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Old People Conversation

Old People Conversation

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A discussion about Old People
A discussion about Old People

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Published by: Get English Lessons on Mar 12, 2011
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Old People

If an old person is not well and cannot look after himself, he may have to go and live in an Old Peopleʼs Home or in the home of one of his children. In an Old Peopleʼs Home, he can be looked after by specially trained people: nurses, doctors, social workers. Perhaps these people can look after him better than his own family can. Where will he be happier?

What is an Old Peopleʼs Home like? What are the good and bad features of a Home you have seen? 4. If an old person is living with is young relatives, how should the young people treat him? What often goes wrong in this situation? What can the old person do to help? How does the old person feel when his young relatives treat him as old and useless? What would you do if you were the old person in this situation? 5. Is it possible for old people to understand young people? Why is it difficult? Can young people understand old people? 6. What are some of the ways in which the state helps old people? Are there other organizations that help old people? What do they do? If an old person has no family, no house and no family, is the stateʼs pension enough to pay for his expenses? Do we care enough about old peopleʼs problems? 7. At what age must a person stop work in this country? Is this right? If an old person is very active, should he be allowed to work until he dies? Will you want to work until you diet? 8. Why are so many old people lonely? What can be done to help them? Why do so many old people stay at home all the time? Is this bad for them? How can they be helped to find a life outside? Do you know any old people who are active in social life? 9. What part did your grandparents play in your childhood? Do children like to have their grandparents living with them? What can a child learn from his grandparents?

old age the old age pension to retire from work social life social clubs sewing clubs gymnastics clubs the state organisations for old people dependent independent useful useless

lonely nervous active patient to treat a person with affection with patience, with sympathy to regard a person as old, as useless, as a nuisance

1. What makes the life of an old person different from yours? What special difficulties do old people often have? In what ways is independence a problem for old people? 2. Do you think it could be pleasant to be old? What things can make an old personʼs life happy? Do you know an old person who is happy? How does he overcome his difficulties? 3. If an old person is not well and cannot look after himself, will he be happier in an Old Peopleʼs Home or in the home of one of his children? Do you think that nurses and social workers can look after an old person better than his children can?


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