PrccInus Trcasurc Hn!

Idav Cnmµanv

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What cnmcs wIth vnur tnur:
 Transportation from Cleveland, Ohio to your hotel in Canada area.
 Transportation to and from private place with your special girl or boy ÷ your fantasy come true!
 1 night hotel accommodations in Canada area.
 A travel companion to make it discreet. You will be boyfriend and girlfriend going to gamble at casino.
 Always your safety and privacy is our concern.

What's NOT Inc!udcd:
 Transportation from your location to Cleveland, Ohio.
 Meals.
 Condoms, lube etc.

 Trip #1 ÷ overnight with 8 hours! (Best Value!!)
 $999 in 2 payments:
 $100 to reserve date and child
 $899 on arrival in Cleveland
 Trip #2 ÷ 3 hours ÷ do it all in 1 day!
 $550 in 2 payments:
 $100 to reserve date and child
 $450 on arrival in Cleveland

We know the times are tight right now with money so we offer second option for our customers!
You can enjoy the vaIuabIe service no matter what you're budget!!

 For small extra cost you can have access to material not seen by others before. This is how it works:
For extra cost of $200 you can take video and pic's of your experience. After your experience, we
upload onto secure section of our website and you get username and password to access. Only
people who have gone on trips and paid for this extra have access to this section of site so its not the
same old stuff you see on other sites ÷ you will have access to pic's/vid's that are no where eIse!! To
protect you, us and our investment, we have to restrict access to this section ÷ the pic's/vid's can only
be viewed and not download. We cannot risk someone identifying our investment. You will have
Iifetime access to this portion of site. Best part is this section is always updated everytime somebody
comes back from a trip. Wow! New stuff always for only $200 lifetime access!!

Fnr mnrc InfnrmatInn and cata!nguc, cmaI! us vnur rcqucst tn:
 Boy or girl?
 Age?
 Ethnic preference?
 Available dates?

Adoption sales also available. Canadian trucker's coming to U.S. we can help you to. Email us for more

There might be times when we have to change our web address. Ìf you want to be notified of web address
change or updates to site send email with "list¨ in subject and we will make sure you receive notice of any

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