of anyone’s dictionary. However, today it is the most common word used by everyone ranging from a 13-year-old child to a 95 year old adult. What is the reason behind the frequent usage of this word in the modern times? Earlier, primitive man survived on bare essentials of life & yet he was stress free but today even though technology has gifted a luxurious life to man we are stressed. Earlier man had to roam from place to place in search of food & shelter. Today the modern man can even work by sitting at home through technologies like laptops & cellular phones. Yet today man has been confronted by various diseases & has to tackle stress. Why is it that a primitive man working several times harder than the modern man had time for pleasure activities but a modern man has to make work his leisure and work to no end. Technology & modern equipments were to make man’s life stress free & relaxed but instead it had has adverse effects on man’s life. A few centuries man had not even heard of fatal diseases like “ aids” however today every research & technology is being to find a treatment for this disease. Man has found medicines & treatments for the tiniest of the creatures on this earth but yet has failed to discover a cure, which would save the life of a fellow mate. Science and technology has made it possible to reach the moon but is it of any use because we don’t have time to go & even meet out old parents who have taught us what a moon is & how to reach there. These facts make me think, “ Are we happier than our forefathers?” in my opinion we are not as happy as they were. Our forefathers lived a stress free, contented & happy life but today these words are only seen in the dictionary. If we desire to live like our forefathers then it could only be possible in the Himalayas because in this world we require money for minimal needs & necessities & to earn that also we have to work very hard.

Are We Happier than Our Forefathers ? Now, do you find yourself lucky to be born in the machine age, do you? Just turn around the dusty pages of time and you’ll find it all – all that you’ve ever coveted for, those-must –take-a-glimpse at least hamlets , no barking bosses , no quotidian workload ,no acrimonious peers ,no ringing cell phones and junk mails , no irksome traffic et al. All that you envy lied in their closets (read: ancestors). The age we live in is doubtlessly a sophisticated one and our machine civilization may soon initiate a crusade against the Almighty Himself in its insatiable thirst to trounce the fundamentals of Mother Nature but the edged sword dangling over our heads cannot be ignored. Dallying with nature is as good as inviting forces of annihilation for supper and that is exactly what the social animals seem to have done in past couple of centuries. All the glitz that the Google driven generation sports only forms the surface of this otherwise bleak and hypocritical society. In contrast, our ancestors actually mastered the art of living; they had a very good idea of their limits and never dared to tamper with them. They knew that a sleep can only be earned after a hard days work and eventually – they were satisfied. We crave for the ‘moolah’ but ultimately turn towards the spiritual gurus for gaining tranquility (which some dub as ‘Nirvana’). We have ‘it all’ but we are bereft of ‘it’. And as ever polemical Irish author Oscar Wilde put it, “We know the price of everything, but know the value of nothing.” We’ve got what we craved for but have lost all we’ve had. It’s high time we try and get back to our roots or else verisimilitude of happiness will betray us at some part of lives. I pen all this rubbish to convince you, and if at the end of it you still feel lucky to be born in

spent time with nature built strong bonds in society. They had time on their hands and lived a less hectic pace. However. In short. i-pods. They gave importance to practical education. we will find that our ancestors were much better off in some respects particularly in spiritual values. Our forefather’s had time for picnics. They are not able to cope with problems. The status of women has improved and they are considered equal to men. they have a better standard of living because of increase in per capita income. pans and children. Today we believe in liberty. Man is no longer a prey to superstitions and foolish customs. We wish we could bring back our forefather’s peace and security in the present times. There is less ignorance.html'. we are living in a truly civilized society. more material comfort like TV. Life was not mechanical for them. tweetmeme_source = 'Jatin'.machine age – man you’re impossible! [Essay] Are we happier than our forefathers Saturday.blogspot. to be with nature. it does not make them better human beings. They managed the house within their means and civilization still progressed. had time for the family. There was never the fear of evils like terrorism which has crept into our lives. Family values are dwindling and depression and shallowness have crept into people. The percentage of literacy has gone up. It has led to alienation of the family and loneliness in life. they led peaceful lives happily with their pots. . oppressive customs and practices are steadily! dying out. Though they have received education. Many ladies did not study much but they were not superstitious or backward. There is more education. internet. The modern men and women live on the edge. Today there are two incomes in the family – mother’s and father’s. They are not able to adjust themselves with changing times. Modern youth is a victim of time and fame. The idea of material acquisition has led conflicts in They have no quality time to spend with their children and families. People are ready to sacrifice health and happiness in order to pursue material happiness. when we compare our lives with the childhood and youth of our grand fathers we find that on the whole they had better lives than ours. The present time is the age of science and technology. equality and fraternity although we are still far away from this cherished goal. Today’s generation enjoys the fruits of science and technology. January 30. The working classes are better off than in the past when they had to work for the whole of their lives like serfs. 2010 at 4:57 AM tweetmeme_url = 'http://grammar-essay. If we go deep into the matter. Undoubtedly man has progressed and modern civilization has advanced in scientific and other fields. mobile phones and speedy means of transportation. NEW We people living in the modern times feel that the present century is the most glorious period of history and that we are far better than our ancestors in every respect.

