The objective of this CSB note is to offer a complete and effective tool to help you prepare for the next step of the selection process of B-Schools ± Group Discussion and Personal Interview. This note has been divided into four parts. Given that it is essential for students to have a wide repertoire of knowledge in order to succeed, we have endeavoured to cover each topic exhaustively. This note encompasses the different types of Group Discussions, including topics and case studies that were used by leading management institutes in the past. The section on Personal Interview includes techniques coupled with a database of more than three thousand three hundred questions that have been asked by the panellists at the interviews. This year we have also included sections on group interviews, extempore and essay writing techniques including the typical essays that students could be asked to write. This section has been especially incorporated for those students who appear for XLRI, IIFT, K.J. Somaiya, etc. There is a detailed list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which, apart from helping you to resolve any doubts, also serve as a quick reference guide to pertinent questions. We believe that this note will be invaluable if coupled with voracious reading and a strong desire to move one step ahead of the others. All the Best! 2 GDPI-NOTE

Chapter 1 : Group Discussion 3 1. All about Group Discussions 3 2. How does does one prepare for a GD 6 3. How should you use this note? 8 Chapter 2 : Group Discussion Topics 10 1. Politics 10 2. Economics 11 3. Education 14 4. Environment 15 5. Ethics & Law 15 6. Technology 16 7. MBA Related 17 8. Social 18 9. Sports 22 10.Abstract 22 Chapter 3 : Case study 25 1. Sample Solution to a Case Study 25 2. Case Studies 27 Chapter 4 : Essay Writing 37 1. Essay Writing 37 2. Extempore 39 Chapter 5 : Group Interviews 40 Chapter 6 : Personal Interviews 43 Chapter 7 : Personal Interview Questions (Area-wise) 47 Chapter 8 : Hobbies & Extra Curricular Activities 115

Chapter 9 : Personal General 126 Chapter 10: Career Goals 131 Chapter 11: Miscellaneous 133 Chapter 12: Work Experience 137 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 138



ALL ABOUT GROUP DISCUSSIONS: A GD is a method used by an institution to gauge whether the candidate possesses the group or the team skills that it desires in its members. In this methodology, a group of candidates is given a topic or a situation, given a few minutes of preparation time to collect their thoughts, and then asked to discuss the topic amongst themselves for 15-20 minutes. Almost all tasks in B-Schools as well as organisations involve extensive interpersonal interactions through groups or teams. Through the GD, the institute is aiming to assess the capability of its future students to cope with and perform effectively in a group. In the GD the objective of the group is to accomplish a task within an unstructured situation. The task can be accomplished by establishing some semblance of order or structure in the course of the discussion. In this process, members of the group will reveal some of their personality characteristics. Some B-Schools also use the GD as a tool to screen candidates for the Personal Interviews. The personality traits the GD is trying to gauge include:

‡ Ability to interact in a team ‡ Communication skills ‡ Reasoning ability ‡ Leadership skills ‡ Initiatives ‡ Assertiveness ‡ Flexibility

‡ Nurturing ability ‡ Creativity ‡ Ability to think on one¶s feet
Intricacies of a GD: Typically for a GD you would be required to seat yourself in a circular, semi-circular formation, or round a rectangular table. If the participants are asked to sit in a circle or a semi circle, one position is as good as another. But if you are asked to sit on either side of a rectangular table, then choose a position as close to the centre as possible. This simply ensures greater and easier visibility by all other members. Nevertheless, in case you are unable to get that position keep in mind that no one has any special advantage in a GD by being seated in one position or the other, as ultimately it is your content which will carry you through, and that is not affected by the seating position. The moderator will give you the topic. It could be on anything ranging from politics, social issues, economics, education, environment, ethics and law, technology, MBA-related, sports related or even an abstract topic. (Detailed lists of topics have been provided for you later in this note.) All topics of a Group Discussion can be broadly categorised into four areas: Factual Topics: Factual topics are about practical things, which an ordinary person is aware of in his day-to-day life. These are impersonal in nature. Typically these are socio-economic or political topics. These can be current, i.e. they may have been in the news lately, or could be unbound by time. A factual 4 GDPI-NOTE topic for discussion gives a candidate a chance to prove that he is aware of and sensitive to his environment. E.g. The education policy of India; Tourism in India; State of the aged in the nation. Controversial Topics: Controversial topics are a subset of factual topics as they too are socio-economic or political but these are argumentative in nature. They tend to generate a controversy. While discussing these topics you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. In GDs where these topics are given for discussion, the noise level is usually high, there may be tempers flying. The idea behind giving a topic like this is to see how much maturity the candidate is displaying by keeping his temper in check, by rationally and logically arguing his point of view, without getting personal and emotional. E.g. Television degenerates moral values in the youth of today, reservations should be removed, and women make better managers. Abstract Topics: These are mostly ambiguous in nature. E.g.: You only live twice or the third eye. While discussing these topics you need to think laterally and ultimately link the abstract with a known fact. Case-based GD: Another variation is the use of a case instead of a topic. The case study tries to simulate a reallife situation. Information about the situation will be given to you and you would be asked as a group to resolve the situation. In the case study there are no incorrect answers or perfect solutions. The objective is to get you to think about the situation from various angles. Structure of participation in a GD: If you plan on being the first speaker then remember it is a high risk, high return strategy. If you can make a good opening statement, which is relevant and sets the tone for the GD, it will be in your favour. If you do this well, you may automatically become the group leader. However if you bungle it up (by speaking for the sake of speaking, not really having anything pertinent to say), it will be remembered and will be held against you. So take care of your words, use them only when you know you can make an impact. In case you could not be the first speaker, do not be perturbed. In any GD, there are crests and troughs during the discussion. The crest is when the noise level is at its peak. The trough is when

there is almost total silence. Ideally, you should enter the GD during the trough period. But in competitive GDs, the crests occur more often and troughs may not occur at all. In such cases, you could identify the stages in the GD, where ideas dear to you are being discussed and enter the GD irrespective of the noise level. When the noise level is too high then identify the most powerful speaker in the group, and note down the points that he/she is making mentally. The moment the noise level reduces a little, enter adding on to what the powerful speaker spoke. You will have, most likely, made a strong ally who will carry you through the noise. Try to speak as many times as you can. Just make sure that it is relevant to the topic and that there is a connection between what others are saying and your views. Do not be bothered about any possible bias that the moderator might have, as that is a factor beyond your control. Remember that a GD is a discussion, not a debate, and hence it is not recommended that you take any stand in the GD. Not taking a stand indicates you are a mature, flexible and objective person. By taking a stand you are limiting the scope of your discussion. Because then you have to stay within the ambit of that stand, and can¶t look at other angles of the issue without appearing to 5 GDPI-NOTE contradict yourself. Do not get into this trap. You may participate actively by pointing out all the angles of the issue in a reasonable and logical manner, without taking a stand on any one point of view. In a GD some other participant¶s counter-argument may convince you. If this happens, then it is best if you accept it without doing a complete volte-face by explaining to the group how your previous argument was true within a narrow range, and how the new one is applicable to a broader range. Be aware that if you do not do this convincingly enough, the panel may view you as being weak-willed and externally controlled. So the wisest strategy is to think before you speak so that you do not end up putting your foot in your mouth. However, if you have a radical line of thought on a topic, as long as it relevant, you are free to be vocal on it. In fact it would demonstrate your creativity. It is not critical for you to have a great command over English during a GD-PI though it certainly is advantageous. This of course will not compensate for lack of good content. If your content is good, then even if your English is not outstanding, you must be vocal, rather than be inhibited by lack of fluency in the language. You will get credit for soundness of ideas. You can however, improve your language skills by reading extensively. Whenever you come across a new word, write it down in a notebook, use a dictionary to assist you in understanding its meaning. Use examples in elaborating your point, and helping others understand your idea better. But please remember to keep it short and simple because in a competitive GD nobody has the patience to listen to long, drawn out examples. If the discussion is losing focus, then maybe you can make an interim summary so that the group gets a direction. It helps the group to pick out and focus on the most important points and thus use the remaining time more effectively. However it is not necessary to make an interim summary, if the discussion is already well focused. Generally, as a rule of thumb, the person who has a sound knowledge of the topic and is a clear thinker speaks more. This leads the students into believing that whoever speaks most is successful. But just speaking for the sake of speaking will not take you far. Stay alert during the course of the GD as you may be quizzed on it later. You have a limited time to communicate your thoughts on the topic and the moderator can cut short the GD before the stipulated time, so be prompt in your thoughts and in communicating them. Avoid using technical terms as much as possible. In case it is unavoidable, make sure that you do not use abbreviations, and take time out to explain to the group what it means. It is quite likely that other participants of the group have a different academic background from you, and you should make sure you are all on a level playing field. If you land up in a situation where someone has already said the points you wished to make, then think of other points, or expand on the point made by others, making references to their applicability. Motivating others can be a positive attribute if it is done properly. However this depends on how

it is done. If you openly request someone to speak, you may be putting the other person in a difficult spot, and the evaluators will not look upon that favourably. If the person whom you have asked to speak was in fact very eager to speak but just needed a little push, then your motivation would be looked on positively. You can use other, indirect means of motivation, such as agreeing with halting speakers, adding on to their points, implicitly supporting and giving them direction. You should always aim to sound assertive and not stubborn. Remember there is a very thin line between aggression and assertiveness. Assertive behaviour is about putting your point of view across in a positive way without µsteam-rollering¶ the other person; aggressive behaviour means standing up for your rights regardless of anyone else, and submissive behaviour means accepting what comes your way. To clarify this: when you are assertive, you are cool, calm, in control and objective. When you are angry, stubborn and shouting, you appear threatening to others (through the pitch and volume of 6 GDPI-NOTE your voice, your facial expression or hand gestures), then the other members of the group start reacting negatively to you, either by ignoring you or by shouting back at you. If this happens you can be certain that you are being aggressive. Do not use slang and colloquialisms in your speech and do not display insensitivity in your statements. Insensitivity to others shows a lack of maturity, and viciousness. You should always be cautious about other people¶s feelings on sensitive issues not just in the GD but in every day issues as well. You may wonder if it is all right to ask questions for the purpose of clarification. It is fine to do so, but not for the purpose of playing the devil¶s advocate and proving them wrong. By behaving in this manner you hamper the flow of the GD. Pointed questions unsettle the other participant and the quality of the GD deteriorates. This would reflect badly on you. If your contribution to the GD consists only of questions asked to other participants, it may not reflect well on you as it would indicate that you are very quick to question others but have no original thoughts of your own. Ideally we would not recommend interrupting other participants in a GD, as it might be interpreted as a sign of lack of group orientation; but depending on the situation in the GD, if you feel that interrupting is genuinely called for, then following are some of the ways which you can use to interrupt: ± ³Excuse me, but I feel that what you are saying isn¶t universally true ...´ ± ³Yes, I agree with your idea, and I would like to add on to it «´ ± ³Yes, I think you are right when you say that, but could you clarify what if «´ The words can be anything; the idea is to be positive and polite. Humour is also something that is acceptable if the GD is fairly relaxed. But in a competitive situation, where the participants are tensed, your attempts at humour may fall flat. Also the panel may view your attempts to be humorous as a lack of seriousness that would go against you. It is better to play safe rather than attempt something, which may have negative repercussions. Some standard procedures that you need to follow whilst participating in a GD are:

‡ Do not appoint a leader amongst yourselves. The leader emerges through the way he or she
participates in the group discussion.

‡ Do not distribute time amongst yourselves, for a GD is not a debate or elocution; how long
one speaks or is able to speak is dependant on the person concerned and the team. There is no need to ask for permission from the group before you begin. You would most likely not get the time to do so, besides, this would make you seem meek. If you are unable to understand the meaning of the topic, do not ask the moderator what it means. Instead of displaying your ignorance, it is better to wait for some other participant to explain the meaning of the topic. So listen to the discussion carefully for the first few minutes and when you have figured out what the topic is about, start participating.



‡ Do not attempt to memorise the names of the other members. It is better to refer to them
as ³my friend here´ or use pronouns, rather than names. If you mix up the names then it

would be extremely embarrassing for you.

‡ You need not carry any paper to the GD. If you are given a few minutes prior to the onset
of the discussion to jot down some points or if you were required to write a summary at the end, then the panellists would provide you with paper to do so. However, this is not a rule, and you might not need to write anything at all, and it would be strictly forbidden for you to carry any piece of paper. How does one prepare for a GD? Logically speaking, one may question the need for preparation for a GD. After all, one doesn¶t know what topic may be given for the GD, so how can one prepare? 7 GDPI-NOTE Even if the topic given is not known, we certainly know that the topic is drawn from the broad field of current affairs. So it makes sense to be thoroughly up-to-date with current affairs at least six months before the GD, as that will give you the confidence to be able to intelligently discuss any issue.

‡ Make a habit of reading newspapers like TOI and Economic Times and general interest and
business magazines like Frontline, Outlook and Business India. For those who have at least one year to prepare themselves, get into the habit of filing cuttings of major happenings, and analyse how they impact you and those around you. For those who do not have sufficient length of time to prepare, it is advisable to log onto to the net and get access to the archived news articles.

‡ Brushing up on your general awareness is a must. Being aware of current affairs, issues and
happenings, which affect our lives, however remotely, shows a well-rounded personality. Interest in one¶s environment is an essential quality for a manager, as only when he is well informed about all the facts is he able to take correct decisions. Make a habit of reading newspapers and general interest and business magazines. Being aware of current happenings is not enough. One must also form opinions on those happenings and issues that arise. Think about what you feel about different issues, say, terrorism. Write down your thoughts. Ask yourself why you feel that way, what are the premises underlying your thoughts and beliefs. Also question whether your point of view is based on facts, or on opinions and hearsay. Are there any frameworks that we can use for discussion in a GD? You may view the topic as an inverted pyramid, where you are at the base. The level above is your family, moving on to your friends and the society around you; your state, your country and your world follow this. Every level is greater than you are, both in terms of numbers and impact. Every topic has an impact on each of these either directly or indirectly. You must analyse how an issue has an impact at these different levels.


You could also look at this from another perspective as shown below.

The topic is the central point. At the end of each line is an entity. One is you, another your family and your friends, society, your state, country and the world. Each issue needs to be translated into a scenario and each scenario has an impact on every one of these elements. You need to look at each of them separately to develop a holistic opinion on the issue. 8 GDPI-NOTE How should you use this note? In this note we have provided you with a list of factual, controversial and abstract GD topics

vegetable markets remain closed. plumbers. Read it out aloud . trade bodies estimated a loss amounting to Rs. ‡ Mobs indulge in stone throwing and vandalising public property. ‡ The police and the Intelligence Bureau need to be accountable for repeated blasts. each one from a different category. ‡ Opposition parties have no other vent for their frustrations against the Ruling Party for their lackadaisical attitude towards the blasts. and how does it impact us? Once your rough outline is done. Turnover in the government securities market dipped to Rs. cobblers. ‡ Eateries including commercial establishments. Taking topics from different categories would give you a bigger exposure to issues and at the same time. ‡ Bandhs manage to bring life in a city to a stand still. vegetable and fruit vendors sit on the roadsides waiting to be approached by potential employers.130 crores. social. not counting the unorganised sector. ‡ Municipal hospitals have a mere 40 to 50 percent attendance. ‡ Banking operations come to a halt. furniture. ‡ Who is responsible for the losses incurred to the nation during a bandh? ‡ What is the image the World develops of India due to the frequent bandhs. 2003. ‡ Turnovers in bond and forex markets are estimated to be a mere 10 percent of the average daily turnover. ± who are affected as they work on a daily wage.000 crore in the recent Mumbai bandh called by Shiv Sena ± BJP combine in response to the Ghatkopar Bomb blast on July 30. ‡ Judicial systems in the country need to expedite cases of terrorism with strong judgements against those acquitted and found guilty. categorised into political. leather goods. ‡ Local and outstation trains are delayed due to rail rokos.500 crore against an average daily turnover of around Rs. View this from all the elements we have described above. and jot down the points in the form of a rough outline. ‡ In the last bandh called by Shiv Sena protesting the September 2002 attack on the Swaminarayan Temple in Gandhinagar. painters. shopping complexes. structure your thoughts into a paragraph form. Take up one to two topics in a day.along with some case studies. foodstuffs. ‡ Carpenters. ‡ India is a country where there are a phenomenal number of workers in the informal sector. small implements. Eg: Take the topic Bandhs are no solution to terrorism. electronic goods etc. masons. ‡ ‡ Flight schedules at airports are hit. View the issue from various perspectives and make a rough outline of its implications at various levels. ‡ There are plenty of informal manufacturers ± of garments.5. There are around 650 GD topics listed for you. For gaining maximum benefits from this note we would advise you to use the following strategy. educational etc. enable you to even draw connections between issues.

Political parties should be banned in India. which is of utmost importance not just in a GD but also in your life. Everyone does. plus it will get you into the habit of discussion. Express your opinion. Is politics for rascals? / Is politics the last hope of a scoundrel? 20. go out and get that seat! _ 10 GDPI-NOTE CHAPTER 2 . . while making a light reference to others. Coalition politics/government ± a sign of a mature democracy or a fractured political grouping? 19. India's industrial policy 9. Listen and question. Patriot act of the US may reverse brain drain. 14. Taj Corridor is more important than saving the Taj Mahal. Reservation for women in education and service. 28. Should foreign publications be allowed to enter and compete in the domestic markets? 8. It shows maturity on your part. Democracy is a sort of one man rule. Should we accept Sonia as PM? 10. What are India's security concerns? 5. Maybe you¶ll find others have views that you find offencive. The process of opinion formation is incomplete without getting inputs from others. Laloo reigns because he gave voice to the people. Is India's increasing expenditure on defence justified? 24. Is it possible to reach a consensus in decision-making? 29. If Laloo Prasad Yadav becomes the Prime Minister of India. learn to check your temper. The military regime in Pakistan is good for India. What are the pros and cons of liberalisation of the Insurance Sector? 6. emphasising certain points. Successive scams . 23. Should Indian Railways be privatised? 2. How appropriate is the reservation policy in India? 7. The educated women is not politically irrelevant? 27. 13. but also develop your vocal skills. 18. 22. If you are proven wrong. USA ± the biggest threat to World peace. It is all right to modify your opinions as you go along. 11. Learn to respect their points of views even if you don¶t accept them. 15. 12. accept it with grace. etc. Should India make peace with Pakistan? 25. 21. It is all the politicians' fault. While discussing. Always view an issue holistically and comment on it in an unbiased manner. But remember that they have a right to their opinions. Only God or dictatorship can save India now. 17. Hear multiple points of view.GROUP DISCUSSION TOPICS: POLITICAL: 1. This will help you clear your own thought process. Get into the habit of discussing issues with your friends and family. Election today has nothing to do with good governance? 3.9 GDPI-NOTE to yourself. 16. This will not only give you an idea on how your thoughts sound after they have been structured. 26. Indian Political Scenario. India must not concede to US demand of sending troops to Iraq. Indian corporates are puppets in the hands of Indian Politicians.a result of system failure? 4. Now that all the secrets of success have been detailed out to you. This will be a good training for controlling your emotions.

. 44. The army should be used to maintain internal order. Should Kashmir be allowed to secede from India? 59. 64. 73. Do Indian politicians really care for India? 67.. Students should not take part in politics. Democracy has been successful in India. Good politics is seldom good economics. 65. Iraq is America¶s gameplan and they ought to play it alone. a regional super power.. 51.. There should be reservation for the silent. Have our leaders kept the promises they made at the time of independence? ECONOMICS: 1. 37. India requires a reorganisation of states. 48. A politician's private life should not be the public's conscience.. Should business houses finance elections? 40. Politicians and Industrialists¶ nexus. 63. India should stop playing Big Brother with its neighbours. Political power grows out the barrel of a gun. Indo-Pak differences are so deep rooted that Kashmir is only being used as an excuse. Non-Alignment has no place in this world. China a Super Power? 52. Has the Indian political structure outlived its utility? 68. 58. 50. is taking advantage of its neighbours. 32.. 70. 69. 75. Democracy is the root of all evils. 57. 62. Should there be a retirement age for politicians? 38. The Indian Union should be dissolved. After Indira Gandhi's demise. 39. 33. Regional parties should be encouraged. How can the Indian political system be improved? 53. 54. "far" the people. 60. 72. Is India ready for a Presidential form of government? 31. The world without the US would be a better place. If we were members of the central cabinet . The five-year plans serve no useful purpose because of political uncertainties. finance ministers do.30. 47. 49. India. The age of a single party rule is over. 56. 35. Democracy is the worst form of government. "off' the people. 66. Budgets don't matter. . 45. It is wrong on the part of the government to bestow privileges to people based on caste and communal lines. The need to declare India a Hindu state. 46. Will more autonomy to states jeopardise the unity of the nation? 36. If you were the Finance Minister . middle income population of India. General Musharraf is our best bet so no effort should be spared in reaching an aggrement with him. If we were Planning Commission members . Panchayati Raj. Governments should have the right to ban books. Caste based reservation is the only way to achieve social and economic justice in India. 61. Privatisation . The solution to internal disputes lies in the formation of a world government. 71. Political crisis and the Indian economy.key to block production. 55. Public Sector should be disinvested. 11 GDPI-NOTE 42. 34. The concept of swadeshi is detrimental to economic growth. 74. 76. 2. 43. Rural development is a political issue rather than something of substance. India's hopes of becoming a super power are over. 41. Indian democracy is "buy" the people.

Does development have its own cost? 28. All nationalised banks in India should be privatised. Inflation . Infrastructure development is of prime importance for India this millennium. WTO is an omnipotent body controlling economy under the guise of facilitating trade. 40. 7. 42. Total liberalisation is the only way for economic development in India. Privatisation in agriculture. Liberalisation of the Indian Economy. 30. Development . Income tax should be abolished. Is India's expenditure on hi-tech areas justified from the social and economic point of view? 48. India must shift its priorities from rural to urban areas. 25. 37. 11. 35. The current problems facing the country are unsolvable. Infrastructure . Should the public sector be privatised? 14. 5. Is retrenchment the solution for public sector inefficiency? 21. Are the Indian farmers pampered too much? 18. 47.3. 6. 4. 22. Issues like pollution and deforestation are a luxury for a country like India. Is a Commonwealth of Independent States the only solution for India? 45. Is planning necessary for India? 44. 49.Backbone of economy. Democracy is not conducive to economic development. Floods and famine. 16.Government has most to gain. Is Mumbai the financial capital of India? 20. Should urban transportation be subsidised for the public? 50. 43.at what cost? 34. Should India be a planned economy? 9. To solve India's socio-economic problems. Is corruption unavoidable like taxation and death? 27. Economic reforms. Future of MNCs in automobile industry. bandhs should be banned. 23. 10. CAS . 52. 13 . 29. 12 GDPI-NOTE 8. Nationalisation of banks has only led to inefficiency. 13. India is a rich country of poor people. Do all Indians get equal opportunities? 24. Will there be a BPO bust? 32. In a country like India. In the interest of the nation. 33. India needs another Gandhi. Effect of subsidies on Indian Economy. 31. Should Indian Railways be privatised? 19. It is high time we drastically cut our defence spending. Globalisation is bad for the Indian companies.its effects on the middle class and the poor. Massive import of technology is essential for rapid industrial growth. Import is essential for economic growth. and no foresight. Economists have only hindsight. Talk of social responsibility in the private sector is sheer hypocrisy. 46. 38. 39. Will India be able to compete in foreign markets? 51. Is plastic money harming the economy? 17. 41. 36. the public sector is vital for national development. 26. How much should India depend upon the IMF for loans. 15. Infrastructure alone cannot improve India's standing in the international arena. Maruti Udyog should stop manufacturing passenger cars and produce public carriers. Tax concessions given to women are discriminatory. 12.

The enthusiasm of environmentalists is causing a hurdle to India's development. 92. 95. Liberalisation is just colonisation in another garb. 93. India's heritage is a hindrance to its progress. Knowledge of Advanced Maths is of no use to human life. 61. 77. Freedom is better than liberalisation. Economic reforms are incomplete without political reforms. Growing consumerism is an indicator of the nation's economic prosperity. 75.GDPI-NOTE 53. 71. 97. The arrival of multinationals is harming the Indian industry. 73. The fruits of economic policy can be reaped only if there is a strong political system. Globalisation of the economy has made nationalism irrelevant. 64. Should the primitive handloom sector be scrapped? 62. 67. 80. Full convertibility is the need of the hour. Environmental concerns shouldn't come in the way of economic growth. the more you pay. Public sectors are a drain on our society and should be privatised. 2. Economic liberalisation increases the gap between the rich and poor. 83. The era of economic colonialism has begun. 88. 68. the current economic policies will lead to MNCs dominating the Indian economy and society. 89. 60. 85. How is it helping infrastructure development? 96. 72. 65. 81. 57. Indian Economy cannot afford to have a populist budget. India needs more bullock carts than motorcars. 86. Family run businesses are the backbone of the Indian economy. Economic Liberalisation . is it necessary to go for globalisation? 76. 84. Growth and modernisation of the country is more important than the removal of poverty. Poverty removal is a precondition for economic growth. The finance minister has not done anything for the common man. 56. India should place more importance on agricultural development. 74. 14 GDPI-NOTE EDUCATION: 1. 79. . Foreign competition unfair when responsible for death of domestic players. 78. 91. Sustained growth is a mere slogan. Role of AICTE in MBA Education. Rural India need electricity before education. In the long run. India should place more emphasis on SSI and MSI for better employment. specially the small-scale sector. Equality and efficiency cannot go together. Public sectors are a drain on our society and should be privatised. 58. Multinationals often hurt a country like India. Indian industry should be protected from foreign competition. Invasion of MNC's is a drain on the resources of India. Insurance privatisation ± advantages. India as you visualise it in the year 2010. Privatisation of essential services is the only way to development. Abolishing child labour would mitigate the unemployment problem. 66. Since India produces most of the things it needs. Price rise is necessary for healthy growth of economy. 69. 55. 87. Unemployment in India. 63. 70. India should have an open sky policy. The more you gain. 59. 54. Is unified licensing the deathknell for landing telephony? 82. rather than industrial. For the economic development of India. 94. 90. all sectors using outdated methods of production should be modernised. Smaller states lead to better administration.a critical assessment.

Higher education should be subsidised. engineers and management students should have compulsory two-year national service requirement. Brain Drain is good for the country. 9. scientific beliefs. Only IITs produce good engineers. 42. 39. Public investment in institutes like IIMs . 46. Science. 36.Tech degree should not be subsidised since most of the better engineers prefer to go abroad or change their fields. Economic progress is more important than social equity. 11. 44. Environmental pollution. 20. 33. 12. India can ill afford higher education. Elite institutes like IITs and IIMs should be privatised. 23. 28. 8. Education and not entertainment is the purpose of the media in India. ENVIRONMENT: 1. Should education be privatised? 15 GDPI-NOTE 43. Does the IAS have a limited career life with the liberalisation of the economy? 40. All doctors. TV as a means of education for students. we are. 41. 18. 29. 24. 13. Practical knowledge vs. 34. Indian scientists have failed. Private engineering colleges should be banned. The present education system perpetuates inequality. Should students participate in politics? 15. Education in India is elitist in nature. 22. Should Engineers be banned from going abroad after engineering? 4. Access to higher education should be restricted. Standardisation of textbooks is the best tool for national integration. All higher education in India should be privatised. 5. Irrational beliefs vs. 30. 3. Theoretical knowledge. 17. Science has made us less civilised than what we were. Noise pollution. Common entrance test for all MBA institutes will damage IIM branding. 38. Contemporary education policies should favour technical education instead of management education.justifiable or not? 45. . English alone should be used for higher education and administration. Post-graduate education should be self-financed. 35. 16. 19. 37. Non-engineers make better managers. 2. Economic development leads to growth of slums. 25. and what we ought to be. We can do without English for now and the foreseeable future.3. Management education is an unnecessary luxury that a poor country like India cannot afford. 21. Deforestation. The government should stop funding IITs and IIMs and instead provide more funds to primary education. Individuals from private institutions are better educated. Indian scientists and technologists are not up to the expectations. Children without education are a curse to humanity. 7. 10. The government should take a stern stand against Brain Drain. 26. 32. Should doctors and engineers be allowed to leave the country? 14. 4. College education in the country today: problems and prospects. Astrology vs. The government cannot afford to subsidise higher education in the country anymore. 27. 31. Fees for attaining a B.E or B. Privatisation of higher education is essential for the development of India. India needs more IITs than ITIs. Is schooling a responsibility of the state? 6.

. Pollution is a price you pay for economic development. 7. 30. 19. 17. 13. Environmentalists dampen the fast development of developing countries. Eco-sensitivity can be increased by practice rather by mere speaking. Government has the right to intercept and censor private mail. 3. 9. ETHICS AND LAW: 1. Concern for ecology is luxury meant only for the rich. Economic development and ecological degradation. Genetically modified crops do more harm than good. Private vehicles should be banned in cities to ease congestion and reduce pollution. Environmental concerns should not be allowed to slow down economic growth. 4. What should be the objective of a company ± profits or Customer Satisfaction? 11. Ethics have no role in business. Environmental degradation. 23. Urban pollution has been blown out of proportion. 7. Human beings are born selfish. 12. Corruption has become a way of life. Politics and Ethics cannot co-exist. MNCs are polluting the Indian environment. 11. Morality issues relating to India selling out to MNCs. Corruption is a necessary evil if you want to achieve economic growth. 31. 21. Corruption performs an economic function. The concept of ethics in business is outdated. 16. The right to live includes the right to die. 6. Bribery and corruption should be legalised. Ethics is the primary concern of business. At this stage of industrialisation. 17. Gandhian philosophy . 6. 15. 5. 15. Ethics in Politics. 19. Corruption and privatisation of PSUs. Business ethics. 20. Morals cannot be context specific. 20. Corruption is an economic lubricant and hence may not be all that bad. 21. Greed is an essential human quality. 28. we cannot afford to be too environmentally conscious. 18. Is plastic better than paper? 10. 9. 22. Are ethics and business compatible? 26. Is cloning of humans ethical? 8.5. 18. 24. 8. Should India provide humanitarian assistance to Iraq? 16 GDPI-NOTE 14. 14. 29. Is ethics just a theoretical concept in today's business world? 16. Developed countries are damaging the eco-system of the earth. Environmental degradation due to industrialisation and marginalisation should be corrected by a ban on smoke emitting industries. Morals are detrimental to business. Is greed a key to business success? 12. 25. Over attention to ecological issues will slow down the process of industrialisation.is it relevant today? 27. One cannot become a successful manager if one believes in morality. Profit stinks. 10. Environmentalists are enemies of industrial growth. 2. Profit at any cost should be the sole motive of business. Smoking should be banned. Should selling of human organs be legalised? 13. Business ethics is a contradiction in terms.

The manager of the future will have to be culturally savvy. technology should give way to fine arts. How far can computers replace human intelligence? 13.Bane or Boom for the society? 43. 21. India needs microchips. 50. Will computerisation make a robot of all human beings? Do computers dehumanise society? 9. Mercy killing should be legalised. Computers cause unemployment. in future.32. India needs high technology. A man should be free to donate his organs. For further development of the country. 4. Technology advancements and India's backwardness. The country must have a common civil code. and in business too. 19. 44. 45. Nobody can be above the law. Is the IT sector drawing away investment from the rural sector? 23. Moral and ethics in our society. MBA RELATED: 1. 6. The electronic media will. Judicial Activism . India does not need foreign technology. 33. The education system in India has replaced knowledge by information. 37. 51. Technological growth is more important than social cohesion for the advancement of a nation. It is pointless to try to eradicate social injustice. Impact of computers on business. Judicial action should not be encouraged. Corruption in public life. 47. Importance of e-commerce. Should education be brought under the judicial system? TECHNOLOGY: 1. 10. Good managers . Capital Punishment . 3. 'Appropriate Technology' .is it justified? 48. 14. 15. 24. 38. Public Interest Litigation : a joke. The role of judiciary is to keep a check on the executive. Entry of multinationals and their business ethics. 20. Corruption is a necessary economic and administrative lubricant. 36. Computers as a support in decision-making. 16. 41. The constitution of India needs to be re-looked at. Impact of Information Technology on India. 8. Should India opt for indigenous technology or import of technology? 12. Capital punishment has no place in civilised society. render the print media obsolete. Effect of information dissemination due to IT in the print media. 22. Everything is fair in love and war. 5. 18. 34. Is the internet good for us? 3. 35. not potato chips. 46. The internet is for the benefit of the Indian middle class. Computers: boon or curse? 7. 40. 2. 17 GDPI-NOTE 4. 39. 17.born or made? 2. . Women make good marketing managers. Excessive computerisation is stealing jobs from people. Computerisation in India may lead to labour unrest. Women cannot manage both home and work. 49.what is appropriate for India? 11. Bringing the medical profession under the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) will not benefit the truly illiterate. Social justice and equity is more important than economic equity and justice. 42.

Professional management is a must to attain target growth. 33. 9. Engineers doing management is a waste of national wealth.the challenges involved. 46. The current craze for management education in India can simply be attributed to the fact that it promises lucrative jobs. 36. 12. Only mediocre students opt for management. 37. Should people with work experience or those who are fresh graduates be taken into MBA? 30. 42. American and Japanese paradigms won't work. Managing in a competitive environment . Management education can be cut down to one year. Relevance of Arts in Modern Society. MBA is a highly overrated degree in India. 16. 44. 8. 49.B. 35. 11. 20. Does a person with work experience and maturity benefit more from management education? 38. 2. Management graduates are more interested in salaries than management. Low volume of engineering exports is due to low R&D. The role of managers in tomorrow's liberalised world. No one studies for an M. Managers should be taught how to beat the system. 21. Should engineers apply for management programmes? 39. 28. 14. Group Discussion is absolutely required for the selection to an MBA course. People with arts background make better mangers than those with engineering backgrounds. 18. MBA is not necessary. Should it be made compulsory for IIM graduates to serve in the public sector? 32. MBAs are cultural misfits in India. 29. 31. 13. Success comes not so much by solving problems as by exploiting opportunities. India needs more entrepreneurs than managers to face the new challenges. Increasing MBA Schools are diluting MBA education. Relevance of MBA Education to the welfare of the society. Should all forms of reservations for admissions to management schools be abolished? 41. Women managers in a man's world.A. India needs more women managers. 23. 19. Indian management should find its own ethos. Our country needs more technocrats and fewer managers. India needs managers and not leaders. For entrepreneurship. 40. MBAs with engineering degrees are better than MBAs with non-engineering degrees. Are MBAs overpaid? 27. 48. 15. Worker's participation in management is unsuited to the Indian context. 7. 24. 6. Managers in Indian industry are responsible for the persistence of poverty in India. 17. Management education is a luxury for a poor country like India. Management education is a waste of money. Proliferation of management institutes is good for Indian industry. 34.5. 25. Women in management and gender bias. Public sector should be handed over to independent professional managers. Common sense is more important than being a genius for a business. SOCIAL: 1. 26. 43. Management education should make job seekers job creators. Will the mushrooming of MBA institutes in India produce professional managers? 47. Management education should not be subsidised. Technocrats make better managers. Are Indian professional managers really professional? 18 GDPI-NOTE 22. 45. 50. Should freedom of speech take precedence over national security? . Students are opting for MBA nowadays because of the higher pay packet. 10. Everyone studies for a job. Women make better managers than men.

32. Violence is a prerequisite for social and economic change. AIDS test should be made compulsory. Should only the literate people have a right to vote? 20. 18. The next generation is a generation of rebels. 7. Should an emergency be imposed to discipline the Indian citizen? 44. 42. An Indian woman . The demand for foreign brands has taken over the demand for our home brands. 33. Today India needs a cultural revolution and not a technological one. Has western music invaded our culture? 27. Poverty alleviation programs in India are a success. Vada pao vs. 35. Is advertising a waste? 51. Should the µCaveat Emptor' principle be applicable to the candidates applying for jobs in a company? 15. There can never be a classless society. 16. Internet access should be made free in India. Appreciation of one¶s culture can only come about by reading literature in one's mother tongue. The unemployment problem . Education System in India. Advertising . Corruption in India. Leaders are born and not made. 38. Should population be controlled by force in India? 36. Can India still boast about being a secular country? 21. Will mythological serials like Ramayana and Mahabharata help to bring about a Cultural Revolution? 30. Has religion any place in modern day society? 49. 46. 47. Measures to control the drug menace. 39. 50. No sex please: we are Indians. Communalism is a problem of the educated. The censor department has become too liberal these days. Does the Star Movies channel have an adverse impact on its viewers? 26. Premarital sex. mismanagement or oppression? . Advertising creates demand for products. Should TV be educative or entertaining? 43. 34. Should censorship be banned? 10. 52. 9.fate. 13. 31. 48.an asset or a liability? 41. Is milk good for health? 37. 11. preferable. Indians are socially irresponsible people. Role of English as a medium of communication in India.a better homemaker or a better businesswoman? 24. 17. 29. probable solutions.a boon or a curse for the consumers? 23. 19. McDonalds Burger. industrialists are becoming richer. 5. Should English be the national language of India? 40. Hindi should be used as a language for national integration 4. 8. Should women be offered reservation in the Parliament? 14. While industries are becoming sick. TV and radio functioning should be autonomous. Population .possible. Should a ban be imposed on girls wearing jeans and shorts? 22. 45.3. Non-aligned movement. 28. 19 GDPI-NOTE 12. Equality of sexes. Underdevelopment . Is population a boon? 6. An autonomous Doordarshan is alien to our culture. Does the statement "Unity in diversity" make any sense in today's India? 25.

