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AAP Raga - Ecommerce and...
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ABO Software
Absolute Infotech -...
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Accelerated Solutions
Access Technology
Accounting Software news
Ace Software Exports - Data...
Acer Softwares - Trading...
Acsys Software - Insurance...
Adam Comsof
ADCC Research - Banking and...
Address Delta - Address...
Adea International Pvt Ltd
Adit Microsys
Aditi Technologies Pvt Ltd
Adobe India - Imaging and...
ADP Pvt Ltd
Advent computers
Aftek Infosys Ltd.
Agarwal Management
Agrawal Consultants - email...
Agrawal Consultants -...
Agriya Infoway - PHP; Perl...
Aithent Technologies Pvt...
Ajay Techma Systems
Akshay Software...
Aladdin Multimedia
Alcatel Development India...
Aliment Management...
All e Technologies - ERP...
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Allay Software
Alliance IT Consulting...
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Arihant Esoftlab -...
Armour Software
Ascent Telecom - Telecom...
Ashtech Infotech
Aspire Systems
Assure Consulting
Astra Infotech
Astro Camp - Vedic...
Astro Vision - Astrology...
Atos Origin India Private...
Auriga Information Systems
Auriga Logic
Automation & Control...
Aver Software - Image...
Avesta Computers
AVL Software
Axes Technologies (I) Pvt...
Axiom Technologies - IT...
Axis Computers - Urdu...
Axon Computers
Aztec Software
B2B Software Technologies
BAeHAL Software
BAeHAL Software Limited
Bamboo Software - Client...
Bangalore Software
BankWare - Banking software...
Baraha - Multi-lingual...
Baroc Technologies
Base Information Management
Baypackets -...
Bharti Telesoft
Bigbytes Infotech
Birlasoft Limited
BitPlus Information...
Blue Chip Technologies
Blue Star Infotech Ltd
Boshu Group of Companies
Brethren InfoTech
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BSEL Infra
Cal Info
Cambridge Technology...
Camellia Infotech
Canarys Automation Pvt Ltd
Capgemini Consulting India...
Career 1000
Career Graph - Placement...
Caritor (India) Private...
Cat Computer Services -...
Celstream Technologies Pvt...
Central Systems &...
CG Smith Software
CG Vak Software - Client...
CGI Information Systems and...
Chabria Infotech
Champs Infotech
Chandigarh Infotech Center
Chatur Computer Services -...
Chimera Technologies
Churchill India Pvt. Ltd.
Cirrius Software
Cirrussoft - Indian...
CIStems -healthcare and...
Cnet News on Software and...
Cognizant Technology...
ComAvia Technologies -...
Comprompt Solutions
Compulink Systems
Compulink Systems Ltd
Compulse Systems
Computer Sciences...
Computer World -...
Convergys India Services...
Corbus (India) Private...
Cordiant Interweb
CoreTech InfoSystems
Cosmic Software
Covansys India Ltd
CPA tech - Software news...
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Cranes Software...
CW jobs - Search software...
Cyber Infodev - IT...
Cybermedia Dice - Tech...
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CyberQ Consulting
Cybertech Software
Cybertech Systems
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CygNET Systems
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Dafikas Systems
Danlaw Technologies
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Datamate Infosolutions
Datamatics Staffing...
Datamatics Technologies
Datamation - Offshore...
DCM Technologies
DE Shaw
Delmia - Digital...
Destiny Infotek
Dexler Information...
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Dice - Software jobs in USA
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E-Comm Solutions
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EDS - Electronic Data...
Educomp - Results and other...
Educomp Datamatics
eFunds International...
eGain - Provides electronic...
Ekomate Systems
eLogic Solutions
Embed Technologies
eMbience - ringtones and...
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Encore Software
EntComm Asia
Enterprise Software...
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Enventia - Implements...
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Eonour Tech
Eonour Technologies
eRiva Systems - Health care...
ERP Web - Information...
Escosoft Tech - Banking;...
eSoft Consulting
EuroInfo Systems - ERP...
Everest Consultants -...
Excel-Soft - MIS
exl (India) Pvt...
Explora Infotech
EZ Comm Trade
Fast Track Systems
FCG Software Services...
FCS Software Solution
Fil Flan Systems -...
Finacle - Enterprise...
Financial Tech
Financial Technologies -...
Fischer Consulting -...
Flextronics Software
Fluent India
Focus - Executive search...
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Fortune Career Options
Fountainhead Solutions
Four Soft
Frankel's Infotech
FSL Technologies
Future Software Limited
Gavs Information Services -...
GCI Solutions Pvt Ltd
Gemini Software
Genesis Infotec
Genesis Interface
Genesys International...
Genisys Software
Genuine Infotech
Geometric Software...
Gislen Software
Global Edge Software Ltd
Global Quality Village
Global Vantedge Pvt Ltd
GlobalTech - IT consulting...
Globalware System
Globsyn Technologies
Godrej Infotech - ERP...
Goldstone Tech
GrapeCity - Microsoft...
H C L Infosystems
H C L Technologies
Hash Technologies
HCL Infosystems - Results...
Helios and Matheson -...
Hewlett-Packard India Sales...
Hexaware Technologies...
HiFX Infotech
Hinduja TMT
Hire Indians - Global...
HiTech Computer Services
HMA Software - Retail...
Honeywell Technology...
Horizon Semiconductors - ...
Horosoft - Astrology...
House of Code - Java...
Houston Technologies
HTC Software
Huawei Technologies India...
Human Base
I C S A (India)
I Knowledge Factory t
I T Microsystems (India)
Ibhar Software - CRM...
iBILT Technologies -...
IBM India Pvt Ltd
IBM software news
IBM software newsletter
IBS Software
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IEC Software
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Impetus Computing Systems -...
Indeed - Software jobs in...
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Indosoft Systems
Indus Asuka - Focused on...
Indus Networks
Indus Software - E-commerce...
Indusa Infotech Services...
Infinite Computer
Infobiquity Technologies -...
Infogain India (P) Ltd.
Information & Technology...
InfoServe Consultants
Infosys - Results and other...
Infosys Technologies
Infotech Enterprises Ltd.
Infotech Financials -...
Infotek Software - Systems...
Infotrek Syscom
Infovision Group
Infozech - Telecom billing...
Infrasoft Technologies...
Innovative Systems and...
Intech Systems
Integrand Information...
Integrated Software...
Integrated Strategic...
Intellect Data Systems &...
InteQ Software
Intergraph Consulting...
Interra Information...
Intersil - language and...
Interworld Digi
Intex Technologies - ERP...
INTSYX Tech Resources
IonIdea Interactive
Iopsis Software
iPlan - Enterprise project...
IPSR Solutions
IQMS Software
IQura Technologies
iS3C - Banking and...
Ishir -Application services...
iSpace Software...
IT Microsystems
ITC Infotech - ERP...
Itellix - Banking software...
ITTI Limited
Ivega - Systems...
iVista Solutions - Online...
IVL India - SAP and...
Jalva Media
JK Technosoft - PROGRESS...
Job Street - IT Jobs
Jobs Ahead - IT Jobs
K L G Systel
K P I T Cummins Infosystems...
K7Computing - Anti-virus...
Kaashyap Radiant - ERP;...
Kale Consultants - Banking;...
Kale Consultants - Results...
Kalki Communications -...
KALS Information Systems
Kanbay Software (India) Pvt...
Kaneriya Technologies
Kanika Infocom
Karvy Global Services Ltd
KBS Consultants -...
KCC Software
Keane India Ltd
Kedia Infotech
Keypro Plus - Custom...
KG Information Systems -...
KickKeys - Language editor...
KLG Systel
Koenig Solutions
KPIT Systems - Software...
Krisn Information...
Kshema Technologies
KVN Software
L&T Information Technology
La Exactlly Software -...
Labh Software
Lanco Global
Landmark Infotech
Lapiz Digital Services
Larsen & Toubro Infotech...
Laser Soft Infosystems
Lastech - Indian language...
Lath Consultants
Launch Offshore
LCC Infotech
Lee & Nee Software
Lepton Software - ...
LG CNS Global Pvt Ltd
LG Soft India
Lifetree -...
