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(Session : 2010-11)

Business Environment (MBA-021)
Unit: III Date of Distribution: /3/11 Topic: Policy issues of Business Environment Name of Faculty: Shilpi Bajpai & Amit Trivedi

1) “India is in the midst of transforming an agrarian economy into modern multidimensional economy.” In the light of above statement discusses the role of planning in overall development of India. 2) “Monetary policy and Fiscal policy are complementary.” Discuss the statement. 3) Explain the role of ‘SEBI’ in regulating financial market in India. 4) “Industrial policy is one of the important government documents, which has a lasting impact on a country’s industry” with the help of this statement explain the term Industrial policy and its objective. 5) “The eleventh plan must aim at creating productive employment at a faster pace and target robust agriculture growth.” On the basis of above statement critically evaluate the eleventh plan. 6) “Fiscal policy is a potent tool in the hands of the government for regulating economic growth.” with the help of this statement explain the concept of Fiscal policy. 7) “Monetary policy is all about supply of currency in the country.” On the basis of this statement discuss the meaning and objective of monetary policy. 8) “The leaders of India’s freedom struggle realized the futility of mere political freedom without economic freedom. This was reflected in independent India’s policy decision to encourage small scale industry” In the light of above statement discuss the role of small scale industry in Indian economy. 9) Discuss the objective and recommendation of the Narshimhan committee in1991. 10) “The Reserve Bank of India is the main monetary authority of the country and beside that the central bank acts as the bank of the national and state governments.” with the help of this statement describe the objectives of Reserve Bank of India.

Supplementary Questions:

References:1- Mittal, Vivek- Business Environment (Excell Books, 2010 Edition) 2-Francis Cherunilum -Business Environment Text and Cases (Himalaya Publishing House, 9th Ed.) 3-Shaikh & Saleem- Business Environment Text and Cases (Pearson, 2010 Edition) Signature of the Faculty: __________________ Signature of the HOD: _________________

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