April 25, 2007


Ed ColI P.O. Box 7320 96766 Lihue,


42Il Rice Street, Suite 103 Lihue, HI 96766 -1325 Vox: 808,246-1556 Fax: 808-246-3832 hoike@hoike.org http://www.home.org

Dear Mr. ColI: As promised at the last Ho'ike Board Meeting, I am writing in response to your inquiry regarding the 2005 PEG Procedures Compliance Evaluation performed by Menna & Company on April 15, 2005 ("Menna Report"). I have reviewed the Merina Report and am confident there were no attempts by Ho'ike to hide any complaints lodged by you or any other entity toward Ho'ike. In fact, after reviewing the Merina Report I have concluded they examined all complaints in Ho'ike's files, including complaints lodged by you. As I informed you at the last Ho'ike Board Meeting, this letter marks the end of any further discussion of this topic. Thank you for your understanding.

OFFICERS Gregory H. Meyers

MaBel Fujiuchi Viet-Prnidort Lyndon Yamane

JohnIsobe T:'tasuru

DIRECTORS Jim. Brooking Teresa Tico

STAFF JRobertson
Managing Director

William "Be" charles Roger Olsen Paul Moody Robert" Boots- Riggan Michelle Rozon Jon-Michael Schoney

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