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Aug 25 08 02:26p — Rick Fifer 18663975653 pd THE SEMINOLE HEIGHTS ADVISOR The Official Publication of The Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association, July, 1993 Letter from the President Rick Fifer tthe end of May, the Tampa ‘Tribune reprinted a few words of Judge Bruton as a tribute following his passing, Those words ear! Welcome New Members difference. The following is a repeat. of the quote that anpeared on 5/395. 0: Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association has continued our dra- “The smaltest actual unit of govern- matic growth as we continue to find more and more of our neighbors ‘ment in our system is the individual, ‘joining the association. This is one vory basic way that we can contrib- and the whole government is no better ute to the improvement to our community. ‘Thank you for joining with us and tr stronger than is the bound together _ from all your neighbors WELCOME! responsibility of each individual, with New members (40) since the last newsletter: each exercising his separate responsi- _-N. Branch: Jim Shephard, James Gibson bility to make up the strength of the E, Comanche: Gloria Hellner whole. N. Central: Ruth Bachman If you think our government today E. Clifton: Jim & Shelly Sawyer, Thelma Harrell, William Loyd continued on next page E. Paris: Judith Thom, Eric & Dee Harris, June Neighbor: E, Diana: Bric & Ellen Vontillius E. Lambright: Carol Miller N. Suwanee: Patti Boree, Kevin & Marilyn Stinnette General W. Minnehaha: John Jezek, William Leach E, Powhatan: George Diaz, Russell & Majel Tirban Membershi W. Powhatan: Michelle Vigil, Victoria Evans Pp E, North: Mitchell Martin A .. N. Mabel: Marian Liles 2 Meeting W. Mohawk: Peter & Margo Valenti N. 9th St.: David McComas, Kenneth Key Q) July 25, 1995 7:00 pm | N. isth St: Paul Tucker, Ella Mee Tucker Seminole Heights United E, Idlewild: Maurice & Renee Prior, Pilar Liesa Methodist, Comer of W. Comanche: Demi Freeman Central & Hanna Aves. E. Henry: Judith Kahn, Roger Sanderson N. Tampa; Sherry Jackson ‘The tax man cometh In addition, thanks to our renewing members: Dan & Brenda Balla, Joseph Planning issues... Brennam, Martha Hoskins, Howard Moore, Glenda Venable, Daniel Berger, Setting priorities. Denna Dix, Jana Futch, Lisa & Foard Meriwether, Anne & Richard Scott, Elections committee... Susan Williams, Judy Tyler, Audre Floyd, C. T, Britt, David Powis, Carrie Housekeeping matters... Starks, Jill Kinney, Cecil & Elizabeth Dawson, Boata Mulholland, and . Claudette Wells. bring yourself Trai wiey bee fee ceases et eed Tee eet ee eral le prior to 6-1.95 and your name does not appear please contact Rick at 238-6488. & a neighbor! fatter Ham} 20 we Gan corveph any oversight. @ The Seminole Heights Advisor, Sommer 1995 | Aug 25 08 02:26p — Rick Fifer has weaknesses, and it has, it is because you or certain other individa- als have not performed your responsi ities, someone did nat do his part, did not vote, pay his debts, earn his pay, properly rear his children and stabilize his family and help stabilize his neighborhood, which would stabilize the country.” Trmust admit that I don’t know the context or what else he wrote, We could read those words and find flaws but we can just as easily substitute the word ‘I" wherever “his” or “other” appears, ‘As a neighborhood association, we are moving forward in so many areas that can help stabilize our neighbor- hood. Our speed is Timited by the hands and feet doing the work. Our vision is limited to those willing to share their dreams for our commu- nity. [say these things to challenge you the reader, to join the neighbor- hood association, give consideration to lending your talents to ane of our committees or to seeking a position on the Board of Directors in October. Nominations for the fall elections wil) open at the membership mecting on July 25th and remain open until August 24th, Our Elections Commit- tee Chair is Mary Cortese (287-0930). Give her a call if you are interested. ‘We will be undergoing further changes in how we operate as an organization. In the past, we have had trouble getting ward out about events occurring between meetings. ‘Tris will change as we intend to send notices out to all members for picnics, the annual holiday party, and other special events thanks to our bulk mailing nbility. Furthermore, we are moving toward ending a long-standing tradition of hand distribution of the 18663975653 ADVISOR to non-members. There are approximately 6,000 residences inside our boundaries. Non-members will see the newsletter, at most, twice a year. Members will continue to receive their ADVISORS in the mail each quarter. Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association is commit- ted to reaching out to everyone in our established boundaries. These changes are the most effective way to handle the yearly distribution of 12,000 ADVISORS and communieat- ing with 350+ members. We will have a speaker from the Property Appraiser’s Office at our ‘membership meeting to explain the changes in property tax assessments. Rising market values of homes in what has become one of the “hot” housing markets in the city are significantly out of line with many assessments. If you have your horne- stead exemption in place, the most your assessment for tax purposes can rise this year is 2.7%. The market value will also be reflected on the tax statements. There is no cap for those properties that are not homesteaded. Please turn out for what should be an informative diseassion. © OR. 5.5. KUMAR ‘S20! CENTRAL AVENUE