Right Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right Left go Two- Feet Iambics marching in Step

to Travel to a Look-Out Point and Catch sight of an Amazon dressing in Meshed Cap and Chain Mail, a Tunic of Gold Ardor for the Battle to Avenge the Name of her Monarch, her Loyal Liege of Consensual Purpose to Raid and Roam for Territory and Aesthetics. Quest is given to Assemble provisions and designs to Crush all Aggressors who take Special Pleasures in Gore and Rape, unkind and cruel Peonage impose do they against the Agreements known to Man. “No means No! Such rights are Guaranteed Due Respect and care in Maintenance.” Therefore, the cause which suits the Message most Applies when staked against dignity of Surnames among the Civilized, personages await. This is the Prelude to the March of Crests to ensure in the Gathering a Tribe of Women, their Ministers and Poets, Muses, Seers, and Servants. To War War its Tragic Noble Fate. Les Femmes To War! Grrr! Rihanna! Beyonce! Lauren H! In their Images, were framed a Codus Amazonus: Bablyonians Rah!