WOGSNOB VIOLENCE: do I know a Fake Indian and a Gold Digger do I.

As there is nothing more Repulsive In a Wogocracy disallowing Truths, Knowledge, and those ODIOUS theories so Unecessary to Reasoning Say 2+2: say it s a Chicken/Egg: And Either Or and With and Stick with Me. I can tell ya how to Think just like Me. See, I m so Successful my Culture is Burning Man. Oh how I wish I could watch some Peeps ActuallY Burn: I know, since Every Good Intention leads to Hell .I ll Invert that. Since A and B and AB and If and Then If then, We use this Mysogyny of Meaning. WE FUCK IT. WE FUCK IT WE SCATTER IT WE DISMEMBER IT TOO. Ooh what fluttering fringe I can Be in my Existence. Natives?