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Tomoko Taniguchi bio

Tomoko Taniguchi bio

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Published by: Kris on May 13, 2007
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TOMOKO TANIGUCHI, SHOUJOCON 2003 JAPANESE MANGAKA GUEST OF HONOR Shoujocon 2003 is pleased to welcome shoujo manga artist

Tomoko Taniguchi to our convention! Ms. Taniguchi is a professional talent whose works have entertained shoujo manga fans in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan and the US for more than a decade. She's one of the lucky few who got the chance to do what she really wanted to in life: And that is to be a well-liked and respected artist. Like many mangaka, Ms. Taniguchi's path into the comics industry began when she entered and won and comics contest, and had her winning submission published. Success in one contest encouraged her to enter another; from there, things took off and she began to develop as a cartooning professional. Ms. Taniguchi is best known for stories such as Aquarium, Call Me Princess and Princess Prince (available in English from <linkto:http://www.centralparkmedia.com>Central Park Media Manga) which project her talent for conveying true-to-life emotions through her characters that connect with the reader's own feelings. Whether her characters face fairytale dilemmas where a prince must disguise himself as a girl in order to prevent a curse from destroying his parents' kingdom, or real problems related to what adulthood means and the responsibilities of really loving someone, Taniguchi also gives her readers a sense of optimism. In fact, Taniguchi has said she prefers to create stories that she hopes "makes people happy". US-based fans of Ms. Taniguchi's works will have the chance to meet her at Shoujocon, and to learn about her experience as a longtime professional in the Japanese comics field. Look for updates regarding special events with Ms. Taniguchi! Shoujocon 2003 heartily thanks Big Apple Anime Fest for their sponsorship of Tomoko Taniguchi's appearance!

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