Light House
Linc Software - IBM AS/400...
Link Software
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Maars Software...
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Mahindra British Telecom
Makro Technologies - IT...
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Manvish Infotech -...
MAQ Software
Maruti Computers
Mascon Global
Maya Compugraphics - CD...
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MegaMotion Infotech -...
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Micromen Systems -...
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Miel eSecurity
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Mistral Solutions - Real...
Modi Olivetti
Momentum India Private...
Monster - US jobs in...
Monster India - IT Jobs
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MoTech Software
Motorola India Electronics
Motorola India Electronics...
N&N Systems - Anti-virus...
Nagaraj Technologies
Nagarro Software
Nagsoft Solutions
NatureSoft - IT jobs
Navayuga InfoTech
NCR Corporation India
Nectar Cybertech - Oracle...
Neilsoft - CAD; CAM and...
Nelito Systems - Enterprise...
Nempee - Audio accoustics...
Ness Technologies (India)...
NeST Technologies
NetAce Technologies
Netaquila Solutions
NetEdge Computing
Netit Technology
Netplex Technologies -...
Netvision Web
Network Programs (India)...
Network Systems &...
Newgen Software... - Enterprise...
Newsforge - online news for...
Nextek Systems
Nexus Software
Nihilent Technologies -...
Nippon Data Systems
Nipuna Services Limited
Nostrum India
Novell Products Group
Nucleus Software
Nucleus Software Exports
Oak Systems - Banking...
Oceanus Creativ
OfficeTiger Database...
Omnesys Technologies
Online Productivity...
Ontrack Systems
Onward Technologies
Open Technologies
Opusasia Technologies
Oracle India - Indian...
Orange Web Technologies
Orient Information...
Origin Information...
Ostfold Software
OTS Solutions
Oxford; IT Recruiters
P S I Data Systems
Palpap Ichinichi Software
PAR Computer Sciences
Para Soft
Param Software
Paras Cadd Technologies -...
Parashara - Vedic astrology...
Park Control - Intranet...
Parshwa Systems
Patni Computer Systems
Patni Computers - Results...
Pentamedia Graphics
Pentasoft Technologies
Perot Systems TSI
Philips Software Centre...
Phoenix IT Solutions
Pinnacle Placement Services
Placement India - IT Jobs
Polaris Software
Poonam Infotech
Prabha Info
Pradot Technologies Private...
Pragati Software
Pragya Net
Precious Microtech
PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt...
Prime Infotech
Prism Communications
Prithvi Solutions -...
Progeon Ltd
Proland Software -...
Prologix Software - Voice...
PS Consultants
PSI Data Systems
Pyxis Technology
QAI (India) Limited
Quad One Technologies
Quantum Technologies
Quest Informatics
Quinnox - Banking; finance...
Quintegra Solutions
R S Software (India)
R Systems International...
Radix Infotech
Raffles Software
Ram Informatics
Ram Informatics Ltd.
Ramco Systems
Rapidigm (India) Limited
Rave Technologies
Raynolds Software
RCS Systems
RDM India - Data processing...
Re Infom
Real Soft (Intl) Pvt Ltd
Real Time Automations
RelQ Software
Reports on Indian Software...
Reports on World Software...
Retort Software -...
Rishabh Software
Riva Logic
Rizvi Software
RJ Softwares - Web...
RMSI Private Limited
RnD Infomark
Robert Bosch India - ERP;...
Robosoft Technologies
Rosquare - IT jobs...
RPI Group
RR Infotech
RS Software
S G Martin
S Q L Star International
Saba Software
Saber Consulting - Custom...
Samsung Electronics India...
Samtech Infonet - Network...
Sang Infotech
Sani Software - Taxation...
Santech Cybernetics - IT...
SAP Labs India
Sar Softech - Wireless...
Saral Infotech
Saralsoft - Indian language...
Sarla Technologies
Sasken - Results and other...
Sasken Communication...
Satyam - Results and other...
Satyam Computer Services
Saven Technologies
Savex Softech
Scandent Sol
SchoolNet Technologies -...
SCICom Software -...
Science Daily - computer ;...
Scope International Pvt Ltd
SDS India - Embedded and...
Seasia Consulting
Select Softwares
Selectica - Electronic...
Servion Global Solutions...
Sherlock Infotech -...
Shreema Software Solutions
SHTR Consulting
Siemens Information Systems
Sierra Atlantic -...
Signion Systems
Silicon - software news
Silver Software Pvt Ltd
Simplex Solutions
Simplicity Softwares
Siri Karya Systems -...
Siri Technologies Pvt Ltd
Skyline Manpower...
SkyTECH Solutions Pvt Ltd
SLK Software
SMG Infosolutions
SNS Technologies - Software...
Sobha Renaissance -...
Social software news from...
Softcell Systems
Softek - Offers compilers;...
Softex Group
SoftPark 21
Softpins - IT job placement...
Softpro Systems
SoftProjex (India) Ltd
Softsol India
Software Management Group
Software Paradigms -...
Soliton Automation
Solix Technologies Ltd
Some more details about...
Some more details about...
Some more details about...
Some more details about...
Sonata Software -...
SP Soft
SPA Computers - Thin...
Span Systems
Spanco Telesystems &...
Spectra Systems
Speech & Software...
Spenta International
Spine Technologies -...
Sprint Technologies
SRA Systems
Sri Sathya System
Srijon Microsystems
Stallion Systems - Barcode...
Startronic Computers
Statistics on Indian...
STCV Serve
Stellar Corporation
Stellar Information Systems
STP - Hyderabad
STP - Mumbai
Strand Genomics -...
Stratify - Information...
Subex Systems - Telecom...
Suma Soft
Sun Software
Suntec Business Solutions...
Supreme Data Pro
Surya Infonet - Oracle;...
Suvi Diaspark
Swar Systems - Specialists...
Swcaliber - tests for...
Symphony Services Corp. (I)...
Symphony Technologies -...
Synergy Infotech
SynfoSys - Application...
Synsoft International -...
Syntel Ltd
Syscon Solutions - ...
Syscraft Information System...
Sysindia Innovators
Sysnet Associates
Systems Lifecycle
T V S Electronics
Take Solutions Ltd
Takniki Communications -...
TallyShop - Tally financial...
TallySolutions - Tally...
Tarang - Wireless; web and...
Tasaa Netcom Private...
Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Elxsi
Tata Interactive Systems
Tavant Technologies
TCIL BellSouth -...
TCS - Results and other...
TCS Business Transformation...
Tech Mahindra Ltd
Technews World - software...
Technocomp - Electronic &...
TechPoint Solutions
TechProcess Solutions Ltd
TechSpan India Ltd.
Teledata Info
Telesys Soft
TeleTech Services (India)...
Tellus Technologies
Temenos - Banking software...
Tendercare - Medical...
Tenneco India Engineering &...
Tera Informatics
Terasoft - GAP analysis;...
The Ladders - UK jobs in...
Third Eye Consultancy
Thomson Digital
Times Jobs - IT jobs
TND labs - Software testing...
Todkari Software - Medical... - news on...
Torry Harris Business...
Transoft International -...
Transparent Technologies -...
Triad Software
Tricon Infotech
Trigent Software -...
Trigyn Technologies
TVS Electronics
UBICS - Custom programming...
Uditi Technologies
Udyog Softwre
UK - Totaljobs . Search...
Unicorn Tech - Custom...
United Systems Infotech
UniTusk Technologies -...
Uniware Systems
UshaComm - Billing and...
Ushus Technologies
Utility Automation - GIS...
UTV Software
V J I L Consulting
V X L Instruments
V2 Infotech
Valtech India Technology...
Vantel Tech
Vanu - Radio software...
vCustomer Services India...
Vedika Software -...
Veeras Infotek
Venture Infotek Global Pvt...
VeriFone - Developer of...
Vertex Soft
VGL Softech
Viratech - Equity data;...
Virinchi Consultants
Visesh Infotech
Vision 3K Technologies
Vision Comptech
Visiontek Software
Visual Consultancy
Visual Web Solutions
Visualsoft Technologies
VividLogic - Home...
VJIL Consulting
VMC Software
vMoksha - Ebusiness and...
vMoksha Technologies Pvt...
VR Real Technologies
Vulcan Infotech
VXL Instruments
Walchand Infotech
WaveFront Technologies
WebTek Labs
Wings 2000 - Business and...
Wipro - Results and other...
World Reports on Software...
Xchanging Technology...
Xoriant - Enterprise...
Yahoo Jobs - IT
Yantra - supply chain...
Yashtec - Custom software...
Yuva Jobs - IT
Zdnet - Software industry...
Zeeram Soft
Zen Tech
Zenith Infotech
Zensar Technologies
Zycus Infotech
S.No. Company

