Message from the Thompsons

Fifes hly mown grass, th e air

after a gen [tie ra In s howe r~ sweet ch erry blossoms+these are the fragrances of spn ng an d sum mer .. Ttl is is ttl e ti m e to ligh ten your

s tep, have fun wtth frlen cis. and. tarn ilYt and m aybe C::V~ iii g'€:'~ a litt~e $1 1,1y-.,SOMe'lhi ng 'that com es natu ral ly' to ou r "lTa'tIn i IY1' obvi ously.

!I t's also 'Ith e tl m e to ,experi€ nee the sights. soun ds, and scents of the season.a nd Scentsy's new Splfing!

The Thompson Famlly Summer 201 ~ fragrances nave

something for everyone" From the I u m in ous Luna to the drama tlcally fresh Wishing Well., See ntsy '5 fragran ces will b ri ng back m erne des, and !he lp yo u create new ones. lEach one ii$ meant to wa rm your heart and brights n yo ur day.

OUr new wlekless candle warmers. are as. dlverse as our fragrancesl Whether your tastes are tradlnonal, contemporary or eclectic, you are sure '(0 find at least one to cornptern ent your deco r: rornantl c Heirloom, bold. Far-laUe, or 'IT his season's Cha ritabte Cal use Warme r~ Piece by iPioc€. tnece by Piece wi II raise fu nds WOIl' Autism Speak:;'lfM. a, global nonprofit organizatton dedicated to funding auttsm research

a nd in c reasmg awa rene SS, of Ell U'~ lsrn sp ect ru m d1j so rders. We are p roud of ou r n e.w warm ers and. ou r affHia tic n w~th Autism S p eaks.

We are eq ually prou d or our '100.000 current In depen dent Seen iSy Con s UJI,ta nts who S P read See ntsy spirrt every tt i m e they share, a see nt, a warme r, or Scerrtsy'~s amaz i ng bus i iii ess oppor UJ nity t hroughout Nor th Arne rr ca f Puerto Rico, a nd G warn _ A nd,

we a re proud of 0 ur affii I latl Or! with you=v/heth er you are a cus to m er, a Host, 0 r a potentia 1 Consu ltan t Than ks for allowing us' to enl iven you r world,

Warmest regard 5 ~

Heidi Th ornpson President

Orville Thorn pson CEO

The Scentsy Miss'ion

To b ring value to t hie world by provldl ng an i n dustry-leadl ngi. tarn i[y-frien d [y business opportunity seltlng creative, artlstlc, high-qu,a.lity products that Warm the Heart, Enliven the Sensesj and Inspire the Soul,

11+. 1

The Scentsy Story

Scentsy began wi U, a simple idea-a safe. wickless

alt€: mat lve 'to sc-ented candle-s-and quicklly grew into one of the most s ucce$$'~LlJI direct se tung com patnies.

'This wlc kless concept was barn whe n t\!'110 stay-at-h am e rn oms bega n selling decorative wa rrners desig ned 'to melt scented vva.x wlthCHJl 'the 'lJraditioi1la~ wick and flame" E ntre preneurs Heidi and OrviRe Thompson e ncounte red t~ e small company at a hom e show in e-arly 2004 and brought sample products home. They' were i:n:trlgued by how 'fragrance brl ngs powerful emotions and mernorl es to the surface-with out the safety risks. of a, bum i rig candle. 'They purchased the tiny' company and moved. Scen'tsy 'to Me j'iidi~Ji'il" Idaho" wile Fe t he cam pa n~i's first home office was a 40~foot ocean sf'! 1 p ping contal iller 0 n a small sheep farm.

Scentsy joined the U.S. Direct Selling Association (DSA) in 200~ and enrolled its first I nri€:'p€ ndent Consultant. 51 nee tf"l en ~ U, e compa,liIy has expa nded ope ranons, hired. a strong executive team', and received numerous a'\i'!I3.rQs 'Wer its growl h aJi'iId. et h~cal business practices, i nalud.i rig being named the number one consumer products ,compal'"!~

on the 2010 Inc e .500 list appea ring on the 201 0 D~recf Selling N~ws Globa I, '100 list or top di rect se !.ling corn panie s, and rece'ivilng both tl~~ U.s. D5~s 2010 Success ,Awa rd a rid t~ e DSA~ 1009 Ri'sing Star ,Award; See ntsy ex panded

into Carl ada in October of 2009 a rid is a me rnber of the Canada D5A.

In j ust seven ~ars~, Scentsy has generated more tha n $7000 rnilllo til (US ID) in revenue, Today, the com pany~s fa.mily of passionate I nde pe ndent Scentsy Consulta nts share 5 the Sc€: ntsy €)(,p€: rience and the Soentsy dlffsren ce tlh rough out the Un lted States, Canada, Pu€: rto ~cor

and Guam.



Scentsy ~farmers

Make a stateme nt i rIi

any room. E"xpre5<$ your lindividuality or ~nhance Y<lUr decor, Approximately 1'1 em wide .3 nd 15 em tall t LUie5 a 25-vvatt bulb,


Scents!J farmers Modestly s iz~d and. perfect: for offices

and com pact spaces. Approximiirte:ly M) em

wi de and 13 em taJI.~; uses a 20""N~tt bulb,


Scentsy Warmers Gre~it 'F.or smaH !"JOO rns

wit!I'TI limited counter space. App rOXli mately 8· em wide and '9 em tall (wj~hout the plug); uses 3. 15-wau bu I b_

lIilfi Use the new G rab Tab" to easily change the w~x in Plug-lrl S:e:erFtsy W~rm ers (see page 30).

Ifyoo don't have a Grab Tab; t:i.Jrln the warmer onand so;lrr·en the wax for 2-3·lfiiinlLli:tesJ remove wax, and clean 1Jne warmer dish witdh a paper towel,

Ii~l'I!1 a,arl~llffiIgni2 lJJ{hrme.~ mo.IJIoiin9 p[)sSlbJ~ roool'" IJGlrictit::m_-",

a Rea ctlu e-Glaze Fl nlsh

Scentsy warmers \!lAth 1!hi:s symbol are ane--of-a-klind. created 'With a reactive-glaze process (g1aze is .~p:plied and. ., rea cis' " 'to heat in '~he kiln) _ TI"Le result isa hand -crafted look .. Every Scentsy warmer i5i.

unique and c-olour may vary from photos shown in the c.a.rnlogue, ._.