TAMPA FLORIDA 33003 Tmirnone 231-0072 2 The Serninale Heights Advisor, Sommer 1995 a Ue 2 Joe HOME 813/238-1797. aq MOBILE SRO p2 Harris House Closed ‘oa may have noticed that the Harris House has been closed due to violation of the city code. It had two recent fires which contrib- uted to vacating the property because St is no longer fit for human occu- paney. Jack Diaz, the Seminole Heights COP (community oriented police) officer, was instrumental ia pursuing and docementing the code violations. He's the 1990's answer to the old fashioned beat cop. Officer Diaz's and the QUAD Squad’s police investigations revealed that drug and prostitution activities were taking place out of the Harris, House, Recently it had been the subject of a news documentary due to multiple complaints from residents about criminal activity. The disposi- tion of the property is pending a decision by the owners. R. & D. MOBIL 002 E. Hillsborough Avenue “Tampa, Florkis 33604 on Duty = (813) 239-3070 RS. VALE ie Ma -ACELORDA’ Tob Rick Fifer Aug 25 08 02:27p iat The Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Assocation P.O, Box 360022 ‘Tampa, Florida 33673-0022 ' Officers Rick Fiter Prosident 226.6488 Evan St. Ives Vice President 238-2100 Kim Yokley. Sceretary 258-1843 Raymond Reed ‘Twasurer 237-1520 Trustees | Racy Curry 257-1992 |) Doreen DiBonn 251-0109 Myron Griffin 238-5081 Stove Gluckman 298-0215 : "IML Tater 298-2066 Committees |] acy CurryiNtyron Grits |) Planning Cosmos 257-1990238-5050 | etn DiBona/Barbara Porrar | Distribution 2010100 Key Cory Hiwaye ond Bisyaye 297-902 Steve Chuckman Histone Proservation O6-9238 Hosard Moore || Pare Porandr france i Rick Plter | Membership 296-6488 Jocelyn Myers Aaivertising 237-0288 Evan St. Ives {i (Crime awareness 298-2100 i Richard Scott Newsiattar Publisher 298-9884 Bin Franear Spoetal Events 238-3096 Meetings Board, Moathly meetings held oa third Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Public Library, Corner of Osborne & Central Avenues. General Membership. Quartorly meetings to be held on uly 25; & Oct. 24; 1995 at 7p.m. si the Seminole Heights United Methodist. Ch 18663975653 ps QPiEART OF THE ‘HOOD hy Barbora Farrar ny long-time resident will probably agree thet neighbor fhoods are the foundational fabric of a cits. As we watched our own neighborhood deteriorate, along with other older sections of the city, the overall impact on Tampa was shock- ingly apparent. Thankfully, Mayor Freedman had the vision to see what lay aheed, and the wisdom to pro-actively reverse the course by appointing a Neighborhood Liaison. ‘Voices heretofore un- heard, were responded to with caring and con- corn, Neighborhood re- vitalization was begun and has continued to flourish. How fortunate for all of us that a change in administration has not altered this progress. In fact, the torch has been passed to one of our own Seminole Heights residents who now serves as Neighbor- hood Liaison for Mayor Greco. namie? Judi Breuggeman. ‘Who is this “life-link’ for the neigh- borhood? Thave known Judi for several years and recently inter- viewed her for two head-spinning hours and still have difficulty deserib- ing her. Have you ever tried to grasp a floating, iridescent bubble or trap a drop of quicksilver in your palm? The pursuit is tantalizing, but the capture is ever elusive. An attempt to de- scribe Judi would produce a colorful quilt of adjectives, all of which would be aceurate, but none of whieh would be conclusive. Behind the warm, friendly smaile and disarmingly direct gaze, lies a complex and restless mind— the product ofa background of kaleidoscopic experiences. With parents, grandparents and great grandparents who were Florida natives, Judi was reared hearing stories steeped in local history. She was born in Tampa, but for the first five years of her life, Winter Haven Her Judi Breuggeman, was home. Her parents moved te ‘Tampa and settled in ‘Temple Terrace when she was nine. She attended Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Schoo] and King High Sehool, but visited her grandmother in Tampa at every opportunity. This “cracker granny", who lived in Seminole Heights, was the real anchor in Judi’s life— her mentor and her friend. Regardless of where life led her, Judi always returned to Granny Futeh, she loved her uncondition- ally. Long after her death, this grandmother's wisdom and sage advice remain a source of strength and comfort to Judi. Aver graduating from King, Judi was at loose ends. She enrolled at USF, but wasn’t content. ‘Along latent interest in anthropology came to the fore about the time that she learned of a research position at Northwestern University, So it was off to Chicago where a dream was falfilled. She was sent to the jungles of Puerta Rico to do primate research, “I was a bona-fide ‘monkey watcher’ ¢, she said “and loved it. I've been one ever since". (Now, you may wonder why a ‘monkey watcher” is working at City Hall, but let's not get into that!) The excitement of serious research, convineed Judi to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree at USF. i tried to explore her activities during the late 60's, but the quicksilver flashed again... “Oh, we don’t talk about that. Just say that I did it ALL!” ‘With the ink still wet on her di- ploma, it was back to Northwestern to ‘teach and begin her Master's degree in anthropology. Convinced that anthropology would be her life's work, Judi’s academic drive was in full gear, In an amazingly brief span of time, this dynamo of degrees and data continued on page 10 The Seminole Heights Advisor, Summer 1995 3