1 Aayudh Games


3 Aero Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.

4 Agile Information Technologies

5 Allied Biztech Solutions Pvt Ltd

6 Ameks infotech

7 Annap Interactive Solutions Private Limited

8 Anubavam technologies Pvt Ltd

9 Ariel Technologies

10 Astergate Solutions

11 Ataraxic Solutions

12 Atelier Soft (p) Ltd

13 AttoTel Technologies

14 AV Systems

15 Aversan Systems

16 Ayyaz Technology Solutions

17 Bahwan CyberTek Pvt. Ltd.,

18 Bahwan Cybertek Technologies Pvt Lt

19 Bay Talkitec Pvt. Ltd

20 Benchmark Gloabl Services Pvt. Ltd

21 Bened consulting

22 Binarch Info Solutions Pvt Ltd

23 Biztech Softsys

24 Bizvin Technology Group

25 Blisslogix Technology Solution Pvt Ltd

26 Brainmagic Infotech Private Limited

27 Broadline Computer Systems

28 Bytesflow Technology Solutions

29 Chrisranjana Software Solutions (pvt) Ltd

30 Consolidated Cybernetics Pvt Ltd

31 Cosmosys Software Solutions

32 Crewind Communcations Pvt Ltd

33 Cukra Professional Consultancy

34 DCKAP Technologies


36 Eagle Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

37 Efycaci Technologies P Ltd.

38 Esberi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

39 Esquire Systems

40 Eutech Cybernetics India Pvt Ltd

41 Experts IN Solutions

42 Femtosoft Technologies

43 Finix Info Solution Pvt Ltd

44 Fulcrum Solutions


46 Global System Technologies India Pvt Ltd

47 Gnaritus Technology Solutions Pvt. ltd


49 Helios Outsourcing Pvt Ltd


51 iBorderless India Pvt. Ltd.

