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coca cola india

coca cola india

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Published by: Atula Singh on Mar 10, 2011
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 Coca cola was invented by Dr. John Pemberton on May 8, 1886.  The name was suggested by his book keeper Frank Robinson.  He also scripted it in flowing letters which later became famous as its logo.  The formula for Coca Cola was bought by Asa Candler from inventor John Pemberton for $2,300 in 1887.  With Candler, at the helm, the Coca Cola Company increased syrup sales by over 4000% between 1890 and 1900.  On April 23, 1985, the trade secret "New Coke" formula was released.

 Coca cola employs 92.  It earned a total revenue of US$ 31.0 billion (FY 2009).COMPANY PROFILE  Headquartered at Atlanta . . Georgia  Coca-Cola currently offers more than 500 brands in over 200 countries and serves 1.800 people worldwide.6 billion servings each day. its CEO & chairman.  Its currently led by Mukhtar Kent .

2005. 25 owned by the Company. with another 25 being owned by franchisees.  Atul Singh is the President of Coca-Cola India and South West Asia Business Unit. .  It bought Limca & Thumsup the same year.  The Indian operations comprises of 50 bottling operations.after the regulations were changed. a responsibility that he took over on September 1.  Coke re-entered the market in 1993.Coca cola in India  Coca-Cola pulled out of India in 1977 after a change in government regulations would have forced it to partner with an Indian company and share the drink¶s secret formula.

PRODUCT PORTFOLIO  Coca cola  Fanta  Limca  Maaza  Sprite  Thumsup  Georgia gold  Minute maid  Burn  Kinley water  Diet Coke  Kinley Soda .

People. Planet.  Available in many variants but most common are : Coca cola classic & Diet coke. Partners and Performance .Coca Cola  It is the flagship brand of the company.  Its recently launched its 5 point strategic marketing campaign including: Portfolio.  Brand Ambassador is Imran Khan.

An instant of happiness. Because small things go a long way. A bubble of hope. We recharge your soul. It¶s the moment of truth. But we are the little drops that make one. At Coca-Cola India. A second of satisfaction.Little Drops of Joy A mighty ocean we¶re not. . One drop at a time. we believe that there¶s more to a little sip. Because we don¶t quench your thirst. For one moment.


In the early 1980s.  It is the no. it came out with several postcards featuring Sunil Gavaskar and Imran Khan. In 1993 it was bought by Coca Cola.6%.THUMS UP  Thums Up was launched in 1977 by Ramesh Chauhan.1 cold drink in India with a market share of 16. .  Thums Up was a major sponsor of cricket matches.  Brand ambassador is Akshay Kumar.  It has always been portrayed as a strong manly drink to cater to age group 30 ± 45 years.

 Its one of the most famous taglines was. "Limca. records and other unique statistics from an Indian perspective." .  Limca also publishes the Limca Book of Records started originally by Mr Ramesh Chauhan.  The Limca Book of Records details feats.LIMCA  Limca is a lemon and lime flavoured carbonated soft drink made primarily in India. It's veri veri Lime & Lemoni.  It was introduced in 1977 by Parle beverages.


 Sprite has now become the second largest softdrink brand in India thus trouncing Pepsi to No.3 .  It has changed its famous original tagline of "Bujhaye Only pyaas..6%. No bakwaas. baaki all bakwas" to ³Seedhi Bath.SPRITE  Sprite was introduced to the United States in 1961 to compete against 7 Up.Clear hai!´.  It now has a market share of 15. .

 Available in India in two flavors ± Orange and Apple.  Brand ambassador is Genelia D¶souza.FANTA  Fanta was launched in 1941 in Germany.  There are over 90 flavours worldwide.  Has created a quirky and naughty image with recent campaigns. .


MAAZA  The brand came into existence in 1976 as the brainchild of Mr.´ .  The core brand value for Maaza is "Wholesome Funfilled Real Fruit Experience³  In 2008. Ramesh Chauhan.  Maaza is the leader in the fruit drinks category . it launched its new campaign ³Bina guthli wala aam.

 Launched in India in Pulpy Orange flavour in 2007. as Florida Foods.MINUTE MAID  The company was originally incorporated in 1945 .  The Minute Maid company was purchased by Coca-Cola in 1960.  In October 1949 the company adopted the name Minute Maid Corp. Inc.  The Nimbu Fresh flavour was launched in Feburary 2009 with a tagline Bilkul ghar jaisa. .

Burn will be initially available in select premium outlets in three major cities Mumbai.  According to the company. the launch of Burn in India will be followed by ³a large-scale. Delhi and Bangalore. below-the-line´ marketing activity.BURN  It is the energy drink of Coke portfolio which was launched in India after the success of Red Bull. socially active and adventurous young adults´ who need energy to ³experience life to the fullest.  The statement from the company said that Burn is targeted at the ³trendsetting. Apple Kiwi and Pineapple.´ .  As part of the phased roll-out.  Available in 3 flavours : Apple Blackcurrant.

 Carbonated water is available in many variants : tonic.  The available fruit flavors are: ‡ Apple ‡Bitter Grapefruit ‡Bitter Lemon ‡Bitter Orange ‡Fruit Punch ‡Lemon ‡Mango ‡Orange ‡Pear ‡Raspberry .KINLEY  Kinley is Coca cola¶s brand of still or carbonated water. club soda and a myriad of fruit flavors. bitter lemon.


 Georgia Gold made its India debut in 2002 via McDonald's outlets. but not in the canned format. Under this brand. beverages are dispensed from machines.GEORGIA GOLD  It was launched in 1975 by Coca-Cola Company in Japan. The brand in India also covers another machine that dispenses Iced Tea (Lemon & Peach) and Cold Coffee.  Available in India as both hot & cold : ‡ Espresso Black Coffee ‡Cappuccinno ‡Cafe Latte ‡Moccaccino ‡Cardamom Tea ‡Hot Chocolate ‡Creamy Cold Coffee ‡Cold Lemon Tea .

for the betterment of communities through sustainable projects STEPS  Work towards attaining the most efficient and optimum usage of water  Strive to facilitate equitable access of clean drinking water to communities around our plants and support protection of watersheds in such areas.  Endeavor to recycle all our solid wastes materials including PET articles  Promote Healthy and active living/lifestyle in workplace. in marketplace and in communities  Commits a percentage of the company¶s turnover for CSR initiatives .CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY MISSION To socially and economically empower communities around our operations. by creating enabling environment around our plants.

AWARDS BSE Social & corporate Governance Award Oraganisation of the year for PR excellence Best Managemant award 2009 .


of malls coming up THREATS  Competitors  New entrants  Organic revolution .SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTH  Wide range of products  Tie ups with a no of brands  Pricing strategy WEAKNESS  Plagued by controversies Not recognised in rural areas  Weak marketing strategy OPPORTUNITY  Juice and Natural drinks category  Should expand the minute maid portfolio  no.

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