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ArchiCAD 8 - User Guide 1

ArchiCAD 8 - User Guide 1

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Published by Irina Petrescu

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Published by: Irina Petrescu on Mar 11, 2011
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ArchiCAD can display parallel (axonometric) projections and
perspectives. By default, when first starting the program and
activating the 3D Window, you get a Dimetric axonometry of
the model.

Parallel projections automatically include the entire model,
while perspectives are defined by a viewpoint and a specific

The 3D Projection Settings command from the Image menu
opens a dialog box that contains all the controls you need to
define the 3D view. The name and contents of the dialog box
depend on the projection type: Parallel Projection Settings
or Perspective Settings. You can easily switch from one to
the other with the button at the top right corner.

The projections that you define in the 3D Projection Settings
dialog box remain valid only until the next time you open the
dialog box and modify them. To store projections that you set
up in the 3D Window, you can:

- Save the Current View with the Navigator palette as
described in the next section;

- Place a Camera on the Floor Plan if viewing a perspective
(see Animation Controls at the end of this section);

- Add the current projection to the series of Pre-Set views if
viewing a parallel projection.

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