Combme and ,Save

,Scenfsy FIJIl--Slze Syste,m

3 Seen tsy Bars of your chol ce, pi us 1 FuU-Size Scentsy Warm'er

M P~SS,'13 $48 ($6 savi ngs)

Scents;y' Mid-,S~';Z"e Sys~,

3. Scentsy lOa rs of your choi ce, plus 1 Mid-Size. Scentsy Warm'er

M P-MSli3 $42 {$6 :savings}

Pe.rfect ,Plug ·Insifl"

6 ScentsyBars of your cholce, plus 2. P'lug-I n Scents)! 'Warmeirs

M P-PP2.6 $72 ($12 'savings)

PerJect' SClents,Y I'll

6 Scentsy Bars o.f yo u r ch o~(::,~ t p lus 2. IF!;J 1,1 -Size Scentsy W.3IJllme 115

M P-PS26 $90 (.$'18 savi ngs)

N,£W 5cents~ S CI'I11'pier *

'I Scent C i role, 1 Trave l Tin,

1 Roo m Spr.ay~ 1 Fragra nee, foam t 1 Scent P.a,kJ, 3 Scents), Balls.t

1'-ln Sceli1tsY'Wa.rml~r!

1 M id- Size Scentsy Warm,e r~ plus 1 F ull - Size'S centsy Warm,er

M P-N SS ,$120 ($23 savings)

*' C:alnnO't be: piJlrclhaJs.ed II;nsb"lg Miilst Ha tf"-Pric.e Ilil:ewards.

NOTE': O'rIailltable: Cause Warmers cannot be curcbased U:tilillg lHost Rewards, Pe~petu.a~ lPa rty Rewards, OF In COf'if1lbJn~' and Save,


'~ DIY Full.~Si'ze 'Warmer, plus. '1 Theme Pac k

MP- D I VS $42 ($6 savi n gs)

See" tsy Ccmn:pan,lon 5'115 tem* '3 See ntsy Bars, of yo LLtF ell oice, .~ PI ug-ln Scentsy W:a rm er ~ plus " Fu.Il-Size Scents), W~.rmer

M p- SCS $66 ($.'~ 2 savings)

Scentsy 3' ·P1Clck

'3 Sec: ntsy Bars

rtv1 p- 3PK $17 (~!;:~ savl ngs,)

,Seen tsy 6-Pa.d{'

Buy 5 Scentsy Ba rSJ get 1 frRE IE MP-6PK $3.0 ($6 savings)

ScentCirde Pack

Buy 5 Seen t Crrdes. get 1 FREE M P-6C C $20 ($4 savl ngs)

Tr'a ve,f Ti~n Pock

8uy 5. Travel Tins, get 11 FREE M P~6TT $30 ($6 savi ngs)

R'oom Spray Pack

Buy 5 Room Sprays I' get 'I FREE MP~6RS $50 ($'10 savings)

Re.placem~nt Li'ght B'tdbs $1,20 each

115-wau 15WLlTE (Plug-l n Seen tsY' Wa rm ers) lO-watt 20WUTE (Mid-Size Scentsy 'Wa rm ers) 25-watt 25WLlllE (FuU-Size Scentsy Warmers)

3-Sl.1r Gift Box

Scentsy Bars not included.

SB- 3BARBOX $2 each


gga ole Seen sy 0 the who, e family!

Fa r the chi ld Illn your !.~f.e 0 r the chi ld ~n your the See ntsy BuddyTM i s al w.ays ready with a. big dose ow ilfragran C~ tha t's just [right!' Snuggle your Bud.d.y for agreat night's sleep or make outings fun when you. bring a p,layful friend along. Th e See ntsy Buddy is the perfect c uddly com pan ion. E,a,ch Buddy 'features a. zl ppe red. pocket to ha.~d. at

serum ptlous Scentsy fragran ce, just i nser [ a Seen t P,akTto! and bnilng your Bud.d.y to Ulf:e.., For children ages '3· years and up, .$30 each (lncl,udes one Scent Paik,. see page 34).,

Go to scentsybuddy.corn tOI meet aJll of the Buddies!

Ape:;: 0' OSW-APEX

Lc:OOit; II)

[)SW'-Ii.ENO $36


D'.S"N-ONYX 136

CascQ,de Colle'ction

Caldera !j

D$.'W·CAllD 536

a~;::irn DSW-S(RE:

A~ntJ'l.Jr0 DSW-ARn-t

Delta'Q DS,w-DElLT

C'lass'i'c Collection


rr:jYl·5(]Rt'4 Mo

Purp&e DSW'·SPUiR

,Imperial CoUection

Cha~let'rlagn e (JI

DSW-CH~l $36

Fu~ l -Slze Seen tsy 'War m ers


[)SW'-5.A.VO $36

RI'flBrbed to !DBW·RjB;ED

S!'ltin BI13(:k DS.W"S~LK


Vic: t.O'fiilI 'G

OOW-\ilCT $36

.-. '11

Capr,iO [}SII/~CAPR


Matte Fini:;;hi D$Vl!·(I-l~R $36


F'ulJ Cour'~ DStW-FCFIT

Is'land Colle'ena:n

Cypl1!.Js,B ,DS'i,i'II<LVPR.

Mi'racle Co,Ilection

'F~ith fn'

GlOss.y FIJ 11S.'I1 DS'iAf.lFArf a)i3

Renaissance Collection



DSW-FK1MA :$36

Sports Collection

Game' D.a~ 1i}I,SiN. G IL'I:A Y


\ -~ ,l'


PIliy ~all DSW.,PLAY

Full-Slze Scentsy Warmers

MaJlr.a G DSW·MALi



MaUre 'Flnl-slfl DSW·HOP~ :$36

'11 ormo .. d} D5W-TO~!