90. We did well to ban baby foods ads on T. Terrorism is a legitimate form of war. Current trends of T. 20 GDPI-NOTE 56. TV serials like Ramayana. Dowry is a necessary evil. The Indian subcontinent should be reunited. More marriages are breaking up because of women joining the labour force. 73. 70. Why are we an undisciplined society? 93. Money is the most important thing in life. 91. Socialism is dead. T. 54. Should reservations be caste-based or based on economic criteria to achieve social justice. 2nd class only? 68. Emancipation of women will destroy the family. The Narmada Dam should not be built. i. Manufacture of luxury goods should be banned in India. Communism has lost its relevance. 60. 97. The problem of India is that there are more individuals than citizens. 61. Should there be a retirement age for executives? 98.53. 75. All newspapers in India should be nationalised. 96. The press should be given unlimited freedom. The educated Indian lacks national commitment. Beauty contests do not fit into Indian culture. 87. Mahabharata. The lowering of voting age has adversely affected the democratic set-up of the nation. Should all trains be made Janta trains.V. Indian parents tend to be over protective towards their children.V. In our society leadership should be entrusted to the young and not to the old. 94. Women's liberalisation is an empty slogan. 77. 84. 80. India's society is changing for the worse. Destruction of Babri Masjid has weakened India. if used properly. Be Indian. . 82. 58. Should the retirement age in Government organisations be reduced to 50 years? 78. 57. 55. 86. Buy Indian. 62. Indian diversity makes true unity impossible. Late night movies should not be shown on DD. Journalism should be out of the premises of censorship. can be an effective means of mass education. Should Indian youth be freed from foreign influence? 81. 59. Tamas. addiction and its consequences. The Babri Masjid should be reconstructed on exactly the same site. The growth of regional culture is not a threat to national integration.e. 100. Cultural plurality is not compatible with national boundaries. 85.V. Reservations on caste / communal basis are unfair. 71. Communication is the only solution to communalism. 21 GDPI-NOTE 101. A country of India¶s diversity cannot have one national language. instigate fundamentalism. 76. 69. 88. Living in India today is not worth it. 99. TV. 72. 74. We should leave behind religion if we want to catch up with the rest of the world. 64. etc. 67.V serials degenerate moral values. 63. creates artificial needs. 79. T. Long live socialism. 89. 92. 66. Hindi films are the strongest integrating force. 83. Female education leads to matrimonial mismatch. Indian Administrative Services should be disbanded. Cinema is at most entertainment with a degenerating effect. 95. 65.

isn't it? 114. Do films need to be censored? 144. but it is not developing at a fast rate. 107.any form of fundamentalism is always good. A stable Government is not necessary for a stable society. The launch of multinationals in India will wipe out the Indian brands. Terrorism is like a virus . Modern mass media like TV and Internet have reduced our `real' social interactions.an idiot box or knowledge provider? 117. India needs more Seshans and Khairnars. 138. 149. The higher the taxes. 125. 128. We have exchanged our golden heritage for a pair of blue jeans. In order to satisfy one section of the society.102. 119. There should be 33 percent reservation for women in India in all spheres of life. Plight of women in India. very difficult to contain. Indian culture is an impediment to effective management. 146. 135. The social responsibility of business is to increase profits. Beauty contests are a method of women's liberation. Adult franchise should be restricted to the literate. For a boy the minimum age for marriage is 21years. 109. Khadi is better than Denim. Population growth is a boon for India. while for voting it is 18 years. Globalisation will tend to destroy the sovereignty of the country. 108. 147. 130. The Y2K generation is moving from we to I. 118. 106. 136. The USA is going too far. 111. 142. 127. The future of family planning policies in India .which way should we go? 105. Satellite TV is dangerous for Indian youth. 129. one family. Is honesty the best policy for the ordinary citizens of this country? 122. Caste based reservations are not the best way of helping the backward class. and Cinema have more evil effects than beneficial ones. The inroads of satellite communication have eroded Indian tradition and culture. 148. Human rights in India. 103. Are Hindi films a bad influence on Indian society? 123. 150. Religion is personal and should not be allowed to be exploited by political parties. Developed countries are damaging the eco-system of the earth. why? 132. Religious fundamentalism is more dangerous than regionalism. 112. In India more emphasis should be given to quality than quantity. Television . 151. 120. 113. the more people are empowered not to pay them. 141. 133. 110. More the power. greater the need for restraint. Religion is a unifying force for society. 126. Indian values and beliefs are contrary to current management practices. National Integration in a multi-ethnic society like India is a myth. T. Women should aspire for a better voice and not for 33 percent reservation.V. Nations will be irrelevant in the 2lst century. 134. India has such a large brain pool and good entrepreneurial communities like Marwaris and Gujaratis. 140. 131. 115. Should foreign companies be allowed in the print media? . Euthanasia should be legally permitted. 116. 124. 104. 143. Religious structures on public land should be demolished. 137. the state has to sacrifice the interests of another. One world. Religious or cultural . 22 GDPI-NOTE 145. Are we producing a generation of burnt out children? 121. The Indian middle-class lacks conviction. India is heaven for criminals. The government should license only a few to think because more the thinkers more the chaos.very easy to spread. 139.

32. 31. You only live twice. Dead yesterday. 14. 23 GDPI-NOTE 17. Highly inflammable. 15. but their possibility cannot be ruled out. Water burns more than fire. White poison. 24. 28. 2. 10. 19. 6. 12. Time . 30. Test matches should be abolished. 9. 8. These topics are not given often for discussion. 3. Up in the sky. India's sporting standards are so poor that it should not participate in overseas competitions. Surds are duds. 25. Keep running ahead. Future of sports in India. Brown is a beautiful colour. A Red Spot in the sky. 27. 7. We're being watched. 8. 9. 26. 6. 23. 12. 16. 7. Money is the sixth sense without which you cannot enjoy the other senses. unborn tomorrow.there it goes« 13. The last few lines. ABSTRACT: Abstract Topics: Abstract topics test your lateral thinking and creativity. Is cricket hampering the growth of other sports in India? 2. 1. India should stop taking part in sports at the international level. How important is victory? 5. Do you need a ruler? 21. Golden shackles are better than ironwork. Cricket selection should be strictly based on merit. Indian sportsmen need a killer instinct. What about me? 18. Barefoot Doctors. Only MBAs should be made sports managers. As the crow flies. It's just not cricket! 5. 10. Deeper shades of black. 4. 33. Honesty is the best policy. There is a Pink Pyjama on top of the Red Fort. . Catch them young. Should betting in cricket be legalised? 4. 34. 11. Dreams can happen. The falling star. It does not matter if a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice. One-day cricket is just not cricket. Cricket is an unhealthy national obsession. Do you need rules? 20. 11. Horse sense. 22. The 3rd eye. The alphabet 'A'. Are animal better than Human beings? 3.SPORTS: 1. Small is beautiful. The colour orange. 29.

Music. 69. Sink a ship. Winning is not the main thing. The child is the father of man. 79. Ice Age. but fanaticism is the mightiest of all. the further forward you can see. 54. Superficiality is the order of the day. Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities. 84. Good things happen to bad people. 71. Nature has everything for everybody's needs. 76. Tomorrow. 74. not his joys. Antonyms or synonyms. 68. 36. but not for everyone's greed. Those who lose are the real winners. An expert is a man who knows more and more about less and less until he knows practically everything about almost nothing. 58. 75. If you select. 37. 64. 40. Snakes are better than crocodiles. If you suspect. 82. The only conviction in a man's life should be to not take life seriously. Late come. Advantages of being lost. 46. 72. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. first serve. 65. roses are red. Twinkle twinkle Little Star. Honesty is not the best policy. Mother. earn a fortune. Yesterday is history. The more you gain. Is love just a four letter word? 45. Time is money. The yellow canary. 49. 51. Rational thinking makes man inhuman. 80. Alas! Mumbai is not New York. The means are more important than the ends. Footprints. 55. Today is a gift. Man only counts his sorrows. One who hesitates is bossed. The spear that pierces heaven. 63. 38. 48. Disaster sets in when you reach what you wanted. don't suspect. 43. the more you pay. don't select. 53. 78. 50. 47. 39. The pen is mightier than the sword. And the clock struck 13. The further backward you look. Cats are better than dogs. The wretched shall inherit the earth. but the only thing. The ends justify the means. He who can does. Red vs. 60. a mystery. 24 GDPI-NOTE 62. Dilemma. 83. blue. Pride comes before disaster and arrogance before a fall. 66. Success depends on the stars. 61. 77. 67. 44. Life after death. It is better to sit still than rise and fall.35. Black is beauty. 81. Or. 70. . 57. What is there in a brand name? 56. 59. he who cannot manages. Haste makes waste. 42. violets are blue. 52. 73. 41.

How would you interpret the actions of his boss? A. viable solution. The company seems to be doing well for itself in the hardware business. If the company is big enough. Is the software sector in good health? A. as information flow about such incidents is never smooth in large companies and the informal grapevine has its own set of rumours. he files a case against the firm. the software sector could be in the doldrums (software guy taking on job in hardware sector) or normal (extension of hardware company into software). He is willing to give letters of recommendation to the person to apply elsewhere. It might also be experimenting with the idea of expanding into new fields from its traditional business of hardware. The important steps in solving a case study includes: Problem identification. Information about the situation is given and one is asked to resolve the situation as a group. He's obviously giving feedback to the HR department about the performance of this 'software skills' person. At the end of the year. Or it could be a company that is trying to make some proprietary software as a complement to some of its hardware. Q. Why on earth would it otherwise hire a person with software skills on a temporary basis? The dearth of 'hardware people' to push its products to new areas (to take advantage of the good times) might have resulted in its hiring the 'software skills' person on a temporary basis. What are the deeper ramifications of the person suing the company? A. Q. Can we say anything about the state of the company? A. if the person had been hired to sell/develop hardware products but shows lack of competence for the same.CASE STUDY As mentioned earlier a case study simulates a real-life situation. Q. Do you have any opinions/insights about the 'software skills' person? A. otherwise!). conclusion or recommendation. Q. Employees could feel that dirty politics are rife in the company and genuine work is not appreciated. Ethics seem to be low on the priority list of this individual while opportunism is high up. The image of the company could take a beating and it might . The boss is showing contradictory behaviour and is clearly not acting in a professional manner. This action is unacceptable for two reasons. there's a possibility that employee morale could plunge.85. on a temporary basis. on an experimental basis and hiring this person makes perfect sense. showing the recommendation letters. He could be desperate for a job as the software sector might be in a recession (why would he accept a job in the hardware sector. Sample solution to a Case Study The Recommendation Letter A person with software skills gets a job in a hardware firm. he has allowed personal feelings to creep into his judgments. _ 25 GDPI-NOTE CHAPTER 3 . alternate solutions. problem definition. if he is being fired from the hardware company for not doing well (if he had been hired for software development work).' At the same time. It reflects worse on his boss if he has been given a letter of recommendation in the latter case. which from the passage reads-'is not doing well and is feared to be sacked within a year. He could be incompetent at his job. when he is to be thrown out. Your name. It cannot be said with certainty. His boss gives him letters of recommendation to apply elsewhere. How will the company come out of this mess? Q. He is not doing well and is feared to be sacked within one year. impact of each solution on stakeholders. The same holds for if he had been hired for software work but fails to live up to expectations. he has to 26 GDPI-NOTE be fired as the company can do without free riders. In the first case. On the one hand.

which we discussed earlier. What does company HR policy dictate? Litigations are messy affairs and could cost the company heavily if it is found to be in the wrong. The lawsuit is very likely to meet a fast end. but would be beneficial in the long run. while avoiding any mention about his hardware sales/development skills.have problems getting the 'right' type of employees in the future. This avoids a messy litigation and image tarnishing of the company. Re-hiring this employee is a poor solution as this doesn't mean it can escape paying substantial damages for things like harassment and mental agony. it is also dangerous for the aquatic life. can formulate some other policies and ensure that they are strictly adhered to. Coming to the first case. there should be clear-cut exceptions like giving recommendations for higher studies or specialized courses. Is the company in an inextricable mess? Q. How should the boss be handled? Q. if the letter is such that the person has a strong case.60 crore fertiliser factory in Goa. the company would suffer more from the backlash of the case. if he's a star performer. But some rules have to be put into place to avoid situations like these. If the boss has said that the person had good software skills. So the company can avoid taking such a step. Fishermen and villagers allege that the waste from this factory is polluting the river and hence their water supply and paddy fields. the HR department should still take disciplinary action against the boss. On the other hand. if the company had hired him for hardware sales/ development purposes. But before we jump the gun. A way out Q. In the mild case of the ex-employee's lawsuit being weak. Conclusion This case throws up an instance when an ex-employee turns against the company and sues it. the company need not necessarily be in a mess. The way out for the company would be to sacrifice the boss. what the contents of the letter say about the person with 'software skills'. The role of the HR department in setting some standard procedures for conduct by senior management is crucial in this instance as this has an impact on company image and morale of junior employees. and they . It needs to be noted. More so. the company could get involved in a messy litigation with other ramifications of low employee morale. the case of the person would be weak. bad publicity for the company among others. The boss can be dispensed with in the extreme case (when the ex-employee's lawsuit holds strong) and this would benefit the company. The company would suffer in such an eventuality. The HR department to cover such eventualities in the future. it would have to 27 GDPI-NOTE be on their personal basis without involving any official company appraisals/feedback. This also doesn't preclude present/future employees being wary about the ethics of the company. Case Studies The fertiliser company: An American MNC has set up a Rs. Irrelevant of the performance of the manager (he could be a star performer). But the boss should be given a stern warning and blacklisted for creating this unnecessary problem. The company can take the stand that the boss acted on his personal behalf while writing the letters of recommendation as company records show that the 'software skills' person was 'not doing well'. but the HR department still has to handle the case of the boss. The HR department can circulate a note that when senior management gives letters of recommendation. it could send a wrong message to the employees. One day lots of dead fish were found on the coast nearby. Plus the other ramification. No company can stop its senior employees from giving letters of recommendation to junior employees. both of which the company can do without in a period it is performing well. where the person's case isn't strong against the company. Company stationery should not be used for such letters or if it is. The company says that it has adequate effluent treatment facilities. If they fire him. could be a deathblow for the company. Firing the boss might be a temporary setback. The company can build a case saying the person was hired for that particular purposes and the letter mentions that he is competent only at software skills.

State Revenue Minister and the former Mayor are meeting with university officials about the issue. the government said. met the company' president. They appeal to authorities and finally take legal action. The matter moves to High Court and then Supreme Court. 28 GDPI-NOTE Beach. was a major foreign investor and the road would ease the problem hotel officials were facing as they transported construction materials to the site. Pollution control measures are limited consequently the nearby villages suffer and the crop is reduced. To improve productivity. 2000. which would mainly have benefited the Beach hotel chain. the work environment in the office turns more professional. the film will be found offensive. Pollution control: A rich and influential person builds a factory. Junior Nikatan issue dated March 7. "If we give up the land for use by a fivestar hotel. thinks that fertilisers are necessary for the country¶s production and need to be increased as much as possible. Central government however. both the courts ordered the closure of the factory. its name board with a red skull and cross bones superimposed on it and with the legend. Still his subordinates are unhappy. 2000. it would be for a commercial purpose. What should he do? The case of the libel: The Chamfers group manufactured chemicals such as caustic soda and chlorine at Kalaheo. the management council members of the statutory body unanimously resolved that the land could be used only for educational purposes. The Government of Goa has ordered closure of the factory. makes a secretary sit near his or her boss instead of sitting in the secretary pool with other secretaries." a council member has been overheard saying. headquarters back home will be upset and it could have repercussions on the diplomat's career. The factory had received the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) award in 1999 for its contribution to environmental pollution control. Ganapathy. had on its cover a photograph showing the Chamfers factory. "Poison gas danger" and "Villagers . On February 20.do not cause the pollution. Chamfers wrote to the Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar on February 12. The factory however continues functioning. Thereafter the university ceased making complaints. If he shows it. he introduces certain changes in the work environment. a Junior Nikatan reporter. Krishna Rao is the new manager appointed to a company. on its pollution control efforts and invited university representatives to visit the factory. B. The university has refused a municipal corporation request to hand in 700 square metres of land at the campus for the construction of a road. In short. who explained to him the pollution control methods adopted by the company. That's not done in an educational institution's premises. the local authorities and the public would be upset and the relations between the two nations could become strained. Officials from state government and the municipal corporation have taken up the hotel's cause with the university. The local university put up an Academic Complex close to the factory. At a meeting. What steps can be taken in such a situation? Productive improvement: Mr. The faculty members and other staff of the university complained to the Vice-Chancellor about air and water pollution caused by the chemical factories in the neighbourhood. What is he to do? The case of the University land: Grand Beach is building a hotel near the university campus .has asked the university to let it use campus land for an access road. he brings about office automation and computerisation. 2000. How can the situation be resolved? The case of the controversial film: The cultural affairs officer at the Indian embassy of Pago-Pago (an obscure country in North Africa) receives a directive from New Delhi that he is supposed to screen a film featuring an Indian politician greatly resented in that country. If he doesn't show the film.

Singh had a very impressive track record. Shah's plastic pen company: Mr. 29 GDPI-NOTE One of his earliest moves was the issuing a notice instructing all teachers and students to take their lunch together in the same canteen hall. After some time her boss receives complaints that she is not performing well. a contractor took it over and dug it all up. Mr. The teachers on the other hand defended themselves by saying that they never discouraged any student from approaching them. What is to be done? The case of male dominance: Latha Swaminathan. Singh spotted this and issued a strict memo to all teachers insisting on regular attendance at the canteen hall. When questioned Latha reacts by saying that she is working in a male dominated society. However. claiming that the new principal was being autocratic. Suddenly one day. Seeing her performance she is given a larger area in South India with a pay hike. When the students were asked why. Tewari also reports the same. Mr. Mr. Upon the issuing of this memo the teachers reacted angrily. and Rs. 4 lakhs of it was profit. his permit is revoked. After strong representations. He estimates a sales target of 1 lakh pieces in the first year alone with moderate marketing and promotional efforts. What should her boss do? . it said. The article described the factory as a pollution hazard. a woman of 25 years is performing very well at her present job in an insurance firm. Mr. Unfortunately. What should Mr. Discussions have gone nowhere and matters have reached a point where the teachers threaten to go on strike if forced to comply with the joint-lunch rule. the teachers and students chose to sit separately in the hall and hardly interacted during this recess break. Singh wanted to break barriers between the teachers and the students and promote open communication between the two groups.are trembling". Shah to precede? Modern High School: As the new principal of Modern High School. How would you advise Mr. He appoints Mr. 1 of which 70 paisa is the cost of the ink. Shah owns a plastic-moulding business with revenue of Rs. preferring instead to sell pens at Rs. about six months ago. but this was the only time during the day when they could discuss their personal issues with each other. Shah's pen is to be priced at Re. Chamfers has slapped a libel suit against Junior Nikantan. He now plans to enter the business of manufacturing plastic pens. Eventually. they complained that the teachers did not make any efforts to talk to them. After working for 5 years she switches to a consumer goods firm. He wants to make throwaway (one-time use) pens as opposed to the existing players who make pens whose refill can be changed. 5 and refills for 50 paisa. No other company sells throwaway pens in this market. It contained 'meaningless' interviews with students or laypersons and so it could not be construed that the issue was made in good faith. He hopes to eventually branch out into pencils and other stationery manufacturing too. especially of cultivating change and reform in the schools where he had earlier been in charge. She does commendably well in her training and in the first year is put in charge of small region. under a permit obtained fraudulently from the Government. Singh do? The case of grazing ground: Village Ramadi has only one 'Churnout' (grazing ground) for the villagers¶ 800 cattle and they have tended this carefully over a long time. the village teacher has just been to the District Office and has seen that the Churnout is once again about to be leased out to the mining contractor. for the purpose of quarrying.40 lakhs in this year alone. After 2 weeks Mr. the teachers began coming less regularly for lunch at the hall. This is why the school board hired him for the post instead of promoting the Assistant Vice-principal who had been working in this school for fifteen years. Tewari to supervise her. Mr. Chamfers alleged that the defendants had been negligent in publishing the article without ascertaining from the pollution control authorities whether the factory indeed posed an environmental hazard. led by the Assistant Vice-principal.

The case of a proposed dam: The water requirement of quite a few villages in Rajasthan is expected to triple in the next five to seven years. this would require submerging a temple and nearly 20 villages. However. The plant manager was of the opinion that X was not satisfied with his job and had no drive. monetary losses. after poaching on neighbouring companies for manpower. A's decision or reinstate Mr. Inside the box were two widgets. was still not satisfied and asked him to open the box again. At the end of each shift the security guards check employees leaving the premises. Mr. After an argument X opened his box to reveal four widgets. The villagers are not amenable to the idea. the engineers come up with a proposal to increase the irrigated area by 15 per cent at nearly the same cost. handle this threat? The case of the software company: A software company was entering a new area of MIS. The workers in these mills are highly dissatisfied with their present jobs. Vehement protests from them have led the government to reconsider the decision. As more and more villages are irrigated the water shortage will be even more acute. The three mills are outraged and threaten the new mill with dire consequences like loss of market share. as the manager. They apply to this new mill. Finally the Chief Minister sends the district Magistrate to tackle the problem. A is the Personnel Director of one of the biggest American banks. The government is planning to build a dam. What should Litson do? It is committed to the 200 odd people it has hired. The guard however. is displeased with the whole incident. who has been with the bank for about six months and is a very efficient worker. unless Litson pulls out from town. Even while an alternate plan is being worked out. He returned to the gate with the receipt. endorse Mr. deciding to keep his loyalty intact and not do anything that will hurt ABC Ltd. Rival firm XYZ Ltd. This company had a good reputation in . X was sent back to collect the receipt. Once a guard at the gate found X's behaviour suspicious and asked him to open the box he was carrying. A removes Mr. A for 30 GDPI-NOTE violating the trust of a colleague. A was VP Marketing of ABC Ltd. which is why he was involved in such activities. Those companies happen to buy goods from this company and they threaten to stop buying from Litson in which case Litson loses 18% market share. will be submerged. A knows what XYZ lacks but feels uncomfortable in going against his conscience. One day. Can it ditch them? Should it stay in the town? The case of mill workers: A textile mill relocates where already three other mills exist. which would irrigate 150 villages in the vicinity. He considers sacking Mr. What should the President do. The guard confiscated two of them and reported the matter to the plant manager. They are highly efficient and talented. which cover an area of 330 hectares. He started his own business. F? The case of widgets: ABC Ltd is a medium sized company manufacturing small widgets. Mr. The temple. Mr F. Currently he is in need of money. Villages remain stubborn in their protests. though. during a lunch time chat. A that he is an escaped convict. President Mr. etc. The incident occurred 15 years ago. When the guard asked him to produce the purchase receipt. which he quit 10 years back. Should he accept the job offer? The case of Litson: A cotton company goes to a small town and sets up a unit Litson. What should the management do? The job offer: Mr. tells Mr. How should you. 250 of them are offered jobs. F as the bank's rules are strictly against hiring an ex-criminal. B however. What could be the optimal course of action? The case of the Personnel Director: Mr. offers him a very lucrative job. X said that he had forgotten to pick up the receipt. His warm and amiable nature draws people to confide in him and he is an unofficial counsellor for everyone in the bank.

He goes to sleep undecided. he was a star performer as a salesman and always crossed his sales targets. While driving home. The Personnel Officer in the company recommends dismissal. two senior people resign because they have been offered higher salaries elsewhere. In the company it was noticed. The company needs a new regional sales manager to improve the performance of a loss-making region. Ram is well settled in life. What should the GM do? 31 GDPI-NOTE The New Regional Sales Manager: Mr. Ram. a large part of the project was incomplete. He is also offered a handsome retirement package. the court punished him. is contacted by the management to convince the employees. Ram gets agitated and threatens to go on a strike if the company goes ahead with its plans. He was good at his job. However. Not completing the project on schedule will bring loss of face and litigation for the company. It plans to do this by downsizing the number of employees gradually. She couldn't adjust there even though her mother stayed with her for a month. The next morning he wakes up and he tells his wife he is going for a walk and he comes back home after an hour and has made a decision. which gets it many new projects. so it starts a training program. One day he took the car home after dropping the MD off at night. The company won a contract for MIS for a pharmaceutical company. he switches on the television and is shocked to see in the news has been a fire in the Ramnagar plant. What should be done? Relocation of a TV Manufacturing company: Ram has been working in a colour TV manufacturing unit in Ramnagar for the past 28 years. But after 8 months. and returned home with a transfer certificate. At this stage. mother a lawyer and elder brother an executive She was a good student and after school went to a medical college. X has a distinguished academic record and excels in sports and other extra-curricular activities. being the union leader whom the other employees trust. What should the company do? Retain him or fire him? The case of the students' council: The students' council of a college have purchased clothes at wholesale prices from outside and are selling to its council members at reasonable rates. he was conceited and his interaction with other people was not cordial. Her grandparents now think she should go for fine arts while her mother wants her to become a lawyer. He was indifferent to suggestions from his superiors and subordinates. Should they appoint him? MD's Driver: The MD's driver had been with the company for 25 years. all well employed. What should Anjana do? . The sales pick up and they throw open the outlet to the public. A section of the students view this decision as politically motivated. It offers them VRS on relocation to another area but with a lower pay package. The project was scheduled for completion in one year. It does well during the first year. Relaxing on a chair. They boycott sales and the turnover drops. The company has branches at other places also and is planning to shut down this unit because of the ending of the collaboration it had with a Japanese company for the past 10 yrs. He has 3 sons. Therefore he has no economic burdens. Although it was not his mistake. The manager comes on the screen to assure the customers that their demands will be met by stock in the other branches. What should Ram do now? The case of an educated family: Anjana's father is an engineer. What should the company do? Retaining Talents: A construction firm sets up a software division. he accidentally killed a girl crossing the road. He is confused as to what decision to take because his co-workers respect him and will agree to do whatever he suggests.its field. He joined ABC as a salesman.

the project. A is a General Manager (Sales) of a medical instrument / equipment manufacturing company. come to know of this. What should he do? Sale of medical instruments: Mr. good people are leaving the company. A do? Summer internship: Two management students at a reputed business school decide to take up a project on their own for summer internship. X meets the principal and complains. Will you hire him? . Subsequently they fail to turn up at the right time. You. second. To revive. in turn they promise to help him organise the three day annual event for his company. His work does not involve theft.e. Hiring a CEO: A German firm Fressmer and Parson hired Dr. He has scheduled two interviews at Delhi on the same day and collected travelling expenditure of Rs. He took certain far-reaching decisions like cutting down on extra branches and staff. what should you do? Allowance: Money Bags is a second year management student. giving special reference to socio-economic condition of the people of your country? The case of a loss making company: Company X has been reporting loss for the last three years. He feared telling his boss about the doctor's report. the hospital administration has hinted at the possibility of trying the equipment provided that the company sponsors one of its doctors to a seminar in the US.Child policeman: Ramraj is a child policeman posted in a certain police station. its options are: ‡ Merger with another company ‡ Improve production techniques ‡ Pump in more money ‡ Change top management Employee morale is at an all time low. Helmut. the price makes a huge dent in the expenditure budget. Please advise Company X what to do. However. As a result 30 percent underwriters resigned and the middle managers revolted.2500. The annual sales target has to be met within the next month. What should Mr. All this resulted in a larger debt. X. He is given 32 GDPI-NOTE an adequate salary for his job at the police station. the equipment is highly specialised. He goes to school during the daytime and works in the police station during the night. marketing network is weak. The hospital cannot really justify this purchase on two grounds: first. an experienced CEO to turn the company around. expecting a better job he has rejected all that have come his way so far. time) is given to him during examination months. You are the principal. If you are the leader of a social-welfare group. money availability limited. His family. cost of production increased and so did the company's losses. For this they take help from a local entrepreneur Mr. What should the company do? Stress and the Systems Manager: A systems manager was diagnosed to be suffering from stress. However. He is considering selling a costly machine to a local hospital. from each company. the company and even his subordinates were affected due to his behaviour. He has been applying to various companies for jobs for some time now. extra leave (i. The cause was his inability to complete his job in the stipulated time. a personnel manager of one of the companies he has scheduled an interview with. While he waits for his 'dream job' he has decided make a quick buck. what are your views regarding the case. He does not see anything wrong in this. Mr. murder or violent crimes.

Some parts of an old dilapidated furnace need to be replaced. Das refuses on grounds of safety claiming that the furnace is dangerous and will collapse any time. an important customer of ABC informs Mr Murthy that XYZ Ltd. Angry. an air-conditioned car and frequent foreign travel. Prahalad catches a young boy in the act of stealing a watch and turns him in to the manager. Disturbed by this. Besides a handsome salary he has been offered a furnished house. He further tells Mr. Murthy and after several rounds of discussion the price is finalised. Mr. In the interim. a successful manufacturing company that he started over 20 years ago.. Murthy is the owner of ABC Ltd. Lately there has been a spate of shoplifting incidents. He approaches Mr. If he refuses he loses Vijay who is definitely worth what he is demanding. As Vijay is a great asset to the bank. At the same time a promotion could mean the loss of 8 employees. Prahalad has been employed for surveillance and is directly responsible to the manager. What should Gautam Mukherjee do? 34 GDPI-NOTE Problem child: . Mr. Srinivas is interested in buying the company. They decide not to call the police immediately and start interrogating him themselves. One of these offers has come from Country Had the leading foreign bank in India. One day. After this he threatens to sack Mr. Every year Gautam visits the campuses of various leading management institutes and picks up bright MBAs to work for his bank. Murthy inform Mr.c. What should the manager do? The ethical businessman: Mr. Due to old age Murthy now wishes to sell the company and retire to his village to live a peaceful life. (if they want to retain him) he is in a fix. Due to the success of this product Vijay has come in the limelight and a few competitors have already made him job offers. a loyal and hard working employee. The agency recommends installation of video cameras in the store for surveillance.c. However. Vijay's walking out. Mahendra Pratap is the owner of a large department store. Should Mr. Vijay too has been doing very well and his product (he is in the consumer Services Divisions) has been a grand success. Srinivas about these developments before the papers are signed? Furnace heat: A problem occurs on the shop floor of a reputed company. primarily looking at its profitability and market dominance. The supervisor asks Mr. Vijay is finding it extremely difficult to refuse this offer. Like most of the others. is selling the same range of products at 30percent less. which is one of the larger foreign banks doing business in India. the supervisor goes inside himself and does the needful. Mr Murthy realises that price reduction will mean a drop in the company's profitability whereas unchanged prices would mean a loss in the market share.l. Das. Vijay Basudev is one such bright MBA that Gautam had recruited in 1981. Mr. on the day before the papers are to be signed. Mr. Gautam gets to know this. Gautam's selection is excellent as none of these MBAs have yet switched jobs and most of them have been doing very well. who has been with the company for over 15 years. it will involve promotions and superseding 8 others who are senior and doing as well. Mr. would also mean a loss of clients for the bank (as they would now shift to rival banks). to go inside the furnace to replace the parts. Das and takes the matter to his superior.l.33 GDPI-NOTE The shoplifting case: Mr. Every year (since 1984) Gautam has been recruiting 5 to 6 MBAs. he calls him over for a chat. whereupon they find that he is Pratap's son. Murthy that he would continue the associating with ABC only on the condition that they match the price of their rival. If he does make a counter offer to Vijay. a rival company. When he gets to hear of Vijay's offer and Vijay's demand of a counter-offer from ANZee Bank p. What should his boss do? The modern MBA Gautam Mukherjee is the General Manager (Personnel) of ANZee Bank p. Pratap hires a detective agency to investigate the matter.

000 tonnes distributed evenly amongst the four zones. Gautam Makhija. Milind had not even bothered look for the information.40.P. In early 1998 Mr. What should Anita do with Milind? Amax Soap Manufacturers Ltd. With 'Diamond' and 'Lavender' in the premium category and 'Cheapo' in Janata category. something was seriously wrong. 40 lakh . etc. Before sending the advertisement to the newspaper. Anita realized that there was obviously a problem. (ASML): ASML.Marketing) appointed a team to look into the possibility of launching a popular soap by May 1. Faced with a situation where the advertising expenditure alone exceeded the sales turnover. She could not afford to put a black spot on her excellent track record of over the last 8 years. Yet another deadline had been missed and things were getting out of hand. his business grew to one with a Rs.V. Milind had not bothered to check it. 4. established Conman way back in 1962. with her head in her hands. keeping a track of where things were headed. And it had to be fixed immediately. The company hired the best advertising agency and opted for celebrity endorsement. To take another case. The advertisement budget was fixed at 25 percent of the expected annual turnover with 60 percent of the budget allocated to T. Based on these findings the team decided to launch a time based popular soap called 'Soft Touch' priced at Rs. The latest instance boiled down to the fact that there was a spelling mistake in the advertisement. The company hoped to sell 16. An enterprising Sindhi refugee. This was the second complaint letter from the client in one week. 1998.50 per bar of 100 gram with a yellow wrapper. which revealed that the current market size of popular soaps was about 1. Sales assessment 1 year later revealed that 'Soft Touch' had fared disastrously. But with zero presence in the fast growing popular category. 4. 4. ASML began losing ground in the growing soap market. There were no problems in his personal life either. her assistant to simply not carry out mundane jobs like delivering material on time. The team comprising of top ASML managers conducted an extensive survey. a leading soap manufacturer located in Western India. When asked about this. Janata category had soaps costing less than Rs. She was furious. the MD of the company directed Sanjay Ghosh to decide on continuing the brand or killing it. 35 GDPI-NOTE Sanjay Ghosh and the rest of the team got together to decide the fate Soft Touch. Beginning with repairing radio and other electrical goods. Anita saw the mistake and immediately had it cancelled. She started thinking. Of the 4 available brands in the market Lips and Hexona accounted for 30 per cent each while Hamus and Oaris had a share of 20 per cent each. 6 were classified as popular soaps. After it had been sent. The Vice President of her company had asked her why things were going wrong. The market was expected to grow at the rate of 15% per annum. Milind had not bothered to check it. lest any future mishap should occur. let alone give it to the client. three days ago. he admitted that he had forgotten to deliver the material to another magazine's office. What should theydo? Conman and Company: Conman and Company Pvt Ltd.Anita sat at her desk.50.000 tonnes in the first year from May 1998 to May 1999 thus capturing a 10 percent market share. which could affect his work. Earlier there had been many instances where the client had asked for information regarding the TV market. 6 per 100 grams were classified as premium while those priced between Rs. What caused Milind. Sanjay Ghosh (V. and fixing them when he knew they were going wrong? Critical deadlines were being missed quite unnecessarily. ASML had established its reputation of supplying value for money. effective rates. over a decade and half. He wanted a reply by the next morning. was the unchallenged market leader in premium soaps. Milind had no explanation to offer.50 and Rs. For one whole week. ASML had managed to capture only 3 percent of the market. The soap was formally launched on the stated date. Soaps priced at or above Rs. is a medium sized company into electronics.

