COMPLAINT LETTER 1 The Class Monitor, Form 5 Amanah, SMK Kayu Ara Pasong, 82010 Pontian, Johore.

11 October 2009 Encik Juhair bin Jumaat, The Principal, SMK Kayu Ara Pasong, 82010 Pontian, Johor. Dear Sir UNSATISFACTORY SCHOOL CANTEEN On behalf of the students of 5 Amanah, I would like to lodge a complaint about the school canteen. 2. First and foremost, the food served is not covered and many flies can be seen hovering over the food. This may lead to food poisoning. Moreover, the canteen also serves stale food. The µnasi lemak¶ turns bad by the time the upper forms have their recess. Last week, a few of us had diarrhoea after consuming food from the canteen. 3. Apart from that, the food is also too expensive. A small plate of fried mee costs RM1.50 and many poor students cannot afford it. Besides that, the canteen serves the same menu daily. The students are bored with fried rice and fried mee every day. 4. Another complaint is that the cups and plates are oily and not washed properly. The workers are also not appropriately attired although they have been told to wear aprons and caps. Moreover, these workers are rude to students. They shout at us and use foul language whenever they get angry. They also do not clear the dustbins and rubbish daily. This is very unhygienic. As a result, there is a foul stench whenever we eat in the canteen. 5. Thus, we would like to suggest that the school authorities make stringent checks on the canteen daily or weekly. They should also ensure that the canteen serves a variety of food at a reasonable price.

We would like to appeal to your sense of fairness and hope prompt action will be taken regarding these matters. Yours faithfully. Fatimah .

2004 Customer Service Cool Sports. you can reach me at (555) 555-5555. The cleats had dirt all over it and there was a small tear in front of the part where the left toe would go. My order number is AF26168156. Unfortunately. LLC 8423 Green Terrace Road Asterville. Ken Thomas Ken Thomas . I have already went out and bought a new pair of cleats at my local sporting goods store so sending another would result in me having two pairs of the same cleats. CT 95135 June 30. I would like you to credit my account for the amount charged for my cleats. If you need to contact me. To resolve the problem. I received the order on June 26. Sincerely. Than you for taking the time to read this letter. when I opened it I saw that the cleats were used. WA 65435 Dear Sir or Madam ORDER NUMBER AF26168156 I have recently ordered a new pair of soccer cleats (item #6542951) from your website on June 21.COMPLAINT LETTER 2 65 Market Street Val Haven. I have been a satisfied customer of your company for many years and this is the first time I have encountered a problem.

LLC 8423 Green Terrace Road Asterville. The reason for my writing to you. sir is that I suspect that the license produced by the super market manager is fake. In this regard I would be very grateful if you can check on this. Earlier we had to go to Bungalow Street to fetch the necessities. Thanking you. CT 95135 June 30. Deborah Roberts Deborah Roberts . If it is proved genuine. Park Street in Minnesota.COMPLAINT LETTER 3 65 Market Street Val Haven. Also as responsible citizens we would like to get the store closed if it is illegal. Sincerely. He does not allow people to check the goods and frequently picks up quarrels with customers who demand to check his license. WA 65435 Dear Sir COMPLAINT LETTER I am Deborah Roberts and I live in the 6th Avenue. we would be the happiest neighborhood. I hope to see quick action on the case. We were quite delighted to see the new store. 2004 Customer Service Cool Sports. We have a super market in our neighborhood which has opened recently.

COMPLAINT LETTER 4 Jeffery Stevenson 245. I am sorry to inform you that your company has failed on both counts. As per our mutual agreement and contract. Park Lane Brighton 2 February. Nancy Andrews Manager-Business Relations XYZ Company Brighton Dear Ms. 2009 Ms. Thanking You. Sincerely. Jeffery Stevenson Jeffery Stevenson Encl: Copy of Receipt . you were supposed to deliver the Product in working condition and install it for us. we may have to seriously re-consider our intentions. Andrews PRODUCT 234567 This is with reference to Product Number 234567 which we had bought on 3 January from your company. The receipt number of our transaction is ABC12345. I request you to kindly look into the matter at the earliest and send us an immediate replacement within one week of receipt of this letter. We had hoped for a long lasting working relationship with your company but in view of the careless handling of our very first order.