52 ICM Software Solutions

53 Id4uindia

54 Ifline Technologies

55 Imayam Info Solutions(p) Ltd

56 Impelect Technology Services ( P) Limited

57 Impiger Technologies

58 Infy career Pvt.Limited

59 Innospire Systems

60 Innovative
61 iopex technologies

62 iPath Technolgies P Ltd

63 Irssoft

64 IT Port Solutions

65 IT-Pundits



68 Jadian Technologies
68 Jadian Technologies

69 Jasley Cadd Service

70 javaji systems & solutions,chennai

71 Jaya Mtech

72 Jeevan Technologies India Private Limited

73 Jiffy Solutions

74 JUMP Project Management Consultants

75 KAG Technologies Pvt Ltd

76 Kalam Software Technology

77 Kapp Software Private Limited


79 KLA Tencor

80 Kotecso

81 KRDS Software Development

82 krish IT solution

83 Leading Software Technologies

84 Leading Software Technologies Private Limited

85 Legend Software Solutions

85 Legend Software Solutions

86 Letzplanout Entertainment

87 Link Systems Inc

88 Lintelline

89 Loomitaas technologies pvt. ltd.,

90 Lorven Technologies

91 Maagnus IT Solutions

92 Maarga Systems

93 Manthra Solutions Inc

94 Mastersys Tech Pvt Ltd

95 Micromen Systems & Software Private Limited

96 MVR Technologies

97 MVS Softech Private Limited

98 Nanosoft Technologies

99 Nectar CyberTech Private Limited

100 Netrocon

101 Nucleus Software Exports Limited


103 oomsystechnologies

104 Openwave Computing Services Pvt Ltd.,

105 Openwire Solutions

106 Orion InfoComp

107 Pace Automation Limited

108 pantech solutions pvt ltd

109 Paplesesm Technologies

110 Pentasoft Technologies Limited

111 perfsystems

112 Photon Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


114 PMS Information Systems

115 Qmax Systems India Pvt Ltd

116 Raim Techno Solutions

117 RAL Software

118 Rhytha Web Solutions

119 RJP Infotek Pvt Ltd

119 RJP Infotek Pvt Ltd

120 ROCMAN Technologies

121 RR Infotech

122 Sai Outsourcing Company Pvt. Ltd

123 Sandesh Data Systems

124 Scintel


126 Search Engine Genie

127 Seven Axiom Software Consultant

128 SGS Technologie P Ltd

129 Silkfort Technologies

130 SimpBiz Software Solutions

131 Skywalk Technologies

132 Softeon India Pvt. Ltd.

133 SolveIT Solutions Pvt Ltd

134 Sosaley

135 SpectraSoft Technologies Ltd

136 Stardom Software

137 Steadfast Technology Services Pvt Ltd.

138 Stira Technologies.A Division of Smartek21.


140 Symbioun

141 TE Software Services Pvt. Ltd

142 Techsakthi Solutions

143 Three Dot Solutions (P) Ltd

144 Tour de Force

145 TPF Software India (P) Ltd

146 Transcend Technology Orbit

147 TreeShore

148 Tychon Solutions

149 Ultramatics india (P) ltd

Tel: 22253993

150 Unibros Technologies

151 Unipro Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

152 USA Websolutions

153 Vaasum Soft Tech Private Limited

154 Valgen Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

155 Vedham india

156 Veeserv Technologies

157 Vertech Software Labs

158 Vestige Software Technologies (P) Ltd.

159 Vestorn IT Sevrices

160 VIT Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Address Pers.

new #92, St. Marys Road, Alwarpet 10

chennai 600018
Saligramam 30
Chennai 600093
639/3, Poonamalee High 25
Road,Aminjikarai,LM:Near Megamall,
Chennai 600029
12, ground floor, KC Arcade, Pillayar Kovil street 10

Chennai 600049
#4, Welders Street, Anna Salai 15
Chennai 600002
Ekkatuthangal 25
Chennai 600032
4, Sai Ashok Jeeva (First Floor), 2, Devi Karumari 10
Amman Nagar
7th Street, Vijayanagar, Velachery
Chennai 600042
No.9, Kumaran Colony, 3rd St, Vadapalani 30
Chennai 600026
8 - A Venus Colony, First street 10

Chennai 600 018

Guindy 20
Chennai 600032
164 Arcot Road, Valsaravakkam 48
Chennai 600087
old no 131, new no 1, 1st sector , 7 th street, 18
k k nagar,
Chennai 600078
GST Road Chrompet, 20
Chennai 600044
5, Sundarajan Street 30
Chennai 600018
Judge Jumbulingam Street 30
Chennai 600004
21,Mothilal street,T-Nagar 15
Chennai 600017
1st Floor, Dow lath Towers 650
Chennai 600010
4th Floor, Gee Gee Emarald, 151,
Nungambakkam High Road,
CHENNAI 600032
4th Floor, T95, 3rd Avenue,
Anna Nagar
Chennai 600040
62, North Bogh road, 2nd Floor, T. nagar
Chennai 600017
47-B/320-B,Velachery Main Road 25
chennai 600042
Ashok nagar 50
Chennai 600072
#203, II Floor
Kaveri Complex, 96, N.H Road
Chennai 600034
121, Main Road, 20
Chennai 600 016
New No:3, J. K. Towers, Zackaria Colony, II
Cross Street
Chennai 600 024
No. 7, II nd floor, Khader Nawaz Khan Road 150
Chennai 600006
25E Brahmin St, 50
Chennai 600042
Saidapet, 20
chennai 600015
# 07, (OLD # 4) Jayammal Street,
chennai 600029
Near Ambattur Industrial Estate,Mogappair main 10
road,above coffee day
Mogappair west
Chennai 600037
146/ 10, Nelson manickam Road 100
Near Metha Nagar Bus Stand
Chennai 600029
10?6 santham colony annanager west 10
Chennai 600101
L76 A, L Block, 21stStreet, (Near Chinthamani) 150

Anna Nagar East

Chennai 600102.
3D, Sai Kiran, # 4 First main Road, 50
Kasturiba Nagar, Adayar,
chennai 600020

25 U. I Colony
Chennai 600 024
Level 6, 10/ 11, Chennai Citi Center 20
R K salai
4D,4th Floor,Kences Towers, 40
North Usman Road,T Nagar
Chennai 600017
#6, Purnima Building, First Floor, Second Main 50
United India Colony, Kodambakkam,
Chennai 600024
Y-177, 2nd Floor, 1st Street 9

Anna Nagar
Chennai 600040
#10, Abdul Razack Street, 100
Chennai 600015
g8 baid metha complex, 183 Mount road 300
little mount
chennai 600015
AD 74, II Floor, Shanti Colony, Anna n agar 5
Chennai 600040
CHENNAI 600050
112, DBS center, 34A Cathedral Garden road 75

Chennai 600034
22/13 Nagarjuna nagar second street 50
chennai 600024
CHENNAI 600028
2nd Floor, Pantheon Plaza, Opposite to 1200
Commissioners Office
Pantheon Road, Egmore
Chennai 600008
Old No:70 New No: 7/ 1 Heramba Apt 15
Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Vadapalani
Chennai 600026
# 13 &14, Krishnappa Street, Purasaiwakkam

Chennai 600 084

Chennai 600041 50

No 12 , Bujanga Rao St, Radha Nagar, 15

Chennai 600053
wallers road
chennai 600002
29, Luz Church road, 2nd floor, KK Nivas, 10
Chennai 600004
#24/41, Babu Rajendra Prasad Street 5
West Mambalam
Chennai 600022
Alsa towers 100
Tailors road
Chennai 600034
28, Eldams Road 25
Chennai 600018
Nandanam 50
Chennai 600035
Chennai 600032
No 25,steeple reach, cathedral road, 30
Chennai 600086
2, Harrington Road 50
Chennai 600031
117a, 1st floor, 4th wing, nelson towers, 5
Nm Road, Aminjikarai
Chennai 6000029
AC-5, Mathrukruppa BLDG
Chennai 600083
No. 682, N. S. house, Anna salai 50

Chennai 600035
Anna Salai 25
Mount Road
Chennai 600002
# 3A Corporation Colony Street, Near Power 25

Chennai 600024
10/ 2, Lal Mohamed Cross Street, 45
Chennai 600005

CHENNAI 600 049

#855, anna salai(mount road)