In 1998 it decided to launch a range of ties for that segment. l lakh mark by the end of the year. It also unveiled plans to go international.turnover private limited company. the two Harvard educated sons of Gautam. you as members of the senior management team of NYL have to make a decision. The accumulated trash is not just an eyesore but also leads to minor accidents caused when people step on it. But in the very next year. 2 lakhs. sales dropped unaccountably to Rs. What option should the Makhija brothers choose and why? Recycle thy neighbour: Your new neighbour has a disgusting habit of throwing trash out of the window and dirtying the front of the building. They laid down the options available to them for doing so: Go public. gross profit declined to 8 percent of sales (as against the previous year) and net profit was a mere Rs.15 crores and it began manufacturing stereo systems for televisions and electronic control systems related to industries. But a few days later. What will you do? The case of contraceptives: The government plans to nationalise the contraceptive industry because it feels that the private firms are confusing the issue. You are the new secretary of the housing society and you have to handle this issue. Consolidate their existing business slowly with conservative financial management and think of expansion and growth three to four years down the line. 50 crores from the capital market and put up a huge plant manufacturing black and white along with colour television sets. These ties clocked sales of 50 lakhs versus optimistic expectations 36 GDPI-NOTE of 20 lakhs. With six months to go before the year ends. Raise resources from the capital market and diversify into a sunrise industry. for the last 12 years. The Makhija brothers knew from their management background that sustained growth was a key to survival. His habit worsens when his parents move in with him. and in the next year it rocketed to another 2 crores. the sales are falling even more dangerously and will not even cross the Rs. like petrochemicals. The company shifted gears when Sunit and Anil. Based on that the company made huge expansion plans both in production as well as in marketing and ad-spend. 1 crore. In 1993. rising cost of material and increasing competition by industrialists who had entered these markets in a big way. he resumes his behaviour. And this year. took over the management of their father's company. As one of the consultants mining the feasibility of this idea. and launch a premium range of products. They also surmised that their company's performance that year could be temporary and with a bit of luck they could gain their earlier profitability. While the turnover remained constant. and whenever confronted with this issue he willingly agrees to correct it. He expanded and began manufacturing pocket and transistor radios. raise Rs. what are your views? Tie untied: NYL has been a successful manufacturer of ready-made shirts aimed at the low-priced market segment. By 1992 the company's turnover exceeded Rs. the company's fortune took a downward turn primarily due to a labour strike. 40 crores from financial institutions besides automating and modernizing the existing manufacturing facilities at Shahad in Maharashtra. This seemed particularly strange since there was no new competitor in the market or any notable or new activity from the existing camps. and the response was incredible. Raise resources to the extent of Rs. _ 37 GDPI-NOTE . Your neighbour is perfectly well behaved and decent otherwise.

If your essay is describing a process. The introduction should be designed to attract the reader¶s attention and give him/her an idea of the essay¶s focus. Now you must look at your outline or diagram and decide what point you will be making. That was your topic. you will probably need to stick to the order in which the steps must be completed. Each main idea should ideally have four to five supporting ideas. It could simply be a pertinent fact that explicitly illustrates the point you wish to make. You could use any of these techniques as your introduction. . KJ Somiya. and what point you. 1. Check the instructions for the assignment. Check your writing. Look at your paragraphs. Once you have fleshed out each of your body paragraphs. If you use a piece of startling information. follow it with a sentence or two of elaboration. to the point. and it doesn¶t need to be totally new to your readers. What do the main ideas and supporting ideas that you listed say about your topic? Each main idea that you wrote down in your diagram or outline will become one of the body paragraphs. one for each main point. Be sure your anecdote is short. The structure you create here may still change before the essay is complete. 38 GDPI-NOTE Check the order of your paragraphs. Simply review the main points (being careful not to restate them exactly) or briefly describe your feelings about the topic. You need to organise your ideas once the topic is given to you. you are ready to continue. end with the second strongest. but the reader must understand the point you are trying to convey. Use the main idea and add supporting points to it. You know what the essay will be about. but the basic structure is the same no matter what. Even an anecdote can end your essay in a useful way. and put the weakest in the middle.CHAPTER 4 . you must be sure to follow all of the instructions you have been given. Begin with an attention grabber.ESSAY WRITING Amongst the leading institutes. The conclusion brings closure to the reader. There remains one last step. but use it carefully. IIFT. Whatever order you decide on. All the conclusion needs is three or four strong sentences that do not need to follow any set formula. If the attention grabber was only a sentence or two. Which one is the strongest? You might want to start with the strongest paragraph. and XLRI are some that have essay writing as a part of their selection procedure. Follow dialogue with a sentence or two of elaboration. _ Dialogue An appropriate dialogue does not have to identify the speakers. An essay can have many purposes. When you prepare a final draft. You could opt for a flowing structure or a cut and dry outline. The thesis statement tells the reader what the essay will be about. the author. These could be: _ Startling information This information must be true and verifiable. _ Anecdote An anecdote is a story that illustrates a point. If you had three or four main ideas. and relevant to your topic. you will have three or four body paragraphs. be sure it makes sense. This can be a very effective opener for your essay. summing up your points or providing a final perspective on your topic. You may be writing an essay to argue for a particular point of view or to explain the steps necessary to complete a task. before your essay is complete. add one or two more sentences that will lead the reader from your opening to your next step that is the thesis statement. Use only two or three exchanges between speakers to make your point. will be making.

Amongst others who have attained Knighthood are Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley. Some of the typical topics are: ‡ Educated unemployed ± How will India tackle the problem? ‡ Success is all about human relations ‡ Should subsidies be continued or withdrawn? Characteristics of a good essay Unity: The subject of the essay should be maintained throughout the essay. It needs to be direct. Make sure that the body of your essay follows the introduction and the conclusion appears at the end. however. Analysis of the essay: The above essay on Murk Tully the prominent BBC correspondent is of around 270 words.he is the author of the book.an account of the conflict which centred on the storming of the Golden Temple. Style: The essay is a formal writing technique. Since 1994 he has been a freelance journalist and broadcaster. Do not use slang or colloquial terms nor a loose style of writing. Prominent among the many broadcasts Mark Tully has made are the BBC series. It has an introduction which . With Satish Jacob he also authored Amritsar . Prominent among them are former BBC correspondent Mark Tully. Do not include unnecessary data. however if you resort to some of the under mentioned tips. ³The Lives of Jesus´ in 1996 . Make sure you use the active voice while writing. Read and reread your essay. ‡ Read extensively ‡ Observe all those and all that is around you ‡ Converse and discuss issues with others SAMPLE ESSAY Many Indians figure in the Queen's knighthood honours list for 2002.a book which accompanied his radio series of the same title which traced the story of India's first forty years of independence. Mark Tully's book No Full Stops in India is a collection of essays centering on widely different events and themes in order to explore Indian politics. Through his broadcasts and writings Mark Tully has been the principal interpreter of India for 39 GDPI-NOTE British audiences for the previous three decades. Gandhi's Last Battle . Order: The essay follows a particular line of thought. continuing to be based in New Delhi. He joined the BBC in 1964. Mark Tully attended boarding school in Darjeeling before going to Cambridge. It makes your writing vibrant. you could be prepared with your thoughts.Mrs. Tips on essay writing You cannot prepare for the essay in advance. Brevity: The essays given to you would generally have a word limit of maximum 300 words. Born in Calcutta. receives an OBE (officer of the order of the British empire). which accompanied the series. you can improve weak points that otherwise would be missed. rising from Assistant Reporter in New Delhi to BBC South Asia Correspondent. and from 1965 to 1994 served as a BBC correspondent in India. By reviewing what you have done. simple and clear. Develop the subject in the course of the essay.Nothing can substitute revision of your work. Over the years his radio and TV broadcasts have covered stories that agitated the sub-continent. You will notice that there is a proper flow and structure to the essay. society and culture. and From Raj to Rajiv with Z Masani . Do not place your data arbitrarily throughout the essay. Make sure that it is crisp and to the point. best known for his portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi and Chennai-born England cricket captain Nasser Hussain.

it is concise and brief. flexibility and decision making ability. Highlight only the essentials and leave out the trivia. Extempore is used by Faculty of Management Studies. The typical questions asked are: ‡ Introduce yourself or tell us something about yourself. and knowledge. It also. . Group interviews are generally conducted amongst students with similar backgrounds. How do I prepare for it? Read extensively for when you are well read you can quickly think of several points to speak about on the given subject with confidence. The essay has all the necessary elements of unity. prior to their personal interview. The topics could be factual or abstract. a body and a conclusion. EXTEMPORE Extemporaneous speaking is a competitive public speaking event in which contestants are given a topic and are required to speak on it for a minute. Questions may be asked in any of these formats: Generic questions to each Interviewee in order to judge their personality. level of confidence. dominance. ‡ How much can you contribute as a fresher? ‡ Why have you selected Marketing/Finance/IT/Operations as your specialisation? ‡ You have mentioned in your form that delay in decision-making is your weakness. Delhi. List of a few Extempore topics: ‡ A drop of ocean ‡ National bird ‡ The blue sky ‡ My girlfriend ‡ If I were the Prime Minister ‡ I have a dream _ 40 GDPI-NOTE CHAPTER 5 . The speech has to have an introduction. Put the chits in a bag or on a platter. The objective of a group interview is to assess how an individual accepts or rejects another person¶s views on a topic. There are around 5 to 6 interviewees and 2 to 3 interviewers in a group discussion. An extempore tests a candidate¶s: ability to structure his/her thoughts and communicate that on the spot. exposes traits similar to that of a group discussion thereby revealing characteristics like communication skills. clarity on career goals and self-awareness. interpersonal skills and personal traits alike assertiveness. as a step in the selection process. This is how your essay needs to be. Do one extempore a day. a certain order. Explain. Students shortlisted from the Entrance Test are subjected to extempore. etc. Pick them one by one. One interviewer asks individual questions to each interviewee turn by turn and does not usually cross-question other interviewees when one is answering. not unnecessarily verbose. Practise extempore by writing topics on small chits of paper. In case the topic sounds embarassing or abstract. presentation skills. and speak on it for a minute. and finally concludes with another person who is Indian born and has attained knighthood. in a subtle way. followed by a body that elaborates on the topic. you can always link the topic to something that is factual and scientific.GROUP INTERVIEWS SP Jain conducts Group Interviews.introduces the topic to the reader. It is a regular feature in a group interview for one interviewee to be asked to comment on the opinion expressed by another interviewee.

‡ How much does your family background contribute to what you are today? ‡ Mention 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses in your character.‡ Did you leave any question blank in the essay form? Why? ‡ What are your hobbies? ‡ What are your family values? ‡ Are you a leader? If yes why? If not why not? ‡ Are you a team player? If yes why? If not why not? ‡ Do you like reading? ‡ Where have you travelled? ‡ Do you have friends? ‡ Why do you want to do an MBA although you have 5 years work experience? ‡ Are you patriotic? ‡ What are your favourite colours? ‡ Where do you see yourself 3 years from now? ‡ "I don't think you are mentally stable enough to be a manager". ‡ Tell me about the favourite person in your family. work experience and essay . ‡ What is the biggest flaw in your behaviour? ‡ What is the biggest achievement in your life? ‡ Are you a member in any Society/Club like Rotary or SPIC MACAY? ‡ Do you believe in life after death? ‡ What do your parents think about you? ‡ What do your colleagues think about you? ‡ Were you a teacher's pet? ‡ What did your teachers think about you? 41 GDPI-NOTE ‡ What do you think about yourself? ‡ Do people listen to you when you give ideas? ‡ Do you sing? ‡ Do you believe in astrology? ‡ Can you read my palm and tell me my future? Another interviewer may question the interviewees on their academics. Justify.

In the course of the interview each member is expected to make a contribution. "The Rupee is getting weaker against the Dollar?" ‡ Why did Telco's first small car flop in the market? ‡ What is the Kelkar Committee Report all about? ‡ Do you think investing in RBI Relief Bonds is a good decision based on the latest rule regarding the investment limit? ‡ Why does the sensex fluctuate so much? ‡ Is it really so important to win an Oscar? ‡ After doing an MBA. Some of the questions previously asked have been: ‡ ‡ Pepsi vs water. Are they marketing to an extraneous market? ‡ Can water not fulfill the same need? ‡ Should consumers end up paying for huge advertisements and promotional gimmicks? ‡ Everybody talks of giving social benefits. Give details regarding your summer project. There may not be any order of questioning. Explain how you intend to do that. The questions asked are: ‡ You have mentioned in the essay form that you view yourself as a CEO five years from now. Why don't some of you join politics? ‡ What is the present dilemma the government is facing in economic terms? ‡ What would you do if you were made the Prime Minister of India for a day? ‡ Would you have selected a candidate like yourself if you were in my place? Why yes/no? ‡ What is lobbying? Would you lobby for a critical contract for your company? ‡ If I tell you that I can offer a seat to that person in this group who bids the highest price for the seat? Would you participate and how much would you be ready to bid? ‡ Why does sensational news get front-page coverage in a newspaper? ‡ Is the media behaving responsibly? ‡ When two newspapers give two different versions of the same story. which one do you believe and on what basis? ‡ What do you mean by. how would you contribute towards India's development? ‡ I want all of you to give me 3 good reasons why we should NOT select you.. ‡ You say that honesty is your family value.form. to judge a candidate's knowledge in these spheres of life. . He may ask certain controversial questions to the entire group to judge their response. What have you learnt from it? A third interviewer might ask questions on current affairs. if an MNC employs you. The interviewer may at times also address some questions to the entire group and ask their opinion on some topic. These are generally personal questions and hence other interviewees are not asked to express their opinion on them. general knowledge. Please give an example from your life that exhibits your honesty. national and international economy etc.

interested etc. you can bet that they scrutinising individuals. 42 GDPI-NOTE ‡ Do you think your colleague's answer makes sense? ‡ Can you predict the budget for next year? What do you think will be some major reforms? ‡ I do not like the way you answer. take notes. length of hair. In one case it has been known for the panelist to put a cigarette in his mouth and asks if anyone has a light. while other panelists watch the candidates' reaction. Are they bored. Although you are present as a team. adjusting the dupatta. etc. etc. shifting in one's seat.I want each of you to select 1 person other than you from this group who you think should be selected and explain why. Don't you think you are over-confident and arrogant? One panelist may behave erratically. excited. but watch the candidates' body language. Some of the aspects you may be evaluated upon are: ‡ Appearance and sense of dressing. pulling their ear lobe. The skills measured during these exercises include ‡ Interpersonal ‡ Persuasion ‡ Communication . career goals. repeatedly wiping their sweat with a handkerchief etc? ‡ When asked a personal question does an interviewee appear uncomfortable and his body language change? ‡ Does the candidate get aggravated when cross-questioned in too much detail by a panelist? During group interview exercises. There is one panelist who may not ask any question. interviewers might closely observe and ask and elicit questions. and maybe even interject a twist or two. patting their hair. ‡ Does the interviewee fidget and stammer while answering? ‡ The facial expressions on the other interviewees' faces when an interviewee is answering eg. ‡ ‡ Why do you think you have received a call? I want an answer from each of you. This includes such insignificants as nails. speak with passion and bend forward or does the person maintain the same tone throughout the interview? ‡ Does an interviewee smirk when another candidate appears to give a silly answer? ‡ Does the interviewee maintain eye contact with the interviewer while answering? ‡ Does the interviewee make excessive hand movements while talking? ‡ Does the interviewee possess any noticeable repeated body movement like scratching their nose. pulling their tie lose. hobbies. ‡ If a tricky question is being asked to one interviewee do the others appear lost in their thoughts trying to figure out a smart answer? ‡ Does an interviewee slouch in his seat or sit smartly? ‡ When being asked about something close to his/her heart like family values.does the candidate sit up straighter.

rather than an ordeal. management is a job in which stress is an inbuilt part of the . The purpose of such interviews is to judge how well informed you are on your subject areas. Do not get intimidated at the prospect of going through an interview. as an opportunity to present yourself to a complete stranger. puts him in a spot. A stress interview is said to be the one in which the panel deliberately acts hostile and tries to make the candidate uncomfortable. self-awareness. see how well you can handle stressful situations. and a well-rounded personality. (the answers to which you have prepared well) by being smart and proactive. leading the panel to ask you the kind of questions that you want them to ask you. Stress Interview: IIM.‡ Teamwork ‡ Leadership ‡ Organisational ‡ Stress management Group interviewers might be looking to see who takes charge. The invitation to interview means that the panel wishes to determine if you are a candidate suited to the profile of students they wish to enrol in their institute. The purpose of the stress interview is akin to that of a controversial GD. It is important for you to have a sound knowledge on all your subject areas while preparing for such an interview. Ahmedabad is well known for conducting stress interviews. They might also observe how well all individuals ‡ Improvise ‡ Handle stress ‡ Plan ‡ Involve other team members ‡ Give constructive criticism ‡ Take criticism. their impression will be formed solely on the things you tell them and how you tell them. Therefore you should look on the interview positively. Remember that the panel does not know you at all. Let us face it. and how the other members react to his or her leadership. In an interview the panel looks for a sound grasp of your academics. how well he or she delegates tasks. Therefore you have the upper hand and you can actually direct the course of the interview. The panel wants to see your maturity. The interviewer uses the interview as a tool to evaluate managerial and technical capabilities at an individual level. clarity of goals.PERSONAL INTERVIEW An interview is essentially a personality test. and pushes him against the wall. constructive or otherwise ‡ Assist in resolving the issue at hand ‡ Presence of mind ‡ Listening skills _ 43 GDPI-NOTE CHAPTER 6 . Types of Interviews: Technical Interview: In such an interview you are asked questions on your area of specialisation.

package. We may think of play as optional.g. Personal Interviews: These interviews deal with your background.. if you can¶t stand the heat. The idea behind the stress interview is on the same lines: a manager should be able to face stressful situations with a cool mind. II. You may have the opinion that it is enough to have a sterling academic record and that hobbies are of secondary importance. without raising your voice. It is an unfortunate by-product of our education system that students learn by rote without really understanding what they are reading. not just the one related to one¶s profile. along with the high salary and the respect. In many ways an interview is a more predictable process than a GD. grace and dignity. This will be difficult. But as an aspirant to an MBA course. hobbies. as this will enable you to form a preparation strategy. survival belongs to the agile and not the idle. strengths-weaknesses. answer questions as coolly as possible. Preparation for an interview To maximize your chances of success at an interview you must prepare well beforehand. The panel wants to validate that you have actually learnt all that you were supposed to learn in your college. For e. allowing a creature to tests its limits and develop strategies. getting aggressive and confrontationist. Tell yourself to relax. where dramas change daily. You are also expected to have a practical bent of mind. Remember that this is not personal. so there is no denying the importance of preparation and no excuse for the lack of it! 44 GDPI-NOTE Areas of questioning: Before preparing for an interview. get out of the kitchen. likes-dislikes. that is be able to relate the theory to applications. According to Diane Ackerman in ³Deep Play´: ³Play is widespread among animals because it invites problem-solving initiatives. The panel tries to judge your approach and your interest towards your job and the company. your body may betray signs of tension even as you try to hide them. you are expected to have and demonstrate a sound understanding of your discipline as well. So keep yourself abreast with all aspects of the job. Hobbies: The panel wants to assess if you have a one-track personality or a well-rounded multi-faceted one. Academics/Technical questions: This is more applicable to the fresh graduate. After all. but actually that is not so. and the objective of questioning in each area. by hyperventilation or sweating. and acting as reasonably as possible. you never met the panel till this interview and you are not going to meet them again. There is a saying. These areas are: I. Someone who has been doing his job with zest would be aware of all aspects of the company. politely tell them that you will answer this question first and that one as soon as you have finished. Breathe deeply if this happens. let us first go over the areas on which you may be questioned. If two people fire questions at you simultaneously. a casual activity. And also to assess how good is your understanding of the concepts that you have learnt. Participation in extra-curricular activities and hobbies shows that you know how to balance between work and fun and recognize the fact that learning can be had from means other than textbooks. General Awareness: The panel wants to judge the following: . Do not rise to the bait of the interviewer and get angry. The way you should tackle a stress interview is to stay controlled. III. IV. etc. Don¶t at any point get emotional. It cannot be personal. But play is fundamental to evolution´. Job Experience: If you have had a job experience then it is likely that you would be quizzed on your company and job profile. participation in team sports teaches you things about team working and leadership that no textbook on earth could teach you. Then start answering. In a dangerous world. whereas someone who has little interest in the job would not be well briefed on other aspects of the company apart from the job itself.

Fourthly. civil. detailed awareness about business events is extremely desirable. and maturity in forming opinions. you can understand the kind of preparation strategy you must put in place before going for an interview. What are my short-term career goals (Time frame of 1-4 years) 4. As you can obviously realise that preparation for this area is exactly the kind of preparation you need to put in for a GD. There should be a willingness to listen and reason with the panellist¶s views without seeming weak-willed. ± You should be ready to take sides or make judgments not with emotions but with reasons. in my work life. think about the following things with respect to your career: 1. electric. Students need to prepare comprehensive analysis of major issues beforehand. You have to prepare yourself with respect to the six areas of questioning. they aim to fill their seats with qualified candidates rather than the confused. electronic. ‡ Secondly. how? .What does this activity/hobby tell about me as a person? Thirdly. You should be able to explain theoretical concepts in layman¶s terms. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why do you think that they are strengths and . go over the extra-curricular activities and/or hobbies that you would mention and think about the following things: . with time constraints? . the benefits and the pitfalls before choosing it and that you have your priorities clear. you must revisit your textbooks and brush up on your basics. Why did I choose this particular specialization (mechanical.± For MBA entrance. Personality: The purpose is to allow the panel to form a more holistic picture of you and to consolidate the opinion that they may have formed of you through your answers in the other areas. What kind of preparation is needed to exhibit general awareness? ± Detailed reading of all major events and happenings in at least the last 6 months. ± Also it is a great area to exhibit analytical abilities in understanding issues. Career Goals: The purpose is to assess if you have clarity on the issue of the career. as that will show a very solid understanding of the subject. Panellists are interested in students who know precisely why they wish to do an MBA and have defined their career goals.Is there any synergy between this activity and my chosen profession? If so. And be able to find applications for the theory you have learnt. gear up for the general awareness/current affairs area by brushing up on the current affairs of the last six months. balanced all the pros and cons.How will I continue with this activity in the future. Practice explaining ideas in simple and clear language with day-to-day analogies or examples. Preparation on self: ‡ First and foremost. ± Detailed answers with reasoning. Preparation strategy: From the above areas. ± Strength in GK and Current Affairs is necessary to show a well-read and well-rounded personality. What are my long-term career goals (Time frame of 5 and above years) ‡ ‡ ‡ Fifthly. introspect on your own personality with respect to the following points: 1.What have I learnt from this activity? . however you should not be adamant about your views and always present a balanced opinion. that you have given a reasonable amount of thought to your career. What are you like as a person? 2. 45 GDPI-NOTE V. etc)? 3. They need to know what your motivation underlying your career is. VI. Why did I choose this profession/career (in case it is engineering)? 2. Every opinion must be validated with reasons and as much data and facts as possible.

weaknesses? In which situations in your life have you demonstrated your strengths and weaknesses? 3. But please don¶t wear a t-shirt. It is a two-way street. You may also be given a chance to ask a few questions in which case you must grab the opportunity to find out more about the institute. but do not bluff. Practice by simulating an interview. whatever you decide to wear must be comfortable for you. Women should avoid wearing anything too flashy and wearing too much jewelry. and sarees/salwar-kameez for women is all right. don¶t wear it. though the panel may not mind. Growth rate 3. Writing it out helps you structure your thoughts better. Products and services 2. second the company and third. The importance of preparation is paramount for success. Ask your friends and relatives to quiz you. that are relevant for the interviewer to know. . You see the interview is not a one-way street. Opt for a salwar-kameez. What are your priorities in life and why? If you have a job experience then think first of the industry. Philosophy 5. 300 questions in different categories to assist you in your preparation. While appearing for a interview dress up formally. It is also not a good idea to simply have no questions at all. don¶t wear it. if you are not comfortable wearing a tie. Good preparation automatically leads to confidence and will prove to be the best way to combat nervousness. Financial info. Do not make offending statements. Never resort to bluffing because of the possible expertise of the panellist in that area. Learn everything about yourself for then you can lead the interviewer. Your questions could be related to the career path that you wish to take up. We have given a detailed list of some 3. You can admit that you don¶t know the answer. Doing so makes you appear passive rather than curious and interested. Other players 46 GDPI-NOTE ‡ Company: You would be quizzed on the following areas of the company: 1. what kind of programs they have. This will signal that you are enthusiastic and that you take initiatives. Just wear a formal shirt instead. Similarly for a guy. This tactic is very helpful when the candidate is in a tight spot. Go through the questions relevant to your background one by one and try and answer them to the best of your ability. 70-80% of questions can be prepared for. ‡ Industry: Get as much key information as you can about the industry with respect to the following points: 1. It¶s like a teaser ad campaign. if you have prepared well. Write down areas that are difficult for you to tackle. Remember. including salary and stock ‡ Your job profile Questions you will ask: Also prepare a list of questions that you would ask the interviewer given a chance. so a suit for men. and ensures that you add on any points missed earlier. the job itself. Although you may start the interview with some butterflies in your stomach. Size of the industry 2. and you are therefore able to answer the questions well. in taking the conversation towards an area where the candidate is comfortable. Customers 3. so if you are not comfortable in a saree. you will automatically feel your nervousness disappearing and your confidence level shooting up. One leads the interviewer by ending a topic with a reference to the next topic you wish to take the panel to. arousing their curiosity and therefore making them ask you outright what you subtly hinted at. you¶ll most likely be the only one. History 6. History 4. and that may unsettle you. Competitors 4. How should I dress? Keep in mind that impressions matter. Recent news 7. where you give the target audience a hint of what is to follow.

48 . Discuss the linkage effects of Psychology. There could be certain questions you may not be able to anticipate. What is Laspyre¶s Index Number? 20. ECONOMICS: 1. Some questions are asked to harangue the candidate a bit. 25. A famous economist once said that planning is too important a task to be left to economists alone. Draw a production function. with hands in the lap. _ 47 GDPI-NOTE CHAPTER 7 . Which index number is usually used and what advantages does it have? 21. What is Money . What is deficit financing? 7. M2. What is the economic thought propounded by Keynes? 9. What growth theories are you doing in Planning? 12. exhaustive. 11. 2. Which was your favourite topic/topics disliked in economics? 23. 17. List the problems of LDC¶s. What are normal profits? 6. What is the demand curve for inferior goods? Draw the demand curve for the same. keeping an alert mind is necessary. in these cases as well as throughout the interview. What is GNP? What are the methods of calculating GNP? 4. If you do have any questions you would like to add to this list please email the same at imsindia. What are canons of taxation? 5. 8.Body language Follow the general body language rules ± Maintaining eye contact with the entire panel.A.com or mail the same to the Head office address. Sociology and economis. most if not all? Remember whilst the list. Causes for underdevelopment in India. Match your educational background with the relevant category and ensure that you build the capability to tackle.PI QUESTIONS AREA-WISE Listed below are the questions one is likely to encounter in any Personal Interview at a B-school. How is the value of the rupee determined? 22. You will have to think on your feet. Who was Max Weber? 18. Draw Average Cost Line on a graph (Where the total cost line was already drawn) 15. and limited hand-gestures). is by no means complete. What is the Harrod Doman model? 13. What are invisible in current accounts? 10. What are macro and microeconomics? Give examples. What are the social benefits and costs? 26. The questions are grouped together based on the educational background of the interviewee. Name some growth theories relevant to India. Therefore. 16.M1. 24. Comment on this. B. What is the Ricardo¶s theory of value? Compare it with Marx¶s theory? What are the 5 modifications that Ricardo later added to his theory of Value? What was Ricardo¶s theory on machinery? How is it relevant in modern times? 14. Body language should be relaxed (sit comfortably in the chair without leaning forward or fidgeting) and yet formal (sit straight. M3? 3. What are the economic implications of certain sociological factors in India? 19.

How do banks control money supply? Who controls money supply? 58. What was Marx¶s main contribution to Economics? 31. What is 'rate bank'? What does 'open market operations' mean? What is 'cash reserve ratio¶? 59. What is Cross Elasticity of Demand? 32. Difference between growth and development. Explain Schumpeter¶s Theory. Given a choice of per capita GNP and infant mortality as an index of development.A? Why? 66. What do you mean by hard currency and Soft currency? . Define Management Economies. What do you know of the Quantity theory of Money? Who are the main economists connected with it? If money supply increases by 10%. The incrementail K-O ratio.GDPI-NOTE 27. Various development models and their relevance to India. 45. What are Giffen's Goods? How are they different from inferior goods? 68. Comment. Where does the principle of pricing fail? 43. What is Phillips curve? 70. What are the main problems of the Indian economy? 67. What is the role of investment as one of the factors affecting income? 46. by what percentage will prices increase? Can increase in prices affect money supply? 57. Economists are inhuman because they advocate closure of sick units without considering social objectives. 39. 42. Tell us about the various hypotheses explaining the deceleration of industrialisation. 49 GDPI-NOTE 65. 35. What is the Revealed Preference Hypothesis? Who introduced it? 56. What is Capital Formation? 54. 50. What is a debt trap? 49. Who is the 'father' of economics? What book did he write? What is it about? 55. 30. What is disguised unemployment? Is unemployment more severe in India or in the U. What is 'liquidity trap'? Which portion of the IS curve shows it? 62. What is correlation? Variance of r? 69. Do you know anything about the history of Economic thought? 53. What is the use of Ecomomics? 34. Regression Analysis. What is the difference between equal and equitable distribution of income? 47. Asses the impact of the poverty alleviation programmes. What is the main difference between the Keynesian Theory of money and the classical theory of money? 61. What is the difference between GDP and GNP? Relate these terms to BOP accounts. What is 'stagflation'? Show it using a demand supply diagram. Difference between Net Income and Gross Income. When were the OPEC crises? Show me an oil crisis using an aggregate supply aggregate demand diagram. What are the reasons of their failure? 40.S. 41. 48. What is Finance Capital? 33. 28. which would you choose and why? 38. 60. Role of Rural Development Banks. What is the 'invisible hand' of Adam Smith? 52. What are the main differences between Keynesian aggregate supply curve and Classical aggregate curve? 63. 37. What is an externality? How can it be internalized? 44. 36. What is the Ricardian theory of International trade? 51. 29. Differentiate Monetary and Fiscal Policies. 64. Explain the linkages between agriculture and industry.

Do you think economists do nothing but cause confusion? What is the role of economists in India? 88. How is the interest rate determined in a free market? 95. What is equilibrium price and why is it so? What is price elasticity? 110. What are the assumptions behind a rational producer? 80. 90. Draw an elastic demand curve. What is the link between the Substitution effect and price elasticity? 76. What is labour wage elasticity? What is the Multiplier? What is the accelerator? What is the foreign trade Multiplier? What is producer's surplus? What is consumer¶s surplus? What is the Harris Todaro Model? 114. What do you know about Revealed Preference Hypothesis? 86. What is a perfectly competitive market? Do you think it is good for the society? What is the law of demand? 74. Draw an indifference curve for U = X + Y. Draw a straight-line downward demand curve. What wi11 happen if the price of petrol increases? What major works in microeconomics were developed in the 1930s? By whom? 50 GDPI-NOTE 104. Does a monopolist have a supply curve? 81. Tell me what are the gains from trade in this case. What is classical economics? 112. Draw its total revenue curve on the same graph. 106. What do you understand by the term "partial convertibility of the Indian rupee" Is it good or bad for the Indian economy? 87. What is Ricardo's comparative cost theory? Here is a problem. Draw the demand curve for cars. Would the employment of unemployed people who were previously on dole increase the GDP? 83. What are Substitution effect and Income effect? What are the Slutcky and Hicksian version? 77. Draw the Hicks-Allen price-substitution effect. What is devaluation? Why is it not improving our country's export performance? 93. What are the indifference curves? Explain in detail. would we need marketing managers? 92. What are natural monopolies? 72. What is comparative advantage in international economies? 96. What do you know about the permanent Y hypothesis? Which economist do you associate with it? 73. 85. What is the law of demand? What does it mean? What can you say about demand without fear of being contradicted? What is the situation of demand and supply in our country? 91. How many of these are dead? 105. How would the study of microeconomics help in management? 94. What is structural adjustment? 107. What is the difference between National Income and National Capital? 75. What is equilibrium? 98. 102. What is the Le Grangian multiplier? 82.71. What do you think went wrong with the Mahalanobis strategy of planning? 113. inelastic demand curve and unitary elasticity demand curve. Name five economists. What is a perfect market? What is demand and supply. What is the parallel economy? 99. Draw a budget line. What is elasticity of demand? What is marginal utility? 111. What do you think of the Mahalanobis model? Why did it fail? What about the recent measures? . its equilibrium and why it is significant? 108. Tell us something about the Cobb-Douglas function. 79. What do you understand by term "general equilibrium"? 84. What is International debit? Why is it harmful? What can be done about it? 78. What is opportunity cost? 97. What are Demand and Supply curves? 109. If Say¶s law holds true. What are the functions of RBI and SEBI? 100. 101. Why cannot an indifference curve be concave? 89.

A. What role does 'rhyme' play in poetry? 14. 2. Apply Weierstrais's theory for optimising a function in a closed interval. What is MPL & MPK? 128. Who was Pareto. 10. Formulate a linear programme model and define it 5. Who formulated Set Theory? 12. What is the contribution of Maths to our country? 7. Name some Indian English writers. Who is the author of "Beloved"'? 10.A? 7. Define Continuity & Differentiability. How can welfare be maximised a) For an individual b) In a society 126. Name some Pre-Raphaelites. Which private organisation in India encourages and publishes translations of vernacular writers in English. 11. What is an ode? What are the 3 different types of odes? 4. State Weierstrais's Theory. Define a Mathematician? His idiosyncrasies. What is the Law of Demand? What are Indifference curves? Is utility measurable? Explain. Name some essayists of the l8th century. 18. Name some of the 'Metaphysical Poets'. English literature? Why not journalism or M. What do you know about Vikram Seth/his latest book? 6. What is the theme of "The Passage to India" . Prove that 1 + 1 = 2. What is indifference curve? 123. Some graphical applications of Math. 120. What is Output maximisation? 127. Which year saw the publication of the ³Lyrical Ballads´? 8. What is perfect competition? How is price determined under Perfect Competition? 121. MATHEMATICS: 1. Mathematicians assume too much . Who invented the printing press? 15. 51 GDPI-NOTE 12. Who won the Pulitzer prize of 2000? 9. What are the Canto's Reals? . 19. Name some of Salman Rushidie's novels. How can utility be maximised? 125. Which character had the maximum number of lines in Shakespeare's plays? Briefly interpret Shakespeare's Portia scene. What is Bentham's Utilitarianism? 118. What are the necessary & sufficient conditions for finding out maxima in Calculus? 3. Draw a general equilibrium situation.Agree /Disagree . 2. What is Optimisation? 4. What is welfare economics? 124.Book vs Film ? 3. Which government organisation in India encourages and publishes translations of award-winning vernacular writers in English. 16. Why do you wish to do Management after B. Why is 1 + 1 D3? 6. what were his contributions and his principles. 13. Mathematicians make very lousy managers -Agree/Disagree . What is supply side economics? Do you think what is being done in India is supply side economics? 116. 17.Why? 8. What is Pareto optimality? 122.115. 5.Why? 9. 119. Name some of the novels written in the Stream of Consciousness mode. How are inputs allocated? ENGLISH LITERATURE: 1. What is the orientation of the Forster attitude. What is Giffen's Paradox? 117. 11.

Sc. 30. What is an orthogonal design? 52 GDPI-NOTE 29. 4. If you are given some nodes and the distance between every two nodes. A firm has to produce two goods from two resources. Define referendum. How many kinds of taxes are there in India? 9. how many subsets will it have? 41. Bata Company produces shirts. 17.-Maths & Statistics) POLITICAL SCIENCE: 1. How is the president of India elected? 8. What are the uses of Time Series? 32. If a set has 'n' terms. Solve the following problems: (1)? log x. Prove that it is irrational. Who is your favourite political scientist? 6. 2. What is the difference between the parliamentary and presidential forms of government? Which do you think is more suited to India's needs? 5. 33. 18. . What is the difference between Mathematics and Arithmetic? 36. What is the central limit theorem? 31. What is the difference between parametric and non-parametric tests? 35. What is float CPM/PERT? 23. 24. etc. Why is the Normal Distribution called Normal? What is sampling distribution? 34. Factorise x2 + 5x + 6 = 0 (Also see: B. What is a factorial experiment? 27. What is Poisson Distribution? 21. Give examples of two numbers such that the sum of their squares is a square. What do you mean by applied politics? 3. What is a statistic and what is a parameter? 26. shoes sizes. 15. 14. shoes etc. 16.13. What are the statistical tools used in fixing shirt sizes. B. what measure of central tendency would you use? 43. If y = a. Derive the sum of a G. how will you find the minimum distance between any two nodes? 22. Is Maths an Art or a Science? Is Economics an Art or a Science? 19. Prove that the inverse of a matrix is unique. what is dy /dx? 40. What is the square root of 0. What does the validity & reliability of psychological tests imply? 42. What is the correlation Co-efficient? 20. Define political science. What is a 2 person zero sum game? Are all games zero-sum? Formulate a 2 person non-zero sum game.P. It can produce either both product(s) from either resource. Define a matrix. Define an irrational number. What is a hung parliament? How is it different from a minority government? 7. What did you learn in Business Mathematics? What were the practical applications? 39. What are the functions of a 2nd derivative? How is the second derivative used to show the graph of a function is increasing or decreasing? 44.-Maths. to 'n' terms 28. What are independently and identically distributed random variables? 25. Formulate a Linear Program.1? 37. Define socialism. If you had to calculate the averages of income. dx (2) 2x2 + 2y2 = 24 and x2 + 2y2 = 24 -what do they stand for? 38. Define Transfinite Numbers.Sc. Explain the Simplex Method.

