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Published by: Tharindu Bandara Illangasinghe on Mar 12, 2011
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IT Looks Into HEC


K de Zoysa y Dr.y Supervisors y Dr.A Piyadigama . T.L Premarathne y Undergraduates y 2007 / ICT / 027 T. H.N.B Illangasinghe y 2007 / ICT / 052 A.

y Department Of Wildlife Conservation (DWLC) y Center For Conservation and Research (CCR) .

y Introduction to research y Project Goals y Background Literature y Project Design .

 What is the research about  Human Elephant Conflict  Our Solution .

 Automating the current incident reporting process  Pros  Get real time incident data Alerting relevant authorities Increase efficiency of compensation coverings    Integrating different sources of information Analytical view for decision making  .

 Visiting Department Of Wildlife Conservation   Rural Sociologist Assistant Director Dr. Devaka Kirthi Weerakoon (Zoology Department of UOC)  Private researchers   Academic researcher  . Prithiviraj Fernando (Center for Conservation and Research) Dr.

 Civilians    Documents     .. Governmental Representative  Grama Niladaari (Vilachchiya .Elahapaththuva) Farmers Villagers Research papers Articles Newspapers Etc..

 The way of achieving goals Considered the possible avenues & choose the optimal   Web Site    Pattern Recognition GIS Social Network .

 Implement a database Data to meaningful information Date and place of the incident happened Process explanation    .

 Identify the critical areas (thematic map) .

should be able to identify Date and Place    Why we propose SMS strategy Fast reporting Real-time analytical decision .   What about future incidents ? Victim report to the system implement SMS alerting to get new incidents   From SMS.

 Track & map collared elephants Reason for adding this component    Prevailing resources in effective way Help for other industries .


 Sharing information (publish originally or publish links)  Registered users can inform incidents in details Moderator is responsible in approving user registration (user groups ex:..)  . etc.reporters. researchers..

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