WotL'd Cup

P SIJi.!LWC UP sss

F ull- Slze Scentsy War m ers

Angor.:il1Qi DSW-ANGO


DS'!,lll-Al~L S36;

B':.:iimboo T.atl,O


Band;;! '""" o.SW-nANID


OS'i,(!I.[iOIFiO SJ6


[)S.Vi,H~OL~ $36

N 1:iW' Casbah a


Ce::Iu;;::'Lo ... e knot

DSW-CEl!..T $:36


DSW-CrlElR $i3'6

-II' ". _.

!!>:J.od I~Bud DS'W'-OElUID


NEW E!I1gllSh Ivy

t6w--~vy' $36

NEW F~,rf(3~~e ,GI'


IJ = Reactive Glaze. Final fl nlsh I'tMY yar,~ 15

Full-Size See ntsy W'a,rme rs

NEW fizz, c sw·FI'ZZ

GI'Ilp~ln~ ID S \li.iLG'R'Jd')

NEW H eloooJ1l1J

IDS.W~HlEIR :$36



'Fot'e~ DS'N-FQRE;

MEV!.!' HIilm pton

IDSM/-HAM P' $36

Kokopell. 1D5W·KOKO


NEW j!!as~IL FltFrl e

DSNV-H~N $36




Mt:1il?got0 PS\~~RG, $36

Full-Size Seen tsy Wa rm ers


DSW~MOi"fT $56

Node 'I)5W-N 0 0"'1


,Pi necene Qi

DSW-PlNE $36


Soco[' re ~

osw-soco $36

NEW M.orocco 0


P(3WS DS'i/!hPA\i\i'5

R-oost'Br DS\N-IiSlFR

~pl~C'ny PSW-.5-YMIli'

NatllJre"s Hayen

DSW-NAiR $.36

!"4E'\!\i' PieL":.-e blf F'ieotie e

DSW"Sff -AlSM $42'

Rus!DIc Sla~ IDS'lM-STAR.

TlkHl) DSW-lr!KlI

Charitable Cause Warmer-Piece' by Piece

Colourful jigsaw pieces pla;yfully pop out from the puzzle. adorning Piece by Piece. Scentsy's newest Charitable Cause Warmer, designed to represent the mission of Autism Speaks", Since 2005~ Autism Speaks. has been funding global. research, spreading awareness, and providing hope to families whose children receive this camp lex diagno si s The i r m t 5S ion: sahJ'htg the puzzl.e~ ,piece b 1/ piece.

Scentsy will donate '100% of the net proceeds; from the sale of this warmer directly

'10 Autism Speaks. To make 'the most of the contribution opportunity. Piece by Piece is priced ar $42. Available this catalogue season only,


It's; ti fli'U!: te ~is,te-n,

To learn mo re all out Scentsy':5, Ch arltabte C ause Warme rand ot he r phi la nth rc pi c pnlg rams, v~ sit see ntsyfa miilyf,oundati on .,o'rg.

F u U- Size Scentsy War me rs



j!!'ebr:EI DSW'-,ZEBR.

Scents), 'Wal'1mer $tarnds,

IE levate yo u r Scentsy wa rrner, I f1I powde r- coated metal with an ol l-ru b bed bronze, fi n ish" $1.2 each

STAt N ID·SQUA~E 13 em x ~ 3 em x 2. ern

Irs as easy as it is funl Just cut out your shape-the adh esive back helps you position the design just where you want i t. let your personal style shine!

DIY Scentsy Warmers are blank canvases awaiting your creativity-they never go out of style or season!

Create a one-of-a-kind warmer for a b'1l1hday, wedding, or baby shower.

Wi t ~ 23 Tl~le m e 'Packs an d ~ h ree wa rme r de s ig ns, th e possi bii li les a re e~dle 55l

Sql!l!il re Blad'

OIY-5B:L,K $35

$ re i2lrm'ln

DrY-S~RN $-55


5q~@ re Wh:it-.e

OrY-SMI $.35

Afflml<l~!on6----&lack D1Y-1"~-AJiB $J12

AI~C! ~ i lable in While.

'OI ..... ·fF'.AFV/ S12

DIY Theme Packs

Bab:r-o a.oy

DIY.'-TP~B"iH. $12

1.,1 .2Ai


DfY-TP-CAf $12


mV:TPc-ALB ~12

AI5'1l w'!falla'ble in WnUle

mV=TIP-AlW ~12

Baby GIt"~

D rY-TP-iBYG $~


D!Y:rP-CfIY ~12:

i'-I~ lHoi! ppy I;lirthday

DIY-TFt-4iA ~ $12



~, ~

~- ; ~


ModJ FI.oral-Wlllt,e

1D1Y=rP-MDW $12

A.~O, avai lable IIlI Bti!Jl:k

IDW=rP·MDB $12

DIY Theme PaJcks

Creepy Cr:;'3wty

[Jf'(-TILCCW' $'11


1D1Y=TI?-ffiP $12

liarmooy Dly.lip~ i"IRM

On 'the Ed~

DIY-li1P'-OH: $LI.:

1+1 25

Swid!; &. bu~

orvrr-sos S12

NEW' Su rnme Fun

DIy...TP·'fUIN $ll

Wed.ded Btls.!.--Goki

DIY-Tp·'WEIG $12:

AI:5Q ,pvoilililble ill! Sillier

DIY-Tr.-WiS $'12

,S"''IlCct Sayings 'W1itit.e


ALs;c availa ble i n ~Iack

DIiY-TjJ-SSB $12

WoolCI Tra ... elcr "I '?lP-VrITV


... 215

lor • lJ;t'E • ~. IUi.'5 I .. tTT. • ~OO • ~ '. uil'l<1!.

Mid -Size See ntsy Warmer,s

Ac.;Iid ia Q


liltilt Un'I b


lIad!t'!nolfle 0





Nauuco! Collection,

I-I~tttera$ 0

MSI,N-HlATl $3()

N'ursery CoUe'ction

Smooth Stone C'ollection

Ume.stolle IQI

MSW-I.,IME $30

'Wrap Collection


MSW-,SO'HO sao

MaflWcket II!)