Why do you want to do an MBA? Why not CA? 2.PSYCHOLOGY: 1. Why do you wish to specialise in finance? 4.Q. Explain how you could use accounting concepts in everyday life. the ego and the super-ego? What is a split personality? 5. What is organisation? What is productivity? How do you measure it? 54 GDPI-NOTE 17. What are I. and E. What factors motivate the workers to perform well? What are the causes of absenteeism among workers? 2. bell curve. What is marginal costing? 13.: 1. What is Cognitive dissonance? Is there cognitive dissonance in all cultures? 6. COM. How important is E. 9. Is knowledge of psychology essential in human resource development? How can you measure the performance of workers? 7. What is the role of a cost accountant in stores management? What is a matrix and what are its applications? 15. Are you Theory X oriented or Theory Y oriented? Compare Elton Mayo and his theories to Sigmund Freud¶s theories. Y and Z? Which do you subscribe to? Can you apply Maslow's Hierarchy to yourself? 4.? 4. correlation and regression? 10. Do a cost benefit analysis for human resource accounting. What are co-variance. What are the theories of X. 3.Q. What are the different theories of motivation? Compare Herzberg. aptitude and emotional problems among workers? 8. fixed costing and variable costing? 11. Maslow. What is psychology? What are the different branches of psychology? How is psychology applicable in daily life? 6. How would you audit a production department? 14. Are Sigmund Freud's theories applicable today? ACADEMICS: 1. Is there a relationship between psychological disorders and personality traits? What are the factors responsible for low performance among workers? What are the tests for measuring the personality. What is Freud's contribution to mankind? What is the function of dreams in Freud¶s theory of dreams? How does Jung differ from Freud? 7. How does the psychological functioning of the person affect the output of his organisation? 3. Why did you opt for commerce and not science even after you secured a good score in standard X? 3. What is the difference between an economist¶s and a cost accountant's interpretation of fixed and variable costs? 12.Q. What is the difference between standard costing and budgeting. Why MBA when Company Secretary is so demanding a field? 5. As a commerce student do you think you have an edge over engineers in an MBA? Why? 6. What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness? Give practical examples of the . sampling. What is the difference between a delusion and a hallucination? What are the manifestations 53 GDPI-NOTE of the id. How can the relationship between the management and workers be improved? Which theories of motivation do you know? What is equity theory of motivation? Herzberg's two-factor theory? Compare the two theories. What tests can be conducted while employing workers? 5. What is the Oedipus complex? How does it manifest itself in later life? What is anima/animus? B. 7. 2. Your opinions on both. What is the difference between single entry and double entry system of accounting? 16. McGregor. What is the time value of money? 8.

What are type 1 and 2 errors? 19. Describe practical application of statistics. Give an example where probability is more than unity. What is correlation co-efficient? How is it measured? 56. What is the effect of depreciation provision on fund flow statement? 51. What is E. How is accounting for human resources done? 55. 23.D. Distinguish between monopolistic and oligopolistic industry. What is the harmonic mean? 18. Explain some of the important ratios in management accounting. What are the uses and procedures of setting standards of standard costing? 50. Explain indifference curve analysis to a layman. What part of financial accounts do you find most interesting? 55 GDPI-NOTE 54. What is the depreciation provision as per the IT act? 52. How are deficits met? How does money supply influence taxation? 35. What are standard deviation. 30. What is statistics? 31. The role of the government is being reduced. imports? 47. What is the degree of returns for CES production? 44. 38. How do you conduct an audit? 58.use of statistics in business. Differentiate between cost accounting and financial accounting. 25. factory layout. What is a continuous function? Define probability. How are current assets valued in the balance sheet? Why do losses appear on the asset side? 20. What is fraction accounting? . What do you mean by productivity? What is efficiency? What is effectiveness? Differentiate between financial accounting and management accounting. Explain the evolution of economic theory from the classic to the Keynesian. On what basis is inflation calculated? What is the difference between WPI and CPI? 24. regression and covariance? 40. 41. 37. What kind of product requires advertising and what kind of product does not require advertising? 42.P. Define inflation. What is net worth? 53. What is financial management? 39. What are primary and secondary data? For a project. 28. Describe the scaling techniques in market research. What is the correlation between interest rate and Forex rate? 46. If all the consumers in an economy possessed bliss points. Should it be eliminated totally? 60. Is unemployment a major problem? Has the government done anything to eliminate it? 27. audit? 57. What is OR? What is linear programming. What is the productivity of Indian farms? Is it low? If so. what would be the relevance of microeconomics? 45. What is a budget? How does budget correct economic problems? 26. why? 48. 33. Mention two things you would do if you were the economic supreme of a country. which of these would you choose? 34. Draw and explain the break-even point. As an accountant how can you prevent corruption in an organisation? 29. Which theory is applicable to India today? 59. What are expenditure-switching policies? 43. Find out the elasticity of substitution for CES production function. inventory control? 36. In valuing assets what is used cost price or market price? What is stagflation? What is stipulation? 21. 32. correlation. What is the interest rate parity? 49. What is the status of India's GDP. Differentiate between budgetary deficit and fiscal deficit. 22. market capitalisation exports.

What is the status of India's GPD. 77. What is amalgamation? 64. What is management accounting? 73. What is the financial manager's job? 75. What was the one great feature of European book keeping? What is memorandum of association? 71. Sometimes the balance sheet may balance but there may be some errors. What is the difference between strategy and business policy? Define both. How many nationalised banks are there in India? 102. Explain break-even analysis and strategic accounting. Design a costing system for a company.61. What is the difference between accounting for amalgamation and holding company accounts? 66. What is capital market? 103. What is the aggregate demand? What is aggregate supply? Explain the concept of limited liability. How do you predict stock prices? 98.R. What is the inflation rate? How is it determined? 106. What will be your advice to a person who wants to buy shares? 62. 93. What is the concept behind standard deductions allowed while computing income from salaries? 72. How do we capture the growth in the economy? 78.M. What is the deprecation as per the IT act? What is interest parity? 100. Why is the graph of average & marginal cost U-shaped? 87. What is GDP. What is more important. What do you know about the standard costing? 81. Explain the concept of value addition? 79. How would you evaluate the effectiveness of PDS? 85. What is money market? 104. 95. 97. What is theory of defence? What is marginal safety? 107. What is working capital? 67. market capitalisation exports. 91. Was the Green Revolution a good idea? 84. What is the sensex? Are there any other indexes? 109.R? 68. Name the accounting standard effective from O1-04-1995? 65. How do foreign exchange rate and interest rate affect the economy? 83. What is a bull and bear run? 105. State any three objectives while designing an accounting system. What is the importance of costing and management accounting? 108. imports? What is net worth? 99. Are there any new developments in costing? Explain them. financial accounting or management accounting? 74. 101. What are the sources of internal debt? 90. Explain 'Goodwill'? What is its position in the balance sheet? And why is it shown as an asset? How is it quantified? 89. . What is I. What is P/E ratio? Interpret the P/E ratio. What are the applications of statistics in management? What is E. MNP? What is growth rate of GDP of the agriculture industry? 82. industry analysis and economy analysis. What is inflation accounting? 76.I? 70. What do you mean by the price and income elasticity of demand? 56 GDPI-NOTE 94. What are the applications of finance in companies? 69. What is fixed and variable cost? In India is labour cost fixed or variable? 88. Explain. 63. What is average cost? What is marginal cost? 86. Explain the concepts of profits? 80. Where do you show loss in the balance sheet? 92. How do you conduct an audit? 96. Compare company analysis.

What is net worth? Is it possible to have negative net worth? 147. How do you reduce tax liability? 111. Draw the population growth curve of India. Explain interim audit vs. What are your views on zero-based budgeting? 139. 141. What is the difference between a partnership and a company? 121. Can a shareholder visit a company factory? 119. What will you do after management? 153.). 113. What is the role of IDBI / ICICI in industrialisation? 154. What is your opinion of the budget? Give details of amount of deficit and relief allowed. Explain the audit of different types of companies (e. What are the measures of central tendency? 125. What is relative standard deviation? 131. What is self-balancing ledger? Why is it called self-balancing? 155. What is the Capital gearing ratio? 142. Why must doctors. Is it bad for a company to borrow from banks. convertible debenture? 145. Give one instance where standard costing is not applicable. Name the cost that is always fixed. 156. Why is an auditor required to report on in an internal audit? 148. Can we alter the basic rules of accountancy? 138. What is the difference between gross profit and net profit? 114. Why is it so shaped? 112. Can shareholders increase the rate of dividend recommended by directors? 118. Hotels. restaurants. What is Reserve Capital? 136. 127. etc. etc. 117. What is Mode? 129. Is audit a technical audit? 151. Draw a semi-variable cost graph. What is wrong with the Indian Industry? 140. 126. lawyers. 133. Give the equation for the curve predicting the population of 2004. Name an economist associated with the population. Draw a graph showing depreciation amount taking time on X-axis and depreciation on Y-axis. What is section 256 of companies ACT? 123. 144. What is window dressing? How is deprecation concept used for window dressing? 116.110. Where does closing stock appear in the trial balance? Why? 115. What is sinking fund? 143. Which average should a shoe manufacturer seeking to maximise sales calculate (for shoe size)? 130. What is the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance? 146. Why was the nationalisation of banks done? Has it achieved its objective? What has its effect been on bank managers? 152. What is a debenture. internal audit. Why do assets and expenses have debit balances? 120. chartered accountants always form a firm and not a company? 122. 135. Give three recent technological inventions.g. What is interpolation and extrapolation? Illustrate. . What are the topics you have done in Maths and which do you think are relevant to MBA? 57 GDPI-NOTE 134. 150. Give one reason why a company should not issue convertible debentures? 149. How will you include an object in memorandum? 124. 128. than raise equity or capital? Is borrowing cheaper? How? 137. What is cash flow and fund flow statement? 132. How will you find out number of cars in Chennai? (Using statistical measures) Explain the concept of value addition. Give some steps to improve the public sector.

profit = (±) Rs. Draw the graph of x2 fx + g < 0. can you find the break-even point? 175. Financial Accounting has got some concepts and conventions. what will be the difference in the two statements? 172. What are the different types of companies? 162. What is a Special Resolution? What is a special business? 182. Tell us about the creation of credit. What about cost accounting? What are its concepts and conventions? 171. What is a bill of exchange? What is its need. How are auditors appointed? 184. 188. What are the different types of crossings on a cheque? Give examples of a General Crossing and a Special Crossing. one using the Going Concern concept while drafting the financial statement. Define a Rational Number. how does this situation match the Business Entity Concept? 174. What is the format of the B/S (both vertical and horizontal) under section 6 of the Companies act 1956? 159. capital account? What is the impact of each? Does deficit necessarily lead to inflation? . Can a demand draft be made payable to bearer on demand? Why not if a cheque can be? 167. What is the Going Concern Concept? What is its importance to you as an accountant? If there are two accountants. What is time series? 187. What is the difference between Book Keeping and Accountancy? Where does the former end and the latter start? 176. What is debit and credit? 158. If production is 7000 units. is it specified anywhere in the Negotiable Instrument Act? Why is it popular? Does it have legal acceptance? What do you know of 'Bankers Acceptance'? 58 GDPI-NOTE 170. Find the break-even point. 177. 189.100/ per unit. when an invoice can serve the purpose? 168. Draw the graph of x ± 3 < 0. for which partners are required to make a personal contribution. Have you heard of private companies deemed to be public? What specific provisions apply to them? 181. Suppose a partnership firm has more liabilities than assets.1000. Draw up two balance sheets of banks and enter 2 transactions in it. What are AGMs? Have you attended one? 183. If you want to produce 100 units to meet your deadlines but your workers can produce only 60 units. What was the deficit in the last Budget? What was the deficit in the revenue account vs. if production is 9000 units. In the amalgamation and conversion of companies which are the main accounts that are affected? 161.1000.157. What is the difference between Surds and Rational Numbers? 164. and the other not using it. In what way are the funds in the General Reserve used? What are the causes of inflation? 160. What is the multiplier in economics? 191. What are negotiable instruments? 166. profit = (+) Rs. 165. 169. What is Business Entity Concept? When and by whom is it necessary to be used? 173. What do you mean by participative management? 178. Are the financial statements of a Private/Public Limited Company available to the public? Where are they available? 186. What is the quorum for a public limited company? 185. how would participative management help? What would you do in such a situation? What are the different forms of proprietorship? 179. How do you evaluate profitability of a company? What is social audit? 163. Why did you take up Commerce in School/College? 180. The crossing µA/c Payee only¶. Which book do you use for learning about µMoney¶ in economics? 190. Explain how you will draw it. Now if the selling price is Rs.

192. You are a consultant to a coconut seller. Prepare statistical tools to help him. 193. What is a price index number? Show us the formula to calculate it. 194. If a dice is rolled over 8 times, what is the probability one will roll over thrice? 195. What are reserves and surplus? What are their uses? Why is it that even if a company has enough reserves, it still goes in for public issues? 196. What are the items included in National Income Accounting? 197. If I buy shares in your company, which is raising capital to expand its operations, will the transaction be included in the GNP? 198. How do you find the inverse of a matrix? What is a parameter in statistics? 199. If the correlation co-efficient between height and weight is 1.012, how will you interpret it? 59 GDPI-NOTE 200. How will you draw a sample of 10 from the population? 201. What is inflation accounting? 202. What is Human Resource accounting? 203. What is fraud? Give an example. 204. What is coercion? 205. What is a deferred revenue expense? Give examples. 206. Is depreciation not a deferred revenue expense since even that is written off as an expense over a period of time? 207. What are the rates of depreciation for the various fixed assets under different methods of depreciation as per the schedule of the Income Tax Act? 208. What is a contract? What are the essentials of a contract? What is liquidation value? 209. What is capital reserve? 210. Can you sue for µSpecific Performance¶ in a marriage? 211. Suppose there is a company in India, which has undertaken a contract in Iraq. Due to the war in Iraq, it cannot remit any money to India. Since it does not receive any money, it does not take into account any of its incomes and expenses. What principle of accounting are they following? 212. What is Pythagoras Theorem? What are its generalisations? Interpret cosine rule. 213. What are logarithmic series? What is Maslow's Theory? 214. What is Capital Employed? How will you know whether it is high or low? What does it mean if it's high? What should be your steps if it's low? 215. Do you think commerce is a useful course? 216. To what extent can you apply your knowledge in the real business world? 217. What are the different methods of stock valuation and what is the difference in the result of these methods? 218. What is a cost benefit analysis? Make one on a sheet of paper. What ratio of benefit to cost would permit you to accept a project? 219. What is the difference between a physical and chemical reaction? What are the difference types of chemical reactions? Can you tell me the difference between a mixture and a compound? 220. What is return of equity capital? 221. What is perfect competition vs. monopoly? 222. What are equilibrium conditions under perfect competition? Draw the equilibrium position in monopoly. 223. Explain the difference between Marginal Cost in Economics and Variable Cost in Accounts. 224. What is the equation Y = AXz + BX + C? Find its derivative. 225. Do you think interest on loan to purchase an asset should be capitalised? What is meant by the revenue recognition concept? 226. Why do shareholders invest in shares if the return on securities is more? What is the tax benefit due to interest? 227. Give an example of Normal Distribution. 228. Is IQ normally distributed? Is income normally distributed? What does it signify? 229. Explain the fluctuations in share prices.

230. What is the difference between reserve and provisions? 231. What is the difference between Coercion and Undue Influence? 232. Tell us 3 ratios used to judge a company. 60 GDPI-NOTE 233. What are commerce, industry and trade? 234. What is the difference between estimation and a guess? 235. Define expenses and overheads. 236. What do you know of the Quantity Theory of Money? 237. Who are the main economists connected with Quantity Theory of Money? If money supply increases by 10 percent, by what percentage will prices increase? Can increase in prices affect money supply? 238. How do banks control money supply? Who controls money supply? 239. What is bank rate? What does open market operations mean? What is cash reserve ratio? 240. When were the OPEC crises? Show me an oil crisis using an aggregate supply demand diagram. 241. What is a perfectly competitive market? Do you think it is good for the society? 242. What is the law of demand? 243. What is the difference between National Income and National Capital? 244. What is International Debt? Why is it harmful? What can be done about? Draw a budget line. Draw an indifference curve for U = X + Y. 245. What are the assumptions behind a rational producer? 246. Does a monopolist have a supply curve? 247. Would the employment of unemployed people who were previously on dole increase the GDP? 248. What is the role of stock market in India? 249. Give the number of stock exchanges in India including their names, scripts, and share certificate. 250. Discuss India and its collaborations talk of the countries, areas of collaboration. 251. What are your third year subjects? 252. Does the law allow single-entry accounting? 253. How are final accounts compiled from single entry records? What is the difference between an accounting loss and a cash loss? 254. What is `miscellaneous expenditure' in the balance sheet? 255. What is `deferred revenue expenditure'? 256. Advertising costs. Can you carry them forward? Why? 257. Can dividend be paid out of capital? 258. What is the difference between accounting practice for a µservice¶ concern and a `manufacturing' concern? 259. Are you aware of any new schemes currently on for resource mobilisation? 260. Name some apex financial institutions. Who do they disburse loans to? 261. How are exchange rates determined? What is the current exchange rate of the dollar? 262. When our exports are rising, how can our BOP deficit also rise? 263. What is a limited company? What is the difference between public limited and private limited? What are the minimum and maximum members in these two companies? 264. Can the accounts of a private limited company be available to the public? 265. Don't Indian banks operate at a disadvantage when compared to foreign banks? 266. What is SEBI? What is BIFR? 267. What is a mutual fund? Give details. 268. What is BOP? Why should it tally? What is devaluation? 269. What is elasticity of demand? 270. What is the difference between total fixed assets and net fixed assets? 61 GDPI-NOTE 271. What is the present value of Rs. 4000 at a discount rate of 25%? What is the amount compounded for Rs. 1000 at 15% for 4 years? 272. What are fixed prices? Give examples.

273. Name three profit making PSUs. Rank them in the order of profits. 274. What is a census? When was the last census? 275. What are the various financial ratios? What are their uses? What considerations should a banker take while giving a loan? 276. What is factoring? 277. What is bullion? 278. How is the price of gold stated? What was the BSE index yesterday? 279. Define Quick Assets / Liabilities. 280. What is financial leverage? 281. What is the difference between a debenture and a bond? Under the Income Tax Act, what is section 88, 80 CCB, 80C? 282. How many times is a company liable to submit its report? 283. What is the definition of small scale, medium scale and large-scale industry? What are economies of scale? 284. Is depreciation a source of fund? 285. What are the various sources of funds for a company? 286. What is a liability? Give some examples of liabilities that are not legally recognised. 287. How would you arrive at the price of a pen? 288. What is the difference between equity and preference shares? 289. What does N.A. in µCitibank N.A.¶ stand for? 290. What are mega-issues? 291. Given a P & L account and a balance sheet, how would you hold back the actual profits? 292. What is a buyer's market? What is a seller's market? 293. What is a contract? What are its features? Is marriage a contract? What are its features? What are void, voidable and enforceable contracts? If I were to marry someone and run away, what are the remedies available to my partner? 294. There are 7 directors of a public limited company. All of them, along with all surviving relatives die in a plane crash. What happens to the company? 295. What is meant by corporate veil? When can it be lifted? 296. What is a deemed public company? 297. What was the principle laid down in the case of Solomon vs. Solomon, Mohori Bibi vs. Dharmadas Ghosh? 298. If I tell you that I will meet you outside at 5.10 a.m., is it a contract? Give me examples of agreements that are not contracts. 299. What is the exception in cases of horse racing and lotteries under contracts? 300. If I enter into a contract with you to bill a third person, is it valid? Why? If I, an employer tell the employee that if he leaves before 5 years of service, he will have to pay Rs.l lakh compensation, is it a valid contract? Why? 301. What are the effects of devaluation on BOP position? 302. Is devaluation a short-term measure or a long-term measure? 303. What are the undesirable things that take place in a stock exchange? 62 GDPI-NOTE 304. Which balance, cashbook or bankbook do you take for a balance sheet? What is teeming and lading? 305. Why does µloss¶ appear on the debt side? 306. Why can't you be more conservative and take a contingent liability as an actual liability? 307. What is a letter of credit? Will it be shown as a contingent liability in the balance sheet of the bank? 308. What would be the assets side of a bank's balance sheet? Why are debits always equal to credits? 309. Why are account payee cheques used? 310. What is the minimum slab for income tax? What is the exemption under 80cc? 311. Is leasehold land an asset for the company, though it doesn't own it? 312. Which is the best Indian bank? Why?

Is a bank loan a current liability? 330. Assets are shown on the balance sheets at cost less depreciation. What is the difference between accounts and finance? 326. After an asset has been fully depreciated. What is SLR? CRR? What is the difference between the two? 345. Why was the Gold Bond Scheme introduced? Don't you think it will encourage black marketing? . What is depreciation? What are the different types of depreciation? Why is depreciation charged? What is the concept/convention on the basis of which depreciation is charged? 339. what would you do with it? What is sunk cost? 325. How will you generate demand for a product? What do you understand by the term marketing? 344. what do you think your objectives in a company will be? 328. If I gave you Rs. Draw the graph showing the trade off between guns and butter. What is working capital? How would you manage a company with high working capital requirements? 63 GDPI-NOTE 337. Where is the double entry? If I had a factory and wanted to undertake a costing exercise. What is Internal Rate of Return? 324. What are the ceteris paribus conditions on which this curve is based? 317. What is deferred tax accounting? What is deferred revenue expenditure? Have you heard of deferred revenue liability? 341. what other ways are funds raised from the public? 347. What is transfer pricing? 343. is this not a misrepresentation? What accounting concept is involved in this? 327. What do you know about the Tandon Committee's recommendations on tax reforms? 346. What is a brand? Do you think you can have brands in the service sector? Name three product categories. What is Sales Tax? What are the items exempted from Sales Tax? Who collects Sales Tax? What is Central Sales Tax? 314. What is project appraisal? What is discounted cash flows? Which is better in your opinion? 316. What is double entry accounts? Give me a definition that your grandmother would understand. What is the difference between a company. What are direct and indirect taxes? When was excise started? What is a presumptive tax? 340. 348. Other than shares and debentures. which have better sales in the rural areas than the urban areas. What is the difference between owned and borrowed capital? For a company with a long gestation period. What do you understand by value for money? What is India's BOP figure for the last quarter? 349. What is discounted cash flow? How is it used? Why is depreciation not deducted from profit after tax for the purposes of discounting? 342. What is break-even analysis? 321. Explain the entry for unpaid/accrued interest. 319. Give me examples of fixed. What are the things you would look for in a balance sheet if you were analysing the performance of a company? 331. What is working capital ratio? What is Proprietary ratio? What is the ideal acid test ratio? 329. and a company that is strong in liquidity? 338.313. How does the government exercise control over industry? What are the various forms of control? Which ministry is in charge? 315. As a professional accountant (not as an auditor). which kind is better? 333. which is strong financially. If the market value of the asset is higher. 322. how should its cost be allocated to the product? 335. Draw the various cost curves. What kinds of funds is it better for a company to raise? 332.100000 for a year @ 15%. What is Net Present Value? 323. What is marginal costing? What are its applications? 334. variable and semi-variable costs. Draw a demand curve for heroin. Is the fixed cost curve always downward sloping? 336. 318. how would I go about it? 320.

What can you say about the changes in inter-sectoral balance in India? 361.If your neighbour converts his black money into white money through this Gold Bond Scheme.M. M3 and M4. What is the difference between shares and debentures? 378. What is meant by legal entity of a company? Can a shareholder be an employee or a creditor of a company? 371. What is rupee convertibility? 381. What do you mean by trade account? 388. How will you market a leather shoe and a computer? 369. What is the limit on number of companies a chartered accountant can audit? 373. What do you know about the HLL-TOMCO merger? How is it significant in the present context? 357. 385. Is there an appropriate ratio of equity to debt that can be considered safe? 363. Tell me something about the different modes of production in economic systems. and the World Bank? Name some projects that the World Bank has taken up in India? 356. What is the difference between cash and funds? 368. and assets? 360. What is to be done to improve the BOP situation? 354. M2. What is exit policy? 387. What must we do to double our food grain production in the next 5 years? What is the present food grain production of India? 365. What were the Forex Reserves at the time of budget? 382. What is the difference between I. What is VAT? Professional Tax? Corporation Tax? What is Service Tax? 351. What does the ISI Mark stand for? 379. convertibility of rupee? How does this economic liberalisation affect the labour class in India? 353. Define capitalism. In a chartered accountant firm if there are 20 partners. Are foreign banks allowed to buy/sell shares in India? 376. What does a chartered accountant do? 64 GDPI-NOTE 370. What is the difference between excise and customs duty? 352. What is full convertibility? Will exporters or importers gain from it? 375. How does feudalism give way to capitalism & then finally to socialism? Define inflation. Which do you think is a better index of measuring size-profits.F. sales. 374. What are the obstacles in making globalisation successful? What are Havala transactions? 358. What is the poverty line? Who has done research on it? Define M1. What is LERMS. what will your reaction be? 350. Which is the largest company in the world? Which is the largest company in India? 359. What is the difference between growth and development? Where does India figure in world trade? 355. How do you control the flow of stocks? What are the different tools used in capital budgeting? . Why have the cotton prices come down this year? 366. what financial aspects of a company do I look at? 389. how many companies can be audited? What are the rules regarding the number of partners in the partnership act. What is a grievance? 367. What is OTCEI? 377. If I want to invest money in a company. Do you think anything is being done to promote industry in India in light of subsidies being given to agriculture? 362. Tell us about the Cobb-Douglas production function? Why is this function so popular? 364. What are transfer earnings? 384. How is it measured? 386. What is a capitalist state and a welfare state? 380. Is black money included in M1? 383. What are deemed public companies? Can a private limited company whose capital is held wholly by another private limited company be deemed public? 372.

What are the various ratios you will look for while evaluating the performance of a company? How good is a current ratio of 1. What is forward cover? (EXIM transactions) 393. 397. What is LIBOR? How does it operate? 394.30. while valuing closing stock. What is angle of incidence. What are sunk costs? What is the difference between incremental costing and marginal costing? 409.l2 per dozen. Can you draw the demand curve for petroleum products considering that their demand has been continuously growing in spite of a high rate of rise in their prices? 413.11 per dozen. how will it be treated for income tax purposes if I use it for professional purposes and if I use it personally? 412. I ask you to sell me one dozen pencils. What are all the items included in the venue of the budget? What are the items falling under non-tax revenue items? 421. What are contingent liabilities? Where will it come in the P&L account? 396. What is a letter of credit? 407. Have you studied Income tax? Tell me. What is operating profit. You sell it to me at Rs. Have you heard that marginal costing increases the range of products? Explain why. How do you deal with bad debts in accountancy? 395. I am a buyer of pencils from you. I am a layman. What is Annuity? When is present value more than future value? 418. Name any 2 industries and any 2 companies from these industries? Why does the government have more than one public sector unit in steel? 401. What do you know about the Fund Flow statement? Why is it necessary? When will deficits not be harmful? (Budget deficits. How do you decide. How will you treat product development costs? What do you consider as heavy costs? Give me some industry figures as examples. When would you use LIFO method of stock valuation? When would you use the FlFO method? 406. In accounts. Does Excise duty appear in the books of accounts? If yes where? 422. What are the various methods of pricing a product in joint costing? 419. Explain.000. fiscal deficits) 414. What is joint product. Can a layman understand the financial position of a company from a Balance Sheet? What is the role of SEBI? 404. What are the different types of costs? What is the difference between direct costs and variable costs? 399. if I am a doctor and purchased a car a year ago for a certain amount and sold it a few days back for Rs. When can IRR and NPV methods contradict? Can there be more than one IRR? 391. How will you differentiate between movable property and immovable property? 410. by product? How do you account for them? 417. The next day. What are the differences between fiscal. gross profit. after how many dozens do you reduce the price per dozen? What concept do you use? 403. if the cost is Rs. One day. which competes with CRISIL? How are budgeting and accounting related? 415. Is Budget deficit a boon or curse for commerce? 416.000 and the market price is Rs. revenue and budgetary deficits? 392. what would you value it at and why? What about the loss incurred? How is it being reflected? 65 GDPI-NOTE 402. I don't understand how you can make a profit by selling at different prices. 408. 40. What is CRISIL? Do you know any other agency. You sell it to me at Rs. margin of safety? What is Price Volume ratio? 411.Which is the best? Is capital budgeting a stupid technique? 390. 15000 profit. What are the various items of information required for calculation under the Net Present Value method of capital budgeting? 420. and net profit? . What is a contaminated portfolio? What is Internal Rate of Return? 405. What are the differences between cost plus pricing and sales less cost? 400. 1 ask you for 12 dozen pencils.5? 398.

9. Why is it easier to improve the yields of cereal plants rather than pulses? 9. Describe the difference between the marketing of women's garments in the high fashion section and working women's clothes. Explain systems development life cycle. What is the chemical formulation of soap.. What is Bio Chemistry? 12. CHEMISTRY: 1. How is alcohol for consumption made? 19. What are the similarities between chemistry and management? 13.423. What is the export growth rate of garment industries in India? 66 GDPI-NOTE B.l00/. Explain LSI. yes.) COMPUTER SCIENCE 1. What does MODEM stand for? Explain the working of a MODEM. What accounting entries would be involved in the books of the bank at Calcutta if A who has an account there wishes to transfer money to his account to the Madras branch of the bank? 425. What is CASE? Explain its usage and advantages. Where will commission on sales come? 424. Explain the difference between Celeron and Pentium class of processors. What is the difference between a physical and chemical reaction? 2. 7. What is the complexity of binary search and linear search? 5. otherwise why not? 11. What is RDBMS? What are the Codds Rules? 2. VLSI and VVLSI with examples.Sc. How do soaps and detergents work? Why can you not use detergents for your skin? (Also see: B. 16. What is organic chemistry? Is carbon dioxide included in it? If. What is Object Oriented Programming? 12. Explain AI and Robotics. detergent and turpentine? 21. What is the reaction between calcium carbonate and sodium chloride? 14. Distinguish between marketing and merchandising. leap sort and bubble sort? 4. What is polymerisation? 20. 8. 429. What is the difference between a DBMS and a RDBMS? 3. 11. Explain MMX technology. What are heap and stack? .10) what does it indicate? 426. 10. Are poultry eggs fertilised or unfertilised? 8. How can you tell the age of a plant by looking at it? 7.(face value Rs. Can you tell the difference between a mixture and a compound? 4. Explain the difference between Pentium II and Pentium III type processor. What is radio carbon dating? 6. 428. What is oxy-acetylene flame? What are the proportions of oxygen and acetylene? 15. What is genetic engineering? 5. Explain Rutherford's experiment. Is prime cost fixed or variable? Why are direct labour costs fixed in India? Give examples of direct expenses. What would happen if you slaked lime and water? 10. Explain the binary search algorithm. How is industrial alcohol manufactured? 18. What is chromatography (Chemistry)? 22. why. When will direct expenses be fixed? 427. What do you mean by resonance in chemistry? 23.E. What are the different types of chemical reaction? 3. What is the difference between quick sort. Draw a benzene molecule. If I buy a share for Rs. What are the different processes for the manufacture of caprolactum? 17.Chemical Engg. 6.

There are 63 players in a tournament. What is the difference between a matrix and a determinant? What is a random number? How can it be generated? 9. What are linear differential equations? What are the practical applications in industry? How will you solve them? 5. Prove that the area of a triangle = t/z X b X h (Also see: B. 11. aged between 70 and 80. What is De Moiver's Theorem? 17. What is Carmer's rule? 4.y) = (1/x) + (1/y) subject to x + y < = 10 and x. if f(x) evaluates to zero for x rational and to 1 for x irrational? 8. what can you tell me about the entire group? What is the median? When would you use the median as a measure of central tendency rather than the mean? 68 GDPI-NOTE 6. What are the transcendental numbers? 16. Define a parameter. 2. f (4) = ±90. If there are 10 members in a group. and their arithmetic mean is 69 years. What is the difference between an Interpreter and a Compiler? 15. What is the difference between plain algebra and analytical algebra? 3. What is Assembly Language? How is it different from Machine Language? What is Call by Reference and Call by Value? 67 GDPI-NOTE 14. Is it continuous at x = 0? Explain continuity. What is IDE and 1RQ? Explain CMOS set-up. How many subsets are there in { 0 { 0 { 00 }}}? 9. Can you express any function as a sum of sines? What is their practical value in power systems and electrical engineering? 12. 2. What is the equation of the circle with origin 0 as centre and radius = 1. What is the probability that the sun will rise tomorrow and that the roof will cave in now? 7. What is the difference between an Operating System and Application Software? 19. Here is some data given in three forms (student shown a set of points. tan? 15. what can you tell me about the series? 5.Maths) MATHS & STATISTICS: 1. What are the advantages of Fibre Optics in Networking? 20. Plot Y= |x|. Draw the curve of f(?): = (cos? / sin?) for 0 = ? = 2? 13. What are the derivatives and integrals of sin x and cos x. 21. f (3) = 50. a graph and an equation) which form do you think conveys the maximum information? 3. What is a continuous function? Solve: f(x) is a continuous function. What are complex numbers? 4. Y = x2. 10. If the standard deviation of a series is zero.A. What is the difference between a Systems Analyst and Systems Administrator? 22. . y > 0. What is meant by the period of a function? What is the period of cos.13. Then find out the roots of f(x) = 0. What is the difference between C and C++ Programming Languages? 17. Maximise f(x. MATHS 1. Differentiate between a matrix and a determinant. 14. What are different types of Protocols for networking? 18. What is SQL? Explain 4GLs. what are the parameters involved? 7. In y = ax + b. Which geometric figure does it represent? 6. How many matches will they play on a knockout basis? 8. sin. What is the integral of f(x) between 0 to 1. What is GUI Programming? 16.

15. How do you find the LCM and HCF of fractions? 38. 25. What is Pascal's triangle? 27. If (a/b) + (b/a) = 3. then what is the conditional probability? What is the equation of an ellipse? What is the equation of the tangent to an ellipse at the point (x. 32. 45. which will he further from Delhi? 14. Explain it to someone who does not know statistics.10. 16. Draw a normal distribution curve. 26.A. Write down a quadratic equation. minima. y)? 41. Do you think calculators will be completely replaced by log tables? 13. 17. Tell me 2 different methods for measuring the height of a tower. 21. If (a/b) + (b/a) = 2. What is LPP? Why is it called so? Can you formulate an LPP? What is the transportation problem? What is Northwest corner rub? 29. give the relation between their LCM and HCF. Is this true? 24. inverse of a matrix. Make four equilateral triangles with them. What is conditional probability? If two independent events are considered. What is integer programming? 31. Define maxima. What is the differential of ? What is its significance? 36. Write down any three-digit number. 37. 40. Divide it by 7. 11. Given two numbers a and b. There are two trains. What is stratified random selection? 69 GDPI-NOTE 42. What is Gauss elimination method used for? Where are its limitations? Where is Newton Raphson method used? Give me an example. 11 and 13. What is PERT? How will you apply it in the maintenance of a process plant? 19. Here are six matchsticks. What is Ramanujan's contribution to maths? 12. What is the radix of 123456? How will you change it to a radix 7 number? 44. GP and Harmonic Progression? Write down one AP series and prove the formula for summation. Name some great mathematicians and the work that they have done. 34. Which are the 5-kingdoms into which life can be classified? .-Maths) MICROBIOLOGY: 1. Now write the same digits again to get a six-digit number. What is a random number'? 33. What are the divisibility rules for 11 and 3? Prove the divisibility rule for 3. When they meet. 23. Convert 11110001 from base 2 into base 8. Do you think range is the best measure of dispersion? Where is standard deviation used? 47. Write down the formula for variation? 43. What is AP. What numbers do you get? Why? 20. give the values of a and b. one going from Delhi to Jaipur at 60 kmph and one from Jaipur to Delhi at 30 kmph. What are its roots? Why do the roots have 4a + and a sig4? 35. Draw the graph of ex. Define probability. What is coefficient of correlation? What does a zero coefficient imply? 22. give the values of a and b. What is Statistical Quality Control? How do you determine the degree of certainty in a batch produced? 18. Why do we need Linear Programming when differentiation can also give us the optimum solution? 30. What is PERT and CPM? What is the algorithm for PERT? 46. In how many ways can a die be thrown? In how many ways can all of 3 customers have different values? (Also see: B. What is Markov's chain? 28. Describe the method of the Lagrangian multiplier. What is a function? What are monotonic and non-monotonic functions? 39. (a/b) + (b/a) will always be less than or equal to 2. Kramer's rule.