PR & SONS Building,
Chennai 600002
chennai 600107 25

9th Floor, GEE GEE Crystal, # 91 Dr RK Salai 400

Chennai 600004
14/65,Thirumalai Pillai Road,T.Nagar 15
Chennai 600088
156, Majestic Colony, Valasaravakkam
Chennai 600087
264/ 11, Satyanathan Complex, 40
Velachery Main Road, Tambaram East
Chennai 600059
108, 109 Hamedia Shopping mall ,Triplicane High 70
Chennai 600005
Anna Nagar 200
Chennai 6000102
G Block, 26 A, Annanagar West 30
Chennai 600040
286/ 1, Prince Info City, Old mahabalipuram
Chennai 600096
NA 25
Chennai 600010
4th floor,tidel park 100
chennai 600113
4, Trust puran,
Chennai 600024
Ground Floor, Temple Tower, 672, Annai Salai 25

chennai 6000035
Ground floor,Temple tower, 25
Anna Salai, Nandanam
Chennai 600035
No:11,N.R.D Complex,100 ft road, 99
, Ashok nagar,

Chennai 600083
. 20
Chennai 600034
3C Gee Gee Emerald 312/ 151
Village Road, Nungambakkam
Chennai 600034
Plot No. 19/ 6A, 1st Floor, 5th Street, 5
Kumaran Colony, Vadapalani,
Chennai 600026
1-A, Jamals rajbhavan building, 15 vasu street, 15
Chennai 600010
26/22, Vengeeswarar Nagar First Main Road 15

Chennai 600026
172, Arcot Road, 50
Chennai 600026
New 22/ 1 Old 30, Potters Street, 30
Chennai 600 015
30, Purushothaman nagar, 25
Second main road, Chrompet,
chennai 600005
#13/7, Berachah Building, 1st Cross Street, 30
Trust Puram, Kodambakkam,
Chennai 600024
72-J, Chesney Town House, Ethiraj Salai,
Chennai 600008
12/7 Second Street, Race View Colony, 5
Chennai 600032
#811, Poonamallee High Road 25
Chennai 600106
no 10 jones road , Saidapet 55
Chennai 600015
S-2, Malles Manor New 19/ Old no 8,
Periyar Road, II Floor T.Nagar
Chennai 600017
47-B/ 320-B, Velachery Main Road, 50
Chennai 600042
Shakthi Towers 6th floor,
766 Anna Salai
Chennai 600 002
No-4/33,Velelayutham Colony 1st main road, 7

Chennai 600093
no.42/81,. T.T.K. Road, Alwarpet 21
Chennai 600018
3, 3rd Cross Street, Sterling Road, 110
Chennai 600034
20/3, Muthial Reddy Street 250
Chennai 600 016
TTK Road, Alwarpet,
Chennai 600018
No 59, Harris Road, Pudupet 60
Chennai 600008
3/ 2 ramachandra st, off north usman road, t. 72
chennai 600017
284/ 1A, old mahabaliburam road, perungudi 150

chennai 600 096

25, First Main Road, United India colony, 50
Chennai 600024
4/ 39 Prithivi Avenue 40
Chennai 600018
2/102, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Karapakkam, 1200

Chennai 600096
3, Arul Jyothi Apartments, srinivasan Street, 10
Jagadambal colony
Chennai 600091
New No 99, 3rd Floor, Lakshmanasamy Salai 25

KK nagar
Chennai 600078
Nelson Manickam Road 12
Chennai 600029
#28D, First floor, 20
Murugesan St, T.Nagar
Chennai 600017
Chennai 600020

NO:2/ 268, Kannadasan St 25

Mogappair East
Chennai 600037
89 Arcot Road, Kodambakkam,
Chennai 600024
18/9 10
chennai 600016
57/ 2B, Subodaya, East Coast Road
Chennai 600 041
No. 3, Singaravelu Street,
T. Nagar,
Chennai 600017
No: 236, P. R. Plaza, Velachery Main Road,

Selaiyur, Tambaram
Chennai 600073
6th Floor, MPL Silicon Towers 150
No. 23/1, B1, Velachery Tambaram Main Road,

Chennai 601100
CHENNAI 600040
Old No.133 Vepery High Road, 2nd Floor 75

Chennai 600003
Plot Old No:494, New No:25, 20
22nd Street, Korattur,
Chennai 600 080
113 Ponamalle High Road
Chennai 600084
Gandhi Nagar Adyar 5
Chennai 600020
No.25, 1St Avenue Ashok Nagar 20
Chennai 600083
chennai 600037 3

9, Neeladri, Teynampet
Chennai 600018
16/38 Maharaja Surya Road 15
Chennai 600018
1251/19 main Anna Nagar West 50
Chennai 600040
Cathedral Rd, 250
Chennai 600086
#199/75, Habibullah Road, T.Nagar, 5
Chennai 6000017
78/103,Dr.RadhaKrishnan Salai,3rd Floor, 20
Chennai 600 004
New No. 145, Old No. 27, 2nd Floor, Aalam 45
Senthil Nagar, 100 ft Road, Choolaimedu,
Chennai 600 094
No:10, Mannar Street, T.Nagar(Opp to T.nagar 30
bus stop)
Chennai 600017
C23, 5th cross st, tvk industrial estate, guindy - 32 120

chennai 6000032
T E Software Services, MCM Tech Park, 6th 25
Floor, Super B-3
Thiru - Vi - Ka Industrial Estate, Guidy
Chennai 600 032
#1, L. B Road 400
Chennai 600041
New No.21, Old No.3, 86th Street, 100
18th Avenue, Ashok Nagar.
Chennai 600083
No. 4, 34th street, 4th Avenue, Ashok Nagar. 20
Chennai 600083
TPF Software India (P)Ltd,
No, 578, Shree Park, Anna Sali,
Chennai TPF
#4, 34th Street, Ashok Nagar
Chennai 600083
1/109 P.H Road 3


Chennai 600095
626/ 501 5th floor, JVL Plaza, Anna salai, 100
Chennai 600018
213, NSIC software technology park 25
Ekkadu Thangal
Chennai 600032
No.6,Alagesan Street 5

West Tambaram
Chennai 600045
No. 6, C. I. T Colony, II Main Road

Chennai 600004
Aarthi chambers 3rd floor
189, Anna salai
Chennai 600002
#11. Club Road, Chetpet 10
Chennai 600 031
#11, 7th cross st., lake area, nungambakkam, 150

chennai 600034
83 Ground Floor, Eldams Road, Teynampet 40
Chennai 600018
39,6th Street,Nethaji Nagar, 10
Chennai 600 081
chennai 600083 5
No 17, Himalaya Homes, G2, Alagiri Nagar 6th 10
Street, Vadapalani,

Landmark: Near Hotel Vasantha Bhavan 100

Feet Road

Chennai 600026
35/2, First Floor, Karuneegar Street, 12
Chennai 600088
Ascendas International Tech Park, Unit 3, Ground 250
Floor, Pinnacle, taramani
Chennai 600113
Profile Skills /Resumes of
Mobile Game Development and Porting

It is a reputed S/ W development company providing IT

outsourcing to organizations around the world. Our forte lies in
developing scalable and secure apps leveraging the innate
It offers a wide spectrum of services including Website design,
development, Web application development, Search engine
optimization, & Developing Custom Applications & more.
wap solutions Web / Graphic Design,
Web Developer

It is a growing Software company having interests in product

development, service and training.
one of the leading IT service providers in Chennai formed by a
team of experienced IT Professionals. We offer a well designed
and tested Service to meet both individual and corporate
It is a chennai based, fast growing startup and is working in
Consumer Web and Mobile Space. AISPL owns CellBharat.
com, Vicky. in & BrandMaxima

Its teams thrive on creating intelligent software driven services

and solutions. Our passion spans two hemispheres, with offices
in the U. S. and India.
Ariel Technologies(P) Ltd is a subsidiary of Ariel Ventures LLC, Most IT Skills
USA. Ariel Technologies is an e-business solution provider. Accounts, Banking,

Software services provider and consultant.