M SW-T\\!N K ,530

\. )"
'\ A'
/' 'I.
~ A
:\, ~_J;
'. , SooIP'~t\(1i"1@ iCl

M5W-SOAP ,530

Tribe;r:a MS\I!.I--TRIB

B!,BQ; M5W-A~

N EW M~sion Slal):C m

M5W-MSLT $30

~1EW' Ol..:a:teal"ll a

MSW'-O-lAi sso



Mid - Size See n tsy Wa rmers

~aven (I) MSW-~ViN

Ernchan~_ iD

MS'W-EtJ01 $30


MSW'-\,VElC $30

P ug- 1 Scentsy W~ rrners


rp5.w.2-I~ LOM $.24





Black &


PSW2·8.!LiDa. S24

l e Collec ion


PSW2-SrRl $24

Botnruc t Collectio 1



p 5.'Wl-LUAjJ

Groovy Collection


PSW:l:·GBRIiII 524


P SJ,Vi·(j RlllS


8 •

Twig PS.W.YliViJIG


Taro PSW2·1AR,O

White IPSW1·G'lNTE

i-liea:vermLy P-SW2-HVEN

seashells ~W2L:SSEA.


NEVli S'has.1LI O\aiS~

~W2-:S[)5Y :tN

W~ErVe-$;;:tLI'It! t

PSW2-VI/'SCA $24

R:t!I s~ic Star PSW2·SifAA



If'S"tl:FWGMK. :$24


~S.W.l·ROSE $14

S~fld O-cllM IPSM,SSAN,eeFl fsw2·wt.RI'IIJ

Zebra ~SW.i·ZEBR


,S'cen,ts,Y Fragranc,e on the Go!

Nlo, matter 'where ~ife takes you, take Scentsy alongl Cars purses hotel roo me gy' vm bag eo

l~'·· " •.. ;;.t.;;i!, .. ~~.,,~ .'., ,' .... ' _,~:~ :_,., I. ':_,~~

or lockers+del lghtful Seen t sy fragran ce,s, are design ed to go virtually anywh ere.



Scent C If,d,eT~ (CC) '»', Our logo neve r sm el ~ed so good! Packed

with fragrance, each See nt C~rde wi U, give

yo u Seen tsy wherever you go. Available i iii all fragrances, Leafher (CC~l.EA)_ $4 each

« See n1tsy Ro om SIP ray"" (RS)

'0 rre si m pie sp ray fiU s a room with yo u r favourile S cen tsy ~raglra nee _ Av.aHabh~ I n all. f:rag ranc es, lncludlng Od'QrOut(RS~OUT). $'10 each

fra,glraru:e IF,oam""J (CA.~fF)

Emol lierrt-rich, lu sciously scented a nd a lcohol -free ~ Fragra nee fo-am kil ~s ge rm s w lthout d ryi ng

hands, Available ln '~O fragrances, $7' each

Black R;J_,Spberry'kJ"lHlla '" Camu (aflfjU

Coconut' t.emongrass Cucumber Ulffli€:

'" FJirt2itiOOs.

H'a/ll.::J nal, C~b~llIdi lJ,.Idy lin Love

~ Perfecttly POO1egtart.ate !jo: Salin Shee~5

~ Sfdinny blip pin"


If N BN to Fragram:e FoalflJl line.

Scel11;t PaJk1~ (5 p)

Bring yo u r Scentsy Buddy to lif€ with you r favou rite See n tsy fragran ce, Sf m p l.y' 'i nsert a, See nt Pa k i nto th e. pocket located in ih e ani m at Also perfect Tor use ii'n drawers] closets, gym bags, or anywhere you would like a touch af Scentsy, Avai la b ~e in 30 fragran ces . .$8 each

* Baked Apple pre SP-BA~ '~ lKahlkQ lHula SP-KHL
* Beach SP-BEA ';!: Lilacs & vr:ol~~:.S SP-LAV
Berry ~Hush SP-8~L MochadoocUe SP-MOO
Bla,ck R:;!Is.pberry Vanilla, SP-8R\1 tNewbcJ['1il :N:ulF.sery SP-NEW
C~mL1Camu SFt-CAM l?'ertfectJy Pcmegranate SP-PPG
* ChelTY limeade SFt-CW Pima, Cotton SP-PIM
'" Oean Breeze SP-CLJ;' Radi2jlflCe SP-RA.D
!!' Co[Dnut. Lernongrass SP-CLG II Red Cundy Apple Sp-RCA
Cm:urnbe r lime. SP-CUC Satin Sheets SP-SAT'
French tavender SP-rRE ~ Simply I rreSlIS'bible SPi-SIR
r,II, Go~G(j;-GoII Sp·GOG ¥I Skin ny DIp-pi n" SP-SKD
Ha,vana, caoona SP-HVC 5ufildrS:sed Citrus SPi-SKC
!-Iemlng '!Nay SP-HMY Sweet IP@a '& Vanilla sP-sw
:,II: Horne Sweet Herne SP-H'SI-I Vanrlla Cream SP·VCM
:,II: Honey Fi'e~F Cider S P- H Fie; '~ Wli1rt~ Tea &. Cac!tY$ SPAillTC S!C,eli1i~S'y Tlfave l Tiln n •• (TT)

Si'mp~y open your Travel Tin to release fragrance, Tile more you open it, the rno re scent. you release, Ava,~labl,e in 29 fragrances, i ndud i ng Leather. $6 each

BEI!ked Apple Pie

Beach 'n~BI:A

Berry Blush. 'n~BBL RaSipberry VanHla 'n:Ji3RV'

Camu Camu TT-CAM

Oean Breeze "-CLE'

era rberrv Mango "-CBM

Cuwmbe r Lime Echo

EfI(;lianted Mis~ FUrtatfous FrefildtJ 'K.I~

,.. Go-Go-Goji Hemingway le;alitlhif'I

>t NEW to Ti'avellll1llne.