How does a ship float? How does a ship move forward? 32. What is liquid nitrogen? If we put liquid nitrogen in soil. light waves? What are their speeds? 34. Differentiate between observation and seeing. How does a GM Counter work? 11. phototropy. and when you arrive at it. 13. What are coherent sources and how are they produced? 70 GDPI-NOTE 20. What are isotopes? 9. Distinguish liquid from solid and gas. What is a scintollation pyrometer? 6. State the 3 laws of Thermodynamics 28. Difference between electron and hole movement in semi-conductors. What are Enzymes? How and where are they produced? What is Photosynthesis and Osmosis? 6. What is the difference between a plant cell and an animal cell? 10. What is the Raman effect? 30. radio waves. What is laser? What is meant by cohesive light? 19. 4. Name an Indian who won a Nobel Prize in physics and explain his work. What is the difference between a physical and a chemical process? 33. Describe the behaviour of a compass needle as you approach the North Pole. What is mitosis and meiosis? PHYSICS: 1. What is the atomic weight of Iodine and Phosphorus? 10. and chemotropy? 9. What is entropy? What is entropy ice? What will be the entropy at Antartica? 27. Name nuclear plants planned in your state. What are monosaccharides and Disaccharides? 12. 8. What is classical mechanics all about? 24. 3. Explain the working of a simple mirror by way of a diagram. .2. What is the principle used in an electric bulb and a tubelight? 7. What is a stoma? 11. What is energy? What is power? Define calorie and joule. What is Cytoplasm and what is Cytoplasmic Membrane? What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration? 8. How does a heat engine work? 29. 16. Define liquid. What is Optics? Where is it used in everyday life? 2. then what will happen to the level of water? 18. What do you mean by Binomial Nomenclature? 3. What is their relationship? 35. What is Entropy? 5. What is the difference between Resistance and Immunity? 4. How does an aeroplane fly? 31. What is Bose-Einstein theory? 5. 21. What have been the developments in Physics in the first half of this century? 23. What are electromagnetic waves. What are Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes? 7. 12. will it be useful to the plant? 14. What is the relation between Physics and Management? Why don't you go in for Research in Physics? 22. What is autotropy. What is heavy water? Why is it called so? Where is heavy water produced in your state? 15. How is the ambient temperature of the surroundings determined? 17. 36. If ice is floating on a glass of water. What is stastic? 26. Explain the principle of funny mirrors used in circuses and museums. How does a tube-light work? What are the functions of a choke and starter? 25.

What are Arthropods? 8. In the classification of animals. What are the difficulties faced by a pharmacy graduate today? 11. What are black holes? Why do they behave as they do? If even light cannot escape black holes. As a twenty something.37. What is lateral inversion in a plane mirror? Why does it not invert images? 45. What are mitochondria? What are their functions? 4. What is a transducer? What are the basic principles? 49. What does Zoology deal with? 2. What is the difference between a chemist¶s shop and a medical shop? 8. What is a diamond made of`? Why is it so shiny? 48. What is the speed of sound? 39. What is surface tension? 44. What is IPA? Why was it setup? What is its role? GENERAL QUESTIONS ON SCIENCE: . What are the different pressure transducers? 50. What as the difference between a plant cell and an animal cell? 3. What is a sonic boom and what does it imply? 40. Draw the graph of pressure inside an LPG cylinder against utilisation time. its mass remains constant. to which class does the cockroach belong? 6. What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control? 7. What is toxicology? 5. Name some scientific institutions of lndia. suggest two things you can do to increase your bone density? 9. What are the drawbacks of the current pharmacy course? What is hospital pharmacy and how important is it in the context of our country? 3. How does an antenna work? 47. What is the primary food of Baby Whales? 12. Where is ISRO? 49. What is corona? 38. Which animal belongs to Phylum Chordates? 10.: 1. 53. Which are the two fundamental characteristics of mammals? B. What is pharmacy? 4. Is it possible to receive a cable transmission without subscribing to the dish antenna? 48. What is the difference between nuclear fission and fusion? What is cold fusion? 54. Differentiate between Vertebrates and Invertebrates. However fast a body moves. PHARM. 7. Tell us something about the nomenclatures used in Zoology. 11. What are the responsibilities of a pharmacist? 9. Which are the official pharmacy books? 10. What is a convex lens? Concave? What kind of glasses will I need after I am 60 +? What is the power of your glasses? Why is it negative? 43. what happens to the energy of such light absorbed? 46. What is a Zygote? Where is it formed? 5. Why are satellite dishes bowl shaped? 71 GDPI-NOTE ZOOLOGY: 1. Do you agree? 55. What principle does a refrigerator work on? 51. How do you balance yourself in a bicycle? 42. What is the scope for this profession? 2. Explain Schrodinger's equation to a layman. What is the biological classification of the Tiger? 13. What is forensic pharmacy? 6. How does a thermostat work? 52. 41.

In operations research. What is the difference between spark ignition and compression ignition engines? 6. How do you think maths fits in with management? 31. What is the graph of 1/x? Why is there nothing in the IInd quadrant? Find the area under the graph with the limiting lines as x = 0. Define operations research. LPP. What is LPP? What is a dual variable? 15. Where in nature do we see fission? Fusion? 3. How do you solve a transportation problem? 7. 4. What are Poisson and Normal distributions? What are its parameters? Do they differ? 32. course? What steps would you take to improve Bombay¶s environment? 44.soap or detergent? 30. What is probability density function? 40.Ln buttons are pressed . What are primal/duals? Write a primal and its dual.E. Which is stronger . What are the methods to destroy radioactive waste from a nuclear reactor? 23. 41. What is the difference between soaps and detergents? What is the action of shampoos? 29. State the laws of thermodynamics. 19. How will it affect interplanetary attraction? Give one application in physics using the Pythagoras theorem. What is game theory? Give real-life examples. Where is uranium found in India? 45. Can you relate these laws to the affairs of the government? 27. What is the difference between a random variable and just a variable? 12. What is regression? 17. What are Bernouilli's equations? 39.Log and Inv. 16.1. 10. 9.Tech/B. What is the process cycle in a thermal power plant? 5. What is the principle on which fans. What is the difference between the laws of physics and the laws passed in the parliament? 46. What part of Maths do you like? 36. What is correlation? 38. What is AI? What is natural language processing? Is it easy to implement? 43. What are quarks? 24. What is the wave equation. Why do we not use shampoos on the body and toilet soaps on the hair. What is Quantum Theory? 20. What are the practical uses of groups and fields? 37. What is a random variable? 11. x = 1 and y = 0. 18. What is electricity and magnetism? 28. what is a convex set and a convex function? 33. What will be the result if 5 is entered in a calculator and Inv. Discuss in detail your 4th year project. 14. definition of a wave front. Define gravity. tube lights and ordinary bulbs work? 25. Solve a sum in simple probability. What is a recursive algorithm? 8. Is the Prime Minister of India a random variable? Why? What are continuous and discretedistribution? 72 GDPI-NOTE 13. Can you suggest improvements m the B. What is Science/Engineering/Technology? 47. Solve a differential equation. What is Golan Heights? 42. Give the axioms of probability theory. hypothesis of universe coming to an end? 21. What is Bose-Einstein physics? Have you read anything about Bose or Einstein? 2. How will physics help you in management? 22. What do you know about Markovian systems? Have you studied Markovian chains? 34. What is a population estimate? How does it differ from a population parameter? 35. optimisation and objective function. What is electronic configuration? 26.

What is the value of the series 1 + r + r2 + . and where does it take place in the cell? 62. You say you are good at Math. Is the number l l l l l l . What is the slope of a line? A curve? 67.. What is the volume of cone. What is the difference between astrology. Why are aromatic compounds stable? 86.? 55. rather than a mean can be used. What is osmosis? 61. and reactance? What is the relationship between them? 56. triangle law. 81. Draw the graph of y = x2. Sc. If there are 10 equations given with 10 unknowns will there always be a solution? 80. Derive the area of a circle (by integration). (21 times) prime or composite? 60. How does a fan work? Explain the use of a capacitor in a fan. Illustrate on the board the parallelogram law. Explain partial derivatives. 78. Do you think the students called here today can be represented by this curve? 73. Is it symmetrical about any axis? 83. What is a composite integral? What is Calculus? What are its applications? How is it used in electronics? 77. What is a filter? What is a rectifier? What is an amplifier? How is it different from a feedback amplifier? What is an op-amplifier? 57. whether it is A. dot product. How will you tell. 66. Define viscosity.. What is Kreb's cycle? What are the end products. In an over of 6 balls. Which scientist derived the value for infinite terms using a formula developed by him? 72. What are the commercial applications of integration? 76.321? Is there a general principle that can be used? What are the uses of derivatives? 64.. inductance.continuously? What is JIT? What is the major gain? 48. Draw the normal distribution curve. + rn? What is the practical utility of this series? 75. in Maths? 49. 54. Give an example of when a mode. how many will a batsman probably face? What is the probability of drawing a red ball. Why does C6 H6 undergo substitution reactions? 87. What is the broadcast frequency and bandwidth used in satellite communication? 59.C. 53. Explain Newton's three laws of motion. What is the least number of currency notes that can be paid for Rs. of a cylinder? Isn't it funny that a cylinder = 3 x cone? 51. then why don't you do an M.C. How do you solve a cubic equation? 73 GDPI-NOTE 52. 71. What are the measures of central tendency/dispersion? 65. What is quantum mechanics? Name some applications of quantum mechanics in life. Explain some of the vectors. What is Poisson distribution? 79. What is the derivative of log x? What is log x dx? Interpret these to a layman. What is the probability of getting an odd number in one throw of an unbiased dice? 58. astronomy and astrophysics? 68. 50. Explain the Archimedes Principle. What is resistance. 82. just by looking at fan. a white ball and 2 red balls respectively from a bag containing 2 red and 3 white balls? 85. 69. What is the difference between moving averages and time series. What is the difference between mutually exclusive and independent events? 74. What are the ways in which 9 people can be arranged in a line and in a circle? 84. and cross product with respect to vectors. or D.. How is evaporation different from boiling? 74 GDPI-NOTE . y = x3.. how can you say so? If you are so good. 63. Why do stars twinkle? 70.

What is the difference between oxidation and combustion? What is the difference between combustion and explosion? 95. What are the properties that it should have according to its structure? 75 GDPI-NOTE 123. Why is benzene used as a solvent? 103. Describe Haber's process. Draw the structures of Benzene and Hexene and differentiate between them. What is solvent extraction? 126. What does milk contain? 98. Imagine a door with a push back valve. What is the branch of physics that interests you most? Why? 115. 113. What is fractional distillation? 89. Draw a graph for pressure vs. will there be an energy change? What is the energy when it is being pulled. 93. After bombardment the mass of the particle is reduced. Name some non-substituted aromatic compounds. What is the mathematical equation of entropy? 91. kept open and when it is allowed to close? 109. What are Lagrange Multipliers? 120. What is Carbonic acid? Draw its structure. What does LP4 consist of? Is LP4 inside the cylinder liquid or gas? Why? What is the state in which liquid and gas co-exist? Give a practical example. 117. What difficulties would you face during this course owing to your science background as against someone from commerce or economics streams? 107. Is plastic organic or inorganic? Why? 122. What are the types of communication? 119. What is the formula of sugar? 97. a mixture or a colloidal solution? What is the major constituent of milk? How can you separate proteins from milk? 125. What is wave physics? An evacuated chamber bombards a particle. 118. Have you studied organic chemistry? When? 114. Explain the structure of Carbon Monoxide. What is the lowest possible temperature theoretically? Why is 0° K not attainable? 90. 124. 127. How are petrochemicals extracted? 92. 96. If you open it. Name some chemicals used as weapons in warfare. What is a CPU? What is the weight and pressure of a CPU cylinder? 111. . What are the uses of benzene in day-to-day life? 102. What is Darwin's theory of evolution? How is it different from other theories? Explain evolution as per Darwin's theory. Does pressure increase or decrease with consumption? Why? Explain scientifically.88. What is Van der Waal's equation? 99. What is the temperature at which ice & water co-exist? Explain critical point. What is a crystal lattice? Give one metal that exists in a crystal structure. How do eyes see? 106. how would you relate these parameters? 104. Give application of Mendelism to management. How do you explain this? 108. By what process is O2 liquefied? What is the boiling pressure O2? 94. What is milk. How would you detect tungsten? 100. 112. How do spectacles work? How is `power' measured? 105. What are non-metals? Name any one. What is total internal reflection? 116. Given the heights and weights of a group of 10 people. Why is there a ring around the sun or the moon sometimes? Tell us about Chandrashekhar's limit. consumption in an LP4 cylinder. 121. 101. Have you heard of Feynman or Bohr? 110.

What is summation? 152. mode and median coincide? 163. What happens if the roads become very smooth? What if you encounter a tiny patch of oil while driving a car? 147. Can you name a distribution whose mean. What is the probability of getting heads? What are the assumptions in predicting the probability? 161. Differentiate x2 + e. What is Chaos? What are Frontier areas of physics? 141. What is a polynomial? What is a degree polynomial? Plot it (ax2 + bx + c). what is the total number of handshakes made? What is hypothesis? What is Null Hypothesis? 153. What is a difference in the principles of a discus throw and a javelin throw? 130. What is sampling? 169.what can you find with it? Find out maxima . What are ultra sound waves? How are they produced? What are common uses? List all waves in the electro magnetic spectrum. Define and sketch a normal distribution curve. 76 GDPI-NOTE 158. What are Superconductors? Why are they not used? 131. How does a cricket ball spin? 144. 156. What is the age of rocks of Western Ghats? In which kind of rock do you find mica. A coin is tossed. what is x . What is the difference between discrete distributions and continuous distributions? 155. Integrate Sin x2. of what shape and which variety? What are the uses of mica? 150.y? 159. What is a bit? 137.minima for ax2 + bx + c. What is variation in population of states in India? 168. How does an airplane gain height? 143. How is physics applied when making a chair and table? What is cache? 132. 162. What are Einstein's contribution to quantum mechanics and Photoelectric effect? 140. Plot your marks in Maths against years. 167. What is the latest theory about the model of the atom 145. 165. If x + y = 20. How does an electric tube function? Why is a tube milky? What is the similarity between a tube and the ice of the Himalayas? 154. Describe the UNIX file system. How can you remove viruses? What is a boot record? What is the difference between the kernel and the shell in UNIX. Differential . 129. What is the green house effect and what is it due to? 133. What is the oldest mountain range in India? What is its age? 151. Should we use bio pesticides? 139. Define positioning. What is the probability distribution function of Binomial Distribution? Derive mean and variance for the same. What is a nitration reaction? Explain the nitration of Benzene. What are Mendel's laws? What is Hybridisation? 138. If a hole is dug through the earth and a body is dropped what will happen? 135. median and mode? 157. Why does the moon not fall on the earth? 136. What are the measures of central tendency. mean. Which branch of study are air conditioners associated with? 142. 160. 149. What positioning did you do for True Marie? 166. 146. What is fibre optics? 148. Why can a precise measurement never be made? 134. xy = 240. Suppose 30 people shake hands among themselves in a party. Differentiate 2x2.128. What is the difference between an equation and an expression? What is grading? . What function does it represent? 164.

who fixes it? 3. If king and queen are of the same colour and jack of any colour . IRDP? 2. If you are made the President of India with total power and no political party what will you do for agriculture? 11. What is the probability of them being a king. Do you think those types of trains can be operated in India? 177. Why are you leaving the job and pursuing MBA? 3. Give 3 reasons why tractors should be given to every farmer. What is poverty line. Point out the median value from your mark sheet of 6 subjects.170.what is the probability of them being a king. Where would you use a median and where would you use a mean? 175. Do you know about trains moving at a speed above 400 kmph? Explain the principle. Why do you want to do MBA? 2. There are 4 cups of tea and one is poisoned. I have three cards in my hands randomly chosen from a pack. 5. Com) ENGINEERING: AGRICULTURE: 1. Which company were you working for? What was your job profile? Who are the major suppliers/ clients/ customers to the company? 9. Are you planning to set up your business? 4. What has inspired you to do this course? 7. Give 3 reasons why tractors should not be given to every farmer 6. queen and jack? 179. Draw the diagram of a simple tiller. a queen and a jack? 178. Is division of one matrix by another possible? How? 171. What are the main crops of India? 7. why is it so. 174. What is the square root of 0. state 3 ways in which you will improve its performance? (Also see: B. What is the growth rate of this industry? How much is the turnover of the company? 77 GDPI-NOTE 10. Will you join the same industry after MBA? 11. What is the average land size holding? 10. What was the production of grains this year and last year? 8.09? 172. 14. Will management education help you become an entrepreneur? 5. What is gully plugging? Describe the method in detail.Sc. How will a person of your profession with an MBA be better than just a professional? What is the Code of Ethics of this profession? 8. What is the difference between a Matrix and a determinant? (Also see: B. What is FCI. You could always employ MBAs. What are the different types of pumps? . 12. Operation Flood? 4. why do you want to shift from your core qualification? 6. What is the lens you are wearing? 176. What is Green Revolution. If you were made the CEO of the company. NABARD.) CA / ICWA / CS / MBBS / OTHER PROFESSIONALS: 1. what would you suggest for Agriculture? 9. From an Engineering point of view. What are the different types of soils and their infiltration rates? 13. Tell me 5 similarities between agriculture and mechanical engineering 15. What is the probability of the 1st cup being poisoned? If first is found to be safe what is the probability of second being poisoned? Similarly what is the probability of the third cup being poisoned? What is the probability of the forth cup being poisoned? Isn't there a contradiction that the sum of probability of these events doesn't equal one? 173.

What would you recommend for boosting agricultural production in your state? 32. What do you know about the cooperative movement in India? 28. Classify medical instruments on the basis of their application. 26. How is food material transported in plants (phloem-xylem)? 41. What are fertilisers? 39. What difference have the 5-year plans made to agricultural production in India? 22. What are the types of diseases that attack crops? How do you control these diseases? 25. Why did you join Agricultural Engineering? 23. What is the area under paddy cultivation in India? 34. What is organic fertiliser? Why are they better than chemical fertilisers? Name any firm producing organic fertilisers. How do you chemically control them? What is the basic drug responsible for its weedicidal action? Draw its chemical structure. What are the different types of silk? Where is tobacco grown? 35. What do you know about ³cannabis sativa´ (ganja). 2. What is Laterite soil? Where is it found? What is colloid? 46. How would you increase its profitability? 43. What is your present job? 45. What is the present state of the Fertiliser Industry in the country? In what way has subsidy affected the industry? In what way has its withdrawal affected the industry? Are our plants competitive? How has Fertiliser application been affected by the recent policy changes? If you were to choose environment for your fertiliser industry what would you expect the Government to do? 44. . What type of crop is castor. What is tillage? 18. Which are the companies manufacturing tractors in India? 36.16. What are leguminous plants? 38. groundnut? 21. What is the difference between Entomology and Etymology? Can you give the Etymology of Entomology? 49. What do you think of the fertiliser subsidy? What is its impact on India? 33. What is jhooming (shifting cultivation)? 78 GDPI-NOTE 31. What is contour building? 42. What is the difference between a pump and a compressor? Can they be substituted for one another? How? 17. What was the food grains production in India last year? What is a food grain? Give examples of cereals. What size of tractors is made in western countries? What is the average size of the holding in India and in USA? 20. What if mutation occurs in a biological pest control agent and it starts eating human beings? If you are made the advisor to the Minister of Agriculture. Explain the electrical activity associated with the contraction in a muscle. What is the meaning of 1st and 2nd derivatives? 47. Name three major Rabi season weeds. Raw material availability in Food Processing is seasonal. pulses. What is NABARD? 40. What do you mean by Limit of a function? 48. What is the difference between a hybrid and a selection? 24. What kinds of trees grow above 1000 feet? Will these grow on top of Mount Everest? 29. What do you think of the agricultural pricing policy of the government? 30. Why do you call it a weed when we derive so many benefits from it? 27. what recommendations would you make? Should subsidies be given to farmers? 50. BIOMEDICAL: 1. What is crop rotation? 37. Name the different tools used in India? Which companies manufacture them? What are their market shares? 19.

25. What is fractional distillation? 5. 26. 13. CERAMICS: l. Have you heard of Rashtriya Chemicals? What ceramic products do they manufacture? Name some ceramic companies in South India. How will you make methanol? Aniline? Nitric Acid? 11. What are the types of waves used in sonography machines? 15. Why are radio frequency currents used in Electrocautery machines? 14. Explain Einthoven triangle. 8. What activities are ICI and Dupont engaged in? 9. What are the uses of ammonia? 12. 23. Explain the ECG waveform. What do you mean by bulk drugs? . 21.why? 3. How would you explain to a layman the importance of ceramics in daily life? 2. How is crude oil refined? What is crude oil? 6. Explain Short-Wave Diathermy. Why are pre-amplifiers used in instruments? 6. 4. Explain the concept of Half-cell potential and mention why reference electrodes are used? 5. What is the type of rectifier used in the power supply of most instruments? 19. How is caprolactum manufactured? 10. How is the continuity of a wire checked? 9. What is known as the natural pacemaker? 20. 24. What is the basic principle behind CT scan? 17. 11. What do you mean by ON 93 written at petrol pumps? Is it better to have a higher or lower octane number? What does octane number represent? 7. CHEMICAL: l. Explain the principles of cutting. Explain the principle of dialysis in an artificial kidney. What is Newton¶s law of cooling? 5. Why is Tungsten used as both cathode and anode in an X-Ray tube? 79 GDPI-NOTE 16. What is a central monitoring system? 22. What is Oximetry? 27. Mention the types of leakage currents. What is the difference between Polymer and Polyester? 2. What are the gaseous effluents released by a refinery? How will you treat them? 13. 7. Which patient parameters are observed in an ICCU? 12. List the various Life Supports. Name some ceramic companies in India. Explain principle of ventilators. What is TEFLON chemically known as and what is it made of? 3. Why do ceramics break on sudden cooling? 4. What is Doppler Effect? 18. coagulation and fulguration in Electrocauter. what can be the problems associated with it? 10.3. What are the properties of TEFLON? 4. Explain febrillation and defibrillation. Describe the precautions to be taken to minimise electric shocks. If an instrument is giving a shock. What is catalytic reforming? What catalysts are used for reforming? 8. How is propylene glycol manufactured? Its uses? 14. Explain the principle of MRI. Which of these are in the private sector? Which one has a major market share? 6. Can you tell me something about the thermal conductivity of ceramics (I¶m not a layman)? About their electrical conductivity? But they super conduct at low temperatures .

What is the process flow of Naphtha? Relate it to process flows of a refinery. As a civil engineer. What branches of Chemistry are applied to the production of Petro Chemicals? 46. which electrode should I use for each metal? Please give examples. How does a no-frost refrigerator work? 34. What is the principal on which refrigerator / AC work? What are the recent developments in this field? Can you suggest any method that would give the same amount of refrigeration at a lower cost? 31.15. What is thermo dynamics? 30. Give examples of preservatives used in the food industry? 37. 80 GDPI-NOTE 19. What does a chemical engineer do? Explain this as if I were a villager. What is the use of Zinc oxide in powders and creams? 39. What do you know of the Tehri Dam? What are the civil engineering considerations involved? 2. how do you feel a course in management could help you? 3. 20. on petrol pump mean? What can to be done to increase it? 40.Sc ± Chemistry) B. Where would you apply Operations Research in chemical engineering? 44. What is contour map? Do two contour lines ever meet? When? . CIVIL / CONSTRUCTION: 1. Why did you choose civil engineering? Do you regret it? 4. What are the different types of detergents? 18. In case I want to connect two metals. 24. Describe uses of Plastic. 29. What is entropy? 49. What is distillation? What are the kinds of reflux ratios used? 22. What is the composition of S5302 and S5304? What is the difference between the two? 23. How will you estimate the cost of this beam? How will Civil Engineering help you in this? 7. What is Entropy? How do you relate Entropy to today¶s society? 32. What is detonation / knocking? (Also see: B. What is the difference between B. What is second law of thermodynamics? 33. Why is water not used in a barometer? What are the advantages of mercury? 43. What is O. 27. and chemical engineering? 42. How does a refrigerator keep food cold? 35. What are the various chemical industries in India? 36. What is the chemical formula of MIC? 17. Explain the construction of distillation Column? What is distillation? What happens when a circular distillation column is replaced by a square one? 47.N. Distinguish between soaps and detergents. Define and explain pH concepts? 38. chemistry. What is the difference between engineering. What are your views on Chemical Engineering? 81 GDPI-NOTE 5. Name the products obtained from refining crude oil.Sc (H) chemistry and Chemical Engineering? 48. What went wrong at Union Carbide? 16. What are the linkages of process flow of Naphtha with other process industries? 21. Explain the theory and procedure of Liquefaction of Gases? How is crude oil refined? 45. Why is inorganic chemistry separated from organic chemistry? What is biochemistry? Is it related to inorganic chemistry? 28. What is organic chemistry? 25. What is refrigeration cycle? 26. 41. How will you estimate the cost of this room? 6.

A boat filled with rods is floating in a water tank. 12. 11. What is bending moment? 9. Explain in simple words what is reinforcement. What have you learnt in Civil Engineering? 14. What is a truss in layman terms? 24. What is the difference between a cantilever bridge and a suspension bridge? 15. 47. 36. Why? 27. Comment. Draw an imaginative plan of a two-bedroom residence. Can you tell me what is wrong with this table. what factors will you take into consideration? How are they different from those in your city? 13. should we go in for plastic bags? 17. What is used for waterproofing in India? 22. Discuss low cost housing in India and its potential. What is pressurised concrete? 16. they use inverted coconut shells on terraces for waterproofing. 33. Have you heard of poly jute? 18. 38. 44. Explain ³Units´ and ³Dams constructions´. 39. what is generally used as a retardant? 21. What is 1MC in Civil Engineering? 48. What is µfinite-element¶ method of structural analysis? 29. How would you mend a leak in a wall? 26. As a person interested soil engineering what are your views/reasons for the land slides occurring near Dehradun? What is the difference in the method adopted for constructing a building in your city and in Dehradun? Suppose you have to build an organisation in Dehradun. The cement industry is the principal consumer of jute for packaging. How can a pin jointed grid structure be made fixed with the use of rods and cables? 82 GDPI-NOTE 40. What is your impression about the Factor of Safety adopted in all engineering design? 35. What is structural engineering? 31. How would you design a column? What are the basic parameters? 34. Do you know any indigenous methods of waterproofing? In Kerela. what will happen to the water level? 41. What are pre-fabricated systems? List their advantages and disadvantages.8. What is the maximum extension you will provide for a cantilever balcony around a room 12 feet × 8 feet? 37. 45. How does one make brickbat? 23. 46. Why is leaded petrol normally used? Why is the unleaded version being introduced? . What is Mohr¶s Diagram? 49. What do you think of the PWD? Would you work in it? 30. What colour is mastic asphalt? 25. Tell me something about linear elastic behaviour. What is a retardant? While making concrete. but as a lot of wastage of cement occurs while transporting the cement in jute bags. Since you have learnt structural engineering. Make a bmds. If these rods somehow fall into the water. What geological factors would you consider while constructing? 42. structurally speaking? 28. Civil engineers can earn a lot of money in Government jobs. Name a few private sector companies in the field of civil engineering. What are the basic ingredients of concrete? 19. Why does a column buckle? 10. Do all engineering materials exhibit it? What is hysterisis with special reference to materials and structural mechanics? 32. Explain the lIM structure (Brick Architecture) from a Civil Engineer¶s perspective. Make a shear force diagram (sfds). What is a truss? 43. What would happen if ice-cold water were added while making concrete? 20.

Is knowledge of hardware essential to write software? 33. What qualities or features in programming language will you search for when writing an application program? 17. 26. What is a compiler? 35. What is the definition of AI? 24. Write an algorithm to solve a quadratic equation: (Do not use the formula  a  ! 2a b (b 4ac) x 2 14. Why is µC¶ language better? 28. What percentage of the world software market does Indian software have? 12. What are quicksort and its O notation derivative? 30. What is parallel processing? 19. How much of µC¶ compiler is written in C? 29. of India can pick up a phone and talk to the P. besides Computer Science? 2.COMPUTER SCIENCE / COMPUTER ENGINEERING: 1. What is transputing? 23.is that an example of IT? 6. What is the difference between Standard Pascal and Turbo Pascal? 22. 39. 11. What is an operating system? 34. What is booting a system? 36. 31. Give us 5 ways/steps by which Indian Software would grow 5 times in 5 years from now. What is syntax directed translation? 83 GDPI-NOTE 25. What is a hidden bit? 13. Explain the difference between compilers and interpreters to a layman. 16. Name a few companies competing in mini-computers.M. What is IT? What has technology got to do with it? The P. What is India¶s software export? 10.M. Apply Computer Science to agriculture in India. What sort of IT would the PM need? 7. What is the applicability/relevance of Information Technology (IT) to lndia? Give examples. What do you know about MIS? 37. What is the difference between computer science and computer engineering? 32. 3. How does the screen terminal work? 15. What is data flow architecture? 18. What is India¶s software turnover? 9. How will IT bring peace and prosperity? 8. 4. of Pakistan . What is the difference between 68030 and 80386? 21. What are CAN¶s and WAN¶s? 20. What are your favourite subjects. What are the steps in compilation of the µC¶ language specially the code for optimisation steps? 27. Explain the psychology of system. When do you say that the system is bankrupt? . Would you bring in IT into a problem area where employees would have to be laid off? 5. What are µpeople systems¶? 38. Draw the graph of a quadratic equation.

81. Explain Dynamic RAM. What chip is there on the SUN workstation? 52. What is a feedback Control System? 45. What software have you prepared? 42. What are the disadvantages of CAD? 57. 43. What is memory? How big is a chip? What does it cost? What term would you use in the market if you went to buy it? 56. what would your viewpoint be? 41. Write a program to sort ten numbers in ascending order.N. 68. 85. and leap sort? Explain the operation of µleap sort¶. Define the outlines for generating random numbers using a computer. The RDMB model for database system came out in 1971. What is the difference between FOXBASE and CLIPPER? 63. Define the outlines for selecting prime numbers from 1 to 50. Write a FORTRAN program for evaluating n! (Factorial of n). Why? 79. 44. Are there any expert systems for managers? Why have they not been developed? 66. But until 1981. What is the difference between 68000 and 68020? 49. Suppose you were in a debate and the topic was ³Computers Stink´. 61. Write an algorithm (in pseudo code) for a µquick sort¶. Give me a brief description of the internal organisation of a computer. Write a simple routine for finding the factorial of a number. What is DBMS? Why do you use it? 54. What is process planning? How are computers used in manufacturing? 78. Who invented TURBO-PASCAL? 62. What is a compiler? What is machine language? 83. What is the difference between an electrical circuit and an electronic circuit? 46. Difference between LSI and VLSI 70. How do you decide whether one computer is better than another? 75. What is RDBMS? What is INGRES? 55. What are the different registers? Their functions? Start pointer? Microprocessor? 71. Describe a computer to an illiterate villager. What is the order of complexity of binary search and linear search? Explain the algorithm of binary search? 74. What is Wide Area Network? What are the links involved in a W. 16-bit micro processing? 69. What is concurrent programming? What is critical region? How do you overcome the problem caused by the above two? 59. How does the booting process take place? 76. What is MMU? 50. Difference between PASCAL and FORTRAN 84. What is the order of complexity of µquick sort¶. What do you mean by 8-bit. What is the difference between a network database model and a relational database model? 72.40. 73. What is the difference between a microprocessor and a computer? 58. What is a computer virus? How would you deal with it? 60. there was no software package to implement this. Which is the latest MOTOROLA chip? 48. What is the use of SET and ARRAY in PASCAL? . Why is a half adder called a half adder? 84 GDPI-NOTE 65. 82. Which is the main competitor of 6800 microprocessor? 53.? 64. µbubble sort¶. What is Artificial Intelligence? What are the main languages used in AI? 80. Is the lighting in this room an electrical circuit? 47. What are cache memories? What is RISC? 67. Does 68000 have an MMU? 51. 77.A. Differentiate between PASCAL and TURBO-PASCAL.

What are the micro organisms used for making cheese. What is hypercube interconnection network? 101. Isn¶t Electronics more exciting than management? 7. Marketing of ice cream: what factors would you take into consideration? 6. Which diary product do you like the most? Why do you like this product? What are the characteristics of the product? 7. What are Digital Electronics/Digital IC¶s? 3. What is Time Sharing.Kerb cycle. What is the role of a dairy technologist in a dairy plant? 3. What is the full form of BASIC? 87. Describe a system in any other field where you can find a perfect analogy with Kirchoff¶s law 13. What changes has Sam Pitroda brought into the Telecom Commission? 9. Please draw the Browning Equation on paper. 6. If you were the engineer in charge of transmission lines in the country. Name 5 companies engaged in software development in India. State Kirchoff¶s law. What is the difference between a CD and a magnetic tape? (Also see B. ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS: 1. How is pipe lining different form other parallel processing mechanisms? 100. What is the difference between recursive procedure and subroutines? 5. What do you mean by animal husbandry? 8. What is laser? What is maser? What is the principle behind them? What is the difference? 10. What is optonics? 8. What is DBMS? RDBMS? 92. Electron transport chains. What are the data networks a available in India? 88. What is parallel processing? How is it applied in industries? 94. 102. Which method is used if there is an even number of errors in bits transmission? 99. Do you want to do Systems Management? What is the basic difference between LISP and PROLOG ? 93. What is telecommunication? Have you done any practical work with it? 2. What motor is used in a ceiling fan? Explain why it requires a starting arrangement. 95.86. What is your favourite microorganism? 10. How would you represent a polynomial in a computer? 97. Do you save Electrical power by using a regulator on the fan. What are the feeds and fodders used in dairying? 5. How is cheese made? 9. What is the difference between PLC and computerised control in a plant? 96. VMS and Multiprogg? Cite the differences between Time-sharing and Multiprogg. What are hackers? How do they manage to get access to other peoples data? 91. How do you decide whether a compiler is good or not? 90. Tell me some of their products. What is a parity bit? 98. What is a recursion? What is a record? Why do you think Wordstar is better than Softword? 85 GDPI-NOTE 103. What is the difference between a computer and a calculator? 104. Questions on the different cycles . Write a program within 30 seconds to find n! using recursive procedures in PASCAL and using subroutines in FORTRAN. What is the difference between Pascal and Fortran? 4. Browning equations? 11. Explain the principle of spray drying.Sc ± Computer Science) DAIRY TECHNOLOGY: 1. at lower speeds? 12. Why did you take up Electronics? 11. How is cheese manufactured? 4. What do you know about Ethernet? 89. what would you do . 2.