A software development, and Multimedia company working in Most IT Skills

the solution space in telecom, entertainment etc. Most non-IT Skills
we are software developer

Its offers offshore Development, Outsourcing and IT consulting

services. we have, over a decade of experience in design and
implementation of custom software solutions for various
It is an ISO9001:2000 certified Information Technology services
provider with global clients.

We are a reputed IT firm in chennai. We have our head office in

It is a professional onsite and offshore IT services providing Most IT Skills
company specialized in delivering a broad portfolio of Software,
E-commerce, Consulting, Multimedia, Call Centerand BPO and
We are an IT Consulting Company having a strong presence in Most non-IT Skills
the Middle East. We have joined hands with Ministry of
Manpower, Sultanate of Oman for staffing their 7 Engineering
We are part of Bahwan group, largest in the Sultanate of Oman
and having $2Billion turnover. Bahwan CyberTek is an
associate company of the Bahwan Group and handles Info
Tech Services business operating out of India, USA, Middle
It is a leading provider of digitized voice application products
right from 1991. As one of the early entrants in the Computer
Telephony arena.
It has its Corporate Office in Singapore and has Sales and
Marketing teams in the USA. BGS is into product development
for e-Learning and Knowledge Management.

Bened software is recognized as a leading consulting

company. Bened software has gained an industry-wide
reputation for its powerful capabilities and user-friendly
It is a global IT business solutions and services provider
headquartered in New Jersey, USA.

Net, PHP, Flash, oracle support, erp, crm

It is a leading-edge solution provider and a multifaceted

company providing customized solutions for various industries
in the following Areas: E-Business, Software Development.

It is a high spirited IT services company in India enterprising to

offer distinctive web solutions to its global Clients. As a client
centered and quality conscious IT company, we offer a wide
spectrum of web services
It is an Indian owned, operated and Chennai based web
solutions and software Development Company. BIPL is a
global IT company with customers all over the world including
USA, UK, Australia, Spain and Portugal.

IT Consulting, Technology, ERP, Oracle DBA Dot net, SQL server

Marketing / Sales

One of the leading software development company in chennai.

A Software company located at Chennai, India.

Cybernetics has expertise in specific domains - Health Care Most IT Skills

Industries, Discrete Manufacturing Industries Most non-IT Skills

It is a Technical Education and Software development Trust C, C++, Dot net, Java /
J2EE, Oracle, PHP / Mysql

A Chennai based Multinational involved in offering B2B

services on a global scale and A registered member of STPI.

A leading hrd consultant in chennai to have more than 50+ it Java/J2EE,

firm tie up.

Its working on a Global Delivery Model is a software provider,

Product and Application Development, Software services and
Technology Consulting Company.

It was incorporated in the year 2006 with the specific mission to

provide software development and various IT enabled services.
Software development Company. Specializes in multi-tier web-
based solutions
R & D Center, specializing Java and J2EE technology Java/J2EE, Linux,
Networking, PHP/Mysql,
Web Design, Web
Develops RIA/ REA applications using ADObe FLex, MS
Silverlight and Openlaszlo systems. Concentration area is BI
ans CC.
Esquire is a broad based IT Services Company that offers a
wide array of solutions customized for a range of key verticals
and horizontals from strategy consulting right through to
implementing IT solutions for customers, headquartered in
We are a subsidiary of an international software company in
the area of business process services with a product portfolio
that includes Enterprise Asset Management and Workflow

It was founded in 2007 and has it Head Quarters and Delivery Computer operator, Dot
center in Chennai, TamilNadu, India. The motto of the company net
is Delivering IT Solutions On-time, Cost-effective, Quality in an Marketing / Sales
Innovative way.

It is a premier Technological Organization with a wide vision

towards advancements in Information Technology and is fast
growing in the areas of Software Design and Development.

Software Consultancy, Services and Product development

company involved in Health care, Retail, Protocol
Development, SIP, VOIP, MGCP, SS7 etc

Software Solutions that work the way you want IT to!! Solutions
include Offshore services, BI tools, SCM, CRM, Data
Management, customized application development.
It is a Global IT Company with experienced professionals, who AS 400, Mainframe, ASP,
understand customer needs and provide simple easy to use, DB2, Dot net, Oracle, SQL
timely, cost-effective and integrated Software Services for server, Web / Graphic
Design, Web Developer
special general purpose applications in open systems
It is headquartered in Yardley, PA, off-shore development ERP
centers in India. Our solutions and services are spread across
business domains including the Government, manufacturing Marketing / Sales
and corporate sector.

IT service

It is a Chennai based company providing Development

Platform for wireless applications. Our Platform supports all
embedded OS like Palm, Pocket PC, Embedded Linux etc. Our
Customers are Leading Corporates.
It is a BPO, created in conjunction with several companies in
the UK and the US. At Helios, we have a very strong team of
people who are fully committed to driving the business through
innovation, passion and sheer hard work.

It is a Indo-French company specialized in the development of

software and Internet technologies.

It is an international IT specialist recruitment company. i

Borderless provides specialist marketing and support services
to leading USA/ Indian Information Technology (IT)
Its founded in 1994 has all the technical competence and
management commitment to ensure that its clients achieve
their corporate goals by receiving the best possible IT solutions
and related services at reduced cost.

Web Design, Web Development

Its A leading US based software firm at Chennai needs

Freshers with basic programming skills and experienced
candidates with proven track of record.

