He let us call the church for help, he let us load him in the van in the rain, he rode back

to an unknown church with 4 strangers. He held my hand on the ride and with tearful eyes kept asking me, "Why would you care for me? I'm just a drunk."….He's still wondering why we cared, what made us come to him...we assured him it was not our idea to walk in the rain through Harlem… rather God was trying to reach out to him, pursuing him… - A street volunteer’s interaction with Roosevelt, a homeless man in Harlem

Jan 22nd was a historic day in our church, as the Lord used DWB to open our doors to our neighbors right around the block. I saw joy written large in the faces of our people as they started up conversations with people they wouldn't usually eat with and as they came in from the cold after meeting people in the streets. Best of all, the reports keep coming in -- how good it was to treat someone to coffee or just . . . not to walk by. - Pastor Grace May, Oversea Chinese Mission, Downtown Anchor Church That Christians, in numbers, that love and are helpful can do great things. And for me, that it is okay to accept help from others. And to enjoy the love and peace that has been given to me. - Susan, a DWB guest and current student at the Bowery Mission Women’s Center, talking about what she’s learned since DWB Our team from The Relief Bus looks forward to our participation each year in the Don’t Walk By Campaign. We are all called to "Feed the hungry, Clothe the Naked, and provide the Poor Wanderer with Shelter", according to Isaiah 58. This venue gives over 1,000 volunteers from all different ethnicities, churches, and organizations, the opportunity to effect lasting change in the lives of hundreds engaged on the streets. - Bill Hoffman, Vice President, New York City Relief


For more information, please go to dontwalkby.org.

www.dontwalkby.org ▪ 212-684-2800 ▪ info@dontwalkby.org

Don’t Walk By is a homeless outreach campaign that is an initiative of The New York City Rescue Alliance. The NYCRA is a partnership of faith-based ministries led by The Bowery Mission that is focused on offering the homeless an alternative to living on the streets. In January and February of 2011, an army of more than 1,400 volunteers canvassed every block and subway platform in Manhattan to offer each homeless man and woman they encountered a hot meal and shelter from the cold winter night. But more importantly, the Don’t Walk By campaign gave the homeless an invitation to get off the street and get a fresh start. This is accomplished through our partnership with residential rehabilitation organizations such as The Bowery Mission and Betel of America. Such organizations offer placement in a residential recovery program featuring a Christian discipleship curriculum composed of one-on-one counseling, career, and educational training.

the Outreach Strategy
The Don’t Walk By strategy is based on the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus commands us to “Go and do likewise”. This is the way we show mercy to our homeless brothers and sisters on the street.

1Meet on Street

Our volunteers hit the streets of New York City to seek out the poor and needy. They establish a relationship with them through conversation and by offering a hygiene kit or blanket. After a connection is made, the volunteers ask their new friend if they would like to go back to the anchor church. If they are not within walking distance, the volunteers can request for the outreach vans to pick them up and bring them back to the anchor church. When our homeless guest arrives at the anchor church, there is a hot meal, new clothing, a medical team, and an assessment team waiting for them. During their time at the anchor church, volunteers continue to engage the homeless guest in conversation and sometimes prayer. The homeless guest is also given the opportunity to be assessed by a representative from one the partner organizations, where they can decide if they want to go to a safe shelter for the night. By pouring love and care into these people’s lives, The Rescue Alliance hopes to see lives transformed by entry into a program with one of our partner organizations.

2Invite to Vehicle

3Host at Anchor Church

4Overnight Shelter

5Enter Program

ry. January of 2011 was the snowiest month in New York City histor In spite of these dangerous weather conditions, over 1,400 volunteers came together to give the care and compassion of Ch to the suffering members of our community who, for hrist many different reasons, are left out in the cold. They were able t engage 900 homeless men and women and remind them to that God’s love is very real.
Engaged Date Zone Volunteers on Street 240 99 1/8/11 Upper Westside 311 285 1/15/11 Midtown 318 244 1/22/11 Downtown 1/29/11 Upper Eastside 2/5/11 Harlem TOTALS 287 280 152 120 Hosted at t Assessed by Resource/ Anchor Transported Transported Transported to bed to hospital to detox Church Medical Teams 26 12 2 1 55 172 76 165 74 44 24 33 34 24 19 13 15 0 1 0 1 2 0 0 0








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