You are given a device with no external connections. If a sine wave is applied across a capacitor. Carbon is a tetravalent element. Is a telephone an electronic instrument or an electrical one? What is the difference between an electronic exchange and an ordinary exchange? 52. In an enclosed room. How do you obtain a p-type semi-conductor? 21. How do you differentiate between an electric and an electronic device? 18. where no exchange of air is allowed will the radio work? 26. What is a microprocessor? 40. . What is a comma? 47. Is CRT an electrical/electronic device? 19. What is instrumentation? Name 3 instrumentation industries in India? 30. How are the National Network Programmes telecast? 53. What is networking? Is it useful? What are the different types of networking? How is it achieved in practice? How can I join a network? 35. What is zero earthing? 38. What is Electronics? How does it differ from Electrical? Why are we shifting from analog to digital telephones? 23. What is power electronics? 24. What are the features of the new chips that Intel is bringing about (i. Which IC¶s are manufactured in India? 33. What is the difference between B&W TV and colour TV? What is C-DOT? What does it do? 54. Do you know about Heiger-Muller counter? 42.e. how long will the radio wave take to reach the other station? 57. What are the line losses in the case of Electronic Commission? 46. What is the principle of a microwave oven? 56. What is AND Gate? 49. How do you change 1 in optical communication? 50. how can you say whether it is based on electronic operating principles? 39. Why is AC transmission preferred to DC? Do you know any place where transmission is in DC? 15. Do we manufacture IC¶s in India? 31. How do you transmit information using digital communication? 51.000 kms. If the distance between 2 stations is 20. Can it be doped? 86 GDPI-NOTE 22. What is OR Gate? 48. draw the wave across the capacitor.804)? Explain µdigital multiplexing¶.to reduce transmission losses? 14. 25. Name one example of application of electronics in the rural sector . What are capacitor equations? 36. What are the types of electron collision? What are the factors it depends on? 28. What is the difference between human communication and electronic communication? 45. 41. What do you know of spectrum analysis? 43. What is modulation? Why modulation? What are the types of modulation? 27. What is a control system? 37. Why are we importing chips? 32. What are the chips in Computer Industries? 34. What is cyclotran? Where are they located in India? 29. How do waves transmit from antennas? 44. Draw the VI characteristics of Diode? 16. How will you keep track of electronics and its changes while in the IIMs? 17. 55. What is a pn junction? 20. Explain how a radio works.

etc? 78. 88. In circuits. Why is power supply at 220 V and not a round figure like 200 V? 98. If a particular station is in a situation of over capacity. What are the advantages of IC¶s over PCB¶s? 74. Describe the mechanism of lighting in a train. 87 GDPI-NOTE 59. What is the advantage in using it? 60. How is electricity generated in a nuclear plant? 85. explain the two laws. What is K-map? 75. What is a thermal power station? What other types of power stations are there in India? Which state has surplus power generation? 88 GDPI-NOTE 96. manufactured and tested? 82. What is the difference between a small TV screen and a big TV screen? 76. How is an I. is the over capacity due to lack of demand or because of poor transmission network in India? 67.58. List some manufacturers of electronic parts in India. 91. its representation. What is the need of interrupts? 71. How does a music system work? What is the role of an amplifier etc? 90. What is the difference between an active and a passive device? 89. 61. What is the difference between the antenna for colour TV and B/W TV 84. How does a radio work? (Question asked in detail) 97. Compare Hydel Energy with Thermal Energy. 66. What is the total power capacity in India? What is the thermal share? 64. 69. Name some process instrument manufacturing companies. What is the load factor in India and its percentage? 63. In the Iraq War of 1990 how did the Patriot stalk the Scud? Why are two earth stations needed while the radar uses only one? 86. What are relays? How do they operate? 95. What is the use of flip-flop. What are the transmission losses in India? What are the reasons for the same? 62. What are the latest developments in Electronics and Telecom? 70.C. What is the parameter used in place of load factor in western countries? 65. What is the generic name for a flip-flopT? 79. How do you define an µOR¶ gate and an µAND¶ gate? 83. What is a Solenoid? 94. 73. What are interrupts? List them according to their priority. How does a Xerox machine work? What are the electronic components in it? . What are control circuits and components? What is the criterion of stability? 93. Which motor is used in tape recorders? 99. Define Kirchoff¶s current and voltage law. Tell us about Magneto Hydro dynamics and its relevance to power stations. What are the applications of electronics in agriculture? 81. What is the difference between conductor and insulator? What is semi-conductor? Explain with Atomic Structure. What is EPROM? How is it used? 72. Explain the use of digital device for pneumatic instrumentation. Define Laplace transform. Explain some fundamentals of circuit design. What is the difference between electrical and electronics engineers? What is the difference in the environments that an electrical engineer and electronics engineer work in? 77. quantities. then using only non-electric. What is solenoid? Assuming a direction of current. mark the N & S poles and one magnetising field. have you heard of µtree¶? 68. What is a monostable/astable/bistable multivibrator? 80. What factors should you talk into consideration? 92. What is a µthyristor¶? How is it different from a diode? 87.

Draw a circuit where the O/P is proportional to the difference of the two I/Ps. Describe the control circuit of a starter. Tell me the important elements of any power system. but for a fan we don¶t need one. to D. why? 144. What is Millmans theorem? 101. using the atomic structure. Name some insulators. What are servomotors? 109. What is square root of . Explain Bresenham line drawing algorithm. How do you convert A. In a refrigerator. 121. What are transducers? What do capacitors do? 112. how an element becomes a conductor or an insulator. Describe.100. Why did you use an op-amp for it? 105.? What are the uses of rectification? 123. What is the motor used in a lift? Why? 125. What kind of motor is used in a turntable? 110. 117. On what principle does it work? 103. What do you think is the most exciting innovation in communication recently? 149. What is the basic difference between a motor and a generator? 120.C. Draw a voltage compactor circuit. 106. Describe a thermal power plant. What does a modem do? How? 89 GDPI-NOTE 137. What is an inductive motor? What kind of motor do we use in fans? 108. What is the use of electrical engineering in rural India? 126. If the telephone line is weak and noisy. What do you think is the most exciting innovation in communication recently? 141. What is skin effect? 116. Where are wave-guides and co-axial cables used? 111. we need a voltage regulator. Name a voltage-regulating device. How is EE generated. What is HVDC transmission. How does this fan work? 135. What is MSI and LSI? 146. What is Zero grounding? 114. What are transponders? 139.e. . 118. What is the highest system transmission voltage operable in India? 119. How does Quantum mechanics differ from classical mechanics? 131. Which motor is preferred in electrical traction? Why? 130. What is baud rate? How do fax cards work? 136.l. What is the difference between voltage operated and current operated control systems? 102. How EE made from nuclear power? 128. i. What is a resistor? 134. what will you do? 113. What is a microprocessor? 145. What is super-conductivity? What is the latest development in this? 129. On what principle is it based? 107. Draw and explain a full wave and half wave rectifier. 142. and what are its advantages? 132. 122. What is the difference between analog and digital transmission? 138. In Wimbledon. How does a transistor work? 143.C. What is Maxwell¶s equation? 147. Explain Bresenham line drawing algorithm. they use a device to signal faults. What are the basic laws of Faraday and Lenz? Explain their use. 133. various forms of EE generation? 127. How is it used in electronics? 148. What are losses in transmission line? 115. What is VLSI? 140. 124. Can a tube light be operated as a voltage reference? 104.

How was the distance between the rails optimised for broad gauge? 7. Describe the basic function of each of the internal blocks of the 8085A microprocessor. Why do they use flat plug points and 110V / 60Hz in USA? 155. 9. 90 GDPI-NOTE 17. 25. 10. 26. 12. Describe the causes and effects of a race condition on Synchronous flip flop operation. Can you draw timing diagram for EXOR and NOR gates for us. (Also see : B. What are the differences between ripple counter and Synchronous counters. Explain the theory of operation of Master-Slave devices. What does a refrigerator condenser look like and how does it function? 5.E. ± Electronics and Telecom) ELECTRONICS & TELECOM: 1. 20.C. engines apart from reciprocating engine. What is a Ripple? What is a Ripple counter? 2.150. NAND and NOR gates. 21. 19. 7.E. Why are rotary engines not used widely in cars? 4. 24. Describe the benefits that microprocessor design has over hard-wired IC logic design. Electrical & Electronics) MECHANICAL: 1. 14. Discuss the operations and application of Crystal Oscillator Circuits. 8. What does LASER stand for? What are the different types of LASERs? 28. 13. Machine Language and High Level Languages. What is Maxwell¶s equation? 154. Explain the procedure involved in B-C-D conversion? 3. What is a microprocessor? 152. 18. Explain the role of Software program instructions in a microprocessor based system. 22. 16. Explain D-Latches and D-Flip flop. What is the difference between an AC motor and a DC motor? 158. What are the basic characteristics of Diodes and transistors operating Digital Switches? 6. Describe the function of the address. Explain the operation of the internal components of the IC 555 timer. Distinguish between wavelength and frequency. How does a transistor work? 151. Why is HV transmission economical? (Also see: B. What are Photons? How do you calculate the Energy of a Photon? 29. What is the function of a Decoder and an Encoder? What is the operation of a common-emitter transistor circuit used as a digital inverter switch? 5. How do you find the CG of an irregular body? . 23. Explain the refresh procedure for Dynamic RAM¶s. What are the functions and uses of Multiplexers and Demultiplexers? 4. Make comparisons between Assembly Language. What are the different parts of a refrigerator and a fire engine? 6. Describe the operation and use of lnverter. What are Electromagnetic Waves? Give examples and uses. What is the difference between pulse-triggered and edge-triggered flip flop? 15. Describe the fundamental circuitry and timing sequence for external microprocessor input output. Which is more efficient. What is a relay counter? Explain its function. data and control buses. What is a Pull-up resistor? 11. How does an ELCB work? What kind of motors are used in electric traction? Why? 156. What is De Broglie¶s frequency? 27. What is µPolarization of Light¶? 30. What is susceptance? 157. rotary or reciprocating? 3. What is MSI and LSIµ? 153. Distinguish between Microwaves and Radiowaves. Give types of I. 2.

18. Draw Force diagram of your body while you¶re walking. How do you balance yourself? 48. Is it true that IE just teaches you how to use your hands but not your brains? 29. 31. LPG. How would you cope with workers during rating process? How would you film them (a) by telling them. Could you design an aircraft for us? How? 28. c) Lathe . How can computer graphics be used in mechanical design? 9. 42. What is a Mechanical Equation? 16. (b) by hiding? What is standard rating? Don¶t workers become conscious when you film them? 30.8. 21. 33. What is the refrigeration process? Explain in detail. What is the working principle of a wristwatch? 34. Differentiate the MIG from the TIG. What is spiral welding? 37. What is a turbo engine? 38. Crude oil. What are the different types of lathe? 41. Why is lower octane petrol banned in the USA? 23. Is Industrial Engineering useful? How would you use it? 91 GDPI-NOTE 26. Why don¶t you fall from a bicycle when you¶re riding? 50. How does an air-conditioner work? 51.C. What is octane number? 22. What are the differences between a capstan and a turret lathe? 45. What is the Carnot Cycle? 20. What are the advantage/disadvantages of dials? 27. Explain the condensation process. 47. How are their weld joints tested? 40. 24. engine a fluid machine? 32.heat or pressure fusing? 52. How would you measure friction if it exists? 44. 19. What is the material of the lathe bed? Why? 46. Explain refrigeration using Carnot Cycle. the weld being underwater? 12. Is I. What is a simple spring mass system and what is the difference when they are horizontally placed and vertically placed. Can you tell me how a solar cell watch works? 54. What is refrigeration? What is refrigerant? 17. How do you manufacture a pencil? How does the refill of a ball point work? 39. Which is better. Differentiate between a) Lathe and drilling machine. What is the ratio of imparts and indigenous production of SKO. 10. Explain lift with respect to aerofoil. How would you test the welds in pressure vessels? 11. What are spun tubes? 36. How will Mechanical Engineering help you in your day to day life? 49. How would you manufacture the barrel of a Bofors Gun? 35. What is the gyroscopic effect of disks? 13. Does a globe moving in atmosphere experience friction? 15. How are LPG bullets tested? 25. What are the different types of welding to be undertaken in a ship in mid-sea. What are the damping effects of friction? 43. What is Zeroth Law? 14. MS. b) Lathe and milling machine. etc. How does a diesel. electric and steam engine locomotive work? 53. Draw the cross section of a cupola.

What is the second law of thermodynamics? 71. what would occur? 77. What is perpetual motion machine? Give one example. How will you make the barrel of a gun strong? 94. What is the engine used in a propeller driven aircraft? 82. What is the use of piston rings? 58. What engine is used in an aircraft? 81. What are the trade offs in designing a lathe? 56. What is entropy? What is happening to the universe¶s entropy? 72. how would you keep water out of a sub-way train-route? 65. What is the HP rating of a train diesel locomotive? How do you have the transmission in a diesel locomotive? 80. What is common between a steam drum and the LPG gas used for cooking? 75. How is a pencil manufactured? 61. what will you do? What will you do to get yellow colour? What colour does neon give? 91. What are the different types of bearings? What type is used in bullock carts? 66. Can you design a bicycle with only a semicircular wheel instead of the usual circular one? 88. 86. What is the difference between a centrifugal pump and a jet pump? 83. Can you do a boring operation on a lathe? . What is a locating dowel? 96. What is Monte Carlo simulation? What do you do using GPSS? 84. Why are the rear wheels of a tractor bigger than the front wheels? 62. Who invented a flying machine modelled on how a bird flies? 87. d) Drilling and boring machine. What is saturated steam? What is the temperature inside the drum? 74. Why is a four-stroke engine more efficient than a two-stroke engine? What is the disadvantage in a four-stroke engine? 79. What filament is there in a tube light? What is the gas used inside? If you want red colour. What is synchronous motor used for? 63. In the rains. What does a µdifferential¶ do in a car? Does the Maruti have it? 70. 55. What is a jig? Why do you need a jig? 95. Who do you think is the greatest inventor of all times? What are his inventions? 90. What is a machining centre? 97.and boring machine. Where is Carnot¶s Cycle applied? 73. What are the two long screw-like things on the front side of a lathe? What are their functions? What is the gearing mechanism inside the head of a lathe? 64. what is MAP? (Manufacturing Automation Protocol) What are flexible manufacturing systems? 59. Draw shear-force and bending moment diagrams for a beam. How does a hydraulic door closer work? 89. 60. How is speed regulated in a fan and in a copier? 92 GDPI-NOTE 65. Why are they not used commonly? 69. Advantages of a rotary engine over reciprocating engines. What is Euler¶s formula? Give one application. 92. What is the difference between broaching and drilling? What is the difference between drilling and boring? 93. A plate has a laminar flow on side and turbulent flow on another. 67. What is the difference between a two stroke and four-stroke engine? 57. How does an IC engine work? 78. What are the various considerations while designing a machine? 76. In manufacturing. What is inside the gas cylinder used in kitchens? What is LPG? In what form is it inside? How does the pressure drop? 85. Differentiate between a steam turbine and a steam engine.

Is the feedback of a linear or a circulating type? 5. What is inertia? MINING: 1. How much carbon is used in alloy steels? 8. 12. What is stainless steel. What do you mean by momentum? 14. What are the various production control measures adopted by your organisation/industry? 7. Tell me some companies. What are the different kinds of weldings? 2. 3. Which according to you is the most precious substance in the world? 10. What are the various feedback devices? 4. On applying brakes. How much coal was produced in India this year? 8. 10. What is value analysis in value engineering? 101. Find a stainless steel object in this room. Link mining with management. If you were asked to manage a temple. What alloys are formed with Lithium? 3.98. 7. which manufacture mining machinery. 6. Which metals can be extruded easily? Give examples. How is sulphur mined? 5. What is the difference between a Maruti and an Ambassador? Why does the Maruti have 3 cylinders? Why not four? What problems arise in making a z-cylinder engine and what benefits are accrued? What is the firing order of a 4-cylinder engine? 3-cylinder? What factors determine this? 93 GDPI-NOTE 99. There are two trucks moving in the same speed . Tell me any two advantages and any two disadvantages of open cast mining over underground mining. What are the different types of mining? 4. How is power transmitted to the Maruti¶s front wheels? Where is it located? What are the benefits of front wheel drive? 100. Explain: Hot rolling / cold rolling. what is its composition? 11. Who is the State Minister for Mines and who is the Union Minister for Mines? 9. What is a universal joint? Where is it used? 104. would your background in Production Engineering help you in any manner? 9. What do you mean by µp¶ chart? 94 GDPI-NOTE 8. 2. Which has better finish? 9. How will you manufacture small watch gears? METALLURGICAL: 1. What are the benefits of forging and defects of casting? 102. 103. Name three companies where your MBA and mining knowledge will be useful. which will come to stop first? 13. Suppose a ladder is sliding down when it is leaning against a wall. What do you exactly understand by Machine Tools Control? 2. how can we µcontrol¶ in the IIM¶s? . What are your views regarding the production methods followed in your organisation or in your industry? 6.one of them is empty and the other is loaded. What is the maximum area it will enclose during falling? 15. How would you tell me whether the soil under this room contains any diamonds? PRODUCTION: 1. What is the difference between an open loop system and a closed-loop system? 3. In the context of µProduction Planning & Control¶. Can we use a spring in place of a universal joint? 105. Draw an Iron Carbide (FeC) phase diagram. Which parts of a car are cast and which are forged? 106.

Why is Silk considered so expensive? 10. Differentiate between Rayon and Nylon from the Manufacturing perspective. What operating system is used in calculators? 16. Should NTC be privatised? Whom would you consider the best suitor for it? 7. What is the difference between KVA and KWH? 30. What is an immersion parameter? 3. What is an information highway? What is superhighway? 14. What is Newtonian mechanics? What is Newton¶s prediction for the universe? 13. What is the difference between filament yarn and staple yarn? 3.10. What is an operating system? 15. 11.C. What is JIT? 13. What was the problem with Pentium machines? 17. What gives Satin its unique feel? GENERAL ENGINEERING: 1. What are matrices? Where are they used? . What is the difference between a two stroke and a four-stroke engine? 26. What is instrumentation? Draw a flip-flop. What is operations research? How would you implement linear programming using a computer? 28. Give examples of a typical component you would make by forging. What is the staple length of cotton? 2. 19. What is the difference between a lathe and a shaper? 27. What is semi-conductor? 21. 7. What has been India¶s stand on the WTO regarding its Textile Industry? 6. What are the various types of temperature sensors and their principle? 2. What is production planning? How would you plan your inventory? How would you account for uncertainty while maintaining inventories? 12. What is fibre optic technology and how is it superior to the current metals? 10. Why is the sky blue? 95 GDPI-NOTE 23.C. What is uncertainty principle? 12. Explain relative velocity. What are the applications of CAD/ CAM? 8. What is PFI? 6. & D. Describe the difference between AM and FM modulations. Differentiate between analog and digital telephones. What do you think is the future of the textile industry? 5. How will you find maximal and minimal of the function Y= f(x). What is probability? What is your probability of being selected at IIM-L? What is the classical approach? How does it differ from subjective and relative frequency approach? 31. Name 5 of the biggest International Textile firms and the reasons for their success? 8. What is the difference between A. What is applied statistics? 29. What are the practical uses of microwaves? How does the microwave oven work? What will happen if you put some µmalai¶ in it? 24. 9. What are the new semi-conductive materials? 18. What is linear programming? 11. What is FMS? What sort of machines would you have in an FMS? What sort of turning and milling machines would you use? TEXTILE: 1. 22.4 stroke or 2 stroke engine? 5. 25. What is the difference between fibre made by DMT and PTA? How are DMT and PTA made? 20. 9. locomotives? 4. Describe the working of a Force/Engine? What is more polluting . What do you understand by the term Polynosic? 4.

What did you study in statistics? 46. What was a fault in Pentium 3? 50. Describe how you will use it to estimate population preferences. W hat are the different numerical methods of solving equations? What is Newton Raphson method? What is a binomial theorem? 60. median and mode all equal? 66. 41. In which distribution are mean. How is a lift generated? 70. Describe practical applications of mathematics. 37. Draw and explain the Otto cycle. What are Laplace transformers and their applications? 71. What is the difference between parallel computing and digital computing? 39. What is metallurgy? What is steel? Difference between iron and steel? What is the strength of a material? What is hardness? 57. What is an operating system? What is the operating system in apple machines? What is the difference between operating systems and systems software? 40. 68.32. What is the difference between a program and a package? What computer subjects did you study in your B. Can you draw the circuit diagram of a staircase lighting system? 45. What are partial differential equations and their applications? 72. What is RISK computing? 49. Give an example of a function. What is gravitation? What is gravitational quantum theory? 33. Explain amplitude modulation. Name five differences between Fortran & C? 51. Why did Einstein get the Nobel Prize? 34. Can you tell where in practical life. How do you specify an engine? 74. What is the equation of the trajectory of a cricket ball? 55. Describe the projects / papers written during B. median and mode. Why do sailors walk with their feet spaced wide apart? . do we use probability? Name some of the power saving devices? 48. What is vector? 53. What are Lagrange multipliers? 61. State Baye¶s theorem. Define derivatives. 64. 38. What is dy/ dx of y = e? What is its physical meaning? 96 GDPI-NOTE 58. Differentiate between motors and generators: Differentiate between AC and DC motors. How do you solve a quadratic equation? 67. What is the equation of a parabola? 65. What is matrix integration? 62. Define derivative of a function. What is an integral? 59. 47.Tech. Why do you shake a thermometer before use? 36. What is solid geometry? Describe its application? 54. Define mean. 43. Give a distribution where mode is more important than mean and median. What is the difference between computer science and computer engineering? 42. What are frequency and phase modulations? 35. Principles of knocking in SI & CI engines. What is the difference between parametric and non parametric distribution? What is normal distribution? Why is it called normal? Draw a normal curve. 56. 52. which is differentiable but not continuous at a point.Tech Project? 44. What is the function of wings in an Aeroplane? 69. When is f(x) said to reach maximal? 63. Differentiate y = ax. Differentiate between partial differential equation and simultaneous equation. 73.

He thinks that he has proved Newton wrong. 99. Why do grid failures occur? How can they be prevented? What is a flexible manufacturing system? 79. What is the difference between 8088 and 8086 microprocessors? 111. Should we allow nuclear and power generation plants to come up in spite of the negative consequences like radiation leakages etc? 103.75. Name materials used as semiconductors. What is Newton¶s third law? A man jumps out backward from a running bus and falls down. Why does an aeroplane stay in air? 76. Why do pipes in oil refineries and petrochemical plants have U-shaped bends instead of being straight? 105. How would you scale up a laboratory process? 106. How do semi-conductors work? 85. What is yogiuda antenna? Where is it popularly used? Is it end fire or broad side? 98. What is FMS (Flexible Manual Systems)? 96. What is a theoretic? 107. ln µC¶ language. ³Which companies do MBA¶s want to join? Which features do they go for?´ 97 GDPI-NOTE 95. How will you interchange values of two variables without using a temperature variable? Why was 80596 named Pentium? 109. What is the difference between solid and liquid propellant? What is the difficulty in producing a liquid propellant for rocket motors? 90. What are the principles of working of a DC motor? Extend its application to marketing. What are the methods of optimisation in chemical engineering? 81. What are the advantages of COBOL over BASIC? 102. What is the root word of statistics? What does it mean? What is pie? Why does it occur in so many formulae? 112. What are the prospects for aerospace in India? 91. 86. How do you solve a given quadratic equation from the 1st principles? . Did you have any management-based subject during your engineering course? Do you remember your academic subjects? 100. What is the regression model? How do you fit a regression model? 94. 104. What is interactive TV? What are the hardware and software features required for a 60-minute movie on the computer? 82. How will you conduct a sample survey to answer the question. How do you reduce jet noise? 88. How does a tube light work? Are there any waves coming out of them? What are they? 77. What is a sonic boom? 87. What are Fourier transformers? Why are they used? 80. 83. What is your opinion in this? 101. Why don¶t you go for research in statistics? 93. if one function shouldn¶t access another function. What is an array of antenna? What are broadside arrays? What are endfire arrays? Explain what are the advantages of end-fire arrays. Why don¶t you have supersonic airlines seating around 400 people? 89. What is the difference between electrical and Electronic engineering? 84. Why is an IBM-PC so famous? 110. How is satellite communication achieved? What are the frequencies used? Can we use optical signals to communicate with satellites? 78. What are the different types of production systems? 97. Name some fields outside and within your specialisation that you like. Why did you go in for statistics and not engineering? 92. What are the advantages of multi-cylinder engines? Explain the performance of a big diesel engine. how will you do it? What is indexing in data base? What is the difference between FOX-BASE and DATABASE? 108.

What is Carnet Cycle? 120. What is standard deviation? 142. How do you approach (199/199)2 ? What is the remainder? 115. BYTE. What is a parity bit? What is object-oriented code? 133. then how would the cigarette packet appear? 131. of the first 20 natural numbers? 126. What is the difference between parametric and non-parametric test? Give three examples of non-parametric tests? 141. How do you solve a third degree equation? 114. 122. A point has no length. What is surface tension? 154. What do you mean by non-medical science? . How are you going to use statistics to select a student? Give an example. 147. What are the fundamentals of air conditioning? 145. What is normal distribution? 143. What is Bayer¶s theorem? What are its applications? 125. 123. What are the features of COBOL? 135. what is log (1) to the base µe¶? 136. 118. What is the form of a quadratic equation? How can the roots of this be determined? In which case are the roots real and when are they imaginary? 148. Operating System ? What is applied thermodynamics? 119. 116. e log x. What is a convex function? 98 GDPI-NOTE 128. What is a/am BIT. Explain Kirchoff¶s law. 151. How would you rate your college? 137. What is the differentiation of Sin x. DOS. What is binomial theorem? What is the 8th term? What are its applications? 124. What is the L. What is a procedural/non-procedural language? Can a non-procedural language do everything that a procedural language can? 134. Justify. How are the loads on the bridge calculated? 153. Explain the gear mechanism of a watch. Explain the Hall Effect? 132. Give some applications of the same. Which statistics will a shoe or a shirt manufacturer use? What is factorial experiment and what is multivariate experiment? 144. What is the main-parameter of process control? How would you design a room temperature control system using a solar cell? 146. 117. What are differential equations? Where are they used in electronic applications? 138.M. What is meant by critical path of CPM? 129. yet a line made up of infinite such points has a length. Differentiate between an architect and a civil engineer.C. Integrate the following: a raised to x/dx? Differentiate the same. What is colour? If a room is lit with blue light only. Integrate log x dx. 155. What is Micro-Electronics. What is the meaning of statistics? 140.113. What is an A/C motor and how does it work? 150. What are the applications of process control? What is a derivative function? Find d/dx of (x/1 + x). What are filters? Where are they used in electronics? 139. What is a barometer used for? 149. BIOS. 152. 156. What is probability? 130. Derive d/dx (log x) from first principle. What are the advantages of nuclear power over thermal? How is it generated? 127. Differentiate the relationship between Enthalpy and Entropy? 121.

FMS. Calculate the volume of the Bisleri bottle. What computer subjects did you study in your B. What is non-traditional machining? How would you manufacture a turbine blade? 176. How can you quickly square 326? What is the relation between metrics vectors. Prove Area of cone = r h 3 1 ²2 ? 181. 179. 195.157. What are the advantages of systems analysis and development? (Computer) 182. and engineering degree exams? 175. Derive the supply curve from a production function for a layman. What is Pentium bug? What is pipe lining? (About the project) How many bits is 286? What is a cellular phone? How does it work? What is multiplexing? 170. What is Object-Oriented Programming? 162. Prove that the sphere has the largest surface area. 197. but the least volume. What is an l. Can good programs be made without using structures in µC¶? 99 GDPI-NOTE 166. 180. Define vibration. What is the 2nd law of thermodynamics? 169. Who invented it? What are MMF. 189. What is Computer Integrated Manufacturing? 183. How is Object-model better than Structured-model? 163. TQM. What are the practical application of differentiation and Integration? 178. What is soil mechanics? Quantum mechanics? Gas dynamics? 159. How do you explain the difference between electrical and electronics to a lay man? 196. What is the difference between a program and a package? 198. C. When will you sue each of these? 172. How do you define the efficiency of an I. Why were there marks of 10th. EMFand the difference between them? 188. What do you think of the practice of playing capitation fees for admission to engineering colleges? 194. Engine? 184. why do you want to do management? If engineers like you come . How are vectors used in the electronics field? 167. What is an Oscillator? Where is it used? 165. What was your final year project? Explain. What are the technical difficulties faced by manufacturing companies today? 174. What is the difference between Break Horse and Legal Horse Power? 185. Explain the working of a fan. Engine? 161. How do you difference between a diode and a rectifier? 164. What is fuzzy logic? How can logic be fuzzy? 171. Being an engineer from IIT. What is Kinetics? 168. What is Compression Ratio? How does Compression ratio affect the efficiency of an Engine? 186. What is QC. what are the impurities floating on the top? 191. When steel is produced.Tech Project? 199. What is Bernoulli¶s Theorem? Does the Velocity of a raindrop increase whilst it is falling from sky to the earth? 193. What is Mean Value Theorem? What is the difference between Algebra and Calculus? What is a Continuous Function? 192. What are the advantages of using a CWC machine? Can you tell us something about your course on manufacturing SC & Engineering at IIT? 177. Is commerce not a science? 158. give companies using them? 173. 12th. How is sulphuric acid produced? What is the role of catalysts? 190.C. Why do we indulge in load shedding? How much should transmission ideally be? What is the power faction? 187. 160. Certain functions can be performed using both software and hardware.

Why is your performance in academics so low? Which were your subjects in Engineering? 215. What do you know about image processing? 244. What do you mean by the price and income elasticity of demand? 205. Is v2 a rational number? Why? 226. 217. Do you know any computer programming language? 234. If a railway line has developed some cracks along its width. What are work groups? How do work groups improve productivity? 222. isn¶t it? 229. What is probability of error? 209. How many types of nuclear forces are there? 212. What are the features of AC Compiler? 213. What is digital signal processing? How is digital better than analog? 210. What are the different types of sampling methods? 238. State Bayer¶s theorem? 100 GDPI-NOTE 202. Is there any connection between Electrical engineering and management? 221. Why is calculation of instruments required? How will you calibrate an organisation? 220. What did you study in statistics? 201. What are Operations Research and its applications? 230. What is an operating system? 245. What is a random variable? 216. What is an impedance? 242. Mode? 227. do we use probability? Name some of the power saving devices? 203. Economics is not a theory. What is a set? Give some examples 225. What is electronics and communication? 208. Give one situation where single transistor would be prefered to ICS? 101 GDPI-NOTE . How do you manufacture a gun-barrel? 223. What is linear programming? 211. Distinguish between soaps and detergents? 204. What is Chi-square distribution? How is it different from normal distribution? 236. Is that good or bad? 233. Give an example of a discontinuous function. At what points is it discontinuous? 214. Computer software is dictating terms on how we should work. What are your marks obtained in various semesters? What is the evaluation pattern? 231. how will you rectify it? 224. Don¶t you think engineers become generalists after doing MBA? 228. Describe your course at IIT.for management. What is centripetal & centrifugal force? 241. How comfortable are you with Maths? How do you solve a first order differential equation? 219. What are the changes in the last 10 years in computer technology? What are the disadvantages of the internet? 232. Tell us something about your last year¶s project? 207. but a series of hypothesis. What is the difference between Standard Deviation and Variance? 206. What are ICS? Why use ICS instead of using single transistor? 246. who will improve the technology standards in India? 200. What is Re-engineering? What is reverse engineering? Don¶t you think you are an incomplete engineer? 235. What is vertical integration? 243. How do you find maxima of a function? 240. What is the principle behind electricity? How does a motor work? How do you select a motor? 218. What is statistics? What is Mean. Can you tell where in practical life. What is the industrial use of acetic acid? 239. What is the use of Operations Research in industry? 237. Median.

compression? 257. What is Stress. What is the difference between 486 & Pentium? 248. What was the purpose of Millikan¶s oil drop experiment? 276. 266. What is LPP? 269. Finally if we have 3 heads. 272. 261. How do you calculate probability? 285. 2 tails. How can computers help in manufacturing? 256. 263. What is the difference between Petrol & Diesel Engine? Solve this problem: (related to parity bits in data transmission) six coins . Problems discussed in terms of concepts of probability. How does an electric fan work? State the theory behind it. What is the difference between a truck and a locomotive? What is Single Harmonic Motion? 279. Strain. Which papers have you studied besides mathematics? 271. Show Mallard reaction. tension. Wouldn¶t you be doing injustice to other engineers working with you by taking a leap with your MBA? 287. 258. What is the difference between a motion and a determant? What is an eigen value? 284. Define conditional probability.4 heads. Explain the basic working principle of any electric machine. Prove that adjacent angles of a rectangle equal to 180° What are the layers of OSI protocol? 289. What is sucrose percentage in condensed milk and soft percentage cheese? 262. Solve L. What is the difference between Engineering and Technology? 291. 259. What are the advantages of using fibre optic cable? 282. 2 tails ± what is the last coin? 278. What is Mathematics? How is it different from Statistics? Do you like Mathematics? Which branch of Mathematics do you like the most? 286. Why are the rear wheels of a tractor bigger than the front wheels? 253. For what did Marie Curie win a Nobel Prize? 277. Do clocks run incorrectly in summer? How is it rectified? What is asyndronous transmission (ATM)? 281. How do you put quality restriction on a bottle (kept here)? What is Bayes theorem? 270. Explain Browning reaction in milk. 265. Why does a tube light unit give a humming noise? 264. What is the difference between amplifier and oscillator? What is JAVA? 290. 274. What are S/W modules? 249. Computer Engineering and Computer Technology? . Give some application of the theoretical concepts. How does an AC work? 267. What is Operations Research? 268. Tell me about Lactobacillus acidophilus. How does the ceiling fan work? 251. Give an example of a continuous distribution. What are the fixed and variable costs in software projects? What is the difference between diamond and graphite? 275. What is inflation? 273. What is a probability? 102 GDPI-NOTE 288. 252. What are the factors on which time period of a pendulum depends on? 280.247. What are the differences between Computer Science. Working of common emitter amplifier? 283. Why would you do multiple implementation of the same module? 250. What is the time-temperature combination for pasteurised milk? 260. In what manner can a computer be used in a car? 255. are randomly turned.P. What are the factors that affect the sales of tractors in an area? 254.

F(t) = abtc then df/dt =? 303. a turbine? 328.C. Given the data on the incomes of families residing in some slum of your city. What is the mechanical equivalent of entropy? 310. What is µPyranatie Cone¶ equivalent to? 311. What is the principle governing aircraft movement? 322. Can you name a statistical tool? Explain the least square method of curve fitting. 312. Which real cycle comes closest to Carnot¶s Cycle? 306. 103 GDPI-NOTE 330. . which of the above will give you a better idea about the general income? 334. What are geo-stationary satellites? 326. What is the process cycle in a thermal power plant? 316.DSS. You have studied in IIT and enjoyed yourself at the government¶s expense. operating system to a layman. 305. Is a refrigerator a heat Engine? Why? What about A.. What forces act on an aircraft? 323. Don¶t you think someone else should enjoy the IIMs? 302. What is Laplace Transform? 293. What is an elliptical orbit? 327. What is the difference between spark ignition and compression ignition engines? 317. What is the difference between a CNC machine and a tracer lathe? 320. What is µspelling¶ in a refractory? 309. which have been developed and commercially employed? 301.y = 0. x = l. What is basic time. how is it different from standard time? How do you prevent knocking? 318. If you are in the material dept. plot the graph. 0 < x < l. What is a Supercomputer and what do you know about the Supercomputer deal? 313. How do you hope to keep in touch with your field when you¶ll be doing management for 2 years at the IIM? 314. Why is µC¶ considered more powerful than PASCAL or BASIC? 299. Tell me the four latest developments in your field (microprocessor and digital systems). What is a boiler. Describe the velocity profile of a river. What is a positron and an electron? 324. Why do we use Matrix? What is the Rank of a Matrix? lf the Rank and Discriminant of a Matrix is given. x > l. 296.? 298.292. . Define a robot. What is artificial intelligence? 308. What do you think of JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing? 335. What do the following mean . What are the Expert Systems? Name some. 307. + 1/n Sum the series.y = 4x ± 2. 304. What is the role of probability in Quantum Mechanics? 325. What is a SIM chart? 315. Differentiate a man from a machine. Explain compilers. What are thermosetting / thermoplastics? 329. What is Partial Differentiation? What are the dependent and independent variables? 294. y = 2x. MIS? 300. can you find the inverse? 295. 1/1 + 1/2 + . At the IIMs too there is a government subsidy. how will you justify the feasibility of introducing JIT in your company? What are the shortcomings? Is it feasible? 336. What is exponential growth? How does the rate of growth change? 332. Which topics of Industrial Management were taught to you in your final year? 297. What is Reynolds number? 331. Why don¶t you wish to take up production? 319. median mode? 333. What is a cycle graph? 321. What is mean. Write a computer program to evaluate y =? log x/dx. 337.