COMPLAINT LETTER 5 Kate Money 98. Kumar SUB-STANDARD FOOD I and my family had visited your restaurant on 16 March to celebrate my son¶s promotion. The Main Course tasted equally pathetic. Kate Money . The dinner started off in a very disappointing way when we were served some tasteless lukewarm fluid which was passed off as Chicken Sweet-corn soup. though we had specifically requested for fat-free food. 2008 Mr. the sub-standard food served in your restaurant really dampened our spirits. Best Wishes. Unfortunately. Inder Kumar Manager Taste of India Restaurant New Jersey Dear Mr. Though we had ordered an assortment of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. I hope in future the quality of your food is able to match up to the quality of your service. The only redeeming feature that evening was the courteous Service and the friendly manner in which your waiters patiently heard our numerous complaints. The starters we ordered were dripping with oil. they all seemed to taste the same. Park Street New Jersey 17 March.

Crescent Street San Jose 12 October 2004 Mr. I am sorry to inform you that not only has my packet not been delivered till date. I am enclosing a copy of the receipt for your convenience. Thanking You. but there has been no attempt on the part of your company to explain the delay. I hope you will look into the matter immediately and ensure that the packet is delivered positively by 14th October. Richard Martin Manager-Customer Services Professional Couriers San Jose Dear Mr. this is the first time that I have encountered such a problem. Martin FAILURE OF COURIER DELIVERY This is with reference to the failure of delivery of a packet bearing reference number ABC 12345. by your company. Steven Brown Steven Brown Encl: Copy of Receipt . I had handed over the packet on 1st October at your Grand Mall Road Branch and was promised that the delivery would take place within the next two days.COMPLAINT LETTER 6 Steve Brown 13 B. In all the years that I have relied on your company. Sincerely.

Marigold Road Birmingham Dear Mr. Mr. 2008. 45 B This is with reference to the refurbishment of House No. Fiona Miller Fiona Miller .COMPLAINT LETTER 7 Fiona Miller 45 B. you were supposed to get the house refurbished within one week of our arrival. Sincerely. As per our Rental Agreement and Contract. Paul Martin 345. Thanking You. Martin REFURBISHMENT OF HOUSE NO. Park Street Birmingham 12th July. I request you to kindly look into the matter at the earliest and initiate action within the next two days. 45 B which we have leased from you with effect from 1st July. I am sorry to inform you that no action has been taken by you or your appointed members in that direction for the past 12 days.

Morgan DEFECTIVE PRODUCT I had bought the XYZ Baking Product. I have never been let down by any of your products in the past and I look forward to your immediate action on this occasion. Sincerely. Thomas Morgan Customer Service Manager ABC Company New Jersey Dear Mr. Thanking You. receipt number 123445 from your Company on 20th June. 2008. I am enclosing a copy of the Receipt to help you initiate immediate action. I regret to inform you that the product is defective and my numerous verbal complaints to your personnel have yielded no results. Anne Rice Anne Rice Encl: Copy of Receipt . Park View Apartments New Jersey 23rd June. Mr.COMPLAINT LETTER 8 Anne Rice 689. I request you to either replace the product with a functioning new product or refund my money within one week.

High Street New Jersey Dear Mr. Emily Swan Emily Swan Encl: Copy of Account Statement. 2007. Main Street New Jersey 24th July. Martin ACCOUNT NUMBER 12345678 This is with reference to my Account Number 12345678. My association with your Bank goes back a long way and I regret to inform you that this is the first time I am encountering such a problem. Thomas Martin Manager Money Bank Ltd. I am enclosing a copy of the latest Account Statement for your action. Sincerely. which has been unduly debited with $ 49 as processing fee. I request you to kindly look into the matter and remit the said amount intomy account within the next two days.COMPLAINT LETTER 9 Emily Swan 345. Thanking You. for an overseas transaction. . In fact. I had specifically checked with your Customer Services Manager before I made the said transaction. I was not informed of such a clause before I made the transaction.

I regret to inform you that I have never had to face such problems in all my previous dealings with you. Copy of Documents . Though I get assurances that everything is in order and I should be getting my cheque soon. Ronald Olsen General Manager-Claims Good Insurance Company New Jersey Dear Mr. for not settling my Car Insurance Claim. 2009 Mr. bearing reference number 2345 ABC. Thanking You. I met with Mr. Tanya Brown Tanya Brown Encl: 1. Copy of Insurance Claim 2.COMPLAINT LETTER 10 Tanya Brown Project Manager Alpha Projects Limited New Jersey 10th March. Wolfe who is handling my case several times and submitted all the necessary papers. I request you to kindly look into the matter and settle my claim at the earliest. I am enclosing a copy of all the documents I had submitted earlier for your perusal. Olsen COMPLAINT LETTER Please treat this letter as a formal complaint against your Department. nothing has materialized for the past one month. Sincerely.

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