Software development with focus on web based technologies

and user friendly solutions

Impelect, based out of Chennai, India, is an enterprising startup

that provides quick, high-quality yet cost-effective solutions
using latest web technologies like AJAX, JQuery, JSON, Web
2. 0, Photoshop, Flash, for an awesome end-user experience.
Software Development-telecoms domain-web and mobile

It is ISO company having partnership with Software

Engineering Institute- US, Aarizona State University-US, CADD
Center, ICBMS, CSI-India

It is an IT professional services firm focused on design,

development, management and integration of transaction
based business applications.
Placement Consultant Banking,
Headquartered at Chennai, India with operations in London, UK
and Santa Clara, California. Over 100 years of collective
experience in Optimizing technology expenditure.
i Path Technologies? Unified Communication Solutions provide ERP, Java / J2EE, Oracle,
access to your messages and data at all times ? using a web SQL server
browser on your computer, voice phone, SMS, PDA or mobile
A knowledge-driven company offering a spectrum of
information technology services and solutions to clients globally

IT Training Organisation

We have been providing software development & consulting AS 400, Mainframe, C, C+

services to well companies in India and US, Europe. +, Dot net, Java / J2EE,
Linux, Oracle, PHP /
Mysql, SAP, Visual Basic

HRD, Marketing / Sales

It is a global IT services company, offering a wide array of

solutions customized for a range of key verticals and

It is uniquely prepared to identify and facilitate business Linux, PHP / Mysql, Web /
solutions that are right fit for you and your company with an Graphic Design, Web
extensive suite of services focused on IT and ITES sector. Developer
Content / Copy Writers

It various kinds of Business services especially Massaging

system, Customized ERP software development & web
system, Customized ERP software development & web
application in JAVA/ J2EE, data conversion & e-publishing,
web sites & portal designing, hosting and maintenance.
Cad/ Cam 2d To 3d Conversion, Jigs And Fixture Designing, CAD/CAM/GIS, Web
Modeling, Animation, 2d Conversion, Gis, Raster To Vector Design,
Conversion, Reverse Engineering, Administration, Civil Engg,

It is a Germany based company with operations spread over Most IT Skills,

US, UK, Bulgaria, etc. Our core activities include Technical Banking,
Staffing, Providing Business solutions to IT Companies,
Product/ Application Development etc
Officially founded in May 2005, Jayam Tech has a proven Electrical, Marketing /
history of delivering the very highest value to clients seeking a Sales
strategic partner to address their unique information technology
and creative needs.

Its mission is to provide clients with high Quality Software

Solutions, Testing and Consulting Services and support them
to remain leaders in their Industries. Jeevan is HQ in Chennai,
India, with global offices in the US, UK and NZ

It is a software Development Company

For Project Management & Advanced Project Management in

India. Training, Seminars, Research and development towards
establishing a Mature Project Office or enterprise.
We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified Gloabl Software Solution
Provider located at Chennai, India.

It is one of the rapidly growing software product development

company based out in chennai, with branch office in madurai
and Coimbatore and its sales office in CA, USA

A Financial Domain Company pioneered in web development Most IT Skills

and IT consulting services to assist medium and large financial Content / Copy Writers
institutions in their everyday project requirements.
Domestic Softwares company

KLA-Tencor Corporation is the world's leading supplier of VC++,

process control and yield management solutions for the
semiconductor and related microelectronics industries.

Kotesco has specialized in web based business applications Dot net, Web Developer
and portals on the Microsoft. NET and Share Point platform.
KRDS, European Leader in Facebook Marketing and Software PHP / Mysql, Web /
Development Company. Incorporated in 2007, KRDS is a well Graphic Design, Web
established company that imagines and develops successful Developer
We are an international recruitment consultant expertise in Most IT Skills,
Leading Software Technologies is a software solution provider
with a vision to develop Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)
with a specific approach on the customer focus and need.

Leading Software Technologies Private Limited, is into

Software Development, has been successfully doing industrial
Training cum Recruitment Program for Freshers.

It is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Software Company based in

India and has its registered office in New Jersey.
It is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Software Company based in
India and has its registered office in New Jersey.

An on line movie ticketing company.

Technology Driven Software Services Firm specializing in

creating value added solutions using Microsoft Technologies. A
cool Young Company where you could have plenty of fun,
knowledge and growth
Its Global services offers flexible project models to do offshore Web Developer
outsourcing in IT and Non-IT sectors, back office outsourcing
services and business process outsourcing solutions in India.

we are a 3d animation company specializing in the field of 3d

animation, gaming assets and website developments

Software Development and Consulting

Chennai based IT Company

It is a leading provider of collaborative solutions using Web 2. Call centre

0, Lotus Notes/ Domino and Web sphere Portal to SMEs. Marketing / Sales
Marga has a worldwide footprint of customers spanning US,
Europe, Asia-pacific and are recognized as experts in this
We provide turnkey software programming services in the
focus areas of Application Software. Our services include
architecting, designing & implementing new systems and sub-
systems as well as enhancements and defect/tracking and
A storage and server visualization focused company with
offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Chennai, India.

Build Suerfast - ERP for the Construction industry.

It is a technology specialist company and a full-service

outsourcing provider of software product engineering services
including Design, Development, Independent Testing,
Documentation, Migration & Porting and Data Management.
As the industry leader in Corporate e learning, interactive Web / Graphic Design,
multimedia, and learning technologies, MVS is committed to Web Developer
providing our clients with cost-effective solutions utilizing
various learning technologies.
Nanosoft is a solution provider for various systems in
Information Technology. We in our development process follow
legacy systems. Our operation towards IT development was
We are a software solution/ Consulting firm with headquarters
at Chennai, India. We provide Web based solutions through
consulting and software applications development. We partner
with leading software houses in India, USA, Singapore & ME
It is a fast growing International company with offices in New ASP, Dot net, SQL server,
Jersey, USA and Chennai, India. Visual Basic

Nucleus Software is a globally respected, multi-faceted, multi-

client, products, solutions and IT services provider with singular
focus on the banking and financial services for the last 18
A strong web presence is a direct reflection of your site design,
content and positioning. The success of your website extends
beyond its creationit needs to be dynamic and ever changing.
This requires tireless efforts in monitoring and updating.
A strong web presence is a direct reflection of your site design,
content and positioning. The success of your website extends
beyond its creationit needs to be dynamic and ever changing.
This requires tireless efforts in monitoring and updating.

It is a registered concern dealing with multifarious software

technologies. It has seen a span of a decade and ventured into
various fields of software.
It is US based company having its head office in NY and PHP / Mysql, Web
development centre in Chennai, it is 11 years old company Developer
which belongs to Mohamed Sathak Group. Please visit the
website to have more information about the company.
One of the leading emerging software services & IT off shoring
company that develops software for the client based out of US,
UK & Europe. We work with a combination of American based
project management team and Indian development.
IT & Business Consulting Services - Orion, IT & Business
Computing Services, systems integration, application
development, product engineering & offshore outsourcing
complete end-to-end solution developer for various vertical
It derive solutions in Information Technology, Embedded
Systems and advanced digital signal processing (DSP).
Pantech is a Professional Designing and Development concern
engaged in web media, digital-media and E-commerce
Training and placement

It is a global provider of information technology services based

in India. We provide our clients a broad range of services
through the Enterprise, Education and Entertainment Divisions.