346. What is 75% of 150? 366.. What is the geometrical interpretation of Newton Raptison Method? 357. What is the expression of a circle x. what would your reaction be? 376. Question on the non-availability of total scientific algorithm may be asked. Don¶t you think that by switching over to management. Don¶t you think that Operations Research is also Management? 353. What are 4th generation computers? 362. 380. Apply calculus to the villages in India. If P(A) = 1 and P(B) = 1. Why don¶t you want to continue with Engineering? 354. co-ordinates and polar co-ordinates? 365. What is the difference between µprecision¶ and µaccuracy¶? What statistical measure of central tendency would be most relevant to you if you wanted to open a readymade textile store? 360. Express y2 ± 6y ± x + 7 = 0 as a function of µx¶. Name a few companies specialising in your field of study. Name one method of solving simultaneous equations. What have you done in Math. What is the derivative of µe¶? . then P(A or B) = 1 + 1 = 2. 375. 343.R. How will you manufacture a pencil commercially? 342. Suppose it were made compulsory for engineers to work for one year after graduation in villages. What application packages are you familiar with? 369. What does the determinant signify? 355. y.? 347. Do you think it is right to have different projects for different groups of students? 348. Do you read newspapers? What is today¶s headline? What is today¶s cartoon? 358. Integrate it. What is exponential mean? Where did it come from? 381. Give the practical use of the Simplex Method. Give your views on brain drain. 384. the country will lose you as an engineer? 351. Which higher level languages do you know? 370.. What is p? 378. What is the transportation technique? Distinguish it from a LPP. 363. Plot the graph of y = x. 371.n times. How will Queuing Theory help you in managing queues outside the temple? 385. Draw the graph of 1/x . 339. How will you plan the operations of bulk deliveries? 340. what would be the final result? 373. Differentiate y = x raised to x. 344. What is the relationship between exponent and log equation if a = ax and log a = x? 374. If you pressed 1 2 into a calculator and constantly pressed log.338. 352. What is Vogel¶s Method? 345. What is i v±1? 364. What are your favourite subjects? 368. State the laws of Thermodynamics. 349. 104 GDPI-NOTE 372. Isn¶t it? 359. Statistics and O. Why don¶t you go abroad? 377. What is 1/3? 379. You may be given problems in Math relating to Sin and Cos. 341. What are the latest developments in your field? 367. What do you feel about the essentiality to introduce more courses in management as part of the engineering course rather than have engineers undertaking a separate course on management? 350. Does Probability = zero always denote an impossible event? 361. What is the relation between Engineering and Management? 383.. What is the difference between Engineering and Technology? 382. Which numerical methods have you studied? 356. Formulate and solve some problems in Differential Equations. differentiate it.

8. Could you use it here? 13.e. What is natural language processing? Is it easy to implement? 394. Consider a penholder. Why don¶t you do a part time management development course instead of a full-time management degree? 403. What were your subjects at the final year? What was your favourite subject? Why? 2. Do you remember your X standard History and Geography? What was the philosophy of your school? 4. Your qualification is still not that well recognised. Tell us something about your college. Can you name some people who have excelled in their careers with the help of this qualification? 23. 393. Give details of any project done as a part of your course and your contribution in it. How would this course (Graduation Qualification) contribute towards the development of the country? GENERAL AWARENESS: . Can you suggest improvements in the B. What is the difference between the laws of physics and the laws passed in the parliament? 398. What is linear in linear programming? 388. 6.Ln¶ buttons are pressed continuously? 400. Tell me something about Golan-Heights. What has your school given you? 9. What is the difference between 1st angle and 3rd angle? 396. 399. What are your hobbies? 16. Have you heard of inverse? 391. What did you contribute to your college/job? 11. How will you cope with your study load? 12. What is a logarithm? 390. What type of industry employs personnel with your qualification? 21.Log¶ and µInv. Why do you wish to pursue management study after acquiring an engineering degree? 402. Which international tournament is currently going on for Chess. What will be the result if 5 is entered in a calculator and µInv. 3. Where is uranium found in India? 397. Why do you want to do an MBA? How will management help you as an engineer if you end up selling soaps? 105 GDPI-NOTE GENERAL: 1. What is µe¶? Where is it commonly used? 389. What is the significance of your name and why do you have such name? 14. What is Rolle¶s Theorem? What is its Geometric interpretation? 387. Can a theory be practical? Give me an example of a practical theory. Do you think Engineers are incapable of handling higher responsibilities without an MBA? How do you see management help you achieve your goals? 401.E. What is the rank of a matrix? Why is it important? 392. Tell three things that shocked you in the college. What inspired you to opt for this Qualification? 18. Why are your marks showing a downward curve? 15. Name 3rd and 4th generation programming languages. What was the duration of the course i. 5. How would you as a person bring about awareness on this qualification? 24. What did you learn from college life? 7.386. What did you gain from your college or from your job? 10.Tech/B. what are the results? 17. was there any semester pattern? 19. What was you favourite subject? 20.Course? What steps would you take to improve Bombay¶s environment? (To a chemical engineer) 395. How will management education help you to enhance your skills? 22.

How do you propose to eradicate corruption in India? 16. How are you affected if the dollar appreciates or depreciates? What are the problems of small businesses? 32.1. What are the ills affecting the Indian economy? 31. 9. Tell us about the Ram Jamnabhoomi . What do you think of the federal form of government? Is poverty the cause of corruption? 8. Is poverty a problem or a cause? What is the poverty line? What are the urban and rural wage rates? 106 GDPI-NOTE 11. How do you compare the people living there with people living in your society? 2. Tell me something about your hometown. Has there been erosion in the values of Indian society? What have been the effects of drought? 34. Compare Arjun and Karna. 5. Name 3 places in your state of origin worth visiting. Define the poverty line in rupees. 13. How many districts are there in your state. How will the public sector improve if handed to private sector? Would you prefer working in public sector or private sector? Why? What role is the public sector playing in India? Name some PSUs. Why is the Indian industry ailing? 28. Who are the principal actors in the dowry drama? 12. 3. in your neighbouring states? Is your city a district? What is a district? Who is the head of a district? What courses are taught at IIMs? 6. 23. How does the computer reservation in Railways help in reducing corruption? 37. What are your views on the erstwhile CM of Chhattisgarh Ajit Jogi? 18. What do you think of India¶s stand on nuclear arms? What are the social issues that trouble you the most? What is the caste system in India? 33. What are your views on politics as a profession? 30. What would you speak if you were to inaugurate an Adult Education programme? 36. is it economically advanced? Give statistics in favour of answer. Name three wild life sanctuaries in India. Name some industries in your state? What are the problems in your state? Compare the teenage crowd of your city with those to some other metros? 4. Questions on home state: political situation. 21. What is the controversy over the Women¶s Reservation Bill? 20.Babri Masjid Issue. What do you know about Narmada Valley Project? 19. Do you think that personal income tax should be abolished? Why do you think this would lead to greater savings? 27. What are our constitutional rights? 39. How would you rate the performance of the public sector? 29. Name 3 poets from your state. Name a person from a Ramayana / Mahabharata whom you admire. What poverty eradication measures would you suggest ? 10. What are your views on the working class in India? What are your views on Centre State relations? 17. what will you do? 35. What¶s the significance of the squirrel in Ramayana? 14. Have you read any religious books? In the Ramayana why do you think Rama rejected Sita? Who was Hanuman¶s father? What is the moral of Ramayana? 15. . What advances has India made in space research? 22. What is the difference between Chernobyl and Bhopal? 24. If you were posted in a region where the population suffered from malnutrition. Is there a lot of male chauvinism in the business world? What are your views on deforestation? 25. What do you feel about the Sri Lanka issue? Has it anything common with the Kashmir tangle? 40. How can computers be used to increase efficiency in our country? What do you feel about the problem of drug addiction ? 7. What are the implications of MRTP to you? 26. Assess Kashmir¶s situation assuming you are from Delhi or that you are from Southern India. What do you think of technology missions? 38.

What did you observe when you came up the stairs? 78. the number must be such that if the digits are reversed it also would be divisible by 7. history and background. Which rivers flow through India and Bangladesh? Distinguish between Arts & Science. 65.0? 60. What are your views on consumerism culture on T. Which of the latest advertising campaigns do you like the best? 66. What are the objectives of the UN? 42. Newton? 49.? 55. its founder. 58. What is 1 raised to the power 1. What is family planning? Why have we failed in implementing it and how can we go about implementing it more effectively? 75. What are the major exports and imports of India? Which products earn us a major share of dollars? 72. say sugar? 70. Give information regarding your college. number of students. 83. How do you think MBA¶s can be attracted to the public sector enterprises? What is happening in U.41. have they been fulfilled? What did you get out of it? 77. If you were Maneka Gandhi.? Who are Napier. List 10 uses of a pen in one minute. 59. What are your views on the situation in Iraq? 47. Tell us about Franco and the Spanish Civil War. which influence the price of a commodity. From where does the money come for the sports activities in African countries? 69. What is the cause of Industrial Sickness? 80. Name an industry where large-scale production has reduced the price of goods? 64. What is the WTO? What are trade barriers? 107 GDPI-NOTE 48. What are the provisions regarding land reforms in Schedule IX of the situation? 82. 57. What is the number of villages in India? 76. What is balance of payment? What is balance of trade? 71. of your college. What do you think is the problem with Indian sports? 67. Which country is the best in the field of sports? 68. 63. What will you do if you are sent to Afghanistan as an ambassador? 44. what would you do? Tell us about Mussolini and Fascism. Name any one person who has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in the last 5 years.D. Why is the trend of film stars becoming politicians more prevalent in South India rather than North lndia? 84. 62. Why are all peace accords signed in Geneva? 46. How far is political intervention the cause of sickness in industries? 81.V. number of staff. of Indian Airlines? 73. Name a Nobel Prize winner who worked in Bengal. What would you do if you where made the M. Write a 3-digit number divisible by 7. What¶s happening in Greece? 54. Name the 2 most recent provisions regarding land reforms in Schedule IX of the Constitution. What are the similarities between Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela? 50. How many steps did you travel to come to this floor? 79.P. 61. Name the states through which the Narmada flows. Why do you think that the country has been mismanaged? What steps do you think can be taken to improve the situation? 74. 51. What are the factors. approximate budget your expectations. Name 5 advertising agencies in India. How do you account for the economic success of Japan/Germany/Taiwan? 45. What is the difference between Hinduism and Christianity? What are your views about Tehridam? 56. What¶s happening in Japan? 53. 52. How is India placed at the WTO? 43. What do you know about the Narmada/Tehri Dam/Chipko Movement? 108 .

Do you think Defence and Public Administration are unproductive sectors? 103. Why? Is our policy consistent? 116. Why is being an idealist a drawback? Does µhonesty¶ become a drawback? 121. 117. how would you differentiate between µClassics¶ and others? 91. Name 3 problems facing the Indian Economy? 94. What are your views on automation? In what direction is it taking humanity? 114. Do you think Computers can solve rural Indians¶ problems? Why should we take raw graduates when we have so many people with work experience coming to us? 110. How did SC/ST get their name? 112. At what rate is the population growing? 118. What percentage of the working force is employed in agriculture? 101. How do you calculate National Income in the service sector? 104. Introduce yourself. What would you do with the money won in the lottery? 98. In books. Define the term µvalue system¶.GDPI-NOTE 85. What is the future of computers in India? 111. How would you react to a newspaper¶s comment on µHang the traitors¶? What is right? Would you have done the same? 92. If you were to win a lottery. 93. What is the price of Surf/Lux? 113. Evaluate the social change in India and compare it to the political change. If you were the Finance Minister of India. Tell us about the most important international and national events which have taken place over the last 2-3 months. Name a state which does not have a Vidhan Parishad. If you were asked to predict the election results how would you go about it? 108. 123. What do you mean by Government control? 89. What is the amount of Black Money in the Economy? 99. What do you know of Indian History? Which Indian King are you most impressed by? 87. What are your personal views on business ethics versus value systems? . 106. what amount would you like to win? 97. Will it drop when your exams finish? Draw a graph you expect at the Institutes. How many states are there in India? How many languages are recognised? Why is there a difference? 119. Give the number of members and the objectives of the Planning Commission. 86. Prepare a graph of your study timing during a whole year. What is Silent Valley? What is the specific objection to the Silent Valley Project? 124. 107. What is the role of foreign investment in India? Compare it to the rest of the third world countries. We support Palestinians against Israel but we don¶t support Kashmiris. What is the difference between Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy of the Government? Is deficit financing a part of the fiscal or monetary policy? 88. Can business objectives be achieved without trampling upon the social ones? 105. What is the rate of inflation? What is the rate of inflation on the Wholesale Price Index and the Consumer Price Index? Why the discrepancy in the two? 100. What is your conception of humour? 115. What is creativity? 109 GDPI-NOTE 120. 122. Define an entrepreneur. as Arjun introduces himself in Mahabharat. Compare the political change of the rest of the world to the political change in India. Do you think Hindi has developed at the cost of other languages? 90. What do you want to do for your country? What have you done so far? 109. What percentage of the working force is employed in the tertiary sector? 102. What is per Capita Income? What is your source of information? 96. how would you increase the productivity of the work force? 95.

129. State some facts on the Palestine issue. What are renewable and non-renewable resources? Give two examples of each. districts. What are its after-effects? 150. How do you get to the depth and source of current events? What is your position in the society? 138. What is an µethnic¶ problem¶? Where is the Baltic Sea on a map? 110 GDPI-NOTE 158. Name 7 cabinet ministers and their portfolios. What is a hung parliament? 157. 130. What is the White Revolution? What do you know about Operation Flood? 146. What is common sense? Define it? Does education give common sense to a man? 135. 126. What is Greenhouse effect? 131. secondarily. 160. What is the recommended calorie intake to stay above the poverty line? 154. What is the capital of Orissa? . What do you think is the greatest problem we have in our country? State some facts on the Naxalite problems. 167. What are the sources of income of the government? 161. How many countries are involved in the Balkan Conflict? Name them. Some important rivers in India. What is deficit financing? 164. What is India¶s PCI (per capita income)? 153. Why are both Republic Day and Independence Day celebrated? 139. Why is Teacher¶s Day celebrated? 128. What is the status of women in India? What are your suggestions for improvement? 166. 142. tertiary sector to GNP. Can you describe the operations carried out during the Gulf War? 141. What is the Green House effect? What has the µozone layer¶ got to do with it? 151. villages are there in India? 170. How many calories does an average human being consume? 133. where would you locate it? Why? 143. What is IMF? What other agencies are you aware of? What is the real name of the World Bank? 159. the states they flow through. Is a free market pretty much inseparable from a free society? 152. What are the advantages of Computerisation in Railway? Name some princely states in pre-independence India. How many states are there in Northern India? List them. Union Territories. 147. Who is the editor of TOI. What percentage of Indians live below poverty line? 156. 168. India is a poor country. If you wished to start a new industry today. Who was the first Foreign Minster of India? 127. What is management? 136. Say something in support of these three statements: India is a developing country. Is excise duty levied on production or on trade? 163. 148. India is a socialist planned economy. Name 3 products that prove a country is industrialised. What is the average family size in India? What is the population growth rate? 169. What is today¶s headline? Explain the background of this event in detail. 137. 149. Tell me something about the Green Revolution. 165. Define inflation. Who is the External Affairs Minister and the Finance Minister? 171.125. What is the contribution of primary. Name the top 3 companies as designated by Fortune 500. What is the difference between excise duty and customs duty? 162. Explain the term µPrivy Purse¶. 144. Mention two incentives given to the export sector. Who are the editors of some of the leading newspapers? 134. What is Maneka Gandhi¶s contribution to it? 145. How many states. 140. Can you name all the Prime Ministers that India has had? Begin with the first PM. The Indian Express / The Hindu / the newspaper that you take at home? The cartoonist? What is today¶s headline? 155. Debate on communism v/s capitalism. 132.

What are your views on the new economic policy? 198. 175. What is SAARC? ICICI? IFCI? IBRD? ASEAN? 207. Can there be life outside earth? 188. Discuss the origins of Imperialism. What is the power scenario in India? Which industries use more power? Rank them. 201. Point out the similarities between the Punjab situation and the Kashmir situation. Compare the Kashmir¶s problem with the Assam problem. Do you think Aryans are a superior race? Tell me 5 things you know about the Aryans¶ way of life. 80 CCB and 80L? 195. µEconomic development is the best contraceptive¶ . What are India¶s foreign exchange reserves now? 205. Who fought the battle of Plassey? When? Why? 186. 200. 180. What are the Vedas? What is the difference between the four Vedas? When did the British come to India? 185. Tell me what you know about the Jharkhand / Uttarakhand / Chhatisgarh issues. How does India¶s GNP compare with that of USA and Japan? Which country has the higher per capita income in the world? How is poverty level calculated in India? 206. crores and in Rs. Discuss the history of Vietnam. What is the contribution of agriculture to India¶s GNP? 213. What is the official name of the World Bank? Where are its headquarters? 208. 196. What separates India from Sri Lanka? 173. How does Indian philosophy describe the universe? 189. 193. Who took the Peacock Throne from India? Where is it now? 194. What would you say to a foreign audience eager to hear about India? 187. What is the literacy rate in India? Where do we have the highest literacy and in which state . Tell me about the problems your state is facing. What is the BSE? BSE Index? What is a blue-chip company? 212. 184. 191. What are the liberalisation moves of the government? 203. Give a detailed opinion on the budget. What are sections 80 CCA. Which is the largest bank in India? What are the functions of the RBl? Who is the governor of the RBI? When were banks in India nationalised? 209.Do you agree? 181. What is the length of India? Breadth? Area? 211.172. What is India¶s population? What is our population growth rate? GNP/ Per Capita Income? Write the GNP down in Rs. What is your opinion on the unification of Germany. Draw the map of Australia and mark its capital. What is Article 356 of the Constitution? 190. Name the venues of the last three Asiads. Which are India¶s richest states? Why? Which are the poorest? 199. What is SAARC? How many members does it have? Is Turkey a member? 177. What is the Khilafat movement? 182. How will you solve them? 214. Who was the first woman prime minister in the world? Who was the first woman president of UN? Name two Indian women cricketers who hold world records. What is the connection between black money and poverty? 179. State the functions of RBI. 178. 174. Name India¶s neighbouring countries and their currencies. What do you know about the West Asia peace talks? 210. Who is the current PM of Pakistan? 176. 202. Should agricultural income be taxed? 111 GDPI-NOTE 197. What do you know about the Indus valley civilisation? Where is it? What are the main findings from it? What was the language they spoke? What is the significance of Lothal? 183. 204. Who was Mahalanobis? What were his contributions to India? 192. billion. Comment on the Indo-Pak relations.

Who won the Dada Saheb Phalke Award this year? What fields has he excelled in? 241. Where was Mahatma Gandhi born? 225. What is the IMF? What are its functions? How has the IMF helped lndia? 224. Tell us something about WIPRO. iii) World Bank. What is rupee convertibility? Were excise and customs duties cut in the recent budget? Why? 244. Who was Bankimchandra? Name some of his works. 245. If you were the Prime Minister. What is the difference between co-curricular and extra curricular activities? 255. 260. What is the difference between GNP and NNP? 216.the lowest? 215. 227. What is the Japanese style of management? 258. What is Karma? Do you believe in it? Why? Apply Karma principles to Physics. 257. The world is getting into trade blocks. 218. how would you solve some of India¶s problems? 223. Name the deserts of the world. What arc the items India imports and exports? 219. What are IMF¶s suggestions. What is Public Administration? How different is a Public Administrator from a manager? 234. ii) U. What were India¶s exports for 2002-2003 in US dollars and in rupees? 240. Who won the Nobel prize this year? Far what? 235. Have you heard of Green Peace? Where are its headquarters? 256. Tell me the names of some famous personalities from your states. lf you are gheraoed what will you do? 237. What are the products that India exports? 239.N.. What is the difference between status and authority? 259. What are they known for? 222. 236. What do you think of one man one post formula? 112 GDPI-NOTE 233. Comment. any comments? 250. 248. When did World War II end? 254. In which part of the country did the Portuguese first land? What is the significance of Pearl Harbour? 253. Name one Grammy winner of this year. what would the impact of this be on world trade? 242. What is the significance of European Union for India? What are the problems in European exchange rate mechanism? 249. Where is the city µGuitto¶? . 261. What¶s the problem with the industry in the country? 238. What do you think of µHindutva¶? 231. Who was Panini? 228. Name an international women¶s Basket Ball player? Which country won the women¶s title in Basket Ball in the Olympics the last time? Which country has won the maximum number of women¶s titles? 230. 247. In which part of the country did the French first land? 252. What is good for General Motors is good for the World. What was the specialty of Jethro Tull? Who was the flautist of Jethro Tull? 243. What do you think/feel about reservations? 229. Where were they? 226. What do you think of Jaswant Singh¶s policies? 221. Define motivation. What difficulties do software exporters in India face? 262. Mahatma Gandhi had established two Ashrams. What are three major economic issues the country is facing? 232. Tell me something about Anna Saheb Hazare. What is the budget deficit? Fiscal deficit? As a percentage of GNP what are they? 217. conditions for a loan? 220. Who was the Doors vocalist? 246. Where are the headquarters of i) Red Cross. China is a superpower. 251. Tell us about Ramanujam.

Tell something about it? Is it a bad organisation? Tell something about Shiv Sena? Differentiate between RSS and Shiv Sena. Where does the Narmada originate? 306. Define the word µtraits¶. What is Pygmalion effect in management? 301. What is WTO? Can trade between countries of the world be uniform? Why not? 291. What do you know about Jharkhand movement? 283. What is SAARC? How many countries are there in SAARC? 293. Nagpur is headquarters of RSS. What is the annual market for tractors in India? What is Kharif? Rabi? 292. What is IEEE? What is AIIMS? 290. Is there anything called underground rivers? How are they formed? Which rivers flow from the east to the west? 307. What is the symbol of Air-India? Air France? Air Canada? 305. What is the µcreamy layer¶? 289. Week. 285. Who was Ravana¶s wife? 282. What is the proportion of direct taxes in total tax revenue in India? . Where is Laos? Where is Myanmar? 275. Who writes the songs for Odissi dances? 269. Who is the editor of India Today. What is Calligraphy? What is the difference between Calligraphy and Graphology? 304. What is Reservation policy? What it should be? 286. Who was Francis Xavier? What did he do? 288. What is Modvat? 296. What are IATA Airlines? Are all airlines in India IATA Airlines? 309. What is realism. How did the Banks Securities Scam occur ? What was the modus operandi? 277. What is the story behind Lord Ayyappa? Did the Goans cheat to kill a demon? 278. 310. Do you think entry of private sector into coal mining in Dhanbad will help? 302. romanticism? 297. What is globalisation? 281. Give me the name of a topical rain forest. What is the meaning of the national anthem? 279. How many districts are there in India? How many MP¶s are there in Indian parliament? 295. How did India get its freedom at midnight? 299. What is an Art Movie? 272. 294. Who runs XLRI? 284. Who is the editor of Business India? Which publishing house brings out the magazine Business Today? 298. which is supposed to meet them there? Where does the Ganga originate? What direction does it flow in? 308. Who was the grandfather of Ashoka the great? 300. What is SAPTA? How many counties are there in ASEAN? Name any four countries of ASEAN. What is IPRS? 266. What would be the effect of Dunkel Draft on Indian farmers? 264. Name the EU countries. Differentiate between traits and idiosyncrasies. 287. Sing the Jana Gana Mana (National Anthem). How many Railway Zones are there in India? 271. What is JPC? How is JPC connected to steel? 267. Outlook? 113 GDPI-NOTE 274. 276. What is ISO 9000 ? 280. What is an export oriented unit? 265. Which is the world¶s richest country? 303.263. Where do the word ³Naxalite´ originate? 273. How would you distinguish between a black cow and a buffalo? 270. Where does the Ganga and Yamuna meet? Which is the third river. What is your opinion about the reforms as put down in the budget and finance bills? 268.

Tell me five women head of states." Incase you do not have a hobby. What is the difference between the Japanese industry and the Indian industry regarding participative management. Do you think Indian Industry should be protected? 325. When does religion turn into communalism? What do you think would be the ideal meeting point between religion and politics? 328. even if it falls within your curriculum and then express how you take it to a level that makes it .HOBBIES & EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES The panel qustions you on hobbies and extra-curricular activities as they want to assess if you have a one-track personality or a well-rounded. Do you think India is improving? 324. the Jagannath Temple at Puri and Mahabaleswar? _ 115 GDPI-NOTE CHAPTER 8 . Nilgiris? 316. 315. For example participation in team sports teaches you things about team working and leadership that no textbook on earth could teach you as well.311. But play is fundamental to evolution. where dramas change daily. you must introspect as to something that you are passionate about. 312. What is the difference between the problems of women and that of SC and ST? 334. In a dangerous world. Is automation viable for India? 114 GDPI-NOTE 313." What qualifies as a hobby? According to Oxford Dictionary. What is the major problem facing this country? 322. How has computerisation benefited banks? 317. Who are the pioneers of India¶s literacy movement? Name the most literate states in India? 321. multi-faceted one. Khajurao. We may think of play as optional. Participation in extra-curricular activities and hobbies shows that you know how to balance between work and fun and recognise the fact that learning can be had from means other than textbooks. Abu. Hobby is "favorite leisure-time activity or occupation" and Extracurricular is "something which is not included in the normal curriculum. What is the difference between Hinduism and Buddhism? Buddhism and Jainism? 329. survival belongs to the agile and not the idle. How do you reduce corruption in India? 323. 327. What is Nirvana? Do you believe in it? 333. It is being said that Japanese industries are more successful than American industries and one of the reasons is. According to Diane Ackerman in "Deep Play": "Play is widespread among animals because it invites problem-solving initiatives. What is the role of participative management in the Indian economy? 314. What are your personal views on liberalisation? 319. a casual activity. allowing a creature to tests its limits and develop strategies. What is religion? What is culture? What is the difference between the two? Do you believe in religion? 318. Is economic independence making women independent. Where is Latur. Mt. Describe in 3 words or phrases the city of Mumbai. Japan doesn¶t have any business schools. What is the geographical significance of the Sun Temple at Korark. When does PM¶s job start and end? 326. unreasonable? 332. Should political parties get involved with students¶ union activities? 331. What do you think about IAS officers in India? 330. What are your comments? 320.

etc.. Describe any major achievements with respect to this hobby/activity. the more recent the better. Which of the following is it easier to swim in . how would you develop this game? 7.. What expenses did you incur for the activities? How did you finance them? 9.pond or lake or a swimming pool? Why? 9.. Which style/stroke of swimming do you swim in? 2. If you are asked to list three hobbies and you have only two. Which Indian swimmers have received the Arjuna Awards? 8. Have you heard of Mihir Sen? What are his achievements? How big is the µEnglish Channel¶? 7. karate). What are India¶s chances at the next Olympics in Swimming? CRICKET: 1. Which of the current Indian players is better capable of handling the Captain¶s post? Why? 9. How did you develop this hobby? 10. How do you plan to pursue them in the future? 8. do you feel that newcomers should be given better opportunities? 10. Do you feel regional politics is hampering the selection procedure in India? 5. Can India win the next World Cup? Keeping this in mind. then the common activities like reading. membership of student associations). How will you apply the learning from this activity in your life? 5. What motivated you to pursue this activity? What did you learn from the activity? 4.g. What extra-curricular activities did you pursue? When did you pursue them (school/college)? 2. There is no need to force fit a third hobby into your profile if there isn't any third hobby. team sports. How important are extra curricular activities in personality development? 7. which do not require working in groups or any physical activity or any dedicated involvement and will require rigorous validation through deep and varied knowledge about the field. What is the average age of the Indian cricket team? Does this affect the performance of the Team? . Choose your dream team and give reasons for the selection. Should Captains be allowed to carry cell phones to seek advise from their coaches? 4. Why hasn¶t India produced good swimmers over a period of time? 4. films. then why is it difficult to find or develop good swimmers? 5. preferably after school years. India has a big population. Who is your favourite swimmer? Why? 3. Articulate how the puzzles you do are different/above the level of the maths that is in your curriculum and how it enriches your life and what you learn from it. Who is more important: the Batsman or the Bowler? Why? Do you feel that inclusion of technology like that of the Third Umpire is good for cricket? 3. then highlight activities. then the activities which require physical effort and discipline (e. If you have several extra-curricular activities to mention. Do you believe that Match Fixing exists? Why? 2. GENERAL 1. For example if you are a maths freak and spend all your time doing math puzzles. How much time do you spend on it? 11. 8. Given a chance.extra-curricular. you can say that maths is your passion and doing maths puzzles serves as a means of relaxation and entertainment to you. Is commercialisation of cricket overshadowing the progress of other games? 6. Mention first the group activities (e.g. How would you develop this sport in India? 6. How do you allocate time between studies and extracurricular activities? Have extracurricular activities harmed your academics? 3. 6. then mention that you have only two hobbies. Who are the major achievers of this hobby? 116 GDPI-NOTE SPORTS: SWIMMING: 1.

Quick move to save time or b. What is the ideal weight of a badminton cork? 6. What are the problems of middle order batsmen? 18. What do you mean by Queen¶s Gambit? 18. It is said that playing chess is similar to managing an organisation ± explain. Who is your favourite cricket captain? Why? 20. Who is your favourite cricketer? Why? 19. 4. What is a µStale-Mate¶ situation? 13. what would be your priority: a. 117 GDPI-NOTE 6. Who are the players besides Vishwanathan Anand who have been awarded by the Indian Government? 4. Squash. While making a move in Chess. If you have to introduce a new product how would your knowledge of chess help you? Who would be your opponent? BADMINTON: 1. What do you feel is the future of Chess in India? 8. What are the differences with the styles of Karpov and Kasparov? 17.11. Can Computers develop better chess players. Who is the current world champion which country does he/she belong to? 2. How many feathers does a badminton cork have? 5. Do you think that the killer instinct is what matters in any game? 14. How would you develop this game? SQUASH: 1. 7. Who is the current national champion in chess? 16. Which is your favourite cricket team? Why? CHESS: 1. Give some details of the achievements of Prakash Padukone. How many pieces are there? What are their positions? 9. What can be the causes of decline in the performance of the West Indies cricket team? 15. 5. What do you think the current Indian players lack? 12. What is the difference between Badminton. At a time how many players can play together? 6. Why hasn¶t India developed talent as the neighbouring countries have? 3. taking your own time to make your move? 14. How did this game develop? 3. Compare Gavaskar with Imran Khan. 17. Which is the most important piece? 10. and Tennis? 4. Describe the court and its dimensions. How many squares form a chessboard? 7. Comment on Pakistan¶s dominance of the game. Name some talented players. Is SQUASH an abbreviation? 2. Name some talented players. What according to you is team spirit? 13. Have indoor games lost their popularity due to outdoor games? How would you develop this game? 5. In how many ways can a batsman get out? 16. Have you won any Chess competition? 11. Where did chess originate? 2. 8. Which Indian chess players have got the International Master norm? 15. Does Chess help build strategies? 12. What do you feel is the future of squash in India? . 3. Which are the players who have represented your state for Badminton? 7. 19.

10. Who provides ATP ratings and how are they calculated? 6. Why does this happen in India. Where does Boris Becker live? Why? READING: NOVELS: 1. Which state is famous for football in India? 3. 4. How is a µtie-break¶ evaluated? 4. Do you like novels? Who are your favourite authors? Why? Have you read µThe Godfather¶? 4. Why do you practise Karate? State reasons. What kind of novels do you read? Why? 2. What is the distance between the two poles of a goal? 4. Karate has achieved maximum popularity due to the movies? 7. When does a team get a Penalty kick? 6. Did you ever defend some one with your Karate skills? How? TENNIS: 1. Who wrote µUtopia¶? 7. What newspaper do you read? Why? . Which position do you feel is critical in the game? Why? European clubs offer lots of money to the players. Where did Karate Originate? 3. What is the distance between the centre line and the goal? 5. What are µGrand Slam¶ tournaments? Why are they so called? Will coaches from abroad improve the skills of Indian players? 9. Inspite of the competitions that take place in India. Who is your favourite Indian football player? Why? 9. Which is the book you have read most recently? What did you learn from it? Of the books you have read which is the one you have liked the most? Why? 3. Narayan. What are the requirements in terms of infrastructure that India needs to develop to excel in this game? 8. What is the concept of belt? Give details of the Degrees. What are the other methods that one can adopt during the moment of crisis? 5. Do you feel that popularity of cricket has hampered the development of this game? 2. Which are the Indian authors you like? 5. 9. K.Comment 10. Some tournaments have 3-sets while other have 2-sets for men. Is it true that. Which are the different forms of Martial Arts? 2. Do you read management books? Why not? 119 GDPI-NOTE NEWSPAPERS / MAGAZINES: 1. Distinguish the styles of writing of Harold Robbins from Forsyth. What do you read? Who wrote µYes Minister¶? 8. 6. How would you promote this sport in India? KARATE: 1. Who is Vikram Seth? Name two of his books. 10. why? 3. What are the facilities that the Indian Government provides for this game? Are they adequate? 118 GDPI-NOTE 7. Who is your favourite player? Why? 2. Which are the Indian methods of µSelf-defence¶? Do you practice them? 6.FOOTBALL: 1. why do we fail at the international level? 8. Can India win µDavis Cup¶ of 2005? 7. Compare Tagore and R. ³Amritraj Brothers have done little to help the development of the game in India´. What are the different kinds of surfaces on which tennis is played? 5.

Which language do you read/write poetry in? 3. . What is the concept of gharana in Indian music? 11. Are newspapers/magazines a stage for Public opinion or Political pursuits? What roles do newspapers play for the society? 5. Which ones do high school or college students prefer? 2. What newspaper do you read? Do you read Investors Guide in Economic Times? COMICS: 1. Name one Indian superhero. Can you write a poem for us on the current Political Situation in India? 12. Who is your favourite poet? What is so special about his/her writing? 6. Which is the latest pop album that has been a hit? 7. Name 5 gharanas of Indian classical music and one artist belonging to each. 12. What is the difference between western and Indian music? Has Indian music lost its classical value? 8. Which poets do you read? Why? 5. 3. What are the difference ragas? What do they signify? 13.2. Do you perform? 3. Which type of music is more popular in India? Classical / Pop/ Jazz/ Rock? 120 GDPI-NOTE 5. Why do you think Outlook is doing so well? 11. 8. Name two Newspapers and Magazines that you read along with their respective editors. Who is better: Superman or Batman? 6. Do you think that µRemixing¶ of old hits is a good sign of development for Music? 6. What is the difference between a poem and a rhyme? 11. Does the press always carry the precise and correct news or can they be manipulated? 4. 9. What is the peculiarity of µThe Times of India¶ editorial? Have you read today¶s Laxman¶s µYou Said It¶? Explain it. Who/What is your inspiration? Why? 4. What was the headline in today¶s newspaper? Who was the writer? 7. How fairly does it represent American socicty? 4. Name some famous Indian poets. Can India produce more talent on the likes of Mangeshkars? 9. 3. Describe the impact of Archie Comics on you. Name some famous International poets. Has the fast life of today eroded the relevance of poetry? 10. How do cartoons help to educate children? 5. What are the differences in styles of Ravi Shankar and Ustad Vilayat Khan? 14. Why are children taught with the help of Nursery Rhymes? 7. POETRY: 1. Compare India Today with other magazines. Poets are the guards of public morality. Do you have a flair for writing? 10. (Comment). Can you classify the type of Music that you listen to? 2. What is the µWaste Lands¶ about? 13. How do the people from different gharanas sing the same raga? How many gharanas are there in Hindustani classical music? 12. Which type of newspaper do you prefer reading? Which is your favourite column? Why? 6. What significance does the Editorial column in the newspaper carry? 9. What types of poetry do you read/write? 2. What forms of music do you prefer? Do you enjoy instrumental or vocal? 4. If you were to compose music for an art film what type of music and songs would you prefer and why? 10. 8. MUSIC: 1.

