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Published by: Eswar Jabbaa on Mar 12, 2011
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VEGAH STUDIOS One of VEGAH’s main area involves creating and integrating digital visual effects into commercials and feature film projects. VFX includes both 2D or Compositing – a system of building up layers of shot and digital elements to create a final image and 3D or Computer Animation, where 3 dimensional models are modeled, rigged and animated using computers before being rendered and composited into shots by the 2D team. To achieve these ends, our highly talented creative and technical staff use both off the shelf tools and proprietary software created by our skilled R&D department. In a field that is constantly changing, VEGAH is committed to deliver world class visual effects. To do this we take 'off the shelf' tools and integrate them into our 3d pipeline. However, there are times when we need to achieve very specific ends. To do this we have our own team of exceptionally talented software developers and computer graphics specialists who develop our very own in house proprietary tools for prevsiualization and stunning VFX. We specialized in Previsualization which is the key area in Pre-Production.

What’s Previsualization?

There are essentially three stages in the Film Making: Pre-Production Production Post-Production Digital pre-visualization, or “pre-viz,” specifically refers to the creation and use of full-motion, 3D digital storyboards and animatics in preproduction to simulate specific shots or effects—allowing creatives to make decisions about composition, angles, camera movement and cutting strategies before their cameras ever start to roll.

Previsualization is a system of mapping out an artistic vision and script before the cameras roll - for decades, this process has been used to set up shots, share ideas,

and generally get organized before the actual shoot. In the days before digital cameras, most shots were set up and practiced using foam shapes, low-tech handheld cameras, and paper or fabric "characters". Then, locations would be mocked up using still photos or realistic drawings. Simulating action sequences could be tricky - often, these would be mapped out on Bristol Board storyboards, or acted out with small-scale models or puppets. Seeing a crew member's arm or body in camera range (as he or she manipulated a crude model!) was par for the course back then!

For example, in prior decades, it was tough to deal with the drama, expense, and delays of hiring an artist. Often, the final drawings would cost more than anticipated, arrive late, and even clash with the director's vision for the project.

Why Vegah? Whether you're planning a film, an ad campaign, or a class or business presentation, Vegah Studios helps you to pre visualize your project. By organizing your concept into frame-by-frame action, Vegah Studios assist your effort during the pre-production process. Getting the most out of initial concept is just like storyboarding a movie. Vegah’s Previsualisation is the best way to put all of the pieces of Director puzzle together! Previz will save Production time and money by refining Director’s vision before the cameras start rolling. Working on a film, you will find that the polished, professional results you get with Vegah give you the edge you need to connect with your imagination. There are a lot of hidden benefits when previsualize that captures your vision in a linear timeline. Director imagination can be converted into a short movie that can help him giving a visual narration. Vegah Studios is now equipped with a wide variety of settings, and all of them are designed to enhance pre-production. From pre-loaded casts of characters that eliminate the need for a "live" artist...to appealing backgrounds, special effects, music and dialogue...everything is designed to work with creative mindset. You'll be able to work on whichever part of your storyline you want, and you can easily move back and forth, adding and subtracting elements to get the perfect result. Changing camera angles, close-ups, and sound are simple processes.

Vegah Previz process comes with real kind of characters and backgrounds - with a simple click of the mouse, people and locations can be placed perfectly, and then, just as easily, be moved around or deleted. Vegah is a team of multi-skilled graphic and animation artists using the most advanced technologies to create stunning Visual Effects and motion graphics. The studios output varies from design and illustration for commercials, end devices, idents, title sequences, promos, and art installation. Realizing a system helps effective shooting in the production stage by providing previsualized videos in the pre-production stage. Several works to reduce the cost already exist on real-time pre-visualization

We believe – change is constant: So our R&D Department keeps tracking on the latest technologies in the industry and develops the solutions for Creative fields like VFX and animation. Here are some of the benefits of Vegah compared to any other facility available.

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Speed: Vegah developed its own 3d pipeline to make previz fast and facilitates the director to get his imagination & visualization immediately as an output in the form of video files with all the necessary content of his imagination. Insight: Gain insight for Vfx sequences, Scene Framing and related cinematics Create proof of concept and Pilot 3D capsules to show producers to secure funding and additional investment Quality: Properly modeled and textured models with smooth animatics takes to the realistic approach to the director imagination and visualization. Judgement: Due to the realistic approach of our previsualization process, director and his creative team can have an immediate judgement of the complicated shots before going on to the floor. Doing a previz shoot of the location from multiple angles, allows the Director to later get a feel of what would work best. Security & Safety: Concept is the king - Previz output files will be secured and properly backed up. Expertise: Vegah artists are trained in all aspects of VFX and animation technologies, from Pre-Production to Post-Production. So, they have better understanding of the director perspective towards execution of creative content.

"Vegah would be a perfect previsualization (previs) choice for al your films to cut down the cost in the production.

Either it be Commercials or Games or Movies, Let us visualize your project!

Contact us at 04042021819

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