rr-cuc ""Ern '"~Et-4C

'"~FU rT~Ft(S 'n-GOG 'n~JHMlY 'n~LfA

:tl Lilacs, & Violets

Lu.(.ky ill Love

:ti M'editerran ean Epa ~ M ulberry Bu-sh

~ Ne'Wbcrrn Nurs.ery Ocean

PerrecUy Pome~ri!Jnartte Satin stleett$

Simply Irresistible Skinny DlppJ.,' SlUnklssed cn rus 5'!iV€e~ f\!a & V,;t n IHa

'II': Th urrderstorm

Wh ite Tea &. Cactus


,EVOKE a mem .. oru ,':/

CREA,TE 0' mood

XPR 55 a/e,e,Iing

Capture: the mnocence a a first date with Forever Pi.nk~ or return to the carefree days of childhood with Cocco ,C/eme'ntlne., Wit: I

~16 brand-new scents to choose from, there's bound to be one that: spea ks to yo ur heart .

... ~

IFragran ces


Our sig n a ture frag ranees Cia In be fo und li;n thi 50 collecf on, Whether you're a new or returning customer, yDU~U find something to love in Scentsy Favourites.

Au l u rn I!'II. Su r rse r.

App les, pu m p kiris, 'fall leaves. ~l!'1d ~pf~ tDp·t~n ~raglta nee.


(in namon Bear

C~i:sp. ~pkyd'li'In!i!lmcm, iJ"ef!ilini5C'8n~ ;of'Red Hots candy WL1h

i!I Vo!i);i;h gf dO"iJe::;.

,SB/,S f.<.!RSltc· CElt

Clove & Cinnamon

CIlI$SiL: s~t O'~ dnnal'liioi:'i St,iOKS fused wnh dooes..


M u [be rry Bu sh

Svlecet mulberry accented with bl~lA!I'SW!'M:t, o:ral:lg~ ptt!~.


Pe rfect Iy Po rn egra nate

Darik and j lJIi c'jJ pomegranate with a :;;weet be;nrt fi nish; thi.';;; IS 131 classic, SB/SKlI!tS!CC!5P,1O.-FFffl-I¥'PG

Lt ... -eL'y Iblend o.f ora'I"Iges.; lemons, Ii mes, and gmpefruit.


Vanilla Cream

FI'~nr.:h vanilltl w,iih a 'lwoh cd coconut mi Ik 5:13V5K1R5/OC/sP-VCM

A dean. crisp, and re1ireshing floral m i:( with green 'notes.


B lac k R,aspb,~ rry Van llla


!Oi;!!~OiO'I,,!IS, $Un·~n~J dank berries warrlil@d 'Wllbn vanl Ilil. SHlSK!R$J(:C!Sf./CA,·FFfIT-BRV

Cirt narnon Va n i lla

hTviting blend of vanilla beans, cinnaliJ1Clln. coconut, and cassia SB/SK/RSfCC-CVA,

Home Swe e t Home-

SplLy d r111f121l1f'1on and tlOii'tlil soent=a must '!try!


My De.1 r W-a tson

R~fre$hi 111~ berr,gr.!!niQt connasted V!.'1th IrYIlii'lt. eedar'. and! !:u!'1!:r.::h~:.

S-o,Phi~tlcated, ,aJnd, smart, SBf.SKfIi!'.SlC:C·MIDW

Sati n Sheets

Sensual and eanhy 5aod:ilJ~w.oo d, perlectty piilired. with Fidl, Wi.!rm V13:niilaSBISK/RSICCfSP1C;!\--FFIT!f-S,!\T

Swee-I_ p~ a & Va niU~

Ambianee of raspberries and sweet, pea petals witli1 van iria, se/StJ~~5prrr-spv

WOe lcorne Home

\!IhlInm and! welcornlng: with diil na men ana spices, SElJSKIJ'S/LC -WHM

SB=Srer1llsy,Btir SP=$t;enb' !flak

Tr'op ical oa sts ~:if lush !l"!"i13Jnd13lri r~, camu La rYI Ui, ;;lindl pi!1SSJlurll~r Ulll $B!S!KJR,S/iC)C/$PICA· FFIIT·CAM

Clean Breeze

Whit:e florals with a toudh of spri IlIg: this is in e seem of fre:sih. clean l13Jundr~1, SBi$KlRSlCCt:sFfIT:CIL£

Ho n ey Pear Cider

'Iihil: scent of pure autu m til b~l:ss~ tr,e:sh, j uiey pear .and! sweet honey. together w~h :SIlJIotle hi nts of '~p ices, SSt5KlRSfCCt5P-H~

Nlew bern. Nurse ry

FrestJ, 'dl~an, andJ p~oell"y. this clr!t~.rYl.y St:ent 'l!:VC!~, M~i'i'loorjes O'ff cr,a,dJll ng y.oUIi' Ii ttte ones, 5-B/~KlRSlCC/Slpm-NE'W

Fres:I'l green apples perfectly ~13lrf'!'lOfli;:ed with rcl.reshing mekms and jui(:y pears, SEi/,SKJR:SICC/SPICA,·AFfIT;5, KD

Spn':ng ,I; SUm'm:et'

Scentsy's Spring &. Summer Co,I~ectron bursts, with the. best warm-weather scents, brfng,rng to mar,d flowers ~n b~oom~ juicy frults, long lazy days, and the fee I,~ng Qf the sun on your face,


l~p~y~ ~n-d ht:!neyd~W' ~wet;t~er1l@d \NI~h ;;JJ n~nt (If eeeon LIIt_


Southern-5~e ~w~~t tea w~th ze5ly citrus and lem i)rii~r.[3_$$, SBlSKIR.SICC-C5:r

Red, Candy Apple

--- -_. __ ._._--_-- .- -------

Macimosh apples. ra~be~~y jam, berrles, and ~lF.awbeFl'y milk, ,.".ith brown sugar ~Ild cotton candy 5 BlSKlRSfCO-SP-RCA

Saentsy Barn.! (S B) \9' Bars with cenvenleru break-apart sections ..