Nadeem-Shravan? 20. Do you perform with other groups? 9. What is SENSEX? What is the index today? What do you perceive it to be one month from now? Please give reasons. Name the following stating reasons: (a) favourite male singer (b) favourite female singer (c) favourite composer (d) present-day composer with most potential (e) most disliked singer (f) favourite music store 23. Does Western Music affect the youth of today? 17. How does the Stock Market affect the Economy? 8. What is digital music? How does it affect the quality of music? 22. Do you see the invasion of computerised songs such as MP3¶s as threat to the music industry? Given the opportunity to frame laws. What is your opinion about stealing of music compositions? Have Indian music composers acquired a bad name for using compositions of other musicians? 16. What is choreography? 6. What is the latest fad in music? 24. Do good musicians perform only in pairs such as Kalyanji-Anandji. Have you learnt any form of dance? 3. What is the influence of stable government on the Stock Markets? Or what is the influence . When do you µriyaz¶. Are there any other instruments that are similar to the instrument you play? 3. which companies would you prefer to invest in? Why? 10. Have you performed on stage? Give details. Why aren¶t you pursing a career in dance? 7. 8. What instrument do you play? How long have you been playing? 2. Do you attend programs or concerts? 8. Who is your Guru? Who was your inspiration? 4. What criteria do you look for before buying shares? 3. What is the impact of Music on the Culture and Society? 18. Which form of dancing do you follow? 2. for how long do you do it? 7. ³Western dance forms are corrupting traditional Indian dances´. 6. What do you mean by bull and bear markets? What do you mean by ³Bullish´ trend? 7. 5. When bonus shares are issued from where do companies get money and what are the accounting entries? 5. Name some great players. Do you also compose music? STOCKS: 1. What is the difference between bonds and debentures? 6. How would you develop or boost the popularity of Indian dances? 9. how would you stop music piracy? 21. Have you performed on stage? 5. 4. Are Stock Markets true indicators of growth? 9. 4. Can you tell me something about Kathakali? 121 GDPI-NOTE PLAYING MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: 1. Which shares do you buy? 2. Given the opportunity to invest for two months. What is the Music Industry¶s contribution to the Indian economy? 19. Name some famous personality in that field of dance. comment. Can you perform for us? 10.15. Which is the Indian pop group making waves these days? DANCE: 1.

present and future? 2. What does an abstract painting signify? DRAMA: 1. What are the various types of painting? 122 GDPI-NOTE 3. After being an MBA. What type of painting do you do? 2. Looking at your palm. Do you feel the roadside palmists are educated enough to predict a person¶s future? 5. 11. Which was the last drama that you saw? What did you learn from it? 14. Has painting lost its charm of late? 11. Have morphing and other computer techniques over-shadowed painting? 13. Then why do they forget stage performance? 7. Is there any difference between a dealer and a broker? PALMISTRY: 1. What would you do as a supporting actor during a drama. Name your favourite scriptwriter. Name your favourite director. 10. Why are dramatists lured towards cinema? 3. would you be able to pursue this hobby? 17. Of late. Explain how a µjanam-kundali¶ is constructed. Why? PAINTING: 1. what type of role would you prefer? 15. Please read our palms? What are your predictions with respect to our past. How does drama affect the society? 18. Most film stars have performed on the stage before making into films. 9. Who is your most admired Palmist/Astrologer. Name your favourite actress. Name some famous Indian artists. Name your favourite actor. Name your favourite theme. Name some Renaissance artists and their creations. Do visit painting exhibitions? 4. how would you bring about the development of drama in the present day context? 19. do you have a yog for Management studies? 4. 13. Have you performed in a drama? What was the theme? What was the team size? 4. If given the opportunity to perform on stage. What forms of painting do you like? 5. Has painting as a hobby lost its charm due to the invasion of computers? 12. How is a drama different from a orchestra? 6. What are the tasks that a director performs? 16. 9. which of the IP0¶s have come into the market and which of them have been over subscribed? 12.of political stability on the Stock Market? 11. 9. What is BOLT? 13. What has been the impact of Palmistry on your life? 6. Being a dramatist. 8. What do you do when your predictions do not come true? Can one change one¶s future by surgery on one¶s hands? Explain the relation between the stars and one¶s palms? 7. 7. Can you tell our functional areas by reading our palm? 3. What is your opinion on children in school using mouse as a medium to paint? 14. What is the difference between Fabric Painting and Canvas Painting? 8. Name Leonardo da Vinci¶s famous creation? What is special about the creation? 6. What is the difference between a Renaissance artist and an Impressionist? 10. How is a drama different from cinema? 2. Explain the concepts of µLife line¶ and µHeart line¶. What are the types of drama that one can come across? 5. when one of the other actors forgets . How does a team differ in a drama as compared to a cinema? 8. 12.

? 124 GDPI-NOTE 6. 8. Don¶t breaks break your head? 12. Bombay. Do you feel releasing a film with a social message assures success today? For example. Which is your favourite advertisement? 16. Are movies conceived from real life situations or is real life inspired by movies? 9. which of the sanctuaries have you visited? Did you visit these as a team? What was the duration of your trip? Which was your last trip? Give details of your trip. ³TV is an idiot box¶¶. How would you have countered the popularity of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati)? 10. What are TRP Ratings? What does it signify? 11. Do you collect pictures of animals? Which is your favourite animal? Why? . Tell us something about state of theatre in India today. 2. In your pursuit. What kind of films do you watch? Why? 2. How would you stop poaching? 4. Which Indians have excelled in Hollywood? 15. What channel do you watch the most? Which is your favourite channel? 3. Are movies a bad influence on society? 11. Do you have any pets at home? Is it ethical to keep pets at home? 5. 3. Mission Kashmir etc. What do you do if your family wishes to watch some other programme/channel? 4. what kind of programs would you run? 9. Who is your favourite actor? TELEVISION: 1. there is a spate of star sons/daughters in Bollywood. Border. Do breaks affect the popularity of the programme/channel? 13. can they achieve the same fame as their star parents? 16. Currently. Who is your favourite character actor? 7. What is the difference between a play and a skit? 21. Is English cinema corrupting the Indian cinema? 4. Hindi movies are often inspired by English movies or movies made in Hollywood. Has invasion of cable TV spoilt the popularity of cinema? 14. What are your views on pay channels? What are encrypted channels? WILDLIFE: 1.his/her dialogue? 20. What was the controversy regarding Deepa Mehta¶s µWater¶? 14. What kind of programmes do you watch? 2. If you become the director of a TV channel. What is your opinion? 8. 17. 7. Is the Censor Board doing its work in India? 13. Do you feel TV has negative effects on society? 5. Should films be censored? Why? 12. µOld is Gold¶ ± comment. Do you watch pirated movies? What are its implications? 10. Who is your favourite actress? 123 GDPI-NOTE 5. comment. Who is your favourite director? 6. Refugee. Comment on the statement: ³Quantity has spoilt the quality´ with regards to TV channels. Don¶t you feel watching TV keeps you indoors all the time? 6. What are the implications of awarding an µIndustry¶ status to Bollywood? 18. Who is your favourite TV personality? Why? 15. CINEMA: 1. What are your views on poaching? Is it possible without the support of the forest officials? 3. Do you collect bird feathers or animal skins / nails etc.

Do you have any theme behind your photographs? 7. Does politics wipe out people¶s cause? 11. What is the composition of NDA? 6. Have you been ever attacked by a wild animal during your visit to a wild life sanctuary? What would you do in the moment of crisis? Would you fight back or run away to save your life? 8. 5. Which places have you visited in India and abroad? Which country have you found to be the best? Why? 2. Have you ever thought of climbing the Everest? 5. Do you trek in groups? 3. What motivates you to follow politics as your hobby? 2. Give the principle on which a camera works. Which places have you gone for trekking? Which was your favourite location? Why? Which was the most difficult one? How often do you trek? 2. Do you have a collection of photographs? Give details. 11. What would you do if some robbers attack you during your travel to a new place? Would you fight or would you prefer to hand over everything you have got to them? TREKKING: 1. What mode travelling do you prefer and why? Which was the last place that you have visited? Whom do you prefer to travel with? Why? 4. Which was the first place you travelled to and how was the experience? 7. Can you read between the lines in politics? 4. What were the political reasons for the Pokhran tests conducted by BJP Government? 8.7. What type of photography do you deal with? 2. How many films does a roll have? 125 GDPI-NOTE POLITICS: 1. What are the minimum requirements to be a good photographer? 4. How do you pursue this hobby? 3. Do you plan to be a professional photographer? 8. Do you believe in companies pledging their support to International organisations when you buy the product? TRAVEL: 1. What would you do when the roll doesn¶t get developed properly? 6. How do you manage expenses during travelling? 6. Has the politics between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu restricted Veerappan¶s arrest? 10. Don¶t you think photography is a costly hobby? How do you manage this hobby of yours? 3. Do you have any preferences for the places that you visit? 9. Which are the International organisations that are working to protect wildlife? 9. How do you derive satisfaction from your hobbies? 10. How would you promote tourism in India? 8. Why didn¶t you pursue Political Science in your academics/career? 5. What do you mean by µfinishing¶ or µdevelopment¶? 12. Did India µcash-on¶ the Kargil issue politically? 7. Which place have you visited recently? Could you tell some things about it that we don¶t read in the newspapers? 5. What skills do you feel are important for becoming a good photographer? 9. Is USA changing its attitude towards India? 9. What is the difference between trekking and rock climbing? PHOTOGRAPHY: 1. Which is the best place according to you and why? Would prefer to settle there? 3. What tools do you need for trekking? 4. Who is your ideal/favourite Indian politician? Why? .

Have you ever attended a stamp exhibition? 14. I answer this question with. 12. What are your interests? 2. QUESTIONS 1. By responding this way. 9. To give you an example. in your aim to collect stamps? 11. Fortunately I completed all my college education in Mumbai. Have you ever bought or traded stamps? 13. 17. Should there be a minimum academic qualification for the Indian politician? Why? 14. as the interviewer knows little about you (and of course. What kind of person are you? Describe your life. You should tell them things about yourself that reflect positively on you. Explain the reasons for listing the 6 words you have given.´ comment. In fact. Did you make friends outside India. Which three universities got their stamps at the same time and in which year? 5. Give a brief introduction of yourself. Name the countries that figure in your stamp collection. I¶ve just completed my B. (c) Rajya Sabha Member? 16.GENERAL This all-important question. What types of stamps dominate Indian stamps? 6. to check out your confidence level and communication ability). Are you a quiet person? Do you think you are missing something by being silent? 6. Describe yourself in six words. but in return point out all your strong points and how you would add to the learning process of the entire class through your experiences and background (if an uncommon one). (b) MP. but I was brought up all over Maharashtra because of my father¶s transferable job. ³Tell me something about yourself´? is to indirectly ascertain which areas to ask you questions on. I¶ve changed 8 schools in ten years of my schooling. I live in Mumbai at present. Do you feel that politicians have more power than what they should have? 15. What sort of a person are you? Do you think you are rational? Describe your parameters for selecting a life partner. This is a great chance to set a favourable tone for the entire interview. When was the first stamp issued? When was the first Indian stamp issued? 4. Comment.com from Sydneham and I am hoping to do an MBA from a good institute´. What makes Stamp collection so interesting? 3. Which is the oldest stamp in your collection? 15. What is difference between a politician and a manager? STAMP COLLECTION: 1. Which political party has good chances of getting a majority in the next elections? 13. what would you do? _ 126 GDPI-NOTE CHAPTER 9 . Why are we issuing so many stamps with our leaders on it? 7. ³Should we select you? And why?´ Never say µNo¶. Who is the current speaker of Lok Sabha? 18. Don¶t sound over-confident and if pointed out. 3. If your collection is stolen or lost or damaged. How do you collect stamps? 10. How many stamps do you have in your collection? 2. Email revolution is decreasing the importance of stamps. ³Politics is the last hope of a scoundrel. What is your guiding principle in life? 4.PERSONAL . How are you different from others around you? . then accept the mistakes you committed during the interview. 5. ³I am XYZ. Are politics and inflation related? 19. What are the minimum requirements for becoming a (a) MLA. Which is your oldest First Day Cover Stamp? 8. you can hope to lead the interviewers into asking you ³What was it like having a nomadic childhood?´ Incase you are asked.12.

which you have faced. Would you offer a bribe to get a seat in an IIM? 49. How did you decide what to wear today? How did you decide on this tie? 13. Describe an incident. If we asked you to give Rs. Name 3 people whom you love most. 29. 11. your father. What are the differences between a joint family and a nuclear family? Give their pros and cons. Were you tensed when you come in? If not. What languages do you know? 31. What is your dream in life? 43. Who is your favourite industrialist? Which Indian woman do you admire most? 37. Are you a vegetarian? Why? 44. or hate them (as the case may be)? Where is your native village located? Give details. Tell us a joke. 28. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Give one example to reflect your qualities. 16. 40. What are your achievements? 25. 48. Do you like to be away from controversies? Do you avoid confrontations? 50. What is your passion in life? 42. which had a great impact on you. dog-eat-dog world of management? 51. Do you remember what career goals you have written down in your application form? 12. Why is your father your role model? 34. why weren¶t you nervous? 22. Who has inspired you the most? 35.7. Tell me one major dilemma. Are you feeling uncomfortable? 24. 14. How do you define success in life? In context to that where do you see yourself? 53. another 3 whom you hate most. Are you religious? 45. Are you good at debating? 30. Who is your role model and why? 33. What have you been doing? What are you doing? What will you be doing? 32.5000 as donation to our institute in order to grant you admission. What is the meaning of your name? 21.why do you need it? 46. 39. Why do you wish to enter the aggressive. How will you overcome your weaknesses? 15. What was the occupation of your ancestor? 17. 19. What do you think has been your greatest achievement? 26. Why do you love them. Can you sell anything? Sell yourself. 52. Why are you not going abroad for further studies? 47. Why don¶t you pursue management education after getting some work experience? Lots of good managers today do not have an MBA . Tell about your family background. What was your saddest moment? 27. Do you smoke? Drink? Take drugs? Why not? How about grass? . 20. would you give it? why? 10. or your mother? Why? 18. Tell me something about yourself that is not there in this application form. Are you nervous or confident? 127 GDPI-NOTE 23. Describe your love-life in one sentence. What do you do in your leisure time? 41. What are your values in life? 9. What distinguishes you from those aspiring for this course? 8. Do you have a girl / boy friend? Do you believe in love marriages? Do you believe in intercaste marriages? 38. Whom do you love better. Who is the person who has influenced you the most and why? 36.

What did you do in between the GD and the interview? 91. What do you think of the interviews we are conducting? What do your friends outside think about it? What did others tell you about the interview? 78. Why should we select you? 74. What are the qualities required to be a good manager? Do you possess those qualities? 65. Do you know what questions we have asked today to the students we interviewed before you? 76. Why were you so aggressive at the GD? 96. Has life in a big city affected your family values? How would you ensure a good upbringing for your children? 58. Do you think everything is logical? What is logical in being rich? 82. Do you think you displayed leadership skills in the GD? 90. were you a leader or a follower? 89. What form of organisation do you know? 71. If a person has to be punished will you look at whether he is weak or strong before retaliation? 56. how do you feel? 83. What kind of shopping do you do? Isn¶t shopping a waste? How does it help in economic growth / development? 72. What were your observations in the GD? 88. What are your expectations from society? How can you reconcile the expectations of a common 128 GDPI-NOTE man with those of yourself? 62. Do you think we have made a mistake by selecting you? If not selected. As a last person to be interviewed. Have you led any team in your life? 69. be looking for in me? 79. What are your views about corruption? Will you be corrupt? 70. what would you do? 77. what would wish for? 55. 87. Why are so many people going in for MBA? 60. What are the qualities of your best friend? 86. Why were you nit-picking during the group discussion? 95. ln order to achieve your goals. Do you think there is an element of risk when selecting someone in an interview? 80. How does the past help you in facing your future? 61. What role did you play in the GD? What could have been done? 93. What are the qualities of a good manager? What makes you think you can be one? 64. Give me a situation where you have shown some managerial qualities. Who do you think performed best in your GD? 92. If a fairy gave you three wishes. Who is your best friend? Why? 85. will you do so? Will you be happy with your decision? 57. Give 3 dos and don¶ts in a GD. which you think will make you a good executive? 75. Do you choose your friends? 84. What questions are we going to ask you? Why? 81. Do you believe in God? Why? Don¶t you think that belief in God is instilled by our leaders who control the masses? 63. What qualities do you possess. If our places were reversed. Tell me four functions of a manager. Would you like to add anything to the things you said at the GD? . you may be required to use unfair means. Are you honest? Are Indians honest? 73. Is it ethical for a general manager who works 24 hrs in a company to use office stationery for personal use? Can business and ethics go together? 68. Are you irascible? Short-tempered? 94. 66.54. 59. what would you. Have you met any managers? What is your impression about them? 67. Under what conditions would you commit a murder? Substantiate. How did you use your personal qualities in the GD. as an interviewer.

Have you done an IMS course? What has IMS taught you? 109. You and your friend are involved in a criminal case. Do you think IMS has helped you? How? 110. Will you fit in the MBA culture? How do you know? 119. Why did you select IMS to coach you for the CAT? 108.97. why did you prepare for that? How many mock interviews did you participate in? 99. that the methods and techniques taught in MBA are inapplicable in practical situations.? 104. Can you tell me some positive aspects of ragging? 135. 122. Can you think of any incident that stands out in your life? Have you ever been jilted in love? 117. what would you do? . Do you think you would make a good P. What do you think is the place of ethics in business? 106. How would you manage a job and a family? 123. What is the general impression you have got about this interview? 130 GDPI-NOTE 133. What would you do if your husband opposes your career priorities? 100.? What qualities do you possess that would make you a good P. How ethical is a typical manager? 113. How did you prepare for your CAT? What kind of a test is the CAT? If it is aptitude. What do you think about corruption? Can it be removed? How will you guard yourself against corruption? 105. Write down the GD topic. Why do you think your group failed to reach a consensus? Did you take any course to help get through CAT? How did it help you? 129 GDPI-NOTE 98. 128. What made you feel most ashamed in life? 118. What do you consider the key to your success? 131. If you were given a cabin on being a manager. If you are a manager of a drug company and you are asked to sell a harmful drug. You indict him. Do you believe in any political philosophy? Which party will you vote for in the coming election? 102. Who do you think is a µcomplete¶ man? 127. if we don¶t ask you to leave or don¶t ask any question either? What will your friends outside think when you return after a short interview of 2 minutes? Give us 3 good reasons why you should NOT join management. Managemcnt vs. What will your reaction be like? After a pause. labour ± which side would you be on? 115. Was the topic really discussed? 121.M. Do you feel the need to sell yourself to us? 125. Make a catchword for yourself. Why IMS? How has it helped you? What are the fees of IMS? 107. how long will you sit here. Will you break your bond with your company if you join us? 130. what do you do? 112. Do you think it is fair to the children when the mother is working? 124. How did you feel in the company of the other people who came for the GDs. There is an argument put forth. If you get 10 lakh rupees what would you do? 101. If you are made MD of Indian Railways. he goes to jail and if vice-versa happens. What is business ethics? 111. We are going to ask you one question and then ask you to leave. what do you think is the usefulness of an MBA? 132. What would you do with excess profits if you were a businessman? 120. Tell us something which IMS has not spoon-fed into you. will you do it? Explain your answer. Are management skills inborn or developed? 116.M. 129. How much dowry do you expect to receive or give? 126. What is the role of women in their career and at home? 103. If this is so. What are the qualities of a good leader? 114. what would you do to improve performance? 134.

136. the good players are rather undisciplined and despite repeated warnings continue to ignore practice sessions and other regulations. Give a guarantee that you won¶t join your father¶s business? 143. Another inappropriate answer is ³. what would you do then? Would you still like to do an MBA? What salary do you expect after doing the MBA? Why not more? Why so much? 7. Which program are you likely to join? PGIEM or PGDSM? 146. You need to do a thorough research on the company. Clarity of plans is important. including talking to present employees of the company. What are your limits in academics? Which subjects would you wish to do higher studies in? 144. It has one very good player while the others are no better than average. comment. Also. What is management? How do you think it will help you? 4. A company promotes a football team both to promote discipline and to build its image.CAREER GOALS The purpose of asking questions related to the career is to assess if you are clear on the issue of your career. The answer can focus on career development.. You should try and establish a fit between your personal qualities and those required by a manager. questions about loyalty to company may be raised and you must have a clear justification for the same. 6. Why do you wish to take up management as a career? Why are you interested in joining this Institute? 2. Suppose you have an assured monthly salary because of which you don¶t face any compulsion to work. Where do you see yourself in 10 years. and acquiring a holistic view of business. What is your sun-sign? What are the qualities of this sign? 145.. They need to know the motivation underlying your career that you have balanced all the pros and cons. 30 years and 50 years? 8. as also reasons for doing so. When asked about your dream company you should select one company or at least one sector and type of company that you want to work for. with sound reasons. What is culture? What is the relation between culture and technology? 140. What will you do five years down the line? _ 131 GDPI-NOTE CHAPTER 10 . How do you know that management interests you? 3. because it is the most happening/hot/exciting field these days´. What did you do during the one-year gap? 141. What is God? Why do people believe in God? Do you approve of a constitution based on religion? 139. But. That is. etc. talk confidently about achieving high goals but do not get carried away. Also. if possible. How would you tackle a situation where you are in a hostile work environment and none of your subordinates are willing to listen to you? 137. 1.. Money is never a good reason for any choice of career or specialisation. and therefore establish that management is the most suitable career for you. How would you tackle the situation? 138. What are your career goals? Tell me how it will help you in the business decision process? 5. Are you prepared for the interview? 142. be clear about what the job description would be in various fields at various levels. With management you are narrowing your options and you will be serving only the corporate section. Which type of organisation would you like to join after your management course? . How do you tackle questions like ± Describe your intended career path for the next 15 years? The answer should be a balance between ambition and pragmatism. the benefits and the pitfalls before choosing it and that you have your priorities clear. etc. The progression should be in responsibility and experience and not salaries. finance. 20 years. it would seem that the person is more swayed by social trends than by personal conviction. formal training in new areas like marketing.

What is the area of specialisation you are looking at and why? 17. Can you state some quantitative / statistical methods that could be useful in business situation? 27. What is the future of management graduates? 34. Why don¶t you join part time MBA courses? Which area would you specialise in and why? 45. How many seniors from your college joined the IIMs last year? 44. For what other exams have you appeared? 13. How do you rate general management? Why do companies prefer a generalist over a specialist? 32. etc.? How would you finance your education? 47. which would you join? 19. In the light of globalisation. Name a management personality you would like to emulate. What are your career goals? Which area of management would you choose? 31. Which company do you want to join? 39. Can¶t you handle a job without an MBA? 38. Which other institutes have short-listed you? Which would you join? 132 GDPI-NOTE 18. Why do you wish to do management after more than three years of work experience? 46. Why do you wish to join IIM (A)? If IIM (C) offered the same study method. Is there any question you wish to ask us about this Institute? 49. Why do you want to do an MBA? Why not post graduation in your field? 29. Why have you applied abroad? For which fields of MBA have you applied? To which university have you applied? 20.9. What is the social responsibility of the corporate sector? 25. Would your acceptance and subsequent graduation from this institute help or affect society in any way? How? 50. What do you expect to learn at the IIM¶s? 36. how should the job profile of a marketing manager change? What are the duties of a finance manager? 23. Why did you opt for commerce/engineering/arts/science? How has the world/industry treated your after your graduation? 16. Do you think you can gain in-depth knowledge by joining the management course? 40. What qualities do you have which you think will make you a good manager? 43. What do you want to achieve in your life? 33. What are the functional areas of IIMs? Which will you choose and why? 48. Why are you not interested in research? What is your career plan after the MBA? 21. What are the compulsory courses offered at this institute? 37. Why don¶t you work for one or two years before trying for an MBA? 30. what would you look for? 52. What are your goals? Are you ambitious? 15. but with a lower fee structure. How is Mathematics relevant to Management? 26. What are the other options you would consider if you did not get into a MBA programme? 11. Don¶t you think engineers or commerce graduates make better managers? 51. Which area of the management will you choose? What is your master plan? 35. Are you interested in Organisational Behaviour and Personnel. Why do you want to be a manager? What are the attributes of a manager and leader? 42. If you were to set up an industry. Why do you not want to join a local management institute? 41. how would you go about it? . Why do you choose this specialisation? What qualities should a manager in this field possess? 22. If you were hiring a manager. Can an MBA be useful to a politician who needs to organise and plan rallies? 24. Which type of job would you enjoy? 28. What is the final position you wish to attain? 14. What factors would you consider while looking for a job? 53. What besides management will you choose as your career? 12. 10.

If you want to invest in a company what would you look for in that company¶s balance sheet? What would you do if the assets of that company are good but the company is not good? Would you look into the profits? 18. Comment in favour of these: Liars should have a good memory. What is financial management? 19. advantages being lost. What consequences did India suffer due to the Iraq-US war? 34. What is the cause of child labour in India? How should we eradicate it? 26. 134 GDPI-NOTE 32. If you were a consultant. 3. 28. Why do CEOs always get the credit for the work done and not the team members? 21. Recruit from amongst us. Talk about today¶s headline in the Economic Times. black is beautiful. how is it that you are still pursuing education? 17. Using your mechanical engineering background describe how would you construct a house for the tribal folks. importance of customs. Was it advisable to separate Jharkhand from Bihar? Why? 27. what steps would you take to set things right? 10. If you were asked to launch Hotmail in India. how will you make it a world-class company? 8. 6. Is the US the superpower it claims to be? 9. Will you quit the job? What if a worker slapped you in the face? 7. Give me an example of convergent and divergent series with respect to Indian Economy. what are the financial and technical issues that you will consider? If you were made the Chairman of HLL. Why did you opt for chemical engineering? 14. mother. 5. Select a current topic to discuss. Why do you want to opt for finance? 20. parallel economy. If Dhirubhai did an MBA then would his accomplishments be any different? 12. Do you think experience is necessary for pursuing management studies? 15. How would you solve the land-lease issue between Tisco and the tribes of that area? 23. haste makes waste. how would you present a balanced budget? 24. your name.MISCELLANEOUS 1. If you are posted as the Governor of Bihar. is it not a huge loss in terms of revenue to the state? 31. Are you clear on your specialisation? 16._ 133 GDPI-NOTE CHAPTER 11 . Explain what you have drawn to a child. 25. If you were appointed advisor to the Finance Minister. how would you go about giving solutions to an organisation? Which value would you seek to develop in an organisation if you were the CEO? 11. and give us your priority. time is money. 33. Which team do you think would win the next World Cup? Why? 29. Economics in the Indian context. small is beautiful. Describe any product lifecycle. 2. Draw something on the blackboard. free trade. late come ± first serve. You are a CEO. Let us consider a situation where you are gheraoed by labourers of a company. Gujarat is a dry state. What is the difference between Ahmedabad and Pune? 30. Imagine you are a manager at Tisco. Describe 5 different uses of eraser. 22. the future of mechanical engineers. moustache. Describe this paperweight (which has a very different shape) to a blind person. What are your views on the Godhra carnage? . At this age. dilemma. What do you mean by the statement ³Do Bigha Zamin´? 4. 13.

What sort of companies will employ you with your kind of techno-commercial background? 36. What was common between them? 59. What are the by-products extracted from refinery (in order)? What is the process called? 58.35. Write this sequence 20. Which state has longest coast-line? 73. What is a modem? 62. What are the trends of oil prices? How are oil prices determined? 51. Where was Sardar Patel born? 67. How much is the Government planning to offload in BPCL and HPCL? 48. What is a Yoga course all about? 64. What are your views on privatisation? 39. Which bike do you ride? 77. Name the women Chief Ministers of India. Java and Singapore in which order will you shall reach if you fly from Mumbai? 55. Describe your college. Which microprocessor have you studied? 63. Who are the Nobel Prize winners from India? 74. What is the concept of correlation? 45. What are the traits of an HR and Marketing Manager? 70. 57. Who is Director (Finance) of ONGC? 56. 31. On an average we take 10 students. What are various indices of central tendency? 42. On an average we spend 15 minutes per student for interview. Who is the CMD of ONGC? 57. What are the major problems faced by your city? Is there any lack of discipline? 68. Name the inventor and the country to which he belonged for the following: 1. The lunch time is 1:00 pm. Which one do you prefer ± being a CEO of small company or a middle level manager of a huge company? 61. If you departed for Sumatra. 43. What is the prominent feature of this year¶s Union Budget? 65. What happened between Enron and Worldcom? 38. Who is Dashanand? 75. 71. What is deficit? 66. Have you tried acquiring any of these skills? 135 GDPI-NOTE 71. Atom bomb 2. What is corporate governance? 37. What is Badrinath famous for? 76. What is the benefit of management control? 50. 40. What is dispersion? 43. What is the price of crude oil? 53. What is a strategic partner? 49. Five students have these marks so if one student had 43 marks what is his percentile? 78. What do you feel about the Gujarat riots? What are your perception on the causes? 46. We don¶t have much work to do. What are the tools for determining the stability of system? 41. Which school did you study in? 69. What is a scatter diagram? 44. Microprocessor 3. What is horizontal exploration? 54. We start at 10:00 am and continue till 12:30. Sometimes we are early for lunch and sometimes we are late. Telegraph 72. Airplane 4. Which current event do you think will affect the Indian economy? 47. Provide a solution to the problem . State some concepts of stability. What¶s is seismic survey? What are the conditions necessary for such a survey? 52. 60.

114. 86. Tell me one company that has done wonders with distribution? 91. What is broadband? 112. Give me specific incidents that led you to decide you have good analytical skills and not so good creative skills. How do you decide on how to increase the distribution system of IMS? 93. Tell me 5 things that you would like to learn in this 2 years of management? 96. Tell me of 2 things that you would not want to learn. What kind of a painter is Jatin Das? 82. Tell me about what you do at work. You have already done your management. Do they use the entire spectrum? 108. 106. 97. 98. What is PETRONET? . What kind of painter is Pablo Picassco? 81. As a common man. When do you go for Reservoir studies? What are the parameters you measure? Why pressure? 120. How much will I have to pay if I make a call using your server? 102. but your certificates tell me you have taken part in poetry writing. What if I don¶t want to go to the cyber cafe and want to make IP calls from my house. Explain the anomaly. What is the scene outside. tell us what you learnt from your GD today. all of this looks like creativity to me. Considering the fact that you are wearing a bright blue colour shirt and a yellow tie. 99. We do not train people to be entrepreneurs. Who has Hong Kong now? Who had it before? When did they give up Hong Kong? How did the British get Hong Kong? What is the currency of Hong Kong? 115. how much would it cost? 103. Who is the Head of State of Australia? 118. What is Direct to Home (DTH) TV and how does it work? 111. What will I do if I want to use a dial up connection to connect to my ISP and I am in a town that does not have an ISP? 136 GDPI-NOTE 104. What is prime number? Tell me what is the way by which one can tell whether a number is a prime number or not? 83. Is it ethical for IMS employees to give CAT exam when the institute clearly mentions that the exam is only for students aspiring to do MBA? 95. tell me why? 109. Why do you not want to learn the basics from IMS rather than joining a managemt institute? 90. how is your server useful to me? 101. dancing. Tell me about Namibia. 113. How does satellite communication work? 110. Who is Head of State in India? 116. How does IMS maintain quality? 94. Is the President always the Head of State or are there cases when he is not? 117. I am telling you they don¶t use the entire spectrum. 105. Who are the Chief Ministers of Karnataka and TN. So why do you want to do an MBA again? 87. Tell me one company that has backtracked on its distribution? 92. so will these two years of MBA give you anything additional? 88. How do you stabilise the frequency of an oscillator? 107. Tell me about Rhodesia. describe your personality. You said that you learn from previous mistakes and experiences. what views do the students have about this interview? 84. What are their educational qualifications? 119. What is the frequency range of GSM.79. Tell me who are the customers for your product in India. 100. What type of company do you want to start? 89. What is Surrealism? 80. Are the interviews becoming predictable? 85. Your weakness says that you are not good at creativity.

There is a pacca road and adjoining that is a brick pavement. Tell us something interesting you have done in your job. What are the details of the salary you received? 7. What is the meaning of professional attitude? 27. adjoining which is the ground.121. How would you rate job satisfaction vis-à vis your career? 26. While working in the industry what qualities of a manager have come to your notice? 28. Why is Mayadevi Verma famous? 122. What do you think is an ideal organisation? Where does your organisation rank on a scale of 1 to 10? 21. Name the tekras (meaning hillocks) of Ahmedabad. What did you learn about organisations? 17. What is your definition of a good job? . Describe an incident in your company. What is the strength of the company in terms of the number of people working in the company? Who are the major suppliers/ clients/ customers of the company? Who is the Director of the company? Can you give us a brief description about the hierarchy of the company? What were the various appraisal schemes and methods that were done by your company? 4. What is quality assurance? How does the organisation ensure the quality of goods produced? 19. What¶s your mother tongue? Name four writers of your mother tongue. Describe your job profile. How does your undergraduate subject area help the organisation you worked in? 23. What are composite and spinning mills? 127. Which of these will be the hottest in the sun? In this situation. What are your achievements outside your job responsibilities? 2. Where did you work? What are the developments you have done there? What were the products/ services of this company? Is it listed on the stock exchange? 3. Why do want lo leave a lucrative job and do an MBA? How will you handle your best and worst team member? 13. Give an example. wherein you managed to stretch your subordinate or colleague to get some extra work done. What is the difference between quality control and total quality management? Has your organisation done anything towards implementing TQM? 20. Which projects did you work on? 14. which had an impact on you. does the heat balance? How will you measure the temperature of the road? 124. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation? 18. Is Kho-kho a girl¶s game? 123. how would you feel? _ 137 GDPI-NOTE Chapter 12 . Why is the company paying you so much/so little? 8. What are the national and global scenarios of the industry you are working in? 16. 9. Why are the textile mills closed in Ahmedabad? 126. Why did you leave your earlier job? 10. What type of industry did your company deal in? Who are the major players in this industry? 5. Does social responsibility have any place in the private sector? 25. What is the most memorable moment of your two years of work experience? Why? 24. What does job satisfaction mean? 29. What problems did you face in your job? 12. 125. What are the inventory levels of your company? 22. What is the growth rate of this industry? How much was the turnover of the company? 6.WORK EXPERIENCE 1. What do you think of the management of your company? What is your contribution to your company? 15. If you were placed above an IIT-Engineer (4 years Technical Education) after having done a 2-year MBA. Why do you want to leave your present job? Are you not happy with your company? 11.

You will have to think on your feet. keeping an alert mind is necessary. to go in for management? What are the products of your fathers company? 33. Were you ill-treated as a woman in industry? Please do remember that not all questions can be anticipated. Whose side will you take once you are a Manager. Name one successful CEO of an Indian company whom you admire. and some questions are asked to harangue the candidate a bit. the management¶s or the workers? 32. Therefore. 31. in these cases as well as throughout the interview. _ 138 GDPI-NOTE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) PAGE GROUP DISCUSSION What is a Group Discussion? 3 What traits are the selectors trying to gauge through a GD? 3 What is a Factual GD? 3 How does one seat oneself in a GD? 3 What is a Controversial GD? 4 What is a Case Study? 4 If the noise level is too high then what should I do? 4 Ought I begin a GD? 4 How many times should I speak? 4 Can I change my stand during the course of the GD? 4 Does my spoken English have to be very good? 5 Is summarising important? 5 Will I be quizzed on the GD later? 5 Can I use technical terms to state my point? 5 Should I prod others to talk 5 How aggressive can I get? 5 Can I use slangs 6 Can I question someone's statement? 6 Can I sprinkle some humour in the discussion? 6 Should we appoint a leader amidst us? 6 Should we distribute the time amdist ourselves 6 Should I take permission before I begin 6 Incase I do not understand the meaning of the topic should I ask the moderator? 6 Is it important to address the other members by their names? 6 Should I carry a piece of paper to the GD? 6 How should I begin preparing for a GD? 6 What are the frameworks for approaching a GD? 7 Databank of GD topics 10 Databank of Case Studies 25 ESSAYS. EXTEMPORE AND GROUP INTERVIEWS Which Institutes have essays as part of the selection procedure? 37 Tips for writing an essay 37 Some typical essay topics 38 Characteristics of a good essay 38 Which Institutes have extempores as part of the selection procedure? 39 How do I prepare myself for an extempore? 39 What is a Group Interview? 40 Databank of questions on Group Interview 40 What skills are gauged in a Group Interview? 40 . Have you been influenced by your father and brother who are in sales.30.

"Should we select you and why"? 126 Should money be a reason for opting a career? 131 How do I answer questions on my dream company? 131 Why do they ask questions related to my career? 131 What about questions I have not prepared for? 137 . "Tell me something about yourself"? 126 How do I answer the question. which ones should I mention? 115 How do I answer the question.PERSONAL INTERVIEW Why do management institutes conduct interviews? 43 What is the purpose of an interview? 43 What are the types of interviews? 43 How do I prepare myself for an interview? 43 What are the areas of questioning in an interview? 44 What is the purpose of asking questions in my areas of study? 44 Why do they question on general awareness? 44 What kind of preparation is needed to exhibit general awareness? 44 How should I prepare myself for an interview? 45 Should I ask anything to the interviewer? 46 How should I dress for an interview? 46 Does my body language reveal anything about me? 46 Databank of questions 47 Why do they question on hobbies? 115 What qualifies as a hobby? 115 What if I do not have a hobby? 115 If I have many extra-curricular activities.