You’re the one that kicked me when I was down kicked me and spat on me when I fell to the ground

you see me now as I hang from a rail with a noose around my neck and you see the tears flow down my face as I choke I gasp for air then I hang limb as you stare you were the death of me because you drove me to this you see me there with the noose around my neck and you don’t do a thing you don’t even try to get me down you just stare at me hanging and then watch as I take me last breath and watch me die and you watch as the police cut me sown as my body hits the ground you still stare when they take you away for not doing a thing and you stare out the window as the drive off with you and your there all alone and you whisper ‘I’m sorry” but it’s to late now you should’ve done something instead you chose to stare

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