It is a consulting and IT services company, offering a wide C, C++, Oracle

array of solutions, customized for a range of security and
performance products and applications for enterprises.

It is a next generation INTERNET consulting firm based out of

Chennai, India. The Company is 8+ years young tech savvy
and working across all the domains.
We provide high quality services to our valued Customers and
end-users. We provide customers with solutions that meet their
needs and goals. Our solutions help clients improve
performance and deliver changes effectively.

PMS Information Systems is a leading training provider of IBM i

(i5, i Series and AS/ 400) with its headquarters in Chennai.
Professionalism and high performance combined with
innovative and creative IT solutions and development is what
PMS offers.
Electronic product development services company, Embedded
Hardware and Software, PCB Design.
Providing Customizable ERP pakages for Retail, Education, Dot net
Hospital, Jewellery. Also Software development and Web
design and development around 2 years.
C, C++, Web / Graphic
It was incorporated in 2001. With the young, energetic and
dedicated team of players in this company, we are committed
to the highest level of quality to serve our clients better.

IT Training & Placements in Networking (courses mapped to Linux, Networking, System

International Certifications like CCNA, CCNP, RHCE, MCSE, admin-Linux, System
CIW-SA etc) admin-Windows
IT Training & Placements in Networking (courses mapped to
International Certifications like CCNA, CCNP, RHCE, MCSE,
CIW-SA etc)

Marketing / Sales
Software Dev elopement

Our company non voice based BPO industry Most IT Skills,

Most non-IT Skills,

We are an ISO 9001:14001 Certified Private Limited BPO firm

with interests in all types of BPO projects with extensive
networks in the major cities of India. We are Outsourcing Data
Processing works.
It Has has expertise in the areas of application development, Dot net, Java/J2EE, Linux,
consulting, web solutions, and testing. Sandesh Data Systems Oracle, PHP/Mysql, VC++,
caters to industry sectors like Health care,
Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Education, amongst Marketing/Sales,

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Scintel Technologies, Inc., Most IT Skills

is a U. S. company that provides application outsourcing and Administration, Finance,
enterprise consulting solutions to Global 2000 organizations. Front Office / Receptionist,

It is a global software services company specializing in CAD / CAM / GIS, Java /

engineering design and IT solutions J2EE, Software testing,
Visual Basic, Web /
It is a full service web development company specializing in Most IT Skills
web design, programming and SEO. HRD, Media / Advertising

We are into Consulting, Developing & Corporate Training in Java / J2EE

Technologies such as JAVA/ J2EE, ASP. NET, VB, Software
Testing and Embedded Systems.

It is a leading information technology service provider,

providing software and IT enabled services. It is an MNC
providing services to clients all over the world.
3yr old consultancy organization with focus on web
development, content management, work flow, health care and
knowledge management systems.
IT Consulting and software Development.

It is a communication agency specializing in Multimedia and

Web Development.
Software Consultancy/ Product

It was established in Chennai primarily as the research and ASP, Dot net, SQL server
development arm of SolveIT Inc, USA (www. solveitcorp. com)
in the year 2005. SolveIT Solutions is a growing Information
Technology organization.
Its Developes integrated, end to end solutions involving Front Office / Receptionist,
hardware, firmware and embedded software for various Marketing / Sales
Defense Applications, Power Instrumentation sectors in general
The Company provides composite solutions including Business
Consultancy, IT solutions & Implementation and Support
It is a Startup Company and lead by dynamic management
team. We have offices both in India and US.
Steadfast is the Maker of "Pactus", a Successful easy to use
CRM solution with over 100 installations. Steadfast is also a
provider of high quality. Net technology services.
Smartek21 LLC was formed by a group of IT professionals. Our C, C++, Dot net
seasoned highly experienced team brings cumulatively, more
than 30 years of experience in large corporations dealing with
customers in the United States, Europe, Singapore and India.

It is a principal hub IT solutions provider to world wide

customers. These are Software Designing, Development, IT
Services and any projects of customers needs on spirited costs
Basically a Software Development Firm working on various
platforms like Mobile, Java

It is a product based company, started in 2007. We focus on

creating product(s) for Business Applications exclusively for the
Mobile Industry.

Provide IT Services, Web Development, ERP, CRM, Call

Center, HR Staffing and IT Consulting
It has been started in the Software Industry with highly
motivated, energetic and result oriented youngsters. Our head
office is located at Chennai. We are specialized in customized
software development, Web development & etc.
It is the technology trainers. Tour de Force has helped
individuals become successful professionals both in terms of
revenue and repute.
Software Development company System admin-Windows,
VC++, Visual Basic

Its specializes in, domestic end-user product development and Most IT Skills
deployment, HR Consulting and Management, Automation Most non-IT Skills
Planning, Technology Consulting, Customized onsite and
Cater all IT solutions for SME's including Web design, Web Dot net, Java / J2EE, PHP
development and Software development. / Mysql, SQL server,
Visual Basic, Web /
Graphic Design, Web

Accounts, Front Office /


It (Formerly known as Brij Datalink)is a 8 year old IT Company Most IT Skills

with ISO 9001:2000 certification, providing software
development/ support services for clients in USA, UAE,
Singapore, Malaysia & India.
ultramatics is a software development company, offshore
located in chennai and head quarters in oldsmar, Florida.

The core capabilities are Business process outsourcing, ASP, Java / J2EE, PHP /
Transcription services and web designing & Development. Mysql, Web / Graphic
Design, Web Developer
Marketing / Sales

We are one of the leading POS & Barcode Solution provider in Most IT Skills,
ASIA Pacific. We are expanding our business in chennai. Our Administration, Banking,
Product Retailpos is widely used in Singapore, Brunei, and HRD, Teaching,

It is a dedicated offshore IT Service Provider specializing in ASP, PHP/Mysql, Web

Web Application Development & Maintenance with its Design, Web Developer
Headquartered in New York and an offshore development
center in Chennai
IT Consulting

It is a software company development providing ERP solutions

to its customers with its base in USA. Apart from Indian
operations our focus is primarily on US and European markets.
Veda System Solutions Pvt. Ltd., (Formerly Vedham India).
Software development company. Projects and Products are
developed in. Net technology. We are Microsoft Certified
We have successfully established ourselves in the market. In ASP, Java / J2EE
view of our growth the company has incorporated in name of
"Veeserv Technologies".

Software Consulting company in chennai

Dental Software Service Providers Device drivers, Dot net,
Networking, Software
testing, System admin-
Windows, Web / Graphic
Design, Web Developer

Front Office / Receptionist,

Marketing / Sales

Its founded in 2006, is one of the fastest growing software

development, web hosting and consulting organization. The
establishing objective was to be the most dependable
organization providing impeccable service.
It is a global provider of IT services, which includes Project
Management, Business Consulting, Application Development
and Maintenance. VIT is a group company of A-IT Software
services, Singapore. VIT is an ISO 9001:2000 certified