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Where Does the Future of Civilization Lie?: The future utopian

world we seek may not be the utopia we bargained for
HOUSTON—Suppose tomorrow the human race was forced to relocate due to Earth's lack of
resources; where would we go? David Gelber speculates just that in his unprecedented novel, Future

Gelber’s first book in a series about the future of mankind, Future Hope (Emerald Book Company,
January 2010), dares to contrive a society free from modern day dilemmas such as war, suffering, and
limited resources. Yet, the circumstance is not as utopian as it seems to be and an alternative living
place must be found in order to save civilization from overpopulating Earth.

While a landmark novel, this work also addresses current events and issues, such as gender roles in
society. Deeper issues are explored as Gelber imagines what life would be like today if temptation
never prevailed over mankind in the Garden of Eden.

“Future Hope shows us what the world would be like if Satan’s promise to Adam and Eve in the
Garden of Eden actually came true and we became equal to God,” says Gelber. “I want to make people
think about where our society is going today and at what price.”

David Gelber is a critical care and general surgeon based out of Houston. He graduated with a
bachelor’s degree in Natural Science from Johns Hopkins University and completed medical school at
the University of Rochester. Gelber lives in Houston with his wife and three teenage children. Future
Hope is his first book.

Future Hope by David Gelber (ISBN 978-1-934572-34-4, $23.95, hardcover, Emerald Book Company,
January 2010)

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