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Restaurant Management Training Programs

Restaurant Management Training Programs

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Restaurant management training programs
Restaurant management training programs

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Published by: relocathi789 on Mar 10, 2011
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Restaurant management training programs

Cultural diversity is everywhere you look in the restaurant service business and has to be discussed with employees immediately whenever problems are beginning to mount. The "employee tension factor" must always be gauged judiciously over the course of time during the running of daily operations. This concept must be taught in every restaurant management training program. Anticipation and forethought of this type will keep a pressure cooker atmosphere from exploding, so it won't be too late to turn back the negative tide. It is important to be aware that people from various cultures get the job done differently. The differences in language can deter proper communication, so the staff must be informed to speak slowly at times and be patient with each other. Owners/operators and managers must also be patient with their restaurant service staffs. There are many different ways of thinking, acting, managing and communicating in a foodservice operation, but employees must be treated courteously and respectfully at all times. Sadly, there was one story that I heard from a busser who had signed up for my waiter training seminars. He told me that the owner had fired him because his accent was too strong. To me, this was extremely shallow thinking by the owner, And, it made me wonder how little time it would take for all of the restaurant service staff to become his enemies. Owner/operators and managers must let their hosts, waiters, bussers and food runners know that they are all working together side by side to serve the customer properly. Since there are usually different races and nationalities working in a restaurant, there is always a chance that little tiffs may break out here and there during the work shift. A little bit of friendly banter is always good during stressful work situations. But, if tempers get out of hand, then a much worse situation can grow into something even larger in scale. This can do serious damage to the reputation of the restaurant and dining room service-possibly permanently. Therefore, with proper restaurant management training, owners and operators will always be highly in tune with employee morale. If the high morale begins to deteriorate, eventually reaching the customers, a meeting with all of the restaurant employees must be called immediately. This way, the dining room service staff and kitchen can blow off some excess steam to reduce this unwanted tension which can be so destructive. Back in the day, I worked in a very large restaurant near the United Nations and there must have been six or seven different races all working together in harmony. It really was a beautiful thing to observe and be included. There were employees from all across America, Mexico, Bangladesh, China, Ireland, Korea and elsewhere. Because of insightful restaurant management training, all dining room service employees understood

that they were working hard "together" to please the customers--- who surely noticed this while they were dining. The ultimate result was a great customer service reputation, high revenue for the operation, not to mention excellent tips for the entire staff. Therefore, if you want a successful restaurant, always strive hard for cultural diversity understanding and harmony. http://restaurantebooks.info – You can download free ebooks about: restaurant management forms, restaurant business plan, restaurant marketing plan sample, restaurant startup guide…

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