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Contact: LoveCampDeborah@aol.

com or 804~484~2565

Visit us on Facebook: LOVE Moorish Youth Camp

July 16. Deborah B. 2011 --. Peace! Camp & Sisters Reunion Coordinators Sis. Please see the following information and submit the appropriate application accordingly. Important: Any questions. Ruth Bey (804) 525-5571 LoveCampRuth@aol. El (804) 484-2565 LoveCampDeborah@aol. Virginia.com . etc. The Youth Camp is for Moorish American children ages 5 – 15. Camp will be filled with age appropriate activities including arts and crafts. we’re hosting a Moorish American Sisters Reunion. concerns. Our camp/reunion location is the beautiful Shands Park in Dinwiddie County. Ruth and/or Sis. suggestions please call or e-mail either Sis. Peace. there are 2 hotels within 3 miles of the park. 2011 LOVE Youth Moorish Summer Camp & New This Year Moorish American Sisters Reunion New This Year Welcome to our 2011 LOVE Youth Moorish Summer Camp & during Camp Information the same week for the first time. July 10. Truth. Deborah. fishing. Sisters will have the option of staying at the camp site or if camping is not your thing. A 500-acre property owned by an Asiatic family.Saturday.Sunday. Freedom and Justice. Our purpose will be to expand and enrich the life of each camper focusing on the virtues of Love. Welcoming all Moorish American Sisters to come and link together in a relaxing atmosphere.com Sis. The park will not be open to the public for our camp week. Also during this week we will host the Moorish American Sisters Reunion.

July 14 Camp Activities Friday. 2.Saturday. 2011 1 Camper Activity Fee Total: $125.00 ($115 each camper) 50. July 15 Camp Activities Awards Ceremony Saturday. 3. 2011 Camp 2011 Donation Due by June 25.00 ($ 25 each camper) Total: $390. !!! Important !!! Any questions. July 10 Registration / Orientation Before 1:00 p.m. Medical form completed and provided by June 25. July 16. 2011 --. 6411 Wimbledon Drive Richmond VA 23224 . 1. Money order (Postal or WalMart) should be made payable to Ruth Bey or Deborah El. concerns. Camp donations should be made by MONEY ORDER ONLY (postal or wal-mart money orders) and mailed to: For your convenience.00 ($105 each camper) 75.00 25. Deborah. July 12 Camp Activities Wednesday. Please complete a separate application for each child and mail with first payment. 2011 In order to process your application the following requirements must be fulfilled. at Shands Park Monday.00 3 Siblings from the same physical household ! ! ! I M P O R T A N T ! ! ! CAMP APPLICATION AND FINANCE DEADLINE IS SATURDAY. July 10.00 Schedule: Sunday.00 $150. Ruth and/or Sis. July 16 Parents please arrive before noon 2 Campers Activity Fee $230. July 11 Camp Activities Tuesday.00 ($ 25 each camper) Total: $280.00 2 Siblings from the same physical household 3 Campers Activity Fee $315.Sunday. July 13 Camp Activities Thursday. the items listed below will be needed by each camper: Ruth Bey Feel free to use this guide as a check-off when packing for camp. JUNE 25. suggestions please call or e-mail either Sis.

