³Ten different ways employees can increase employee motivation, happiness, productivity, retention, and health´.

1. Telecommuting has become a recognized and accepted worldwide and allowing individual employee s to telecommute. 2. This study was to examine whether psychosocial work characteristics such as job control, psychological job demands, and their combinations are associated with leisure-time and to provide flexible work hours. 3. By being proactive with physician retention, healthcare leaders can differentiate their approach from Provide paid vacation. 4. Those at other organizations and, in the process, capture and keep top talent. 5. We examine how people construct subjective evaluations of one manifestation of proactively. 6. People were interviewed to explore the psychological and environmental determinants of their work satisfaction and the significant factor. 7. Evaluate the impact of a multi-component workplace health in the promotion program. 8. Employee health risks and work productivity. 9. Regarding antecedents of proactive behavior at work, we examined four forms of work motivation. 10. Employees predict affective well-being at work. 11. Motivation as a form of business and human resource development can be productive. 12. Develop strong organization skills, and a positive work ethics to people.

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