Air Compressor-How Electric Screw Air Compressor Works?

Every Manufacturing Plant requires Compressed Air to perform various operations.This Compressed Air can be obtained by Air Compressor. Air Compressor are classified by various types.The most useful and important Air Compressor,are those,who gives you Trouble Free operation during working conditions. To avoid various faults occurs during working of Air Compressor,you must know the working principle of the Machine.Reciprocating Air Compressor are easy to understand than Screw Air Compressor. In this post I will cover the working of Electric Screw Air Compressor. As the name indicates,this type of Screw Air Compressor are driven by Electric Motor.These are modified stage of Rotary Air Compressor. The Rotary Screw Air Compressor is a Single Stage,Oil Flooded,Rotary Screw Compressor driven by Electric Motor through a Coupling. The Compressor Casing accommodates a pair of Male and Female Helical Rotors,machined with highest precision and mounted on Rolling Element Bearings. The Male Rotor has four Helical Lobes which mesh with six Flutes of the Female Rotor.The speed of Male Rotor is 1.5 times higher than Female Rotor. The Male Rotor is driven by Coupling through Step-Up Gears.The Male Rotor Lobes rotate into the Female Rotor Flutes,the Air is trapped in the Inter lobe Spaces and smoothly Compressed until the Lobe-Flutes reach the outlet port. Pulsation free air is delivered by Screw Air Compressor,due to continuous Compression takes place in all the Lobe-Flute spaces. The Oil injected through the lower gusset of the Air Compressor Casing mixes with the indrawn Air and ensures an efficient Sealing between the Rotors and the Casing and at the same time,giving an intensive cooling during the Compression process. Huge quantity of Lubrication Oil cools the Compressed Air,therefore Inter coolers are not necessary in Screw Air Compressor.The Oil,which Lubricates the Compressor,Seals the clearance spaces. In Air Cooled Models,the Oil is cooled in Oil Cooler by seperate Fan motor whereas it is cooled by water ,in Water Cooled Models.