$6 each

.... 313

, Ber ry Slus h

Tart ¢I~i 'berry, sw~ ~aclh nectar, aifltl ti',p:pt~1 n etes ,of gu~,v,~, ylang,oryIang. and! yULU_ 5B!SK!R5JCLtSP!IT~BBL

A fant~!iti(:~i scent of lyc:nee frUJit "nd watenm int, eb hereal :s.~el .00IliUl$, and violets.

SIY5K1R.5!CC -'RBI.,

An 'exO'~ic blend of tart Cit! inese goji berFY, sweet lotus 1f1.00~ .... ers, and ripe. warm dewbernes, 58/SKlRSlCCl.SlPfTi-GOG

n.,:UI~In, liipe hO!1leyciew rne~Qn :andJ c .. antaloupe, ~nd a hi int g.f garden mint.


The s L.:iimy scent of sum mer marigolds, 1'00sy rhubarb, earthy cedar. and musk seISKt~SICC-MUM

Fruity blend ot Lemon drops and cotton candy. 5B1SK}R.SICC-SGR

Zof$ty key II me, sweet dll@rr'Y. alfld JuiCy berry: a sr:ent [emil'ii!oc.ent of iii soda fou r'iitain drink, SB!5K/RSlCCfSP-o..M

Cherry blossoms .[3l'iid hee~ia with bl!a_tl«:urfaJrit jam and mUJ5k irn an 'Ulnmisukab~ pink fras,rall"!.te. ,SEl1.510"R:5ICC -FP K

IEffla-getrc grapeff1uit~ usn wheatgrass, and amber create an upl~ttJililg, intriguing scent, SBlSKlRSfCC -GVG

L s & Vio I,e ts ,


~~rlTecl cornbmanon 'Of HIaG5 and violets-ine smell of :SP!'[I'1IS;! 5E1.~/CG'S!¥Tlr-LAV

NEW' Pomatl n i '

POITi€gmn~te and! grapefJruit. tonlc, eiifer.;escent, soda bubbJes. and! 'iiresh berries.


N:EW Te;,3 Party ,


A secret garden o.f melon, quirtce, and obamomite, wit h'i black .and '.vihi"tte tea , SeJSt(fRS)CC-TlEP

IF ra gran ces


A little bit sultry, a ~,~tMe ba sweet, a ~ir,ttle bit earthy=allow the Scentsy Romance CoHec.1l:ion to tempt you.

, Ench.~nted Mist

~!ll'anmi;; blil;!ndi of jujll;y.£3 pp~~, en hanced and sw~~t.e:r1I@di by rose peta Is and 1'1 ch ja!il'll'll r1I~_ SE/,St:;JRSJ(L/f"r-ENL:

I nneceru pi nk [asmlne and sm:;;u;;lil am ber embraced by luseieus dark cboco late, SiBlSKJR.:SICC-LVS

My Wish

A (:(}r1I~ctlolfl: o'f earthy 'hg, ~t:t viole[, and playful, rna rshma It-aw ';· ... i II 00 'it€' you wishing for mo re, .5B/5I'Ulit51CC -MY\!!J

YOl~ Go. Girl

:A lightheanecL girlislh 'fmgraJ"I0e of apples, berries, rnuguet, and! llnden blo'MiOf:T'lS,


, French Kiss

Sv.reet fi!!.'l tenderly esressed by coconut iPu~p, exotic cedar. and caramel SEiiSKJRSJCCm-,Fl(S

fruJty and .... b~lI"!t, i:i oombirii;;i~ion ,of gr!'3M ap,pLt:-, grapelltLIIlt, and \ill'hite ambei'. 5HtSKJRSJCO'CA-fF/fT· FLi

Lucky in Love I

SWf!:ltt, bouq LlId of ma nda rlm, berga mot, and orange with 'hi (11['50 cIT peaches. ,and iberri es, SBfS!K/IR.SICC/CJ!;-FF;TT-[L1 !..

Si I hOu€' tte

H~lIotrop!t and ,ur'angt'!' b'lo.£'oor'r"l!:, wi!_h wh ispe rs -of la,v~J'1Ider and patchcuu. A modern classic, S8/.5~C-SL!-!I

Whl~'ft 'Elor'a~~Jasrnln~, ~et pea, and f~'eesLa""1ujcy befi"li"i es, and sandalweod 'slhi m m er like ITloa;n~ight.


Laiilend!@!i' wi th ;;II str:,Cdiig, woody bac kground of amb e r. moss. and musk, 5~KlR,5iOC1Spm-51 R.


Richr 'woodsy scents combine with spicy, herbal notes to create the rnasculi ne Scentsy Man Collection, A must for that sped a ~ h usban ct.. brother, 0 r son in your ~ ~f,e.


Sophisticated; mettnopolitao fragrance ot f:T'I8inly 's.;p'ic-€ notes" Moo-iler ranean citrus and herbs, and biu€:r orange. ,SBfSIKIRSIC C/fl·E,(]-I


Rih:::h, npe ,1:1 pptes and war.m, .......aody ac-cents of sa FlId~l,wood and! cedar 'iNi~h hints of spice, SB/SKJ\R..SICCISPffi-!-!IMY

Grap-efril.!.it ~nd lemon ~p;iliFMle Qveli' eUi:;;iItyplLls, .and! br:usl~, lIl«!!' cuff ml1.ks on a dassic tuxede shirt, SBt'S'KtiItSICC -S[1t.1

,sa;=,Scen~y RRr .5 p .. See lilt 'Pal{


Br'Ir;~~ t ber"@3:rYIDt, ;!;.t:n~Lllal amb~r, and woodsy cedar smoulder in I1!his deep and 'sultry 'fragr.anC'e'.


