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Guidelines for the Prayer Request Box

Guidelines for the Prayer Request Box

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Published by: jesperdomincilbayaua on Mar 12, 2011
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Guidelines for the Prayer Request Box The boxes shall be placed on the bulletin Board, at the Guard

House, canteen and at the chapel. 1. Every week, the prayer request box will be opened. 2. Since Our Lady of La Salette calls for a prayer life, we will be the one to pray for the prayer request of our community. 3. In praying for the prayer request, it is required for the prayer warriors to pray at least one round of Holy Rosary. 4. Every week, there will be an assigned one or two section/s to pray for the prayer request of our community. 5. The place of praying for the request will be at the chapel. 6. The faculty and staff of our college will also be scheduled for praying the prayer requests of our community if and only if the Dean will approved it. 7. All the prayer request will not be read but will be placed at the center while praying the Holy Rosary and after praying the Holy Rosary, the prayer request will be burned. (During the time in the Old Testament, the people burn their sacrifices because the smoke produced by their sacrifice was being received and pleasing to our God. In connection, we are also sacrificing to pray the Holy Rosary and part of it; we need also to burn our prayer request in order that God may be pleased.) 8. The schedule of Praying for the prayerity, will be scheduled by year level and will be scheduled by year level and will be posted as soon as the proposal project be approved. 9. Attendance will be checked by the SRC, the year level representatives, and the mayor of the class. 10. The day of gathering for praying will be every “Friday”- vacant time. 11. The group will be then manned as “ministry of prayer warriors”. 12. We shall ask the help of the R.E. instructors to implement this planned proposal project. 13. The goal of this project is to invite all nursing student, all the Salettinian and our community in prayer in spite if the different culture, religion, doctrine, and faith. What matters most is we unite in prayer. 14. in case that there will be no prayer requests, the assigned section will continue to pray for our community and for our intention/s. 15. The four year level representatives will play a vital role for they will be the one to rely the message to the mayors of their year level.

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