The Inebriated Tuba

By Katy Version 1

The Inebriated Tuba


“Tuba” “Road Sweeper”

We see:


(No sound)

Camera looks down on the tuba, which is surrounded by empty and half empty glass bear and wine bottles. He looks up at the opening to the bottle bank, and then jumps up at it and crawls out.


(Ambient street sounds)

He appears from the bottle bank onto the street. He looks around to see where he is and spots an orchestral house at the end of the street. He then looks at his rusty self then back at the orchestral house. He starts walking in a drunken manner in the direction of the orchestral house.

(Ambient street sounds and the sound of a road sweeper coming along the road)

The tuba stops and hides behind a garbage bin while falling over in the progress as a road sweeper comes along the road sweeping up rubbish.

(Ambient street sounds and road sweeper exits the scene)

The road sweeper disappears round the corner of a building. The tuba comes out of hiding and stumbles as he is drunk. He continues on his journey walking in a drunken manner.

(Sounds of a tuba and the approach of a road sweeper)

He walks in a winding manner and making horrid tuba sounds. Being preoccupied with his journey and making a loud noise he is unaware that the sweeper is coming towards him from behind.

(Loud sweeping sounds and tuba sounds)

The tuba hears the sweeper and escapes before getting caught by it. The tuba runs for its life towards the orchestral house with the sweeper after him.

(Ambient street sounds)

He makes it to the building and past its gates where the road sweeper can’t go. He is safe and walks up to the entrance and starts to enter, only to misjudge the entrance and hit the wall due to being drunk.

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