All the pain builds to the point where it over flows she grabs a knife, one, she cuts

, she winces with the stroke of the blade, two, just deep enough to see the blood, three, to deep. She goes white she starts to weep she says good-bye why? The pain inside is just to great why? Did ya not think of us the ones you leave behind oh my god the ones you love and love you what the hell? Why? Why? Oh my god What’s you’re problem? The scare there reminds you what? The scare from the blade the one, you know, you cut there now and forever what? Didn’t you want this people all around you wanted attention what? You cut you bleed again and again just to feel why? I didn’t mean what? The blood flows drenched in it now that’s what you get to clean where you bleed

you scrub you try to hide NOW What you know people stare so you think cut What’s your problem? Now you die you grab a knife, and one, you cut you wince with the pain look how the blade slices your once delicate skin, two, deep, the blood flows you cry, three, to deep can’t take it back you fall see there’s nothing can’t take it back NOW you die

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