N ~.'W Ro ute 66

A wlndsw€p~ diilve I r1I a

cen ... erti ble--a f1I ,~xhilara~iJilg breeze of ci1Jt15, herbs, and m '-'15k', SI:lISK/R.SfCC-rtOU

S'ceirntsy IBlrlick"" {S.IK)>> ~r 'favourite s,,;'entsy ~gr'ano;!s

1111 ~.ttJn.Ol'l""lfC~1 and !:oIi"I/II~I~Ii"IIL brleks, $14 each


You don ~t n eed a, day at the spa to expe rif en ce ca ~ m and relaxat ion" CaJ~~, 'to min d 1thle woodsy srn e'~,~, of a m ountai ~I h rdea,way or a bre ezy day at th e beach with the Scentsy Spa, Collectl on.

Fre neil Lave nde r

Rl,lIre' .. herbat fr~ranoe o~ wild ~avender frorl'l tifl~ IfIUI}s. of F'~ance. ;'B!SKlRSICCISP-H~E


COQ1 and reflreslil.lng aq!ll.QtJc notes d€ep€fI@d wUh water Inles and ocean breezes.


Ba keel Appl e Ple

!Flaky' crust, appres, and spices COO1bined in a 's:~rong' scent SE/SI<iRSICC!SP,'1i~B.AP'

Fmthy steamed mil k, toasted 'h1azeLn!Wi!S, espresso, and! vanl 1t.aJ v..ifth ,a dusting of cinnamon.


.*. AiD

SB-Scentsy ~r $P'=St;el"ltPalt.::

In ne r Pe'ace

EaJtih¥ ~ motes with t~e Ui"!it;':listal,.:;aJtile sc,er~t O'f leif1'l!Oii'i, srrov:es and r'e:Juver1laung cyp:r€:S$.


A UgM. clean blend of. Ilm€!s,. 'Ifr@@sia, and jasm lne.

SBl5KfR5JtC/S'~- PI M

Shades of Green

TIl e qulntesserrtial scent of grass an d cliD¥er-green, sunny, 2Ll1id happy.


Njght-b~oom ing j~5m ine sotte ned by coco fiI!U!tt mil'k and rice" enveloped in the ~relilt lest breeze. wWRS!CC-W'$D

Medi te rransan .s pa

Relax wi~h thrcs, smooth. fFe$~\ aifl,d biiee;lY sc,e!"lt.


Somhlng. coo~ water and sensual whl te musk with a blast

of €:le..:::tlfllfy..In,g ~Irne:.. 5IfJlSK/R.SlCCfSP~RAD

T hu nde rsto rm

Very refreshing. sharp. spicy, outdoor fi"ag~,ance~ like the breeze .In a storm. .SII1$ KlRS,lC(fiT-Y:·T I-'!IIl)

A pool of f'resln rainwater, with soething water trjacifilth and subtle g~eelil tern.


Co,rn:er Cate

You know' that fee !,i:~g you get whEn you b ite Into

a 'w,arlm bakery cookie or take a sip of your favourite dr~ nk at .~ he coffee: shop 7 Sri ng that yum my feeli n g horne with Scentsy's Corner Cafe Cohectlon,

Berry Tart

A medley of sweet bernes nestled in IbUlUery pastry. topped with carame I.


MochadoQd le


Deljolou:s. masted coffee beans and cocoa bataneed 'with sugar, caramet, and heavy cream.


BI ue De r ry C he'e secake '

l'hic'k, rich Ni'!( c3heesecak.e wi~h a light gT;aham cracker crust and aelidou.5 bluebessies, S~/SKlRS,rCC-BEK

A buttery mix of toasted oats, and tupelo hen ey, oven-crisped. wif!J van 1~1,3 and maple, SBI5K1R$Jtt~OAT


Luscio us, spa rkli ng Tropi cal Collection fragrances 'wiU, in s tantly transpo rt you to an island paradise fu~~ of bright sunshine, ripe fruits, and lushflowers.

Creamy, tr-Qpic:at Il;OI;OFlI!..JI~' and :sunny, bngJ~t 1;ti'1J'IDr'fI,~r'~:S.!i. SBlStUtRSICOS PICA.- F;~·CLG

1L'1.iI50iOI.!~'.rn e:dJLey of pi nea pp~es, or.'a.r1I,ge:.:;" bana nas, .a rlId berrles, SBf.SiKlR.SICC/SP/CA·FF·HVC

, ,

NEW Cocoa Cle men ti ne

The $celi"llt of ohlldhood; orange-flavored carridy wrapped in m ill< chocolate" ,~!SK!f.i!'$JC(: -CO


Stl c ky Cln II.=:! rnon BUll

----_. --------------

(inna['ifX}[:i and .5'1,!'II{!~i iOi!ll~ wi~h 'Narnn. r1I!lIittty nuances.


.sB=,Si;{!rt~y RRr 5P-Sceli1t 'Pat:

CA- FF'-'Fragraru:e FOOalfl'l! 'rr .. Travel Ti I1i

Cr~nberFy M~ngo '

A !lfl~L~n"£'E! 'Of tropi(:a~ m~ng(l, 'QJ~ {:1'~r'Iber:r'y" a.ned ,~p.~ pi r1Iitappl~. 5B/S,KlR5.ICCIIT~(JBIJI

Kahiko Hula.

Say. "alona" w.ifh 'e:o:Qtil;; pa~~i'OnfhlJJit. rYI4!ngo, and ~p~a.


A me!'d ley of wild ill'1-dian Q~~nge a~~d sunny lamoifl,Jui~. a;;ai berries, a FIId startruit, SlVSk'JISiCC -PDP

TIh~ ~~n~ ,oF ~I"I. ~Lli:'f. ~ r'fId" and sa mba-coconut milk. troplea I, ~r'ui~; and tonka, bean SB!S:KfR:SICC -RIO

era n b-e rry M uffin

IBwigrl'L cranberries enveleped in a bli,11tt.ery brown sugar batter, with nuances of walnuts ;:;lInd toffee, SBJ$KlRS/C(:-CM F

W(mT1., ~ef Mend of bl..!Uer, ~LJi~~r'. diiflt:! ,or'ofamy vanllb. $BlSKlRSlCC·,SUG

CL,Ji;U rn ber Li me

CQoL refreShi rl!!l: l;:it-e;nd of !lflell~ ,oLJieUli'iflberr 31l'1id I!:.ang'y II rYI ft_ S~S~~C~pK~FWnl~CUC

The (:leamy, fu II scent of dasstc S<il~d~niCI. Wit h a whisper'

c .. ~ tuberose.


