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Today marks another milestone in the history of this Service . It is a day we have gathered to celebrate our end of year party and Service awards. This is a celebration with a difference. We have never in the history of the Service opened our doors so wide socially for even eminent retired staff and friends of the Service to wine and dine with us. Before today, this was considered impossible. We are here to celebrate achievements, exemplary leadership, foresight, commitment, dedication, the labours of our heroes past and history. After all there comes a time when closed societies begin to open up to let in fresh air to enliven its members, who under suffocation, resort to all sorts of clandestine activities to free themselves from all clutches. (China and USSR). Distinguished guests, our social doors have been thrown wide open today. Some of you and the agencies you represent are the principal consumers of intelligence baked in our ovens across the country. We believe that variety is the spice of life. This gathering will reveal to you that besides intelligence, the SSS can also bake other things which you can equally consume. Ladies and gentlemen, history is on parade today and we cannot ignore the makers of that history. We are talking about the history of the SSS from the NSO da ys and the men and women who stood up to be counted. They are very many and we could not have invited all of them. However, the lady and gentlemen here today broadly represent all of them. We are talking about our founding fathers and mothers, our strategi c thinkers and builders, men and women who ignite so much pride in us as

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professionals. They imbued us with discipline, patience and loyalty. We are talking about our mentors, we are celebrating our heroes. We cannot forget our past as the dialogue between the past and the present should remain unending. For those aspiring to be SSS official historians or institutional memories, these are the people you need for an excursion down memory lane. i. General ABDULLAHI MOHAMMED - The first DG NSO who was the Chief of Staff under Chief Olusegun OBASANJO's regime; ii. Alhaji U m aru ALlYU S HIN K A FI; the first DG NS O under a civilian ad ministration; iii. Chief Albert Kurubo HORSFALL; Last ADG NSO, first DG NIA, the 5th DGSSS. He was the first Executive Chairman of OMPADEC. His appointment as OMPADEC Chairman from the Security Intelligence seat was a clear recognition of the nexus between security and development . He is simply a brand when you talk of security intelligen ce; iv. Chief Peter Chukwuma NWAODUAH - First Nigerian National Security Adviser to the Gambia and 6 th DGSSS. v. vi. Peter ODUKWE - Last DIS and first ADG, NSO; Chief Jonathan .0. OBUSEH - The towering Director of Intelligence who is popularly known to friends as Smokie Joe. Although he caressed Cigars very well, he never jumped into the boxing ring like Smokie Joe Frazier. He never suffered fools gladly . vii. Chief Okechukwu Israel Taiwo NJEMANZE - He was the only 'Israelite' in the Service and has remained the first and the last Director of
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Protective Security (DPS); viii. ix. Umaru USMAN - He was very self-effacing and outdating. Tina IYOHA, An avowed female rights activis t, she was the first woman substantive Director in the Service and also the first female Director of Directorate of Counter-Espionage and Security (DCES); x. Bello LAFIAJI - A super detective, he was the first SDS Katsina state the immediate post Chairman of the NDLEA; xi. and SB IBRAHIM - He was the first Director of Economic Intellige nce Directorate, was also the Na tional Security Adviser to the Government of Gambia and remains the only SSS staff to have gone on secondment in another federal agency. and

I want to state with all sense of humility, that this regeneration, openness and friendliness would not have been possible if not for the vision of A.A. GADZAMA (OON mni), the DGSS. This is what I simply call "GADZAMAISM". Unlike USSR where Glasnost and perestroika hastened its disintegration, Gadzamaism will strengthen SSS. I graduated from the University of Ibadan (UI). I love University of Ibadan very much but there is something I like about the University of Nigeria , Nsukka (UNN), its Motto which reads, "To Restore the Dignity of Man" this is exactly what the DG has been trying to do sin ce his assumption of office. He has restored hope and faith in the Service and the dignity of the staff has been restored . Ladies and gentlemen, you are ve ry much welcome to this gathering, relax and savour what we have in stock for you. Thank you very much.

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Long live Nigeria, Long live SSS.

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