and jeans are staples of a camper's wardrobe (no shorts above the knee. Send along an additional pillowcase or laundry bag for dirty clothing. • Shower shoes Equipment • Flashlight with extra batteries (REQUIRED) • Camera—single use recommended • Sunscreen and lip balm • Books (to be read during free time) • Extra glasses or sunshades • Backpack to carry above items in • Please label every item Food • All food and beverage will be provide by the camp • Please indicate any food allergy on the camper application and/or medical form. socks. blanket. and brush. • A large/jumbo zip-loc bag will help campers carry and keep track of essentials such as soap. Send enough clothing for length of stay 7 days. mosquitoes and other flying creatures. deodorant. twin size flat sheet. t-shirts. and two pillow cases Towels and Toiletries • Camp staff is providing Towels/washcloths for daily bathing. • Insect repellent or Lavender and/or Lemon essential oils which are first aid remedies for insect bites. insect repellent for ants. shampoo. durable shoes -. • Undergarments. • Comfortable. Campsite at Shands Park . comb. (baseball cap will do) • A raincoat or poncho is necessary. Check with camp staff for advice on changing weather and pack accordingly. Campers have separate facilities for showers at the campsite. 6 nights. pillow. no tank tops and no athletic t-shirts). sleepwear • Shorts. • Swimsuits and trunks (no bikini’s) • Long pants for protection of legs on hikes and/or horseback rides. moths.Packing Guide for LOVE Youth Moorish Summer Camp 2011 Bedding • Sleeping bag. toothpaste. Clothes and Laundry • Our camp will not include laundry services.break in new shoes before arriving or no new shoes Recommended: 2 pair of athletic shoes • A hat serves as a tick repellent and as sunscreen. • Use a permanent marker to write your camper's name on every item.

to the camp staff. Proceed to stop sign and make a right. Travel to Troublefield Road and make a left. 7/16/11 before 12:00 noon. Radios. Please don’t be late. Spending Money Because all activities will take place at Shands Park and all events and activities are include in the donation amounts. 3. Fireworks of any kind 7. Food 5. right at stop sign. or special outings may be available. DVD players. Directions: I-95 South to Exit 33. no additional money is needed. Cellular phones or pagers 2. Physical Examinations The Health History & Examination Form must be completed for each camper prior to camp. !!!DO NOT PACK!!! 1.) Travel until you come to a railroad track and cross the tracks passing St. Church on your left. Expensive clothing or jewelry 8. CD players. Money Our campsite will provide items such as life jackets for paddleboats. (or I-95 North to Exit 33. Travel until you see the park sign and gates on the right.m. along with dosage instructions. Hunting knives 6. We are providing arts and crafts materials as well as supplies/equipment for all activities. Additional Costs Camp T-shirts. 2011. Pick up Day: Saturday. especially for first time campers. Most recent school physical form. left at stop sign.Medication/Medical • Send medication in original bottles. Transportation Parents are responsible for getting campers to and from Shands Park Registration Day: Sunday. MP3’s or IPods. (Most recent school physical form) . Campers must have their tents organized and in order before dinner and well before it gets dark to allow for a peaceful adjustment. Televisions or portable video games 4. 2011 or Immunization waiver must be signed and returned by June 25. stereos. We will advise if additional funds are needed in ample time. • Health History and Examination Form must be submitted by June 25. group photos. Your medical release form should list all medications. John Bapt. 7/10/11 before 1:00 p.

what camp. what are they?_____ _____________________________________________________________________________ Has the camper ever been to camp before? { } yes { } no If so. _____________________________________day or overnight? ___________ PARENT SECTION List ANYTHING at all we should know about your child’s personality and any special needs in order to assist his/her adjustment to camp. We will contact parent(s) first) Name_____________________Phone #__________________ Relationship to Camper________ Name_____________________Phone #__________________ Relationship to Camper________ Name_____________________Phone #__________________ Relationship to Camper________ Is this the camper’s first time away from home for a week? { } yes { } no Do you have any concerns about the camper being away for a week? If so. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ .LOVE Youth Moorish Summer Camp 2011 Enrollment Application Please Print CAMPER CAMPER INFORMATION Please Print Brother / Sister __________________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________ City______________________________________ State____________Zip________________ Home Telephone ( )_______________________ Home or Work Fax ___________________ Date of Birth________________________ Grade entering_________ Age as of June 2011_____ Name of Camper’s School________________________________________________________ Camper E-Mail Address__________________________________________________________ Father’s Name__________________________ Home #________________________________ Cellular #_______________________________ E-Mail_________________________________ Mother’s Name_______________________ Home #_____________________________ Cellular #____________________________ E-Mail______________________________ If parents are divorced. please indicate which parent has legal custody_____________________ Names/ages of brothers and sisters__________________________________________________ Emergency Contact Name(s) (Other than parent.

