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Is the Quran the Word of God

Is the Quran the Word of God

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Published by: asadghalib1 on Mar 11, 2011
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What most Muslims do not realize is that these two manuscripts are written in the Kufic Script, a
script which according to modern Qur'anic experts, such as Martin Lings and Yasin Hamid
Safadi, did not appear until late into the eighth century (790s and later), and was not in use at all
in Mecca and Medina in the seventh century (Lings & Safadi 1976:12-13,17; Gilchrist 1989:145-
146; 152-153).

The reasons for this are quite simple. Consider: The Kufic script, properly known as al-Khatt al-
Kufi, derives its name from the city of Kufa in Iraq (Lings & Safadi 1976:17). It would be rather
odd for this to be the official script of an Arabic Qur'an as it is a script which takes its name from
a city that had only been conquered by the Arabs a mere 10-14 years earlier.

It is important to note that the city of Kufa, which is in present day Iraq, was a city which would
have been Sassanid or Persian before that time (637-8 A.D.). Thus, while Arabic would have



been known there, it would not have been the predominant language, let alone the predominant
script, until much later.

We know in fact, that the Kufic script reached its perfection during the late eighth century (up to
one hundred and fifty years after Muhammad's death) and thereafter it became widely used
throughout the Muslim world (Lings & Safadi 1976:12,17; Gilchrist 1989:145-146). This makes
sense, since after 750 A.D. the Abbasids controlled Islam, and due to their Persian background
were headquartered in the Kufa and Baghdad areas. They would thus have wanted their script
to dominate. Having been themselves dominated by the Umayyads (who were based in
Damascus) for around 100 years, it would now be quite understandable that an Arabic script
which originated in their area of influence, such as the Kufic script, would evolve into that which
we find in these two documents mentioned here.

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