- ,

, Regga e Su rise l

j1.!Iity mandarin ~nd orall1;Ei;! 'blnSso1fTTi5 with ~~Ints 'Of 11mit anda spley 'n nlsh, SB!SKlR$!(;C-~G:S


, MEW Su rfe r Chic k

Bulblfi,ly l~t1J'iOI'i tonic 4!1'\di @~'0"3 f~,oli~ wHh sweet cherries and blackbernes i i"I ttl is youtl'"ltul scent.



Host' ,a ,Sc,en,tsy Part,Y

H avl ng a Scentsy party ls an easy, eflljloyable way to sam pte fragrances and products w hi le socrallzi n g wi1t h p eople you love. I t's also ;1, great way 1t,0, earn Host Re\i\rards-half-pr[ ce lte m 5 and p reduct ere ditsl

Simple, Fun, Rewarding

YOur Consultant supohes the product dlsplavs, samples, and party ideas;

Yo u choose a date and i nvi te a bunch 0'1' yo ur favourite p eopl e. It's that simplel Your Host Rewards are based 0 n the dollar amount of product sold at yQUtJ" party', eJ(C ludlng any sales tax or sh lp ping charges that may app ly..


Gues.t .sa~es i $200·$2!3~

._ .... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... -! ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ....


Free Prod uct j 10%

. ~ Half·Pdce ltams 1


Pe rp etual Par ty RewaJds

If any g uest at your party boa ks hi 5 or her own Scentsy pattYI you Will, receive an additional halt-price item when you atten d t heir party~ We call it the Poe rpetual Palty iRewaJd_


$<300 -$49 s :$500&$ 1.,199 i 1H.l0 0+

.._ .... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ .. _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ ... _ .... _ ... _ .... _ ... _ ... _~ .. _ ... _ .... _ ... _ .... _ ... _ ... _

~C% _ 15% i ~S%


I j.



Shlppi n;g Is, d is-M1!J nted en qll~hf¥itl~ party orders. F'~~ tV orders shipped dJrectly tlO, customers '1r1J~t.e~d or the. Consultant or Filost incun a ~'hippifl:£ ~iI'!!.

Ch(llrJ~ble (:]1 use Wanller.5. ca li.f)i.)l be !.I:ied far Hc'.!S"~ Rew;:3n:;l!5-, P'erpetuoill P'~ rty Rew.ard~, or in CQIIiI1'bin e a I1ldJ 5~!'I>e'.

Scentsy Starte r Kit (on~.y $11 g~*)

Getti ng started is simp lel "(OUII" Starter Ki1lindude-g everytIi'li ng YDU need to 1:3 unch a successful Scentsy business: catalogues. broch ures, de mon stration products. and! a fu II set 001 scenttesters. Visit wrth your Scentsy Consultent fur more i nforrnaf on on the he neflts of join lng Scentsy's "'farnity II Oof Consultants.


4J' <i.lPtiJL~ i~OiCi}j ittiic: ,and shlppil1,g. 'Gont~iitu: ma,)!, ''i'tifi'Y.

)o:t'n .Sce'ntsy,'

'I 'f you tove Seen tsy part i es and S ce n (sy pro due ts ~ why not con s r d er be co m'llilg a S co€: ntsy Con sulta n'tt.? Yo u ''11 enJoy fI ex lb I,€ no !LI.r$~, a fun busl n€ s S op P ortu nli ty, a nd

til e satisfactl on of con n ect i Il g peopl e you care a bou t with prod ucts yo u be ~ i eve, i iii. Wlu;ther you're ~oQk,in~ for a little extra pocket m on ey, 50 ta rt ji ng a college fun d, or th inking abo ut OJ ful ~ -ti m e caree If. Seen tsy gives yo U lh e fI exib m ty to rna IKe i'tt h ape enyour way" You can even earn tncentlves llke trips to exerting desnnattonsl

Getting Started is Easy

] ust ask tne Consuitant 'who gave you this catalogue Of" vis'it us at to 'find a Sponsor in your area. When you si§:1'i UP1 we~1 send you a Scentsy Starter K it for only $1 'I 9 !II ~ (see page 42) conta i Ii i ng everyth ing you need to no I d you r 'first pa rty and launch your new busl ness.


~ ;;:;
oJ.! ii;
~ E fi
"'0 .:! ~ .... ...
:> ~ II!! ::I ~
;:II I:: i:::
i ! "is iii, i: ! ~ ~
~ "ttl ~ £
i lit ¥I ~ ~
.....- 1 7iJ ;v. -
I i "';3 ;::;
I ~ it. ... ~
; 3; !! 3 ~
:::I ! 0
~ .. J:J
;l! 'ii:l
J i!1. e z
Z5 § g
J ~ ... ;5 c
f j i5 ~
J ... s
"'" oJ.! .~
! i: !!1!, .;;:; ~
g ... ~ IIlIi
I. ~ :; ~ III ""
i e ID
~ & c;; ~ S
~ E IJI 't:I ~
If 8 ! c;
~peri5tlu 1i)ilfj",eelJ!;!11
Sta~ i1)irrem:or'
Din::tmi' 7~ 5,~ 3%
:$~pe!i'St;!!if' CCWlwjUlfft, 500 6,0000 ~ 26" '7% ~ S% 3,~
5(!O 2,500 .2 25,% iii % 4% ,2%
ILe.adl, Conrultam: !i{l0 [;000 :m% 1%
Ccr1nkd 'ColiIs~~'jjtJllt '1.IlJOO· 25%
jgKUlj)!;!d CoIflSij.iJUilt\t RANK



.+. 4~



i j


i i i ! i i j


......_ :

~j ;a_;

:t:;; .J:!

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