or even gramophones. People don't have time for their families' . No body had thought of the radio. let us ask ourselves if it is really the fault of science or the scientist? The scientists invented the aero plane which serves as the wing of man. electricity. We still feel doubtful if we are really happier than our forefathers. In those days there were no railways. telephones. there can be two views. We are not truly happy. Well. How ever. making man a slave of such luxury. The invention of these machineries has definitely corrupted the environment in the sense that they have increased the noise pollution as well as the air pollution. Although the life has been made comfortable and luxurious by these inventions but this has also given rise to unrest . but as the world progressed there were inventions day by day.who are now become very much acquainted with the scientific inventions and can not imagine to live without them and second of those . These are some of the blessing of science however this happiness is not unmixed with sorrow.No less. NEW All around us we see hundreds of things which are the gifts of modern science. It is an irony of fate that in spite of this plenty and riches there is something which fills us with dismay.who prefer hard work and want to live a simple life. We wonder how our forefathers lived without the comforts and luxuries which we are now so common. But can we say that we are really happier than our forefathers? It is hard to answer this question. Science has given us terrible weapons of mass destruction. We enjoy these advantages which our forefathers did not have. There is the constant fear of another nuclear war which might destroy everything we value. thanks to these inventions. Our life is hustle and bustle. we see that life has become tremendously busy. We are discontented. remarkable is our progress in social sphere. One of those .life was quite and simple in the sense that there was less noise all around. There is restlessness and discontent. Oppressive and unjust social practices have been discarded? Women are no longer looked down upon as mere goods In matters of religion too the world is more enlightened and tolerant. Life was harder earlier but the man was happy internally as he had no desires of such things. The recent induction is of robots and cell phones. In the modern world. However the politicians used the aero plane as a bomber to destroy thousands of people whose fault is it? Certainly not of the science . There was no electricity and the comforts which we now have they never thought of . Religious massacre is a thing of the past. We hurry from one activity to another and we hunger for rest. There is wide-spread appreciation of art and literature. so we possess many things as compared to our fore-fathers. Let us see what kind of life they led. Man now can not even imagine living without these inventions because now these have become a part of his life.They have become more materialistic and want to perform work within seconds and comfort. We might once again be forced to live the life of our primitive forefathers.\\Earlier . craft and science. In fact our whole life has become a great hurry.we begin to wonder whether science is going to prove to be a problem rather than a blessing.There was nothing like Medical Science and in times of epidemics thousands died. When consider that science has given us Atom Bombs and Hydrogen Bombs which wipe out entire nations in one time . motor cars etc.Man has forgotten to work hard and now he just wants comfort and easiness in life. excitement and worry. It is indeed paradoxical to say that we live a life comfort but we are still less happy than our ancestors.

people possess knowledge about every layer within the earth whereas our forefathers living in the past were only familiar with well water. idle lives. Young never knew the philosophy of life and children were busy with playing games only. The greatest drawback of the lives that our forefathers led was that of education. all these facts prove that we are leading better lives than our forefathers but it is a fact that the next generation will be better than us. We have technology at our hands and we have made atom bombs and weapons. microwave ovens and more. Even children play with such things. However. Are we better than our forefathers? By Asifa Malham Have you ever pondered the fact that we are better than our forefathers? If you think otherwise. in the past it would take months to send message from one country to another or one place to another. . Today. The sky is the limit when it comes to development and progress in our age. We have clear concepts in our minds whereas the people who lived in the past had many complex issues in their minds. Science has in fact contributed immensely to human happiness. Most people say that our forefathers’ lives were very peaceful. we can communicate with people in different countries within no time — thanks to telephone and email. Our forefathers lived without many modern amenities and inventions such as electricity. We have overcome time and space and are covering large distances in a short span of time.. whereas our forefather led simple. aero planes. For destruction you might say. thanks to the major strides that have been made in the field of commutation. We can even touch the skies. While in the past people travelled on foot or in horse driven carriages now we have bullet trains and super sonic aero planes. but that’s not true because we are making these for our protection. Of course. the people were mostly uneducated and were unaware the major issues of life. whereas we cannot even imagine life without laptops and cellular phones. I’ll explain why I think this way..Science is not the enemy of mankind but it benefactor. We are living an active life. Today. Their thinking was limited to their surroundings and they were not aware or bothered about what was happening in other parts of the world.