Leadership Profile Assignment

Research one of the following individuals that you feel has demonstrated leadership qualities. There are three parts to this assignment: 1. A biography. You should know something about this person’s life. That would include birth date and death (if applicable), where they lived and a few circumstances about their life. What they accomplished over their lifetime and what leadership qualities does the person have? We have talked about many different leadership characteristics; include some that pertain to the person that you have chosen. 2. Presentation. You will be responsible for presenting your findings in class in an informational and interesting format. Your presentation should be about 15 minutes in length, and you are acting as the teacher of the class during this time. Visuals are a necessity to properly convey your message. Consider the use of the whiteboard, overhead, handouts, power point or any other teaching tools you are familiar with. 3. Reference list. It is necessary to cite EVERY source that you get your information from including any pictures that you choose to use. Failure to do this will result in a zero for your entire project.

Leaders to choose from:
Mohandas Gandhi Audrey Hepburn Martin Luther King Nellie McClung Cleopatra Lee Iacocca Charles Darwin Joan of Arc Winston Churchill Catherine the Great Gordie Howe Jean Vanier Estee Lauder Charles Chaplin Norman Bethune William Osler Alan Eagleson E.P. Taylor Maurice Richard Louis Riel Gloria Steinem George Patton Wayne Gretzky Mother Teresa Agnes McPhail Anne Frank John Galt Lester Pearson Henry Ford Sir Thomas More

Malcolm Muggeridge Pierre Troudeau

Queen Elizabeth I

Rosa Parks

Jean Chretien

Terry Fox

Name: Marking Criteria
Visual: /10

How does the presentation look. Use of pictures, film footage, posters, power point etc. Written: /20

Written component is accurate, neat, has proper spelling and grammar. References: /15

References are complete and accurate Presentation /15

This mark is based on how well you present the information to the group. You can do this any number of ways. It can be an oral presentation, film, power point, poster etc.

TOTAL: Comments: