The Front Cover is the title page for your business plan. This page has the name of your,your name as the entrepreneur, and the address and phone number of your business. Entrepreneur.5 make their business plans stand out by using deslsns, 1090.5, or color.


The Businels Overview gives the reader of your plan an idea about your business. It gives you, the entrepreneur, the opportunity to "sell the business idea~ to an lnvester or lender, so it is important to describe the business idea clearly and concisely.


The 'eople lummin, the Business section of the plan tells about you as the: person whO' will be in charge of the business.


,... Market and Mark.lin! Plan section describes your customers and any competition that your bu'siness may have.. It explains some of the benefits of your good or service and how your customers will learn about your good or service ..

Des·cribetttie Ilml,rket research you did t,o' find out whether cllIstomen wantedi your good or servilce.


The Fi nancials shew that the business is capable of earning a profit.

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• Wnit ,*g'!l~rti=inSl Wi; YOy <:!o ~~10r>t yO<uop.!:n Y'g.I.!~ I;>I!!=in~$V

• 1i!Ig,,,,' rnuo;;h Wil! ¥<;>u $JI~,n';H

• 1110 yO!! n~~<1 II' MOl n-t 'IIQ FUn, y.Q",F I;>~~in"$~~ • li!Ig,w mud, WiII~l1e 1I0!:n~<I' ,~t)

• Wnll,~ 1;>i,!$ln~~$I",n',i,"~ $ypl'lll~~ n"<I k> ~'I: r~p.I\i""'d ~iI!C;n ..... ~eU • li!Ig,w mu<:h Viillll1o;:r ~o~tt '"

• Wn~t~jip" .;)1 ,!!diI"r~l~iIi8 will YOY <lo,,,.;!i~ """;:<i::k~' • li!Ig,w muo;;h Viill It ~t p.;:,t' .,..."dt

• 1110 yol.! ~;W..;: to !NY Wid, Oi, k>-:'!II?

• li!I.;.w mud, Will yOu p~ p.~r W'I:'~k)

• li!Ig,w mu.;;h Viii! yg.i,! piy yoy~,;jlr ",¢!:I<.Iy ~o work iii Ib~ I;>!§ili,;j,~~') • Y(!ur $.(!liI!(;y pOi: r .... "d"


SIIPportins Infofll1ation may help the reader of your plan have a better understanding of your business idea.

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