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Published by: Mc War on Mar 11, 2011
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Promotions Contract

This contract is entered into this day 13th of December, 2010 between BLACK LION CAFÉ and its representatives T. Abraham hereinafter referred to as CLUB AND M.C. W.A.R. PROMOTIONSLLC, a promotional company/organization, and its representative, Damuzi Ahhah Ahershu & Den Tut Re, hereinafter referred to as PROMOTER specifically for promoting the 2011 M.C. W.A.R.

SEASON weekly for 16 weeks at the nightclub Black lion Level 2 located at 234 Auburn Ave., Atlanta, Georgia, 30312. A. Terms This contract is specifically for sixteen (16) nights commencing Sunday, December 19th, 2010 and ending Sunday April 3rd, 2011 from the hours of 10 PM to 3 AM hereinafter referred to as “NIGHT”. Duration of Contract: CLUB and PROMOTER agree the duration of this contract is for sixteen (16) weeks commencing December 19th, 2010 and ending Sunday April 3rd, 2011. B. Duties and Responsibilities VENUE Duties and Responsibilities: a. CLUB will provide downstairs of facility weekly to fill all Patrons for the PROMOTER’S NIGHT to the capacity allowed by City and State code b. Upon the patrons of the NIGHT filling downstairs of the facility to capacity 2 weeks consecutively CLUB will facilitate the upstairs to PROMOTER at no additional cost. PROMOTER Duties and Responsibilities: b. PROMOTER agrees to promote said nightclub positively for terms of contract. Specific items are as follows: i. PROMOTER to pay for one (1) DJ of the PROMOTERS choice. ii. PROMOTER to pay for two (2) security guards. iii. PROMOTER to advertise and market NIGHT through Flyers, Posters, E Blasts

b. can at any time be severed if and only if both PROMOTER and CLUB are in mutual agreement to such changes in the duration of the life of the NIGHT or specie of the contract. T-SHIRTS c. PROMOTER retains all profits made from artists paying to perform and battle during NIGHT c. HATS b. PROMOTER agrees to advertise and market NIGHT on Facebook. Twitter. PROMOTER retains all DOOR RECIEPTs and all profits made from the entry fee at the door including presold tickets. or any of aforementioned items listed. CDS & DVDS c. PROMOTER retains all profits made from the sale of PROMOTER paraphernalia which inludes PROMOTER a. Dissolution This contract. Compensation and Expenses CLUB and PROMOTER agree to the following distribution of Revenue from NIGHT: a. Abraham Black Lion Cafe ____________________________ Damuzi Ahhah Ahershu Signature _____________________________ Den Tut Re Printed Name . This Contract is governed by the laws of the State of Georgia and is effective immediately upon signing of contract _______________________________ T. youtube.iv. & other Social Networking websites C. CLUB retains all BAR RECIEPTs and all profits made from the BAR D.

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