at the discretion of the Camp Coordinators. Truth. there will be a $50 cancellation fee.Payment Procedures Mail or deliver this enrollment form with the tuition. Parents are asked to provide information on family health and accident coverage. ___________________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian Date ______________________________ Signature of Camper Date Parent/Guardian signature above indicates that you’ve read. I also give permission for the camp coordinators and/or counselor to secure medical treatment for my child(ren) in case of injury or illness. Freedom and Justice. Any camper whose behavior continues to be disruptive to the camp program or harmful to him/herself. or weapons will be dismissed immediately from Camp. Peace. and accepted the plans. Insurance Camper health and accident insurance is not provided. The campsite is a privately owned park and does have insurance. 2011. with no refund. or the property of the park will be dismissed. Payment Type: Payment may be made by money order (Postal or Walmart). Applications. Health History and Examination Form & payments must be received by June 25. 2011. (A copy of the insurance card is required with the application) Waiver I shall not hold the owners of Shands Park. with no refund of fees. suggestions and requirements stated in the entire camp packet. There is a lake at the park. and paddleboats are available as well as recreational fishing. ____________________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian ________________________________ Date Parent’s and Camper’s Peace Accord Camper Dismissal: Every attempt will be made by the adult counselors in attendance to correct any disruptive behavior by a camper under the principles of Love. Individual camp coordinators and counselors and/or affiliates responsible for injury or any harm that may occur to my child(ren). . For cancellation on or after July 2. Cancellation and Refund Policy Cancellation prior to July 1. Must be in writing and received on or by July 1. others. illegal drugs. Any camper found possessing or using alcoholic beverages. policies. 2011 there will be no refund. Please do not mail cash. 2011. understood.

2011 $100. July 14 Workshops/Activities Friday. July 13 Workshops/Activities Thursday. spa treatments and ancient sister’s teachings giving each sister the opportunity to explore and share their unique gifts and talents in an inspiring and uplifting setting. Deborah (804) 484-2565 to let us know what you’d like to contribute. July 16 Closing Reunion 2011 Donation Due by June 25. at Shands Park Monday. July 15 Workshops/Activities Saturday. Contact Sis. . For those not planning to stay at the site. July 12 Workshops/Activities Wednesday. Staying at the hotel. July 10 Registration / Orientation Before 1:00 p. meal planning. healthy eating. Sleep Inn & Suites 11019 Blue Star Highway Stony Creek VA 23882 434-246-5100 Hampton Inn 10476 Blue Star Highway Stony Creek VA 23882 434-246-5500 Note: Staying at the camp site.. please be prepared with a sleeping bag and/or cot and all bedding. Meditation. and will be one again! Schedule Sunday. July 11 Workshops/Activities Tuesday. no additional expense. yoga.We were once one. Sisters this is also a great opportunity to promote your business.00 per sister Admission and all food Lodging If planning to stay at the camp site.m. all cost on you. This is the lake at the park in the morning. Workshop Leaders Looking for Moorish American Sisters to facilitate the workshops/activities. below are two hotels within 3 miles of the park. however we do plan to have enough tents for sisters attending. You may bring your own tent if you desire.

2011 to reserve your spot.Moorish American Sisters Reunion Application Please Print Name:_____________________________________________________________ Phone: (Residence)______________________ (Cell)_______________________ (Work)_________________________ E-Mail:_____________________________________________________________ Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________ City:_______________________________ State:______________ Zip_________ Why do you desire to participate in this reunion?____________________________ What are your suggestions/ideas for reunion sessions?________________________ Do you have any special skills that you would like to share at the reunion. El. Richmond VA 23224. (ex. Peace & Love . and mail to 6411 Wimbledon Drive.) ___________________________________________________________________ Do you have any concerns about participating in the reunion?__________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Dietary Needs: Vegan_____ Vegetarian_____ None_____ Signature:________________________________ Date:____________________ Mail application and $100 to the address below before June 25. Deborah B. etc. Can lead a meditation session. Call 804~484~2565 if you have questions. Make Walmart or Postal Money order payable to Sis.

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